Capricorn is the sign of the Goat

Running Chicken Nebula

For this sign I’ve chosen The Running Chicken Nebula

This sign is: Earth

People who think that Capricorn can be summed up by mundane ambition are sadly mistaken. Hardworking, cautious, shrewd, ambitious, you are also, in your secret heart, a kind of magician, a seeker after mysteries. To manipulate and organise the stuff of the world is no mean feat, and takes more than just ordinary garden-variety patience. Whichever realm you achieve it in, inner or outer, you apply the same principles to it, and those principles can be summed up in one word: mastery.

It isn’t easy to get to know Capricorns. Many Capricorns have to carry responsibility or hardship early in life, and you learned long ago not to complain. You probably learned by the tender age of three that you let the other guy show his cards first, and always keep an ace or two up your own sleeve. Suspicious? Yes, one might say that. Sometimes the suspicion gets too extreme, and becomes a profound mistrust of life and people. But the positive side is caution and realism. You, more than any other sign, know that there are no free lunches.

Everything to you is a kind of deal, even when your motives are genuinely noble and altruistic. The keynote of all earth signs is realism, and Capricorn is, par excellence, the sign of the ulterior motive. It’s also a sign of immense subtlety. No one ever really knows your motives, and you rarely do anything without a purpose. All that canny waiting and assessing, hard work and sacrifice, are always directed toward an end. For a while you may play the humble servant who has no ambitions, while you wait and assess and plan – although that role doesn’t suit you well at all.

Capricorns like having authority, and often spend a lot of time in youth kicking against authority while they work out how to find their own. There’s no time for wasted time, no space for useless leisure and play. The Capricorn wit is often ironic, full of a sense of life’s incongruities. That’s part of your underplayed charm. But life, for you, is a serious business, and survival means mastery. To Capricorn, the world isn’t a friendly, bountiful place. You take nothing for granted, least of all luck.

Your goals give your life a sense of meaning, and achievement may count more than romance. Passionate, impulsive flings are all very well, but they aren’t very permanent, and they don’t put a roof over your head. All that realism can lead to a deep sense of isolation and aloneness. It can also lead to a craving for power, and that can be one of your biggest difficulties in relationship: you find it immensely difficult to relinquish control.

Capricorn isn’t a great gambler in the sphere of the passions, and being a fool for love isn’t your idea of fun. Yet once you feel secure, the deeper, more tender and more profound side of your nature is likely to emerge. Capricorn, far from being a ruthless materialist (except out of necessity), is a reflective and often deeply introverted soul. This sign is what is known as a “late bloomer”. That means you do all the hard bits first, and the freedom and joy come later.

In your heart you’re a builder, and often a selfless one, building for others with your immense skills and power of will. Beneath the sometimes overly conventional garb is the potential for a profound, rich wisdom based, not on abstract theories and philosophies, but on real experience.

The Capricorn Man…

Meet this man while he’s still in his twenties and you won’t see the real Capricorn. When young he may seem unsettled and unsure of his direction. Or he’ll appear to have given up and saddled himself with an unpromising future in some job he dislikes. But stick with him, or meet him later, and you’ll see the Goat in true form. He’ll always have a goal he’s working toward, and his way of showing love is to share that goal with you. And his expectations in love are that you do everything in your power to help him achieve his goal.

Capricorn men tend, on the whole, to belong to a more traditional school. Once again, you might not see this in the early part of his life. But because of his emotional complexity and inhibitions, and because security means a lot to him, he’ll usually look for a stable, solid relationship which can give structure to his personal life. Some Capricorn men want very badly to have sons. They have a strong sense of what masculine dignity and pride are about. If you want a Capricorn man to consider your opinions, you need to be a diplomat. He respects diplomacy as well as strength. What he doesn’t like is rebellion.

You’ll often see a fatherly quality in the Capricorn man. He can be wonderfully protective and supportive, and is usually the kind of man who, when he says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” really does. He can be a pillar of strength and a source of wisdom and help. The problem is that you may only get all these goodies if you’re prepared to be helpless and in need of support.

