Gemini the sign of the Twins

For this sign I’ve chosen The Phoenix Nebula

This sign is: Air

As a typical Gemini you talk a lot and you are never where you were five minutes ago. No one can tie the Twins down with a heavy cord and expect this sylph of the air to remain patiently waiting until the cord is tugged. More likely, you’ll perform a Houdini-like trick and vanish before their eyes, leaving them with the cord. You are unpredictable, changeable as quicksilver, loving disguise and mimicry, fascinated for a little while with just about everything, quick to become bored and move on.

Gemini is the butterfly of the Zodiac (some butterflies are smaller and nimbler than others, but they all fly). Of course there are Geminis who have become skilled at some particular study, art or profession. But even they must find variety within their chosen field.

Your sign is sometimes accused of being superficial and shallow. That’s simply not true. Your mind is perfectly capable of depth and concentration, when necessary. It’s just that if you spend too long on one thing, you might miss something else. And missing out on something potentially interesting is the next-to-worst thing that could happen to you. The worst is being bored.

Your restless mind seeks a broad and comprehensive spectrum of knowledge, and the further you pursue your education, the happier you’re likely to be. You’re the eternal student, from cradle to grave. You’re interested in people (from a safe emotional distance), and will talk to just about anybody to hear a new point of view.

There isn’t any prejudice or narrowness in you; you’re a true democrat at heart. A price must be paid, of course, for all these sparkling gifts. You may sacrifice the capacity for deeper relating in order to preserve your mobility. Yours is not a sign which likes heated emotional confrontations.

Geminis often joke about the things they feel most intensely about. If someone starts pouring out their deepest soul in grand, theatrical gestures, like the butterfly you’re likely to fly away – through emotional disconnection if not literally. With all that knowledge clattering about inside your skull, you can sometimes be curiously blind about your own deeper feelings.

This is the least introspective of the signs, and it can take some very painful experiences to get you to sit down and deal honestly with all those messy emotions. And when you do, you’re likely to observe and dissect your own feelings with the same detached curiosity with which you observe and dissect other people’s. It’s no wonder that so many Geminis are gifted writers. It’s the spectator who sees most of the game.

Like a child, you’re capable of having several distinct personalities. You can be tender, delicate, poetic and exquisitely attuned to the world around you. You’re also capable of plunging into some pretty sour black moods, which, fortunately, rarely last very long, and are forgotten immediately afterward.

You hate being probed and questioned, although you’re not averse to probing other people, and if you’re expected to explain your behaviour, you’re happy to make something up just to throw others off the scent. You’re capable of practising big and little deceptions, both on others and yourself, if you feel too pinned down. But deep down, you have strong ethics, and you try to deal with people fairly.

Duty for duty’s sake isn’t your style, of course, and you like to travel light. If you’re trapped in a morass of endless domestic duties or a boring job which doesn’t stimulate your lively and curious mind, you’ll either go to pieces in a mass of nervous fidgeting, nail-biting and paper-shredding, or you’ll simply leave.

Commitment can be difficult for you, even when you’re deeply in love. It’s not that you don’t feel intensely, and you can remain constant in a good relationship for a lifetime. But you don’t enjoy being nailed down to the earth. The butterfly brings joy and magic only if it’s allowed to fly free.

The Gemini Man…

The Gemini man is in constant motion.  He’s liable to fidget, and his eyes will move restlessly about the room, checking out every person and thing with immense curiosity. The hour- long intense passionate gaze isn’t his style. It’s a rare Gemini man who doesn’t possess a quick wit and a cursory knowledge of just about everything. Even if he’s a nuclear physicist devoted to his work, he will still know something about botany, cloud formations, and how the alphabet began.

He loves to find out interesting things about people, just because people are interesting to him. It’s rare to get an outpouring of intense emotion; and if you do, it will most likely be in a letter or an e-mail. Gemini men aren’t emotionally shallow. But they have the ability to feel things while keeping a detached perspective and a wicked sense of humour.

The Gemini man can be exquisitely romantic. But absolute devotion – of the kind which involves never speaking to or appreciating anyone other than his partner -isn’t his style either.  He can be a charming flirt. He’ll rarely show jealousy (all those sorts of darker emotions are kept locked up in the cupboard in the unconscious), and he doesn’t expect you to, either. And it’s impossible to keep him by your side at a party, because the whole point of a party is to talk to people. People means others besides yourself. Get used to it.

