Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-To-Use Handbook For Identifying And Understanding Your Power Animals And Animal Spirit Helpers by Steven Farmer Phd

So I purchsed this book about a week ago, it looks friendly to the layman and easy to use, IT’S AMAZING!
A few nights ago I dreamt of horses, a ranch of horses, I’m stood not far watching them run free when a character in my dream rides up to see me on a beautiful steed. As I woke that morning I had the feeling I had to remember the dream. I looked up the reference in the book and low and behold a rather accurate forboding.
‘You’re about to embark on an unexpected adventure and will have to move very quickly once it’s initiated.
It’s time to free yourself from those physically and emotionally constricting aspects of your life.
You need to call upon reserves of stamina and strength to get you through this ordeal.
You’re much more powerful than you think you are.
This situation requires strong warrior energy, balanced with sensitivity, patience and compassion.
Teamwork with your family, friends or community is important right now.
You’re very well protected from any negative or harsh psychic attacks, you’re being called to investigate other spiritual realms and dimensions through meditation, a vision quest or shamanic journeying.’
I opened this can of whoey by being spiritualy curious,reading related books, talking to people about their beliefs and relationship to God/Gaia/The Source and now ‘IT’S’ gunning for me til my last chapter.
I think this book may just save my curly bacon, it may just save yours. If your looking for your spiritual animal/totem (I followed my chinese birth year and looked at the Snake…spot on!), interpreting dreams or needing guidence from an animal spirit this book is for you. It’s beautifully done easy to use.
This can be interpreted in many different ways. A particular animal crosses your path, approaches to you or comes to you in a dream, the first page refers to this and the message this animal may be giving to you. Animals you may want to look up and ‘call’ to. To request guidance or require assistance in a ritual the book has a paragraph with information, a how to. Lastly, it offers you your power animal or totem, a birth animal, characteristics of which you may possess.
A brilliant book and how fantastic for the author to give us this wonderful gift.

“We must stop asking: Can these things be? And begin asking: Why are these things?” John Keel

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