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Nikki Lee….

I first heard about Nikki Lee and The Journey way back in 2008 after a brief conversation with her daughter Jo Lee as we worked together on a project.

It was the beginning, when I first thought there may be more to life and conversations began to flow of alternative therapies, organics and holistic ways of living and medicine. Nikki Lee is a practitioner of something called The Journey. An assisted meditation that helps quiet your conscious mind so you can get access to the information in your subconscious,  which as I’ve come to believe, lies all the good stuff!

Originally crafted by Brandon Bays. The Journey is billed as cutting edge in transformation and healing work on the Brandon Bays website, I’m just glad I met Nikki through a friend, the site is very ‘self help’ and to those like me, I didn’t feel I needed help, I just wanted to understand and learn that which I believe many of us subconsciously know, we don’t need ‘healing’ as such, just direction and understanding of the true holy trinity, the mind,body and spirit connection and how to use it.

Meeting Nikki was the start of something big for me, I highly recommend her as a therapist. She works from her idyllic home in Woking, nestled in a beautiful wooded area you feel as though you’re entering a fairytale dwelling.

You will spend the entire day with Nikki usually starting at 10.30am and finishing around 16.00pm depending on how much you do in the time you’re there. You will break for lunch around 13.00pm, Nikki also takes notes as you work through out the day so you can read and reflect afterwards on the days progress. To gain more insight into The Journey I suggest you contact Nikki directly, she is one of many UK-based approved practitioners which you’ll find listed on the Brandon Bays website  but there’s something about her and the home from which she practices that not only puts you at ease but give you a real energy boost when you leave.

You’ll ‘feel’ different when you’ve met with Nikki, she has a great gift of understanding and empathy that immediately puts you at ease.

After recommending Nikki to several of my friends it would seem my journey was very different to that which others experienced.

I sat with Nikki and discussed with her a few reasons why I had decided to come to her and try The Journey. Curiosity for one but also the rather turbulent relationship I had with my mother the years of my childhood had always confused me and I now come to believe, slowed my full sexual development into a confident adult women. So began my journey, sitting on a couch in a room, very homely, books on the shelves, crystals, amazing picture above the fireplace of an Indian Chief, cushions and blankets for warm,  Nikki made me some tea and brought cookies incase I got peckish. We began by sitting opposite one another, I closed my eyes and Nikki began to gently count me down into a meditative state.

I thought I’d feel sleepy, perhaps fall asleep, maybe she’d do most of the talking,  I had no idea what to expect but I kept my mind relaxed and followed her instruction, it turns out it’s just like chatting to a friend with your eyes closed. I decided how deep a meditation I would like, on a scale of 1 being the lightest to 10 being the deepest. I of course choose 10!  Nikki pictures me at the top of a staircase and counts me each step down, giving me relaxing suggestions as I take each step down from the top step to the bottom.

At the end of the stairs there’s a door, I am to visualise myself going through it, on the other side awaits a mentor. Now, Nikki tells me this can be a relative in the present or crossed over or a cartoon character depending on where my mind might go. As I cross through the door I have a distinct vision that The Cookie Monster might just rock up and say hi…..

I wait for 5 minutes (an eternity in meditation time) and begin to panic that maybe I’m not the meditation type, I’ve tried before on my own and failed miserably, perhaps it’s all a farce or am I being faced with the fact that I have no spiritual bone in my body. Just as I begin to get a bit desperate something happens…

Now I have a pretty good imagination and rarely sleep a night without dreaming but this took the biscuit. Appearing before me is a humanoid figure, it ‘feels’ male, he’s not like most people I’ve seen before, not from this planet anyway, he’s 7 feet tall, hairless, lean and muscular, he has tanned skin which is pierced and tattooed, he wears an Egyptian style muslin skirt and  he’s not communicating through his mouth, he’s thinking to me! I want very much to tell Nikki what I see but I hesitate, maybe she’ll think I’m a UFO junkie, a Sci Fi buff with an over active imagination or just plain nuts. She asks me after a few minutes if anyone has come for me. ”Err….yeah.” I reply. ”Who’s there?” she asks…. eventually I give in and tell her. At first she doesn’t seem phased by it, she asks if I feel glad to see him, I am I think, he communicates that we know each other from another life and that he’s come to help me with my journey. I decide to give in to this unique moment, stop questioning everything and we move on to the next part of the meditation.

