Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer

Swan Nebula as Seen by New VLT Survey Telescope

For this sign I’ve chosen The Swan Nebula

This sign is: Air

You’re genuinely interested in and concerned for your fellow humans, and you have a strong need to make some kind of contribution to make the world a better place. Relating to a single individual, however – especially when it involves strong emotions – can be a bit trickier.

Aquarius is concerned with ideals, and the ideals of love and equality are among many constantly formulated in your innovative, forward-looking mind. Aquarius is also, broadly, about science and knowledge, invention and discovery. The noblest of human visions are spun from this last of the airy signs. But your ideals are often ahead of their time, and collide head-on with the reality of human nature.

Without an ideal, no progress of any kind can take place. But the anchoring of an ideal takes time, flexibility, and sensitivity to the limitations of the human heart. Despite your keen intelligence, you aren’t overly gifted in any of these things. You’re usually impatient, and want to see the ideal made flesh this minute. You’re a great lover of truth, but not, if the truth be known, very flexible. And you sometimes show astonishingly little understanding of, or patience with, the fluid depths of the human heart – most particularly your own.

You’re the true democrat of the zodiac. One of your most attractive qualities is your sense of fairness and integrity. You’ve got a finely honed conscience and a horror of being what you call “selfish”. That’s noble, but not always psychologically healthy. Regardless of your personal likes and dislikes, your dedication to your beliefs is unshakeable.

Sometimes that courageous fixity of ideals can become stubborn fanaticism, whether scientific, political or spiritual. Political correctness can only have been invented by an Aquarian, because it’s a paradigm of this sign’s noble intentions coupled with complete intolerance of individual human emotional needs and differences.

The subtleties of human relationships can pose a big problem to you, because emotional conflicts can’t be solved by logic and high ideals alone. Aquarians are often embarrassed by emotions, and find them distasteful both in themselves and in others. You’re proud and self-controlled, and displays of emotion are seen as a weakness. That doesn’t mean you’re unfeeling. Far from it. You have an immense capacity for devotion and loyalty. But in the end, logic, self-control and idealism usually win, and that can mean ruthless suppression of, or dissociation from, unpleasant emotions like jealousy, aggression, neediness and anger.

Aquarians often have a gift for analysis of the human temperament, and many reach prominence in the psychological field. Everything about human motivation is clear and obvious to your penetrating, concise mind. And there is often a wonderful capacity to understand and feel detached compassion for even the most frightful behaviour in others. This is why you can talk to all kinds of people from every walk of life, and find something interesting and worthwhile in all of them.

The trouble is, the closer the relationship, the harder it gets for you to express personal feelings. You know what you think you feel, what you think you ought to feel, what you think you should and shouldn’t feel, and what you think others think about what you think you feel…

Well, it can all get very fraught in the sphere of intimate relations. You’re capable of sacrificing your life for a loved one, yet you can forget to say, “I love you”. A partner’s need for flattery, sentimental displays of affection, and emotional and sexual reassurance may entirely elude your brilliant but often blind intellect.

Some zodiacal signs have a knack with personal relating, and others don’t. You Aquarians have more difficulty than any other sign here, because you often have so little real appreciation of the personal – including your own person. But that’s easy to remedy. Just take that marvellous, genuine love of humanity and extend it to include your own very human self.

The Aquarius Man…

The typical Aquarian man is a thinker, a dreamer, a philosopher, a scientist, a social visionary. He is the least likely person to demand that his partner play a traditional role in the relationship, and he really does strive for equality and openness. But no one is more out of touch with his own feeling nature than the Aquarian man.

He can be one of the most infuriating people you will ever meet when it comes to relationships. His coolness is infuriating – and deceptive. Remember that this sign has a lot of pride. Control of emotions is a big thing for Aquarians. No matter how much he’s suffering, he will not grant you the satisfaction of knowing it.

Another problem is that he often sees your emotional needs as demands. Aquarians are very big on the idea of freedom. This is often carried to outlandish extremes in personal relationships. Typical of this is the Aquarian man who refuses to tell you when you’ll see him again, because he doesn’t “believe” in possessiveness.

