The Collective represents all the alternative therapists I’ve worked with, a brief background and therapy description.

Plus my personal experience, how it changed my perceptions & enlightened me.

I believe finding a therapist is like any relationship, you may have to try a few on before you find the one that has the perfect fit. Having spoken to many people who seem to be searching, I decided to develop this page to introduce some of my top rated and bring together the seeker and the seer. In reading my experience I hope you can gain some insight to new therapies available to suit your needs or be inspired to try something completely different and see where the journey takes you. A short list of some of the people I’ve met on my journey who helped me revise my ideas about my existence, my perception of emotions,  encouraged me to look for the answers to my many questions and ultimately unlocked my limited way of thinking, offering me a greater support system which in turn led to amazing healing and personal growth.

Before you go into The Collective please take a look at this video from (the much loved by me for it’s accessibility) Spirit Science. Sources such as this, have inspired me to collate and inform as much as I can to as many people as I can, to allow you the capacity for greater thinking and understanding of your world around and within you. Your thoughts and perceptions of the world surrounding  you. If,  you could change your world with just single thought and intention, isn’t that worth investigating…

I love this cause it just makes it simple and easy to digest higher concepts of living, thinking and being without a bearded, vegan, tree hugger screaming “tofu” in sight!