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There are several different types of Agate. This incredible stone can be found in Greenland, US, South Africa, Brazil, Morocco, Botswana and Iceland. It also comes in different forms and has altogether very different energies. Above you have a picture of banded Agate, red, white and brown colours streaming through the stone, this stone is a powerful holistic healer. Banded Agate is brilliantly effective is multi dimensional healing, removes dualities and conflict, maintaining well-being.  A very good healer when used to grid your home. Placed on the third eye banded Agate quickly severs mental attachments to a guru, a partner from a past life or a manipulative parent. On an emotional level this stone can be programmed to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Healing: Detoxification on multiple levels, aides depression, fertility, circulatory and nervous system.

Crackled Fire Agate

The Crackled Fire Agate is a real powerhouse stone. Fiercely protective it emanates a powerful  shield against ill-wishing, gently returns to the source. Physically stimulates vitality and creativity on all levels. Enhances sexual energy, firing up the libido by stimulating the base chakra, eliminates cravings and destructive desires, aids treatment of addictions.

Prevents burnout by overcoming fatigue, this stone resonates with the triple burner meridian  the reproductive organs and digestive system.

Buy as a tumble stone or necklace and place near the skin. To be worn over a long period of time for maximum effect. If you do not wish to use these stones as jewellery (boys) you can wear them at night as you sleep or carry them in your pocket so you can have contact throughout the day.

Snakeskin Agate

Snakeskin Agate is the stone of other worlds. Attuned to the South on the medicine wheel, this is a stone of invisibility, a shape-shifter. Helps to blend in and travel without being see in both the physical realm and the upper and lower worlds.

Spiritually this stone strengthens the base and sacral chakras rooting the soul in the body, grounding one to the body and the Earth. Facilitating acceptance into this incarnation.

This stone has the ability to keep ones emotions on a high, a happy stone by nature, assists in eliminating worry and stress from everyday life connecting the wearer to the joy of living.

Tree Agate


A beautiful stone to be worn as jewellery or useful for healing. Tree Agate is an effective supporter of growth of all kinds, whether it be used for growing flowers, plants and trees this stone improves germination and fertility in all living things.

Imparting strength and perseverance  it helps face difficult times and recognition of the gift or karmic lesson behind events. This stone encourages positivity and sense of self imparting unshakeable self esteem.

This crystal aids the immune system and helps fight infections.


Astrophyllite means ‘Star Sheet’ and is probably named after the interwoven star shapes that this crystal sometimes forms. It is a dark coloured stone that often contains sparkling inclusions.

Astrophyllite helps you to see what you no longer need in your life and allows you to let go of it. It encourages you to see your full potential and to appreciate that as one door closes another opens.

Astrophyllite is said to aid out-of-body experiences and to act as a guide and protector while you are experiencing them. It is also said to help you to become more aware of other people’s needs and to become more sensitive to touch and perception. For this reason it is an excellent stone for those undergoing training in massage or acupressure.

In healing Astrophyllite is said to be of benefit to the reproductive and hormonal systems and to help with PMS and the menopause. Also beneficial for epilepsy, the reproductive and hormonal systems as well as nervous system. Aids cellular regeneration, the large intestine, spinal alignment and flushing of fatty deposits.


Baltic Amber in ancient times….

Ancient Germanic tribes such as the Goths, other Nordic people’s, Celts, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese and other people’s valued Amber for it’s beauty, protection and healing properties. Amber was also called Electra, Bernstein or Northern Gold due to its electrical properties and golden colour and was traded far and wide in the ancient world.

Healing powers of amber

Amber is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer. At a physical level, is imbues the body with vitality and has the power to draw disease out of the body. By absorbing pain and negative energy, amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself. Amber alleviates stress.

It treats the throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver, and gallbladder, alleviates joint problems, and strengthens the mucus membranes. As an elixir and for wound healing, it is an excellent natural antibiotic.

Amber provides decisiveness.  It strengthens your memory and intellect and helps with emotional calming and centering.  It is an excellent grounding crystal, and transmutes negative energy to positive.  Amber radiates a warm and bright energy.  It aids the Abdomen, Bladder, Blood, Eyes, Kidneys, Stomach, Tissue Revitalization, Throat, Liver, Joint Problems.  Wearing crystal jewellery gives you the energy of the stone all day long. Amber draws disease out of afflicted areas and neutralize negative energy allowing the body to heal itself.

