Aries is the sign of the Ram

Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud

For this sign I’ve chosen The Tarantula Nebula

This sign is: Fire

You need a cause, a mission, a battle in which you can trounce the enemy. The slightest whiff of a challenge and out comes that old suit of armour, kept clean and polished in case of emergency. Passionate conviction, courage, bravery, vision, a touch of fanaticism – all these things belong to the Aries soul. You just don’t feel right unless there’s an underdog to champion. If the world ever enters a truly utopian society, every Aries will be in a sorry state, because you live and breathe for the great battle.

Aries is a fire sign, and all fire signs tend to mythologise life and themselves. Does it sound a little fast, furious and theatrical for ordinary day-to-day living? Well, you don’t really believe in “ordinary life” anyway. Admittedly, there are some rather sad Aries people wandering about who have lost their fighting spirit.

This is usually because early experiences have made them frightened of the power – and consequences – of their fiercely competitive spirit. Every Aries has to learn to cope with other people’s protests. What, compromise? You? Give up the chase? Never. Abandon the new idea, the new project just because someone else doesn’t like it? Don’t be silly.

It’s not that you’re unsophisticated. Some of the most polished, intellectually adroit people are born under Aries. But deep in your soul, the great medieval romantic sagas aren’t over. For Aries, love means princesses rescuing the poor and disadvantaged. And noble princesses don’t love meanly or half-heartedly. Sometimes, however, you love the shining ideal more than the actual person.

For you, half the joy of love is the pursuit. It might be said that, for many Ariens, love IS the pursuit, rather than the “and they lived happily ever after” part. Once that trophy is hanging on the wall, it starts looking a little unexciting. Some Ariens follow this pattern all their lives, in their relationships and in their work. It’s what you can’t have that’s so, maddeningly desirable.

Of course you’re capable of loyalty and a constant relationship. It’s just that you get a little fidgety if the relationship never provides any mystery, challenge or conflict. And despite your rather insistent, I’m-right-and- that’s-that attitude, you’re much more likely to stick with a partner who can’t be dominated.

You generally behave with honour toward friends and enemies alike. You can be generous and loyal, and you’ll rarely stoop to pettiness. You can antagonise people because you can be rash and impulsive and, occasionally, stunningly insensitive. If you’re really showing your fiery colours, you can also make other people envious, because you’re just a bit larger than life.

You can be very, very impatient. And you don’t suffer fools gladly. In fact you don’t suffer gladly at all, unless it’s noble suffering in the name of a cause. Like all the fire signs, you’re a romantic at heart. The more prosaic aspects of love aren’t very inspiring, and when things begin to lapse into routine, you start to yawn. You’re capable of profound thought and considerable tenderness, but without warning you’ll be leaping to your feet to stir up another crusade.

If you can’t find a crisis, you’ll create one. And you can be mischievous, too, goading smug people and staid situations until the whole thing bursts into a conflagration. Naturally you’re out the door first, so you never get burned – well, almost never. Of course you need a steady, sensible partner, but even more, you need one who has an independent life and independent interests. In other words, a partner who refuses to be taken for granted. Mystery and challenge will always keep the heart fires burning.

The Aries Man…

The Aries man has a brave and noble heart. He can also be insufferably patronising. You may have to hit him with a brick to remind him that his interference may not be welcome, and you have to virtually turn him inside out to get him to understand that you can protect yourself. The Aries man often feels obliged to keep up a heroic image even when he doesn’t feel very confident.

Knights in Shining Armour get tired too, and hurt and frightened, but you’re much more likely to see crankiness and bad temper than a show of real vulnerability. The Aries man often pushes himself beyond his limits trying so hard to be the Ideal Male. It helps a lot if he can relax and recognise that he’s human too. But Aries has difficulty acknowledging his humanity, because he’s so caught up in the world of myth.

He can alternate between breathtakingly poetic gestures of generosity and some pretty crude insensitivity and trampling of others’ feelings. When he’s in verbal battering mode, he doesn’t realise how badly his words can wound. When he’s on his hobby-horse, he expects you to believe so totally in what he’s doing that you’re expected to abandon your own goals and follow him on crusade. But if you believe in his dreams, he’s an unflinching friend and will defend you and protect you with utter selflessness.

You may sometimes get the queer feeling that he worships and adores some vague glimmering figure just behind your left shoulder. When you try to tell him you’re just an ordinary human, he often can’t accept it. Aries men are prone to idealise their loved ones. It’s hard to bring him down to earth enough to let your real personality emerge. And sometimes – if he’s an extreme fiery type – your real personality, however lovable, is just too human, and it can send him off on the next quest.