Words fascinate him. Emotions do too, but they need to be expressed gracefully and discussed with detachment.  He can be sensitive and compassionate, and he has the rare gift of being able to put himself in another person’s place and understand why they’re feeling as they do. But being shouted at or deluged with tears and soggy handkerchiefs isn’t his idea of a pleasant way to spend an evening. The more articulate you are, the better he likes it – although constant nagging, complaining and criticising don’t go over too well.

If you have a complaint to make, or you want him to change something, tell him calmly, coolly, and logically, and be fair about it. He’s pretty fair himself about acknowledging his own shortcomings. Communicate, rather than emoting. He’ll listen, and because he’s flexible and not encased with stubborn pride, he’s capable of a sincere apology and a genuine effort to sort through his share of the problem. Even better, write him a witty letter.  He does have a thing about writing – love notes, stories, letters, jokes, elegant e-mails.

Although he may avoid heavy emotional discussions, he has a sharp and lightning-quick grasp of human behaviour. After all, he spends a lot of his time observing people.  He may understand you better than you think.

The Gemini man has a kind of cosmopolitan panache and a polished and versatile mind. The Gemini man often has a highly developed aesthetic sense, too, and appreciates elegance, refinement and style. If you want to be physically swept off your feet and dragged by the hair to his cave, try another sign.

The Gemini man needs an interesting partner. That doesn’t mean you have to be a brilliant intellect. But you need to have a mind that is alive. Talk to him all day about your aches and pains or what the baby ate, and you’re asking for trouble. Beware if you catch him spending hours surfing the net instead of talking to you, because the butterfly may be preparing to take off.

What makes his moods and evasions tolerable is the fact that he’s really, really interesting. To some people that might not sound like much. But to those who have had quite enough of dull people living dull lives, where imagination never takes wing and humour never sparkles, Gemini is like a draught of the elixir.  He reminds you that life is new and fun and fascinating. Spend some time around him, and you might even discover you’ve grown wings yourself.

Who’s the Gemini man?

He enters your life with a great sense of confidence and power.  He wears his calm and self assurance easily and comfortably… like other men wear cologne.He is irresistible, independent, enigmatic as well as a roguish romantic who has a PhD in flirting. He is the perfect combination of boyish charm meets masculine confidence.

He’s the eternal Peter Pan.  His personality is playful and yet he has a serious core. He is the ultimate paradox because of his ability to be disciplined without being rigid. He loves spontaneity, yet craves structure.
He easily excels in business by being clever and tactful in negotiations and yet he is willing to spend large amounts of money in to finance his personal pursuits of novelty experiences or new forms of excitement.  He is a master with words. He uses his verbal skills to create a subtle intoxication that very few women can resist.
He knows (and uses) the right words at the right time to disarm and charm any woman. You can expect to be swept off your feet, dazzled by his wit, and wooed by soft sweet promises, that pour from his lips like wine or honey

The Gemini Woman…

The Gemini woman can out-think almost anyone you know. Her thinking might not always be scientific or consistent, but she’s a person of ideas who needs mental stimulation and interesting people in her life. Of course, she is perfectly capable of being maternal and domestic, too – when it suits her mood. It’s just that you shouldn’t expect it.

The Gemini woman must have air to breathe and space to explore. She’s invariably sophisticated, even if you find her in a small country village. She’ll usually know a great deal about a lot of things, even if she hasn’t had the advantage of formal higher education.

She’s restless, and she won’t adapt to a life of strict routine. Yes, restless, which doesn’t automatically mean “unfaithful” – unless you try to chain her up and crush her bright spirit. The best way to encourage constancy in the Gemini woman is to refrain from demanding it.

The Gemini woman often needs two jobs, or several hobbies, or a regular class or group discussion to keep her happy. Her desire to learn is one of her strongest motivations, and it should be encouraged and developed. She may make an excellent solicitor, translator, teacher, advertising or marketing executive, journalist or writer, and the worlds of the media and the internet suit her admirably.

