Welcome to Halos

Crystals and gem stones are beautiful to wear but they also have a fascinating and deeper use and meaning.

In this chapter of My Eden Project I explore stones, their given meaning and how to choose the right stones for you. A birth stone,  for colour therapy, tribal uses of stones and also bone for things like grid work, scrying, divination or just because it’s your favourite colour i hope to enlighten you to the true meaning of these wonderful gifts from our planet Earth and how to use them.

The Halos are the necklaces that i hand make from raw cuts of semi precious gem stones.

The Halo has one of two uses. The most popular being because you love wearing necklaces and you dig my designs.

The second being you require the Halo for spirit work, protection, clearing, sexual empowerment, healing and amplifying talents.

Solid cuts of Labradorite

Handmade using uniquely cut Labradorite, finished with solid silver clasp.

Find out more about these handmade Halos please contact: Naomi      Halosandhandcuffs@gmail.com