It’s easier to be in love with an ideal image than a real individual, because that means he has to compromise and adjust. Aries is not very good at the art of adjustment. There’s certainly no lack of passion in the Aries man, and no lack of romance either. This isn’t a once-a-week-on- Saturday-night man. Aries men can be Don Juans, but they aren’t quotidian lovers. But you have to appreciate his romantic soul.

Too much realism kills his fire, and too much routine crushes his spirit. Hide the dirty laundry, get someone else to fix the leaky tap, and let him sweep you off your feet. The sweeping may be basic and physical, or subtle and intellectual. He may also try to change you, re-create you, fill you with his ideas and his visions. This can be very annoying. If you’re secure in yourself and don’t need to prove your point, it can be inspiring, exciting, and still annoying.

The truth is that the Aries man is very vulnerable when it comes to matters of love. Because he’s so idealistic and often childlike, he can be disillusioned and bruised with incredible ease, and that makes him try to protect himself by being a little heavy-handed, or by keeping you unsure of his constancy.

Aries men are very good at making their partners jealous, because even if they’re physically faithful, that dream of the ideal love keeps changing and alighting on every new attractive face. But the Aries man has a truly superb quality which you should remember every time he infuriates you by stomping all over your feelings. He loves change, and that includes changing himself.

Although capable of arrogance, petulance and downright bloody-mindedness, he’s never complacent. This means that, if he can understand that a relationship is a thing which grows and changes and needs insight and attention, he’ll happily make that his cause. And then you get all the benefits of the best and noblest and most inspiring side of the Knight in Shining Armour. And they are badly needed these days.

Who is the Aries man?

Do you see that masculine guy standing apart in the crowd?  That’s right.  He’s the guy with that unmistakable sense of self-confidence that surrounds him like a magnetic force. He’s the one that gives off the aura of raw sexual magnetism.He’s a highly motivated compelling leader who talks fast and moves even faster. This flirtatious and mischievous rebel is totally against mediocrity. He’s wild at heart, untamed in life. This sensual ram is an intensely sexual man.
Unmatched as a lover, the Aries man finds himself sitting comfortably atop the food chain of sexual victors among his male counterparts. He has an aura of power that women find irresistible.
He is one of the most masterful men you have ever known. He knows how to playyour body like Beethoven plays a piano. One expert kiss from his lips and youmelt like ice under the hot summer sun. Watch out. As a lover, he’s the ultimate sexual explorer.
He’ll take you as far sexually as you’ll let him. And then a milefurther after that.  And as unpredictable as this man can be, deep down, beneaththe turbulent surface waters, he’s a wide-hearted man with expansive emotionsand powerful feeling

The Aries Woman…

The Aries woman needs a crusade. She craves challenge, a cause to follow, a goal to reach, and constant new projects which excite and inspire her. She needs to know she’s doing something to promote change and progress, on however small a level.

Aries women are natural executives and leaders, because their strength, courage, directness, conviction and originality give them both personal charisma and authority. They are action people, mentally, physically or both. You can’t expect them to sit quietly at work taking abuse from the boss (there can only be one boss in Aries’ world, and guess who that is), or standing over the oven waiting for the bread to bake.

It isn’t easy to be an Aries woman in a conventional world of stereotyped sexual roles. The attitudes which prevailed a century ago haven’t changed all that much yet, whatever you might think. The world is only just beginning to accommodate the clear fire of the Aries woman, and it was probably mainly Aries women who protested loudly and persistently enough to get the laws changed which now allow greater opportunities for women to express their creative power in the outer world.

This woman is not pliable, submissive or patiently forgiving. She won’t smile sweetly when you behave insufferably. She is more likely to debate, argue, shout, throw a tantrum, storm out of the house, start an affair on the side just to punish you (and they’ll make sure you know about it, too), or put her own career first.

She isn’t going to give you constant cosseting and fussing, so don’t expect to have your every need telepathically understood. If you’ve found a pliable, sweet-tempered Aries, watch out…. she’s repressed all that fire and one day it will burst out and burn you both. Ruled by Mars, her creative energy needs lots of different arenas, including the cut- and-thrust of the outer world.

Even if she’s married, the Aries woman prefers playing the mistress to playing the wife. That’s because she needs romance and challenge in her relationships. She can be ferociously independent, and that can attract her to a partner she can dominate. And then, of course, she’ll get bored. She’s liable to see you not only as a challenge, but as a fellow contestant. A lot of the time she really can do things better and faster than you can, and her natural wilfulness can be pretty bruising if you’ve got a fragile ego.