Limited to just a family to talk to, or a boring routine job, she may vent her frustration by becoming an incurable gossip, because she simply must communicate. If there isn’t anything to stimulate her mind, she’ll talk about trivia, and talk, and talk. If you hear a Gemini woman going on like this, it means her mind is hungry. Give her a book about something she’s really interested in, and encourage her to enroll in a course or study group.

Understanding her own feelings and motives isn’t her strong point. She may hurl herself into a super-extraverted lifestyle to avoid sliding into emotional depths which frighten her. For someone who lives in the world of the mind, the responsibilities of committed love can seem heavy and confining. It’s a hard tangle for the Gemini woman to sort out. Her need to explore is often greater than her need for security. Gemini women require plenty of personal freedom and social contacts beyond the family circle.

The Gemini woman is an idealist and a romantic. But words, not atmospheres, are her natural medium. Her romanticism is light, bright and of the air, and her sexuality, although as physical as anyone else’s, is fuelled by fantasy rather than force, and needs to be expressed with delicacy, poetry and refinement. Although her love can be deep and constant, it’s expressed in a stylish and witty way.

Love, for the Gemini woman, needs to include frivolity and humour. She adores words, so don’t assume that sexual prowess alone will accomplish any miracles. Nor will a partner’s physical attractiveness hold her attention, if it isn’t accompanied by a brain to match. She gets bored easily, and appreciates a partner who is articulate.

The Gemini woman can be a fascinating creature. Part of her charm is her elusiveness – just when you think you know everything about her, she’ll surprise you yet again. She can also be evasive and indirect, and even flagrantly dishonest, especially if you take her for granted or try to pin her down. Butterflies aren’t provided by nature for human use, and no Gemini will tolerate being anyone’s domestic or sexual object.

We enjoy butterflies for their beauty, their magic, and their freedom. When we pin them to a board, we destroy them. Deep in her soul, every Gemini woman is a butterfly, who will offer her love and loyalty only when she knows she can fly free.

You are among the people most likely to lead a double life.
Gemini women are among the most secretive and enigmatic people on earth. Have you ever wondered what makes you as fascinating as you are?
Well for starters… when you walk into a room, you bring an elusive quality that’s hard to define. Your smile is as intriguing as the Mona Lisa’s and there’s this amazing air of sensual mystery that surrounds you like a force field. You give the impression you are a woman of rare talents and deep insights. To others, you appear to have it all: good looks, style, confidence and an abundance of energy that keeps you looking younger and more in control than most women.

Fresh, Fascinating, Exciting and Impulsive.

Hands down, you win the Zodiac award for: “The World’s Most Sexually Intriguing Personality.” What other women merely talk about doing… you’ve already done… and could easily write a book about (if you haven’t already done so). You are the only sign in the entire Zodiac who can be a great match for any of the other signs.
You truly have a gift for getting along with anyone, being around you is never boring. Spontaneity is your personal signature. If your brand of sex appeal was bottled as a perfume, it might be called “Unforgettable.”Why? Because it’s what you are.
You were never intended for the ordinary life. Your appetite for novelty, change and adventure keeps you moving at a breakneck pace. Freedom is your personal mission statement. Words are your mental aphrodisiac. You fall in love in your mind first and then your heart soon follows. Any lover who wants to attract and hold your attention must be a great conversationalist.
Interesting is more important to you than looks ever will be. You want to live, breathe and exist on a consistent diet of sensual mental stimulation. Passionate mental foreplay is the fastest way to your bedroom door. Sexually you are magnificent. When you make love, it’s as if you fall into a trance. Your responsiveness is electric. One passionate kiss melts you like butter and you begin to sizzle.

Gemini Lover…

Ah, the mental acrobats of the Zodiac.  Geminis love to talk.  Even when they’re making love. They also love to kiss and are very oral.  Having their hands and fingers lightly touched drives the Gemini crazy.  Trailing your fingers lightly down their inner arm to the palm of their hand sends them into orgasmic pleasure.  Play with their fingers, suck them and Gemini will always come back for more.  Geminis love being made love to – especially with words.

So, don that sexy costume and let your Gemini slowly peel it off as you’re telling him all about some new sexual position you learned from the Kama Sutra, and would just love to try. Geminis are adventurous, fun loving and dislike being restricted; they absolutely must have their freedom and totally dislike jealousy, neediness, clinginess or possessiveness.