Amber necklaces as Baby teething remedy

Wearing Baltic amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for baby teething. A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Used for centuries in Europe, amber’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties are perfect to soothe teething babies. Amber is fossilized resin, which warms against the skin, releasing it’s therapeutic properties safely and naturally.


Crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac or mauve is called amethyst, a stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkenness and to instil a sober mind. The word amethyst comes from the Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and amethyst is believed to protect one from poison.

It is also used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams. Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feelings. It has been worn as protection from self-deception, as well as a protection against witchcraft. The amethyst has long been used to open the spiritual and psychic centres  making it one of the power stones. It is also used as a meditation aid when worn as a necklace.

Amethyst is a gemstone often worn by healers, as it has the power to focus energy. A healer will usually wear several pieces of jewellery with amethysts set in silver, especially an amethyst necklace. The person to be healed will have an Amethyst to hold while the healing is being done. The healer will place another piece of Amethyst on the area of the body in need of healing, the heart or lungs usually.

Amethyst is used for problems in the blood and in breathing problems. Amethyst crystal clusters are used to keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive.

Amethyst clusters, points or several tumbled Amethysts placed in a window that receives sun most of the day are very beneficial to use in healing and to heal negativity in the home. Place Amethyst clusters, points or several tumbled Amethysts in moonlight and everyone in the home will be feeling calmer. Using an Amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings. Amethyst helps overcome fears and cravings. It also helps relieve headaches.


Angelite raises the state of conscious awareness.  It represents peace and brotherhood.   Angelite facilitates contact with your angels and spirit guides and helps to connect with your higher self.  It enhances psychic healing and telepathic communication and enables astral travel and spirit journeys.

Because of its ability to deepen attunement and heighten perception also a powerful stone for healers.  It also provides protection for the environment or the body.

Psychologically,  Angelite helps you to speak your truth.  It promotes communication and self-expression.  Dispels fear, anger and anxiety, converting them into faith, tranquillity and  encourages forgiveness.  It alleviates psychological pain and counteracts cruelty.  Mentally, Angelite enhances astrological understanding and brings deeper understanding of mathematics.  It also facilitates telepathic contact between minds.

Spiritually, this stone is filled with compassion.  It transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing, opening the way for spiritual inspiration.  It creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity   It helps connect to universal knowledge and raises awareness.  Angelite facilitates the re-birthing process, stimulates healing, and opens psychic channelling.

This incredible stone supports the throat, alleviating inflammation and balancing the thyroid and the parathyroids.  It repairs tissue and corrects blood deficiencies and helps to renew blood vessels.  Angelite balances the fluids within the physical body, and can act as a diuretic.  It is useful in weight control, and relates particularly to the lungs and arms.  This stone can be used for headaches, heart function, the circulatory system and infectious diseases.  At a subtle level, Angelite balances the physical body with the etheric realms.


This stone is associated with the following zodiac signs Libra, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

When choosing to use this crystal for your Chakras the best one to use it on is the third eye however you may also choose to use it on the crown chakra and even the heart.

Apophyllite has been known to aid with your auras, clarity, intuition and past life recall. On a spiritual side this crystal can heal on all levels.

This stone does remarkable energy work and is great to use during meditation. It can help one to connect to higher planes, bringing new wisdom through the subconscious. It can also help one to connect with your spirit guides.

Apophyllite has a high water content which makes it a brilliant conductor of energy and carrier of the Akashic Records (the esoteric record of all that has come to pass and that which is yet to occur, including past life information. This stone is regarded by many as a par excellence to assist Reiki healing. It facilitates the patient into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness and at the same time takes the healer out of the way so the transmission of energy is purer.


Looking at Aquamarine for a long time improves eyesight. Carrying Aquamarine relieves a tooth, stomach and liver pain. It is effective at seasickness. Aquamarine in silver treats diseases of a mucous oral cavity. It is also believed that aquamarine strengthens heart, helps at lung diseases of lungs, skin and nervous system and improves mood. This stone is also amazingly useful for sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems. It harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid regulates hormones and growth. It strengthens the body’s cleansing organs and protects and nurtures the stomach.