Or the Aquarian man who “believes” in open relationships, and tells you truthfully (because he “believes” in being truthful) about the three other lovers you have to compete with. Not that you asked. He doesn’t understand why you should be hurt and make a scene. It’s unreasonable. Shouldn’t we all love each other? It can make even the most tolerant person develop homicidal instincts.

You may meet the type of Aquarian man who simply refuses to discuss his feelings. Or he may tell you you’re being emotional, irrational, or downright hysterical. He’s often grossly hypocritical about all this, because when the tables are turned, he’s as capable of feeling desperate jealousy as any Scorpio. But even then, he won’t admit it to himself. He’ll just suffer in silence and go all frosty and detached.

The only way to deal with this kind of Aquarian is to out- Aquarius him. That means challenging his beliefs, so that he can find out whether he really believes in them or not. It means being a little unpredictable yourself, and claiming your fair share of all that freedom he talks about so freely.

Aquarians aren’t adaptable, and they don’t adjust easily to other people. They have their own values and ideas, and they don’t like being pushed. The Aquarian man’s reforming instinct doesn’t apply when you try to reform him. You need to develop a good deal of detachment yourself, and some source of creative life of your own if you want to make a relationship work with an Aquarian man.

This man needs a companion who can think. Of course you need to use a certain amount of intuition to work out what’s really going on beneath that rational Aquarian surface, because it’s probable that he knows very little about it himself and couldn’t tell you even if he tried. But if you want your Aquarian man to meet you halfway, you have to be able to meet him halfway too.

That means, first of all, being interested in his mental world, which is much bigger and broader than the daily ups and downs of one personal relationship. It also means learning to say clearly what you mean, rather than using indirect means to convey anger, hurt or disappointment. And it means allowing him enough breathing space. You might find that you probably need more breathing space yourself.

If you can climb up into the clear ethers and look around you, you’ll recognise that the Aquarian man can love deeply and loyally, with integrity and kindness. His intelligence and nobility of spirit can sometimes take your breath away. But the real basis of his love is incorporeal. It’s a thing of the mind and the spirit, and if you stamp all over it with screaming scenes or mundane banality, you’ve lost him – in spirit if not in body.

You’re afraid of heights? Choose another sign. You don’t have to stay airborne indefinitely. Just meet him up there from time to time, and he’ll be prepared to meet you, too, from time to time, on the earth and in the realm of the heart.

Deep, Mysterious and Fascinating

Have you ever met a man who you were completely fascinated with? You get the feeling that you have known him for years, even though you just met. Moreover,although you cannot quite put your finger on it, you know there is something very special about him that stands out. You get the feeling that no matter what he wants in life, that somehow, he will find a way to get it.

You have now met the Aquarius male. While he may appear reserved on the outside, he is a complete romantic rebel through and through. He penetrates your soul with just a single glance from his piercing eyes. Even when you cannot see him, you sense his presence. He goes about living life completely.

Fierce, Independent and Creative.

You find that, more often than not, he is underestimated by strangers and respected by friends. He is the perfect example of a peaceful warrior. He is a life scientist who understands there is total order behind all chaotic appearances in our Universe.

Being in love with him is a voyage of discovery.
He is seeking endless adventure and is willing to experiment, take risks and explore. One night in his arms and you may lose more than your clothing. You could very easily lose your inhibitions,your mind and your heart as well. So watch out.
 He loves to discover what makes you tick. He has a ridiculously sharp and intuitive understanding of women.  Don’t let his nonchalant attitude fool you. Once he discovers what you want, he is quick to deliver it on a silver platter. Unlike so many men, he seems to understand those secret places in a woman’s soul and is not afraid to nurture them. A woman more uninhibited than him.
He wants to be totally swept away by a sensual, powerful woman who is willing to experiment. Secretly, he longs to surrender.

The Aquarius Woman…

There are two kinds of Aquarian woman. Both share all the basic Aquarian qualities of strength, idealism, independence and originality of thought. One kind turns the immense self- discipline and dedication of the sign into the purely personal sphere. The other kind goes out into the world to try her muscle on changing it. Either way, this is no malleable, martyr-like creature. Her self-sacrifice is wholly self-motivated, and due to her ideals, not your wishes.