She may also try to change you. If she hasn’t got a cause to fight for, she may make you her cause, and start remodelling your clothes, your hairstyle, your ideas, your choice of friends, your goals and your beliefs. For heaven’s sake, fight back! Don’t try to pacify her by agreeing or negotiating. And just ignoring her and going your own way won’t work either.

The Aries woman needs a good clean fight to clear the air and get her perspective back, and she respects an honest opponent who can meet her own honesty directly. Fighting is often her way of generating some heat in a relationship, too, if the passion has begun to wane. But don’t play power games or employ manipulative tactics.

She can’t cope with sly inferences, dark undercurrents and subtle emotional pressures. She’s defenceless against the veiled barb, and you’ll undermine her confidence and crush her dreams if you try to control her with constant criticism, carping and denigration.

This woman is noble in spirit, and deserves nobility in return. She can be challenging to live with, but she’s capable of tremendous heartfelt commitment and loyalty. She’ll fight for those she loves, devote herself to them, work for them, believe in them, and inspire them. If you have an eggshell ego or a power problem, stay away from the Aries woman. But then you’d be missing an exciting, invigourating, generous, fiery spirit who merits not just affection but the deepest respect.

Dynamic, Dazzling and Daring

You are unquestionably one of the most exciting women in the  Zodiac. If they ever name a fragrance after you, a great name would be “Fire and Ice” because there’s nothing in between about you. You’re either burning red hot or ice cold.
Here’s something we are all curious to know:  where in the world do you get all that get up and go? It’s amazing to watch how easily you multi-task. You have a gift for juggling five or six things at once without breaking a sweat. Your vibrant positive energy makes being in your presence as warm as being surrounded by the radiant rays of the sun.
A kind heart with a huge appetite for love…
Your sensual nature comes as easy to you as sleep. Passion is part of your essential make-up. For you, life without romance is dismal. When you’re not in love, you feel like a tree without leaves: bare, naked and incomplete. But when you are in love, you ooze sensuality.

Aries Lover

Aries can be spontaneous and prone to becoming bored easily or not finishing what they start.  Like Scorpio, this sign is fascinated by their partner’s sexual organs, yet is more aroused when they’re having their heads rubbed.  Go figure.  Their desires are strong, but not always consistent.  Innocence, virginity and purity are a big turn on for them, in fact, it titillates them endlessly.

They are warriors in and out of the bedroom and tend to think of their partners more as conquests, rather than lovers.  Although they love, their practicality makes it difficult for them to love for love’s sake.  Love, for Arians, should be functional, utilitarian, for-a-reason and with a purpose.

Their first thought when considering a love match is: “What can this person do for me?”  “How can I benefit?”  It’s not that Aries is superficial, they just know what they want and aren’t willing to let something as frivolous as love stand in their way.  After all, they’re out to win!

Aries with Aries…

Fire combined with fire creates more fire, and this is a hot and combustible combination. Both of you are pioneers, courageously determined to have your own way and certain of the rightness of your vision. If you share the vision, you’re an unbeatable team, guaranteed to generate an exciting lifestyle and a constantly changing range of creative ventures.

And the passion is likely to keep re-igniting too, even if it takes a few dramatic scenes to make this happen. If you disagree, you may have to take time away from each other to cool the temperature. Neither of you shirks from open combat and neither likes to be bullied or controlled. You can be rivals as well as lovers, open enemies as well as passionate friends.

Whatever you do together, you are unlikely to be bored. Find a goal or creative project which you can share. This will bring the best out of you both. Or make sure you each have an independent sphere of work where you can both achieve success without getting in each other’s way. Each of you needs someone with courage, vision, and an unwillingness to let the world stay as imperfect as it is. And you’ve certainly found that someone in each other.

Aries with Taurus…

The fiery heart of Aries can warm and inspire Taurus’ stolid, cautious approach to life. The stability and calmness of Taurus can contain and calm Aries’ restless spirit and sometimes over-the-top dreams. This could be a wonderful combination because each sign possesses strengths the other one lacks.

But beware of polarising in obstinately opposing “camps”. Although Aries can enjoy and feel nourished by Taurus’ serenity and pragmatism, Ariens can easily feel suffocated or bored if life gets set in unchanging routines. And Taureans can easily feel anxious and threatened by Aries’ constant quest for change and challenge.

Try not to push each other into extremes. Appreciate and value your differences, rather than criticising or trying to remodel each other. With an understanding of the very different world-views you perceive, you could each help each other to become more whole.