Aquamarine strengthens the spirit of its wearer and exposes a deceit. As such, it is not recommended to dishonest people. Any attempt at cheating by such person will be exposed. Aquamarine allows to uncover secrets secret. It is one of the most magic stones that can expose even astral deceits. Aquamarine acts on its wearer mood, as a peaceful-seascape – it calms the mind, removing extraneous thoughts. More this stone is pure and homogeneous, better it helps in studying science and philosophy. Greenish Aquamarine is considered as a talisman of gamblers, as it protects them from loss. It  filters information reaching the brain and clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears up confusion. It also strengthens sex appeal of the wearer.


Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and powerful healer. It’s believed to have mystical powers, conferring the ability to banish evil and cleanse negativity. In ancient times Bloodstone is said to have been an ”audible oracle” giving off sounds as a means of giving guidance. An amazing grounding and protecting stone it increases creativity, heightens intuition and keeps out undesirable influences.

Bloodstone benefits blood-rich organs, regulates and supports blood flow and aids circulation. Ancient Egyptians used it to shrink tumours  This stone can also be used to cleanse the lower chakras and realigning their energies.

Bloodstone also enhances creativity and intuition.  Bloodstone drives away the negative environmental energy, which helps in the overcoming of influences like electromagnetic or geopathic stress.  It revitalises and induces dreaming.  It gives you courage and helps you avoid harmful situations.  This also promotes idealism and selflessness. .  This soothes and revitalises the mind, enhances decision making, and eliminates confusion. Bloodstone minimizes aggressiveness, impatience and irritability.
Bloodstone provides physical aid in treating anaemia  blood disorders and enhancing blood flow. It strengthens the immune system and detoxifies. It eases menstrual and menopausal symptoms. And it strengthens the heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, and bone marrow. It minimizes pus formation, neutralizes toxins in the body, and invigorates the lymphatic system, which leads to the healing of infections and inflammations. However, stone therapy should never replace medical treatments. It is there to enhance a person’s health and well-being.

 Boji Stone

The Boji Stone is as old as the Earth. The formation of the stones and the creation of the Earth were simultaneous so making the stones millions of years old. They are primarily made up of pyrite, which gives them their blackish-brown colour and are usually quite flat and spherical in shape. There have also been studies showing palladium in the stones. Boji Stones are derived from one of two places, the UK and United States.

Boji Stones are separated as male and female stones and some may even have androgynous qualities. Female stones are smooth and outnumber the male stones. Male stone are uneven and sharp with the androgynous stones exhibiting qualities such as points and rough patterns along the surface. Boji Stones are most effective when they are used as a pair of female and male stones. Androgynous stones however can be used alone because their energy is equal to the energy of a pair of male and female stones. Boji Stones are effective when used in the healing of physical conditions but they are more powerful when used for their metaphysical properties. Metaphysical Properties of Boji Stones, primarily used to balance and align ones energy fields, they aid in moving energy from the subtle body to the physical body.

They help to recharge the aura and fill empty space with positive energy promoting the removal of blockages and allowing healing to take place. Facilitates the balancing of the female and male energies in the body and assists in aligning of all the chakras from the crown to the rootImproves the body’s electrical structure by creating an electromagnetic field around it these amazing stones are also used to facilitate clarity in the brain. This can increase the functioning of the brain by up to six percent and also helps to recover short and long term memory. Healing Properties of Boji Stones help promote the regeneration of cellular tissue that has been damaged.


Bornite is one of the strongest healing stones on the mineral kingdom. It has the ability to align every chakra when applied to a given chakra. The energy within Bornite creates a circular, clockwise motion. Even though it is placed on one chakra, it will affect the other six. It can cause a transformation that removes negative energy and replaces it with a strong, beneficial, positive energy. It possesses the unique property of energizing not only the area on which it is placed, but all affects all of the surrounding area as well. Bornite is a very powerful mineral. Cellular structures, metabolic imbalances, dissolving calcified deposits, over-acidity, assimilation of potassium, swelling. It brings freshness into life and a feeling of abundance, easing challenging situations and bringing a sense of happiness. It is an excellent healing stone; promoting health and balance at the cellular level and for tissue.