Most Aquarian women find that the sphere of home and family is simply not sufficient to exercise their intellectual abilities and interest in the welfare of the larger world. Many Aquarian women enter politics or the helping professions, applying their wide-ranging ideas and spirit of concern for others in some scientific or humanitarian venture. Because the Aquarian mind is logical as well as intuitive, understanding technology often comes easily to Aquarian women, but even in the fast-moving commercial realms of the high-tech world, this woman will always be motivated by her ideals.

Lots of Aquarian women must, at some point in their lives, become involved with a cause of some kind, even if it concerns only the welfare of the people living in their street. They are natural reformers. The message here is: don’t expect her to make you her only cause. Things can get pretty difficult if you have such expectations.

Aquarian women sometimes have as much difficulty as Aquarian men in expressing feelings. Sometimes they know perfectly well what they feel, but control it rigidly, and display a stiff- necked pride that has all the flexibility of the Great Wall of China. Sometimes their emotions are completely unconscious. The “Don’t tie me down!” syndrome is typical of Aquarians.

Because of her resentment toward traditional roles, she’s likely to be pretty experimental – in attitude if not in fact – in her sexual life. Although she may begin as a woman who is deeply and painfully embarrassed by her feelings, she’ll mature into a gifted thinker who also has a heart. Perfectionism is her secret demon, and what she sees as weakness or irrationality can mar her ideal of what a perfect human should be. No wonder it takes so long to understand her. Usually she doesn’t understand herself.

It should be obvious from all this that the Aquarian woman is not the woman to choose if you want, a) the clinging helpmeet who will adore you, sacrifice her own needs for you, and listen uncritically to everything you say, or b) the domestic servant who will faithfully focus her life on your meals, your work, your children, and your cleaning and ironing. On the other hand, for those who are genuinely able to accept this woman as an individual, she is a truly inspiring companion and loyal friend.

She can sometimes be unpredictable, withdrawn, tactless, abrupt, stubborn and aloof, but she is never boring. Best of all, you can reason with her, and discuss things reasonably – interesting things, like what motivates human beings, and why the world is in the state it’s in.

Whatever you have to complain about in the Aquarian woman – whether it’s her opinionated attitude, her inflexible dedication to abstract principles, or simply her refusal to regard you as the Most Important Thing in Life, this woman is interested and interesting. Those who are afraid of an intelligent woman should stay away.

What makes you such a sensational treat? A kind, intuitive and a free spirit and it’s all because your feelings run so deep. The truth is, we know by now, to expect anything from you. Yet you continue to surprise and fascinate us. You are a living example of female power, laced with undeniable grace. You glide through life as if you are floating on a cloud of cotton candy. Like a sunflower, your smile lights up the natural beauty of your face. You were born to give love, which means you will always be loved.
Quietly you rebel against mediocrity. You have a knack for seeing things as they really are. Opposing forces have no power over you. You have the true riches of life.You understand the importance of taking time to explore and stay connected with your loved ones.
You have had many high moments of spontaneous joy and wonder. In fact, your open nature gives you the ability to laugh during orgasm or cry during a sunset. The biggest secret of your sex appeal?
Pure sensual energy shimmers around you like fairy dust. If they named a perfume after you, they could call it “Innocence.” Why? Because you exude the purest essence of compelling innocence and sensuality of all the Sensual Zodiacs. Subtle, yet powerful,you do not have to act out in order to stand out. Patience is the password. Genuine friendship is the key that unlocks your door. With you,true love is when two friends fall in love. You like the idea of interest before intimacy. For you, sex is a very private matter and friendship is similar to foreplay. Love making is a union of body, thoughts and feelings.
You need the space to create, the freedom to feel,and the permission to let your feelings flow like liquid.
You enjoy romantic rituals that are based on mutual interest – things like cooking a gourmet meal, spending time in the Rockies, flying kites in Central Park or swimming with the dolphins. Whatever you do, you prefer to enjoy the feeling of connection before feeling comfortable enough to totally open up.

