After watching Zeitgeist 8 yrs ago I went on to watch this documentary. I found it profoundly interesting, although in parts disturbing, it made me ask questions about my everyday life, about my everyday decisions , most importantly… about my everyday perceptions. I was unnerved.  I like that it scared me, it challenged me and ultimately, forced me to address some of the topics presented. At the end of it all, I created this blog. Having discovered this documentary and others like it, I also found myself frequently in conversations with people addressing the same subjects and increasingly, asking the same questions. This inspired me to begin this blog, so now, instead of repeating myself, I direct people to these pages and hope that they find something useful in amongst all the information collated. Sit back and watch this great movie and I hope you find something that not only answers ‘your’ questions but inspires you too, inspires you…….. to spread the word.