Brazilianite stimulates the Base Chakra, helping to bring Joy to this physical journey here on Earth. Joy and reverence to the physical body that houses the soul, and joy and understanding of our roles as co-creators.  Brazilianite reminds us that all of creation exists within us, and our physical world is purely a reflection of what happens within.   Brazilianite works via the base chakra to facilitate a new base chakra energy of freedom, beauty and harmony with our Earth.

Brazilianite also supports the Sacral Chakra, assisting the open flow of our creative juices and an awakening to the power of the feminine goddess within.   The crystal opens this energy centre to facilitate the connection with our natural creative state, but most importantly the release, experience and active action of birthing these creative visions into our daily lives.   This is a perfect crystal for those that find themselves hiding their gifts and talents and not honouring the full power of their magnificence.

This is a very rare crystal from Brazil.  Some say that this crystal works with the third eye and heart centers.  It allows us to bring love and understanding of love/relationships to the next level.  This is the best crystal for understanding the wants and needs of each other in all relationships.  Understand why relationships need to grow and what we can do as individuals to improve them.  I find this stone to be useful in understanding children, it gives the parents an idea of how and why the child needs nurturing, then gives us the momentum to do what is necessary to raise healthy children.


Bustamite carries a powerful energy that brings about deep connection to the Earth and facilitates Earth healing. repairing  and realigning the meridians of the Earths etheric body. Spiritually, it is excellent for gridding, initiation and meditation. Stimulating conscious dreaming and intuition, Bustamite enhances channelling and accesses the angelic realms. It is said to lose its lustre in the presence of danger.

Mentally, this stone helps you retain composure and creates inner congruency, helping to stand back from disharmonious experiences while remaining physically present, or facilitating your physical absence from detrimental situations. This stone turns ideals and ideas into positive action. Emotionally Bustamite removes old pain, harmonizing the emotional energy system and healing cellular memory. Physically, this stone realigns the energy meridians of the physical and subtle bodies.

Beneficial for stress related illness, calcium deficiencies, circulation, headaches and fluid retention, this amazing stone supports legs, feet heart, skin, nails, hair, motor nerves, muscle strength, sleep, lungs, prostate gland, sexual organs, endocrine system and digestive system, also balances the pancreas. It’s a powerhouse of a stone and comes highly recommended by those using Bustamite for healing practices.

Bian Stone

 Bian stone started out as music instruments. The musicians who played for the emperors shared the tendency to live a long life that is innocent of various ailments that kept molesting other people at that low-tech times. Now modern technology has helped to unveil the mystery behind the magic healing effects of Bian stone. Bian stone mainly heals by working on the blood. Only by exposing any part of your body to the proximity of the Bian stone,you can see that the blood actually run faster and more smoother than before.The special magnetic field and the ultrasonic pulsation with the the frequency from 20 thousand to 2 million hertz that constantly emanate from the Bian stone work on the blood circulation, making it run faster, purifying the blood and the blood vessels and by so doing, insure good oxygen and nutrition supply to various body organs. Under a microscope ,you can see the blood circulates better and faster when exposed to a Bian stone bracelet. By resonance it improves the digestive and respiratory system. The water molecules can transit freely in the body cells and carry necessary oxygen or nutritions to them.

Calcite is a protecting, grounding and centering stone, and can help bring inner peace. Since calcite also promotes creativity and imagination, this inner peace it can bring is a vibrant one.

Calcite has been said to increase prosperity. It can also be helpful in astral travel and in channelling  as well as increasing intuition. Calcite is also a stone of spirituality and wisdom.

All calcite are helpful in lessening of fear and reducing stress. Calcite is probably the premier cleanser of stored negative energies in the human system, and works on all levels from the physical to the etheric. This makes it a very purifying stone. It can also be used to clear negativity in the environment, such as a room that it’s in.

In the realm of relationships, calcite brings its properties of grounding and centering, to make it a stone of reconciliation. Calcite can ameliorate arguments in a relationship, creating emotional intelligence to help maintain a practical balance between the people in the relationship.

Physically, Calcite cleanses the organs of elimination. It encourages calcium uptake in bones but dissolves calcification, strengthening the skeletal frame and joints. It alleviates intestinal and skin conditions, also stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing. It fortifies the immune system and can encourage growth in small children. Calcite works quickly as an elixir and can be applied to the skin, ulcers, warts and suppurating wounds.