Aquarius Lover

This cerebral sign seems to be more turned on when their partner is not.  Although they may like sex, sex doesn’t seem to be as important to most Aquarians as it is to the other signs.  Cyber or phone sex can do them just fine, while leaving their partner frustrated – unless he or she happens to be an Aquarian, too.  When they do make love, it’s usually in their heads.  Fantasizing about being caught in the act (and sometimes literally being caught in the act!) is more to their liking.  If you can turn them on through physical means, it’s because you’ve located their sensitive spots which are their calves, shins and ankles.  Not very romantic, but then, neither are they, though they are generally open to suggestions.  Like Aries, they’re more practical than outwardly demonstrative. Love?  Well, they can love after a fashion.  But it’s rarely the hearts and flowers type of love that many of the other signs seem to crave.

Aquarius with Aries…

Both of you are independent souls, and both can appreciate each other’s need for change, innovation, and original thinking. Aquarius’ tolerant, broad-minded interest in human potential enhances and is enhanced by Aries’ fiery pioneering spirit.

The two of you have a rare and exciting ability to stimulate each other’s imagination and thinking. If either or both of you are involved in the arts or the helping professions, this is a wonderful combination. You are both restless souls, constantly needing new interests and contacts.

The one place where you sometimes collide is that Aries is really a solo performer, unconcerned with whether other people approve, while Aquarius likes the feeling of being liked and belonging to a larger community.

Aries’ intuition may sometimes irritate Aquarius’ logical perspective. Aquarius’ rationality can make Aries feel impatient and hemmed in. But both of you are good-hearted, generous souls and you can usually solve such conflicts with a heated discussion and an appreciation of each other’s originality.

Aquarius with Taurus…

Airy Aquarius and earthy Taurus both understand the importance of loyalty. And both of you appreciate the value of calm, rational discussion when you’re dealing with problems. Stability matters to you both, and so do order and the pleasure of living a useful life.

But sometimes Taurus’ pragmatism can be an irritant to Aquarius’ love of abstract and often unconventional ideas. And sometimes Aquarius’ need for breathing space can feel hurtful to Taurus’ longing for physical contact.

Taurus needs to give Aquarius lots of freedom and privacy, and Aquarius needs to give Taurus more overt demonstrations of affection – physical as well as through little gestures.

You can learn a lot from each other, and you could build a solid, enduring bond which has the best of both affection and friendship. But you’ll have to make an effort, from time to time, to understand each other’s very different world- view.

For Taurus, responses in a relationship are instinctive and natural. For Aquarius, an ideals and a sharply defined ethical code preclude instinctive behaviour. If you can both respect these differences, you could have a wonderful future together.

Aquarius with Gemini…

Your attraction to each other lies in a meeting of minds, however much romance or physical attraction there might be at the outset. Both of you are thinking people with a great need to communicate. You are both idealistic and need an intelligent partner, and you have probably found this in each other.

You are also both in need of a fair degree of freedom and space, through separate friends or different fields of work or varying spheres of interest. Unlike many couples you should be able to offer this breathing space to each other without too much effort.

Problems may arise because both of you tend to live in your heads, and expressing feelings openly and honestly can be difficult. Neither of you likes dramatic scenes or to feel emotionally vulnerable. Expressing physical affection may not always be easy if one or the other is feeling withdrawn or preoccupied because of emotions which haven’t come to the surface.

Practice saying what you really want and need, rather than hiding behind logic and rationalisations. If you feel neglected or hurt, say so. This is a fine combination of two air signs. Get the most from it by relating not only with your heads but also with your hearts.

Aquarius with Cancer…

The two of you are so wildly different that you are bound to be fascinated with each other. Airy Aquarius needs space and a feeling of independence within a relationship.

Watery Cancer needs closeness and a feeling of being needed. Cancer can offer Aquarius warmth and affection which don’t need explanations. Aquarius can offer Cancer new ideas and an awareness of a much bigger world to explore.

Articulating things logically can help Cancer to maintain emotional balance, and trusting instincts can help Aquarius feel more in touch with deeper feelings.