We now have to get into a vehicle and travels to a part of my body. In this, you literally imagine a vehicle of your choice and you travel with your mentor to a part of your body which, if like me you have images when you dream,  a clear crisp picture of a body part should come into view. I landed my ‘car’ and myself and my mentor alight. ”Where are you?” Nikki asks… ”In my eyes.” I replied… ”I’m meant to see something”….. were my last words before I actually gasped.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, crystal clear and as though I was stood at the edge of a canyon looking out at the vista, I saw it…. My mentor and I are now standing on a platform inside a pyramid, I’m looking out and the interior of this thing is GIGANTIC. It’s so amazing, I almost can’t speak to tell Nikki what I’m seeing. Suddenly I find my words and I’m gushing information, at such a rate she has to ask me repeat myself so she can write it all down quick enough. The first thing I notice is the tip of the pyramid seems to be open, there’s no tip or roof and through it a shaft of brilliant white light that appears to have smaller lights rushing into and coming out of it, I’m standing on one of many floating platforms on which others seem to be standing, on some there are groups of people (who resemble my mentor) sitting a an arena and listening whilst others enact a sequence, like a play in progress. As I am trying to take all this in my mentor begins to ‘think’ talk to me. He’s explaining what I’m seeing.

This is my home planet. I volunteered to come to Earth along with others for special purposes. These are my people, now I’m asking questions so it’s time to understand the next phase of my human life. As he’s in my mind trying to impart some sort of message, it’s almost being lost on the view and the incredible music that seems to be playing in the entire pyramid. I suddenly  thought about my music collection at home, stuff I’d been listening to as a kid, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Enigma,  more recently Clint Mansell… it seemed to be all those rolled into one and coming from the minds of a group of the humanoids on another platform. This place I was from is a forum for learning my mentor tells me, I’m a teacher and this is a great library for many ‘Peoples’  to come, see plays, access music from different star systems and download memories so they can experience the lives of other life forms from here to distant galaxies, we here on Earth haven’t discovered yet.

My head nearly fell off. You can imagine Nikki. The Journey is a tool for inner healing and understanding, somehow I’d tapped into an ability to intergalactically astral travel! It didn’t stop there, on another platform there’s another humanoid figure downloading information. A work station where droplets of water seemed to be the keypad, screen and data storage for memories. My mentor explained, the people from this planet basically rebirth part of their soul through light shaft to other known planets in various Universes, experience lives as other life forms, then made their way home with help from their soul group, those taking care of the body/avatar remaining on this planet. Their bodies being in a form of meditative stasis back on the home world. In these droplets of water pictures, sounds, smells sensation, emotion can be stored limitlessly.  A technology we here on Earth have yet to discover, my mentor tells me there’s no limit to data storage space in water. Others then come to this library to just watch or completely upload into their memories, moments, partial or whole lives.

This vision was so amazing and felt real and true, it made sense to me and answered many questions that I’d asked myself over the years such as the amount of pain and suffering dealt to me in my childhood, why had I come through it with a seemingly clear rational mind, a real logical sense of self and a yearning to truly find the emotional piece of my puzzle that lay buried somewhere in safe keeping, as though being protected for the right time, the time I began asking the right questions and interesting people would enter in my life to begin the healing process. Giving me the strength to truly forgive and move on. Our lives are just experiences we decide to document, perhaps even a way to work out past life Karma.

Nikki Lee was a revelation. The Journey a very valuable and unique tool, I can’t guarantee the same journey but it may well open the lid to the Pandora’s Box that is your mind and if you’re brave enough to take a peak you might just find a whole other world awaits your discovery. Lastly, a quick note to add.

Shortly after visiting Nikki Lee and having my first Journey I began reading book one of a series called The Ra Material, the book details the recordings of a group of scientists who are conducting studies on channelling. In this particular part of the book, the group have regressed a man at a seminar who has memories of living a previous extraterrestrial  life. As he begins to describe the planet he is from, the hairs stand up on my arms and neck… he basically word for word describes the planet I believe I left behind before this life. Not just that but the look and method of communication used by the people of this planet, the fact we have no names and identify each other by our tattoos and piercings!!!  How amazing, I later thought that I had this incredible experience with Nikki and a week later to have the fine details backed up by a guy who had been regressed in the 60’s!

Check out:  Brandon Bays The Journey

Her website has listed practitioners and contact details.

As soon as Nikki is back from her holiday I’ll confirm if she’s still available!

Love & Light