Clear calcite can be used to open and balance all the chakras. Calcite of different colours is great for using to open and balance the various chakras. Calcite comes in many colours, please find them listed and their properties.

Black Calcite

Black Calcite is a record-keeper stone for regression and regaining memories so that the past can be released. It returns the soul to the body after trauma or stress and alleviates depression. It’s a useful companion during dark night of the soul.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is a gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. It lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. Gently soothing the nerves and lifting anxieties, it releases negative emotions. used on the throat chakra it aids clear communication, especially where there is dissent.

Clear Calcite

This stone is a cure all! It is a powerful detoxifier. At a physical level it acts as an

antiseptic and at the subtle levels it cleanses and aligns all the chakras higher and lower. A clear Calcite with rainbows brings about major change. It is a stone of new beginnings. Clear Calcite brings the gift of deep soul healing and revitalization of the subtle bodies, opening up and clearing inner and outer eyes.

Gold Calcite

Excellent for meditation and for tuning into the higher realms, higher mental planes. brings about alertness as it grounds the higher mental energies into the physical realm.

Green Calcite

This particular colour is a mental healer, dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs that no longer serve or restrict personal growth. It helps in letting go of what is familiar and comforting but that which no longer serves and aids communication and the transition from stagnant to a positive situation. Green Calcite is a powerful stimulator for the immune system. This stone absorbs negativity and rids the body of bacterial infections.

It ameliorates arthritis and constrictions of the ligaments or muscles and is helpful in bone adjustments. It’s green ray cool fevers, burn, and inflammation, calms the adrenals.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a highly energizing and cleansing stone, especially for the lower chakras.  This stone balances the emotions, removes fear, and overcomes depression. It dissolves problems and maximizes potential. This stone heals the reproductive system, gallbladder and intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and removes mucus from the system.

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite also know as Mangano Clacite is a heart crystal in contact with the angelic realm. A stone of forgiveness  it releases fear and grief that keeps the heart trapped in the past. It brings unconditional love, aids self worth and acceptance, heals nervous conditions and lifts anxiety and tension. This stone prevents nightmares.

Pink Calcite’s loving energy gently dissolves resistance, it is helpful for anyone who has suffered trauma or assault.

Pink Manganocalcite (Pink Magnesium Calcite) is sometimes called the “Reiki Stone”. It has a gentle but powerful energy, and is an excellent complement to energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Seichim because of its excellent properties of energy amplification.

Red Clacite

This beautiful example of Calcite increases energy, uplifts emotions, aids will power and opens the heart chakra. It removes stagnant energy, including constipation and dissolves blockages. It resonates to the base chakras which energizes and heals. It alleviates fear, bringing understanding to the source.

Red Calcite’s vitality energizes a party.At a physical level, it heals hip, and lower limb problems, loosening up joints and on a subtle level it removes the blockages that prevent you from stepping forward in your life.

Rhomboid Calcite

Rhomboid Calcite closes off mind chatter, bringing mental stillness. It’s a powerful healer of the past. It’s distinctive shape (as pictured) is actually how it forms in nature… beautifully.

Also be aware of the rest of the Calcite family…

Calcite Fairy Stone, Cobalto-Calcite, Hematiod Calcite, Icicle Calcite, Stella Beam Calcite.


 Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history.A glassy, translucent stone, Carnelian is an orange-coloured variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its colour varies from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown, though it is most known for its brilliant orange and red-orange crystals. Its name comes from a Latin word meaning “flesh.”In antiquity, as well as today, Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. Ancient Warriors wore Carnelian around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies.The ancient Egyptians called Carnelian “the setting sun.” In its orange hues, they identified it with the receptive or passive female energies, and associated it with the fertile menstrual blood of the mother goddess, Isis. In its red, red-orange to reddish brown shades, they considered it the active male energy stone, recognized by its glowing vibrant colour.  Carnelian is traditionally worn to enhance passion, love, and desire.Carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. It is a talisman for success in any money-making venture. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition, drive and determination, and wards off undue pressures of co-workers or impersonal corporations with unrealistic expectations. Carnelian clarifies the voice. It is the Singer’s Stone. It also promotes confidence for performances on stage or in live media. Carnelian is traditionally known to guard against falling masonry and accidents with tools. Today it guards the home from theft, fire, storm or accident.Orange and red Carnelian are important crystals to use for love, and for the consummation of love. Orange crystals, in particular, are fertility and potency symbols and are linked with conceiving a child. Carnelian of either colour may help in rekindling passions that might have faded in an otherwise loving relationship.