Aries with Gemini…

Aries’ fiery imagination and courage, combined with Gemini’s airy endless curiosity about people and life, can create a sparkling relationship. It is always stimulating, never boring, and constantly changing as life brings new adventures. As individuals you both need a lot of challenge from a partner.

This combination can offer it in the most pleasant way without serious conflicts of values. Gemini’s lively mind and Aries’ need to find causes to champion could make a wonderful contribution to any joint creative, business or intellectual venture. At heart you both love the fun of the journey as much if not more than the arrival.

Both of you may need to make a special effort to attend to the practical demands of life – something which is not a high priority for either of you. Try not to expect your partner to deal with the mundane tasks while you concern yourself with more “important” matters.

Neither Aries nor Gemini likes to be bored or stuck in routines. Accept the adventurous spirit in each other, take responsibility for dealing with your own chaos, and pack your rucksacks for the next journey.

Aries with Cancer…

Aries is a fire sign and Cancer a water sign, and together they can make a pretty steamy atmosphere in the best and worst senses of the word. You’re both romantic and imaginative, and together the two of you can weave the most glorious dreams and conjure the most magical emotional landscapes.

Cancer’s sensitivity and tact can give gentle support to Aries’ constantly changing plans. Aries’ courage and confidence can make all those Cancerian worries vanish – at least for a while.

But conflicts are bound to arise at times because both signs like to have their own way. This works fine if there is agreement about the way. But if there is a difference in objectives, Aries can bruise Cancer’s sensitivity with a pushy, impatient kind of directness. On the other hand, Cancer can depress Aries with moods, emotional atmospheres and a refusal to engage in honest discussion.

Try to respect each other’s goals even if they are different, and learn to find a balance between aggressive confrontation and tearful martyrdom. With tolerance and tenderness, you could help each other to make those romantic dreams real.

Aries with Leo…

Aries and Leo are both fire signs, and both of you love to play the protagonist in a grand drama which makes life seem brighter, bigger and more colourful. At heart you are both childlike, generous, a bit self-centred. You are always looking for adventure, new outlets for your creative imagination, and unending romance.

This can be a wonderful combination because you can fuel each other’s creativity and inject excitement into each other’s lives. You remain eternally optimistic as you pursue the great adventure of life together.

Neither of you likes to get bogged down in mundane routines, so don’t expect this of each other. The fiery partner who can share your dreams is also one who doesn’t enjoy doing the washing up any more than you do. Learn to live with a chaotic environment, or else learn to share irritating tasks equally.

Expecting your partner to play housekeeper while you indulge in your sense of specialness will only generate resentment. But if you can both live life true to your romantic spirits, and encourage each other’s talents and aspirations, you can help each other to make even the grandest of dreams come true.

Aries with Virgo…

There is an on-again, off-again quality to this combination. It can blow hot and cold and change like the weather, because it is an attraction of two very different creatures. Aries’ enthusiasm, courage, and impulsiveness are fascinating but sometimes off-putting to self-contained, controlled Virgo.

On the other hand, Virgo’s self-sufficiency, subtlety, and careful commitment to excellence are fascinating but sometimes irritating to restless Aries. Virgo is earthy and warmed by Aries’ fiery confidence in the future, while Aries can learn respect for time, order, and limits through Virgo’s common-sense realism and patience.

Beware of polarising, because, on a bad day, your differences can push you into extremes and generate quarrels. Aries can feel stifled and depressed by Virgo’s critical and over-cautious attitude. And Virgo can feel stressed out and bullied by Aries’ impatience and imperviousness to worldly and emotional limits.

Respect each other’s strengths and listen to each other without trying to change each other. You each need what the other has to offer in order to make bright dreams real and an exciting future viable in the mundane world.

Aries with Libra…

Challenge, change, and passionate ideals keep both of you fascinated by each other. Aries’ initiative and impulsiveness are nicely balanced by Libra’s calm rationality and sensitivity to others’ rights and needs.

Both of you are strong in your different ways, and have certain goals and ideals which you will not abandon – although Libra is more diplomatic about saying so. Both of you are restless spirits who need change and the sense that you are progressing with your lives. You are also both idealists and want to know that you are each doing your bit to help make the world better.

But your different approaches may sometimes strike sparks. Aries is fiery and “knows” intuitively when something is right, while Libra is airy and thinks things through in a logical way, taking others’ opinions into account before reaching a decision.

This point of conflict is also a point of compatibility. Each of you needs the qualities the other provides. As long as you both have goals you can pursue individually as well as together, you can inspire each other to fulfil your individual potentials. Just try to avoid getting stuck in routines which bore you both.