No balls, chains or leashes for the wandering Gemini.  And they will wander.  And wonder why you’re so upset about their wandering when they do.  But if you ‘hang on loosely, but don’t let go,’ and are fun, adventurous and intelligent and above all never boring, they’ll be back. They won’t even mind if you wander a bit yourself; as long as you return to them.

Geminis often marry several times throughout their life. Unless you can keep this chameleon on his or her toes with your unpredictable and erotic surprises, they’ll hit the road so fast you won’t even know they’ve been there. Geminis can fall in love, though they don’t like to admit it.  In fact, they may never tell you they love you until you present them with the divorce papers. Love is usually too restrictive for Gemini, and actually scares them. Never tell a Gemini that you love them first.

Let them do the talking.  Even if you absolutely adore them, let them think you couldn’t care less.  Be aloof and noncommittal and they’ll follow you just about anywhere.Geminis light and seemingly superficial and fickle nature makes it difficult for them to express their feelings.  They might – if you’re lucky – but don’t count on it.

Gemini will stick around as long as they think they’re not the centre of your attention.  But do acknowledge them; especially their intellectual achievements.  Though they may not admit this either, they love to be told how smart they are.  And never try to upstage them, even if your IQ is astronomical.

Let them believe they know it all.  They have Leos beat in this regard.  And be careful.  Although Gemini may seem superficial, they aren’t.  They’re very deep and extremely sensitive.  Yet they’ll never let it show.  You’ll never know your words or actions have wounded them until they’re gone.

Hard to catch, and harder to keep.  But oh so worth it, and absolutely fantastic lovers!

Gemini with Aries…

Gemini’s airy endless curiosity about people and life, combined with Aries’ fiery imagination and courage, can create a sparkling relationship. It is always stimulating, never boring, and constantly changing as life brings new adventures. As individuals you both need a lot of challenge from a partner.

This combination can offer it in the most pleasant way without serious conflicts of values. Gemini’s lively mind and Aries’ need to find causes to champion could make a wonderful contribution to any joint creative, business or intellectual venture. At heart you both love the fun of the journey as much if not more than the arrival.

Both of you may need to make a special effort to attend to the practical demands of life – something which is not a high priority for either of you. Try not to expect your partner to deal with the mundane tasks while you concern yourself with more “important” matters.

Neither Aries nor Gemini likes to be bored or stuck in routines. Accept the adventurous spirit in each other, take responsibility for dealing with your own chaos, and pack your rucksacks for the next journey.

Gemini with Taurus…

Breezy, airy Gemini can wake calm, earthy Taurus to the exciting world of the mind. Steady, realistic Taurus in turn can give stability and shape to versatile Gemini’s often directionless talents.

Both of you are rational people, preferring to focus on hard facts rather than fantasies and reasonable resolutions to conflicts rather than uncontained emotions. Neither of you enjoys grand dramas, and the affectionate and lively exchange between you could be wonderfully refreshing for you both. You are also both likely to have a fine eye for beauty and an appreciation of quality.

There is only one area where you might find the going a bit bumpy. Taurus can be possessive in love. Gemini, although perfectly capable of commitment, likes lots of new contacts and an animated level of exchange which, to the Taurean eye, might look a bit too much like flirting. In fact it probably is flirting, which is natural for Gemini but can rouse the Bull to wrath.

Make sure you are clear about how you feel about each other so there are no misunderstandings. Then learn to appreciate and learn from each other’s rather different but equally valid ways of expressing love.

Gemini with Gemini…

When the two of you get talking, it may seem like a whole room full of people. Both of you love playing with ideas, and you are perfectly willing to contradict yourselves and each other because it’s so much fun to discuss and explore. You are both restless, adaptable, versatile souls, and both seek a partner who is intelligent and alive from the neck up.

You both have a low boredom threshold, and neither of you likes to be possessed or caged. If you share intellectual interests or a field of work, all the better – you are likely to offer endless inspiration to each other. This could be a wonderfully exciting and lively combination.

But be careful. Both of you will, from time to time, secretly long for a tranquil, restful relationship. Don’t expect the other to provide it for any extended period of time. Neither of you is really suited to the caretaker role.

You can both be warm, nurturing, and understanding – for a while, until your interests move elsewhere and you start feeling stifled. Get someone else to do the caretaking, and learn to enjoy chaos together. A changeful life full of travel and variety would suit you both.