Specific colours

Pink Carnelian improves the parent-child relationship. It helps to restore love and trust after abuse or manipulation.

Red Carnelian warms and energizes. It is particularly useful for combating sluggishness and for invigorating the mind and body.


Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will and enhances group stability. It can be used to assist thought transmission and telepathy. this stone absorbs negative energy and then dissipates it to prevent onward transmission. In ancient times, chalices would be formed out of Chalcedony and lined with silver. They were said to prevent poisoning.

Chalcedony removes hostility and transforms melancholy into joy. Psychologically, Chalcedony eases self doubt and facilitates constructive inward reflection. It creates an open and enthusiastic persona, it also absorbs and dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams. Healing with Chalcedony is powerful, a cleanser including sores. It fosters maternal instinct and increases lactation, improves mineral assimilation and combats mineral buildup in veins. Chalcedony lessens the effects of dementia and senility. This wonderful stone increases physical energy, it balances body, emotions, mind and spirit and heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system.

Blue Chalcedony is a creative stone. It opens up the mind to assimilate new ideas and helps acceptance of new situations. Blue Chalcedony imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity, enhancing listening skills and communication. It stimulates the ability to learn new languages and improves memory.

Dendritic Chalcedony promotes clear and precise thought.  This stone is useful when you’re under pressure or attack as it facilitates calm communication while remaining relaxed. It encourages living in the moment, to be present and helps you face up to unpleasant realities.
Dendritic Chalcedony is a great stone for chronic illness, for which it should be worn for long periods of time. Problems associated with smoking, strengthening the immune system. Detoxifies the liver and removes inflammation of the female sexual organs and treats thrush.

Pink Chalcedony promotes kindness and all that is good, it brings out a sense of childlike wonder and willingness to learn new things. It encourages storytelling as a form of creativity. This is a spiritual stone the encourages empathy and inner peace. It creates a deep sense of trust. Pink Chalcedony fortifies the heart and supports the immune system.

Red Chalcedony bestows strength and persistence in reaching goals. It advises when to fight and when to give in gracefully, a confidant stone, it helps to manifest dreams, devising strategies to bring these into being int he most positive way. As a healing stone, Red Chalcedony stimulates the circulation without raising blood pressure and encourages clotting of the blood. It reduces hunger pangs so great for health correction dieting.


 Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what is currently unconscious. It’s vibrations have a tranquilizing effect that seem to bring damaging subconscious thought to the foreground, where they can be assessed and dealt with properly.

Chrysoprase has been credited with a number of other powers, such as banishing greed, selfishness, carelessness, stirring the imagination. calming irritability and the pains of gout.

It has been said to create happiness, enterprise, prudence adaptability, versatility, action, progress and adventure. Told to protect from evil dreams and demons, to bring success in new enterprises, and to make the wearer more cheerful.

If used in jewelry creations, chrysoprase should only be set or used with silver, and it will hold more power if it is carved in the shape of a heart. And old Rumanian legend speaks of the owner of such a stone to have the ability to understand the language of lizards.

Chrysoprase has a  deep calming effect, it will open, activate and energize the 4th or the Heart Chakra.


Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beautiful stone. It’s warming, energizing and highly creative. This is one crystal that never needs cleansing, it absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy and is therefore extremely protective for the environment. Citrine opens the Crown chakra and opens the intuition. Citrine cleanses and balances and subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical. Mentally, Citrine is excellent for enhancing concentration and revitalising the mind. It’s amazing for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. Emotionally this stone promotes joy and happiness in life, encouraging inner calm so that wisdom can emerge.

 This stone helps you move into the flow of feelings at the deepest of levels. It overcomes fear of responsibility and stops anger. It is particularly useful to people who are particularly sensitive to environmental and other outside influences. In healing this is a brilliant stone for energizing and recharging, it’s highly beneficial for CFS and reverses degenerative disease. Citrine stimulates digestion, the spleen and the pancreas. It negates infections in the kidney and bladder, helps protect the eyes and increases blood circulation. As an elixir, it’s helpful for menstrual problems and menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, balancing the hormones and alleviating fatigue.