But Cancer can easily feel hurt by Aquarius’ detachment, while Aquarius can easily feel claustrophobic in the face of Cancer’s emotional needs. Cancer needs to learn to willingly give breathing space, and Aquarius needs to learn to express feelings more honestly.

Be careful of misinterpreting each other because your communication styles are so different. Aquarius wants rational explanations, while Cancer tends to communicate subtly and indirectly. If you make the effort to understand each other’s language, you have a lot to give to each other. And provided you respect your differences, you can each help the other to become more whole.

Aquarius with Leo…

Opposite in your priorities in life but similar in your strength, pride, and capability of loyalty, the two of you make a powerful pair. Airy Aquarius has eyes on the future and on the bigger picture, and is concerned with the welfare of the larger group. Fiery Leo is self-expressive, and is more concerned with individual creative achievement.

Aquarius can help Leo to be more conscious of the wider world and the need for objectivity, while Leo can help Aquarius to give more time to self-development and relax enough to enjoy life rather than analysing it all the time.

But try not to become stubborn when you disagree. You are both capable of creating the kind of stalemates which make quarrels go on endlessly because neither of you will give ground or accept a point of view other than your own.

Leo is a romantic at heart and can be easily offended by Aquarius’ detachment. Aquarius is a rationalist at heart and can be easily irritated by Leo’s demands for attention.

Make a special effort to understand each other’s emotional needs, and be open about your own. Temper tantrums and stony refusals to engage are not helpful ways of resolving a quarrel.

Aquarius with Virgo…

Both of you are reasonable, civilised people who dislike chaos. There is a great deal of mutual respect for each other’s intelligence and desire to understand life and people. Shared ideals and work projects can help to bring out the most creative elements in both of you. Airy Aquarius can help earthy Virgo to find a broader intellectual perspective, and Virgo can help Aquarius to ground ideals in solid practical efforts.

You both have a strong sense of responsibility and also a strong need for privacy and breathing space. You are also self-sufficient people, capable of getting on with things without needing constant emotional reassurance.

And you have difficulty in expressing deeper emotional needs. As you are both natural communicators, learn to communicate about your feelings. Detachment is a desirable quality but it can kill passion. Neither of you likes sentimental gestures, and both can feel distinctly uncomfortable with emotional excess.

Yet deep down you are both human and long to have your innermost heart understood. The clarity and sense of ethics you both bring to the relationship needs to give way, occasionally, to expressions of ordinary human emotional need.

Aquarius with Libra…

Both of you are creatures of the air, and both love the cool and civilised interaction. Even when the relationship is going through its most heated moments, there is a kind of detachment in both of you which allows you to remember basic behaviour requirements such as fairness and rational communication.

Aquarius loves understanding, especially other people, and can offer Libra insights into human behaviour as well as respect and tolerance for many different points of view. Libra loves harmony and beauty, and can offer Aquarius a refined, aesthetically sensitive mind as well as an intelligent interest in ideas.

Neither of you is especially good at open emotional confrontation, however, and this can mean that, in your efforts to be civilised and rational, you are not always honest with each other – or yourselves -about difficulties between you.

Try to learn to bear each other’s more intense feelings, particularly anger, because it is important that you can share emotions as well as thoughts. Otherwise the passion may wane and the two of you may wind up with a polite, stylised, formal but arid interchange. Learn to express ordinary human feelings. They are neither “bad” nor “irrational”.

Aquarius with Scorpio…

Yours is an attraction of profound opposites. Airy Aquarius loves rational discussion and civilised behaviour rather than instinctive reactions. Watery Scorpio loves intense encounters and the expression of emotional needs. Scorpio can help Aquarius to learn to express feelings more openly, and Aquarius can help Scorpio to respect boundaries.

You are both drawn to each other’s integrity, for both of you believe in things strongly and stand by what you believe. You can be deeply loyal and fiercely individualistic. Both of you are fascinated by human behaviour, and you love analysing each other as well as everyone else.

The challenge is trying not to fall into the “Why are you so unreasonable?” and “Why are you so unfeeling?” trap. Neither of you is either unreasonable or unfeeling. But Aquarius may need to learn that Scorpionic feelings have their own profound logic, and Scorpio may need to learn that Aquarius can love deeply without doing the last act of Romeo and Juliet all the time.