Gemini with Cancer…

Airy Gemini and watery Cancer can meet to create one of those wonderfully creative landscapes of sea and sky. Gemini is flexible and open-minded, and can introduce Cancer to many different world-views, ideas, and contacts. Cancer is affectionate and sensitive, and can show Gemini the delights of a stable domestic life.

But beware of the demon of jealousy and its inevitable accompaniment, the demon of escapism. Cancer can easily feel rejected by Gemini’s interest in others and coolness in emotional matters. Therefore, the Cancerian can resort to emotional manipulation to get the necessary reassurance.

Gemini can easily feel invaded by Cancer’s need for emotional reassurance and lack of directness, and can resort to evasiveness to get the necessary space and distance.

Try not to polarise between mind and feelings. You both have lively, curious minds which need stimulation, but you both also need warmth, affection, and loyalty.

Don’t project your own unconscious needs on each other. Cancer needs to give Gemini lots of freedom of movement, and Gemini needs to respond sensitively to Cancer’s emotional requests.

Gemini with Leo…

Together the two of you sparkle like a bottle of champagne. Airy Gemini and fiery Leo are a lively combination with plenty of intellectual and creative stimulation. Gemini is flexible enough to adapt to Leo’s need for centre stage, and Leo is steady enough to give a firm base for Gemini’s restlessness.

Both of you are easily bored and you should fill your lives with as many creative projects and new contacts as possible. The joint pleasure of creating a lifestyle which is anything but quotidian and ordinary helps to cement the bond between you.

Gemini may need to curb the flirtatiousness a bit, because Leo is proud and will react to disloyalty with anger. Leo may need to share the stage occasionally, because Gemini sometimes needs a bit of the limelight as well.

You can keep each other constantly growing through the pursuit of new ideas and new circles of people. But don’t expect earth-mother care from each other. Although Leo can be supportive in a crisis, and Gemini can be quick to offer good advice, neither of you really likes looking after other people.

Both of you are stars. Each of you knows that about yourself; try to remember it about each other.

Gemini with Virgo…

An intelligent partner is likely to be far more appealing to either of you than a glamorous but boring one. And you have certainly found that intelligence in each other.

Lively curiosity about a whole range of subjects and a desire to constantly expand your understanding could unite you in an exciting, endlessly stimulating relationship. You have met your intellectual match in each other, and that is what both of you most want.

Yet sometimes you can irritate each other, because your minds, although equal in flexibility and vitality, often function on quite different levels. Airy Gemini loves information for its own sake, and is not necessarily orderly in collecting facts or articulating them. Earthy Virgo wants useful information which can be applied in some way to help create a better, more orderly life.

Gemini can hop from one subject to another and become bored quickly. Virgo likes to complete projects and have everything in its place. Try not to annoy each other with your different conversational styles. And when you are with others, don’t pick at each other. Enjoy your differences, learning from each other rather than arguing and criticising.

Gemini with Libra…

Both of you need intellectual stimulation from an intelligent partner, and you have found that in each other. Gemini and Libra are both air signs, and good communication is important to you.

Neither of you enjoys remaining submerged in emotional depths for long, and both of you need to come up for air at regular intervals. And then you need something to talk about. Shared aesthetic or intellectual interests can help to cement the bond between you. Together you make a civilised, refined, and elegant combination.

Neither of you is terribly good at expressing deeper feelings, however, especially if those feelings are heavy or might cause conflict. Inability to articulate anger can create problems, as both of you prefer to analyse or evade rather than engage in open emotional confrontation.

Try to be honest with yourselves and each other about your feelings and emotional needs. Although it may be uncomfortable, the air will always be cleaner and clearer afterward. Working for greater emotional honesty between you, can help you to create an inspiring, bright and gentle relationship.

Gemini with Scorpio…

You are so very deeply different from each other that you are likely to endlessly fascinate each other and expand each other’s awareness and understanding. And fascination is what both of you seek in a mate. Airy Gemini is bored by a predictable partner, and watery Scorpio is bored by a partner who doesn’t pose a challenge.

Creatively you could make a wonderful team because Gemini’s versatility and quicksilver mind and Scorpio’s concentration and penetrating insights could work really well together on any creative project.