Dalmatian Stone

Dalmatian Jasper is a light brown coloured jasper with black spots. As a Brown Jasper it has the properties of all Jaspers plus those of Brown Jasper.

Jaspers are extremely nurturing stones and work in a subtle way to give slow and gentle healing. They are also extremely protective stones, protecting against depression and negative thinking. In addition Jaspers are said to encourage a determination to succeed and to see ideas through into action. They are therefore extremely useful stones for those starting up their own business.

Brown jaspers, including Dalmatian Jasper, are very grounding stones, imparting calm and tranquillity. Placing a large piece of Brown Jasper in a room is believed to absorb negative energy, and to reduce geopathic and environmental stress. Brown jasper is also said to strengthen the resolve to give up smoking.

In healing all Brown Jaspers are believed to boost the immune system and to help clear toxins from the body.


A symbol of purity, the Diamond’s pure white light helps to bring our lives into a cohesive whole.  It brings love and clarity into partnerships, bonding relationships.  Diamond is a sign of commitment and fidelity, and instils trust to relationships and situations.  It inspires the forces of accumulation, attracting the manifestation of abundance.  Diamond is an energy amplifier.  It is a stone that never requires recharging.  It will bring strength and endurance to all energies and will enhance the power of other crystals.  However, beware, as this means it will increase negative energy as well as positive!  Excellent for blocking electromagnetic stress and for protection against cell phone emanations.  Diamond imparts fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude.  It clears emotional and mental pain, reducing fear and bringing about new beginnings.  Stimulates creativity, inventiveness, imagination and ingenuity.  It brings clarity of mind and aids enlightenment.  Diamond allows the soul light to shine out.  It aids spiritual evolution and reminds you of your soul’s aspirations.

Diamond purifies and detoxifies all of the body’s systems, rebalancing the metabolism, and building up stamina, strength and treating allergies and chronic conditions.  It also helps glaucoma and clears sight.  Diamond effectively treats dizziness and vertigo, and benefits the brain.  Counteracts poisoning.

In addition to Diamond generic properties, specific colours have additional attributes:

Yellow Diamond makes us more considerate and thoughtful.

Blue Diamond strengthens willpower and inspires us to take better care of our health.

Pink Diamond  used for creative expression.

Black Diamond gives us courage to look within without illusion.


Dioptase is a powerful healer for the heart and opener for the higher heart chakra. It’s wonderful blue-green colour brings all the chakras up to a greater level of functioning and facilitates spiritual attunement, reaching the highest levels of conciousness. It has dramatic effect on the human energy field. Working in all areas of life to turn negative into positive, it overcomes any sense of lack and enables fulfilling potential. It is especially helpful when you don’t know what to do next, as it indicates your direction.

This remarkable stone dissolves grief, betrayal and sorrow and is extremely effective for healing heartache and the pain of separation or abandonment. Dioptase draws in love on all levels, it can heal an emotional black hole that is desperate for love. This stone clears away perceptionsas to how love ought to be and brings new vibration of love.

Used for healing Dioptase regulates cell disorders, activates T-cells and the thymus, relieves Ménière’s disease, eases high blood pressure and alleviates pain and migraines. It prevents heart attacks and heals heart conditions. This outstanding stone lessens fatigue and overcomes shcok, it’s a detoxifier, lessens nausea and regenerates the liver. Excels as a gem essence.


Dumortierite is said to promote a positive attitude to life and to help you to stay ‘young at heart’. It is also said to increase assertiveness and self-confidence encouraging you to speak out when you feel you are being treated unfairly. In addition Dumortierite is said to calm and focus you in traumatic situations giving you the tools to cope with a crisis. Offering patience and courage and activating your instinct for self preservation by instilling detachment and opening positive self love and joie de vivre, this stone helps you remain young at heart.

Dumortierite is a very spiritual stone, it is believed to facilitate communication with your angels and spirit guides and to help you to see the good in the people who are around you. Emotionally Dumortierite promotes clarity, this stone helps stabilize rocky relationships and attracts a soulmate- although there may be difficult lessons to learn in the process.

Dumortierite is also said to increase self-discipline and to improve organisational skills, allowing you to sort out your files, procedures and thought processes. These properties make it an excellent stone for those starting up or running their own business.