Astrology for Lovers by Liz Greene

This book is a valuable tool in understanding sun sign traits and characteristics. essential for an understanding of yourself, your friends, family and of course your lover too. I have recently started an astrological evening class and this book is the only recommended text by the tutor.It is a book you can grow into, with varying levels of depth for the casual browser, and student alike.

It includes detailed analysis of each of the 12 signs, the feminine, and masculine differnces, the myth behind each sign, and the Shadow side of every nature. It also has general overviews of each of the 4 elements, and their compatibility with each other. this book is a must if you love astrology!

The book will give you a general breakdown of a star sign, the myth behind the sign, the underline, shadow side of a sign. The characteristics of that particular sign in love, the general behaviour of the male in the sign and female respectively.

Interesting stuff, but you should bare in mind that a true calculation and accurate character and personality breakdown can only really be acquired with specific details unique to you and your birthdate. A great recommendation I can make is the Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, you will be asked to fill in a form requesting the following information; Your name, your birthdate, the time of birth (as accurate to the minute as possible) and place of birth.

One thing I would say to those who venture into having a birth chart or yearly forecast done for the first time is this, it may take time for some of the predictions to come to fruition. When you make your purchase, asks the guys at the shop to go through any components of the chart you’re unsure of, or need something explained that seems out of place to you.

I had a yearly forecast done, at first a large chunk of the information appeared not to relate to me directly, there seemed to be paragraphs that (hadn’t happened yet) made little sense. This chart will be something you should refer back to over time and finally you’ll see the chart really open up and work for you.

Please do check out the Astrology Shop online:

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

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