Aries with Scorpio…

Passion and power are likely to be big themes with this combination, and combustible Aries is a match for deep, sultry Scorpio in energy, sexual magnetism, and imaginative gifts.

Both of you love a challenge and a bit of conflict in order to keep the fires of romance alive, and both of you can lose interest in a partner who is too accommodating or practically minded. You may have some good, heated arguments, as neither of you is afraid of confrontation. Both of you crave drama and good, old-fashioned theatrical scenes from time to time.

Be careful of playing too many power games with each other. Both of you are fiercely proud and independent, and neither of you will tolerate the other’s efforts to control you. And it’s pretty likely that both of you will try. The methods may be different – Aries is open and direct, while Scorpio is subtle and secretive – but you are really testing each other’s will.

Neither of you can respect a partner you can dominate. Make sure the battles don’t become hurtful or destructive. Then you can keep the passion, excitement and creative stimulation alive indefinitely, even in a settled lifelong partnership.

Aries with Saggitarius…

All the world’s a stage for the two of you. No signs of the zodiac appreciate grand drama as much as fiery Aries and fiery Sagittarius. You are both idealists and romantics, and together you know how to rule the world and transform society. Occasionally competitive but mostly generous toward each other, you can inspire each other’s imagination and support each other’s creative talents.

Sagittarius’ vision of the bigger picture helps to make Aries’ self-righteous crusading more tolerant. Aries’ focused energy helps to point too-versatile Sagittarius toward defined goals.

Both of you are easily bored and need the stimulus of new contacts, new projects, and new environments. Neither of you is especially in love with doing the washing-up, and together you could seriously neglect mundane responsibilities. Try to work out some kind of system by which such work is equally apportioned, and don’t expect the other person to do the cleaning up after you.

The two of you tend to barrel ahead and hope someone else will tend to the boring details. Respect the importance of each other’s creativity and either share the mundane tasks or get a competent housekeeper or business manager.

Aries with Capricorn…

The two of you are rather like the proverbial irresistible force meeting the immovable object. And that doesn’t mean that one of you always plays the irresistible force, either. You tend to change places all the time. Both of you can be determined and certain of your rightness and the validity of your viewpoint.

Yet this could be a wonderful combination because Aries’ enthusiasm and willingness to take risks is nicely balanced by Capricorn’s realism and caution. Aries is a crusader into new territory; Capricorn is always conscious of the limits created by the society in which both of you live.

The problem is that, while both of you have plenty of initiative and courage to make things happen, your world- views are different. Aries is fiery, and reality lies in a vision of potentials and a faith in the future. Capricorn is earthy, and reality lies in what can be achieved on the practical level here and now, according to the existing conditions in the world.

If you can stop battling and start appreciating each other’s truth and value, together you could move mountains and change the world.

Aries with Aquarius…

Both of you are independent souls, and both can appreciate each other’s need for change, innovation, and original thinking. Aries’ fiery pioneering spirit enhances and is enhanced by Aquarius’ tolerant, broad-minded interest in human potential.

The two of you have a rare and exciting ability to stimulate each other’s imagination and thinking. If either or both of you are involved in the arts or the helping professions, this is a wonderful combination. You are both restless souls, constantly needing new interests and contacts.

The one place where you sometimes collide is that Aries is really a solo performer, unconcerned with whether other people approve, while Aquarius likes the feeling of being liked and belonging to a larger community.

Aries’ intuition may sometimes irritate Aquarius’ logical perspective. Aquarius’ rationality can make Aries feel impatient and hemmed in. But both of you are good-hearted, generous souls and you can usually solve such conflicts with a heated discussion and an appreciation of each other’s originality.

Aries with Pisces…

Pisces’ watery vulnerability brings out all the fiercest protective instincts in Aries. And Aries’ pioneering spirit brings out Pisces’ most compassionate and devotional side. Both of you are romantics and both appreciate the importance of intuition and the non-rational side of life.

Aries wants a cause to champion, and Pisces’ gentleness can provide it. Pisces needs someone heroic to adore, and Aries’ courage can provide it. Pisces’ inclination to retreat into the inner world is nicely balanced by Aries’ energy and go- getting approach in the outer world.

This combination could work incredibly well because each of you has what the other needs. Aries needs Pisces’ awareness of human frailty in order to avoid impatience and insensitivity. Pisces needs the courage and confidence of Aries in order to avoid feeling victimised by life.

As long as the two of you can avoid playing the “insensitive bully versus vulnerable martyr” act, together you have the ability to enhance each other’s creative potential as well as the gift of keeping romantic feelings alive indefinitely.