TheAntiTerrorist Handbook by TheAntiTerrorist

And… the truth will set you free.

Let me tell you this is one funny read, funny Ha Ha and will make you feel unfunny when you’ve read it. I have been asking a few questions lately about my existence on this planet and what are the implications (as I’m thinking of becoming one of the undead) what indeed is the upside of being human anyway and as I’ve begun to find out…. it seems there isn’t one.
If you really want to know more about your human rights, entitlements and legal standing then this is the book for you. It’s a starter pack for the newly aware and will get you asking some seriously disturbing questions. What is the REAL meaning of a birth certificate? What rights (and how many) do I have in a court of law? What IS in that vaccine I’ve been told my child depends upon for his/her future survival.
Thank god Timothy Antiterrorist is funny or we’d all be in for a nasty reality sandwhich, the facts are given to you like a vodka, straight up without the twist. Although injected with a large slice of humour which makes it rather addictive to read cause the guy is FUNNY, it doesn’t detract from the issue in hand, it will make you ask questions that you were educated to believe should only spring from the mouths of those TREE HUGGERS/vegetarians! It’s a wake up call to turn off X Factor put away the latest issue of Closer magazine, put down that glass of Pinot and get investigating the real meaning of your future.
After every chapter there are links and named authors on the topic covered so you’re encouraged not to believe everything your reading but to investigate for yourself….ie get off your backside and take charge of your life!!!

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”  Socrates

Dare to know, please use the link provided for Amazon page.