Scorpio’s intensity can be read as possessiveness by Aquarius, and Aquarius’ need for breathing space can be read as coldness by Scorpio. Try to respect each other’s differences, and learn to bend a bit.

Aquarius with Saggitarius…

You are both restless, independent spirits. You both understand the need for breathing space, and can offer not only love but also deep friendship with its inherent respect for privacy. You also both need an intelligent partner who can engage in thoughtful discussion, and neither of you likes to stay submerged in emotional depths for too long.

Shared ideals, spiritual concerns, or humanitarian involvements can help build a solid foundation to the relationship, for both of you are interested in a bigger world. Plenty of travel and openness to meeting new people and intellectual interests will keep the fascination alive.

You may sometimes get into heated debates because you both love discussion. But fiery Sagittarius perceives truth intuitively, while airy Aquarius needs logic to support ideas. Despite your occasional stormy verbal exchanges, you have the capacity to respect each other as individuals.

Sagittarius wants a lot of attention, although not of the clingy kind, while Aquarius tends to be rather abstracted and not always sensitive to emotional needs. But here too you can reach a mutual understanding, knowing that the world is bigger than one human relationship.

Aquarius with Capricorn…

You are both strong, self-sufficient people with a great capacity to respect the strength in each other. You have a lot in common, and also a lot to offer each other. You share a need for privacy, a desire for some structure in your life, and a preference for careful, rational discussion rather than heated emotional exchanges.

You also both appreciate the importance of loyalty, mutual support, and friendship. Earthy Capricorn can help ground Aquarius’ innovative ideas, while airy Aquarius can help expand Capricorn’s thinking and open new doors to new ideas and contacts.

It is in the emotional sphere that you may both need to pay attention. Neither of you likes to engage in direct confrontation about emotional difficulties. At best this means you can always manage a civilised conversation. At worst it means you both try to suppress uncomfortable emotions, which can lead to resentment buried under a surface of chilly distance.

Both of you are more sensitive than you seem. Try to be honest, with yourselves and each other, about what you really feel and need from each other. Dependency is not a naughty word, and it would do both of you some good to admit that you need each other.

Aquarius and Aquarius…

However much passion sparks off your relationship, it is really, deep down, a bond between best friends. Airy Aquarius understands that all emotions change over time, but that true respect, shared ideals, and good communication outlast the most flamboyant sexual attraction.

Both of you need a lot of breathing space in relationship, and can recognise this need in each other. Both of you also know the “rules” of fairness which are preserved even if you are angry with each other. Neither of you likes steamy emotional scenes, and both of you hate any whiff of manipulation or emotional blackmail.

The only problem is that, since you both have certain inhibitions around emotional expression, you may wait for the other to be first to offer the declaration of love or the contrite apology. And you might wait a long time, because you are both proud as well as emotionally self- contained.

You are both independent, unsentimental creatures with a clear view of life. But you are also both human and need, occasionally, to be fussed over. Try to make these gestures without “bargaining”, and don’t expect the other to be the one who thaws the chilly atmosphere. You will have to do it yourself when you feel it.

Aquarius and Pisces…

The two of you share a universal vision and a deep desire to contribute something to the welfare of humanity, even if you are very different people with very different perceptions of what constitutes reality. This shared idealism is a powerful attraction between you, combining the respect of a deep friendship with empathy and compassion.

Airy Aquarius loves reason, rationality, and a civilised approach to life and to relationship. Watery Pisces loves the depths, flights of imagination, and a fluid approach to life and relationships. Aquarius wants to discuss; Pisces wants to feel and intuit.

You may encounter problems in the sphere of communication, for you are prone to misunderstanding each other. Aquarius can easily feel swamped by Piscean feelings, especially if they involve verbal evasion or unspoken emotional manipulation. Pisces can easily feel shut out by Aquarian detachment, especially if it is chilled by criticism of Piscean emotional needs.

You both need to make a big effort to understand the language of the other’s realm. Yet your shared intellectual, humanitarian, or spiritual interests can help to offset the occasional but inevitable polarisation between mind and heart.