You might have some problems with the thorny issue of possessiveness versus freedom. Gemini doesn’t like to feel hemmed in or caged and Scorpio doesn’t like to be kept guessing when it comes to emotional and sexual constancy. Sparks may fly if Scorpio’s natural mistrust and Gemini’s natural evasiveness collide.

Try not to polarise around the issue of loyalty. Both of you are as capable as anyone else of devotion as well as faithlessness, depending on mood, circumstances, and personal morality. Make sure you’re honest with each other, and don’t get into game-playing to try to outwit each other or make each other insecure.

Gemini with Saggitarius…

The two of you are likely to need several suitcases and plenty of travel guides, as both of you are restless, easily bored, and eager to explore the world and the people in it. You might differ in terms of your mental approaches: airy Gemini loves information for its own sake, while fiery Sagittarius always tries to put together facts and intuitions to get a big picture.

But you have a lot in common, not least the fact that you both need an intelligent, lively, curious, and flexible partner. And you have found that in each other. Joint creative projects could provide you with many fruitful hours of excitement.

Neither of you likes to feel possessed, and both of you are able to respect each other’s need for independence as well as the occasional wish to get away and be an individual rather than a perpetual half of a couple.

The only difficulty likely to arise between you is that neither of you enjoys being tied down to attending to mundane details, and therefore both of you are likely to sometimes unconsciously leave messes for the other to clean up. Never take each other for granted in this way. Get a cleaner and a good accountant, and enjoy the journey of life together.

Gemini with Capricorn…

You are both clever, sophisticated people who don’t miss much that goes on in the world around you. Much of your attraction is based on mutual admiration and respect for abilities and talents. This could make for a strong, respectful, and enduring bond.

Airy, flexible Gemini can inspire Capricorn’s mind and world-view, opening doors to exciting new ideas, creative projects, and stimulating new contacts. Earthy, tenacious Capricorn can offer structure, support, and worldly wisdom which can anchor Gemini’s talents and generate real creative results.

Shared creative or business projects, and joint intellectual interests, can keep the fascination alive between you.

But you may both need to work hard to get over emotional inhibitions. Never let pride prevent you from expressing what you really feel, and don’t wait for the other one to initiate emotional or sexual intimacy.

Don’t overlook the importance of the affectionate gesture or the verbal declaration of love now and again. You both need it, but neither of you is comfortable if you sound too clingy or emotional. If you can manage that, you can keep each other fascinated and attracted indefinitely.

Gemini with Aquarius…

Your attraction to each other lies in a meeting of minds, however much romance or physical attraction there might be at the outset. Both of you are thinking people with a great need to communicate. You are both idealistic and need an intelligent partner, and you have probably found this in each other.

You are also both in need of a fair degree of freedom and space, through separate friends or different fields of work or varying spheres of interest. Unlike many couples you should be able to offer this breathing space to each other without too much effort.

Problems may arise because both of you tend to live in your heads, and expressing feelings openly and honestly can be difficult. Neither of you likes dramatic scenes or to feel emotionally vulnerable. Expressing physical affection may not always be easy if one or the other is feeling withdrawn or preoccupied because of emotions which haven’t come to the surface.

Practice saying what you really want and need, rather than hiding behind logic and rationalisations. If you feel neglected or hurt, say so. This is a fine combination of two air signs. Get the most from it by relating not only with your heads but also with your hearts.

Gemini with Pisces…

Because both of you are fascinated by people, you have a lot to share with each other. Your relationship is likely to be constantly shifting, changing, and expanding your world-view and your understanding of many different things.

Both of you are intelligent and thoughtful people. You are also adaptable, restless, and easily bored by routines, and this could make for a mutually rewarding bond involving adventures, travel, and challenging new creative projects.

There can be some sensitive issues, however, mainly connected with communication between you. Airy Gemini needs to communicate constantly, and doesn’t enjoy silences or the subtler forms of dialogue like inference and nuance. Watery Pisces hates being pinned down and prefers a more poetic, diffuse way of communicating ideas.

Gemini can seem emotionally cool, and Pisces can seem overly dependent – although the truth is that each of you is capable of both deep need and a craving for breathing space, depending on your mood. Try to respect each other’s different ways of sharing feelings and ideas, and you will be able to avoid misunderstandings which interfere with what could be a very stimulating bond.