Many Capricorn men dislike capable partners because it takes away their need to be the strong figure in a relationship. Sometimes you see this reversed, however. The Capricorn man who hasn’t come to terms with his need for structure and authority may behave like an adolescent still rebelling against his father.

Then he may look for paternal qualities in a partner, letting his loved one make all the important decisions. But usually these Capricorns have been badly hurt in childhood, and want to stay children. More often, the Capricorn man is usually only too happy to play the strong, capable role. It’s just sometimes hard for him to share it.

His career naturally comes first. That means that if his firm moves him from London to Middle Wallop, you smile cheerfully and learn to like Middle Wallop. If you have ambitions of your own, you’re expected to adjust them to his. Either you accept this with grace and joy, or you assert your independence and maintain a relationship with your Capricorn that isn’t very close. That usually means a sexual relationship without any commitment. He’s not going to commit himself unless he knows that you’re prepared to commit yourself to both him and his goals.

This man may be the perfect partner for some, and a walking disaster for others. It depends on your own needs and nature. You can’t dominate a Capricorn man, except by the most devious emotional blackmail – and he’ll always spot that in the end and despise you for it. You can’t make yourself more important to him than his inner convictions and commitments.

The Capricorn man usually knows what he wants. If it’s you, he’ll be pretty tenacious about getting you to surrender, and he rarely deviates once he’s decided. You can either love and respect him, or leave him alone. It’s almost impossible to change a Capricorn man, since his business in life is to change both himself and the world. And nobody can do it for him.

Who’s the Sensual Capricorn man?

He is strong and quiet. He is moody and passionate. He is the ultimate contradiction. When you meet him during the day, you are most likely to see his serious side. That is the part of him that must be practical, powerful and totally in control. When you meet him at night you will probably run into another side of his personality altogether. That is the tender sweet mischievous lover, who loves to have a good time – and a side of him you want to experience.
He is a self-sufficient, domineering man with the Midas touch.
The Capricorn male likes living the good life. He has exquisite taste. He fills his life with excellent wines, high-quality beers, magnificent clothes and spacious homes. He is adaptable, tenacious and a genius with money. Maybe it is his patience and intuition that keep this man a step ahead of the game. He has a knack for knowing when and how to recognize opportunity. This man is a powerhouse of emotional intensity.
Here is the rule of thumb as it relates to the Capricorn man: the more conservative he appears on the outside – the more adventurous he is on the inside. Making love to a Capricorn man can be a life-changing experience. As a lover, he likes to dive deep into sensual adventures.
Life with a Capricorn man is a day-to-day adventure. This is a man who stretches your soul and expands your mind. With his strong blend of both spiritual and sensual power, he dominates everything he touches. Obstacles melt like snowflakes. Women are attracted to him like a magnet. However, the good news is once he falls in love, he has a tendency to stay there.
Soul-to-soul, intimate sex without rules or boundaries. This man wants freedom above everything else. He wants a partner that is not afraid to explore limits and push the envelope.

The Capricorn Woman…

It may be hard to imagine a woman who embodies the father- principle. But Capricorn women do. This doesn’t make them “masculine”. Quite the reverse: they often have a subtle, magnetic, quietly self-possessed quality which is powerfully attractive. Masculine? Not in the sense people usually use the word. But look again. The Capricorn woman is shrewd and perceptive. She’d rather use diplomacy than argue aggressively; she is usually calm, cool, and self-contained.

She’s often tastefully and beautifully dressed, rarely gaudily or cheaply or in clothes that follow a fad. She’s smart enough to know that the classic Armani suit which costs a fortune is a wise investment because it’s timeless and will always flatter her, while the shaved head, nose ring and snakeskin miniskirt may be great this week but won’t see her through anything beyond the next party.

She’s also smart enough to know that you don’t confront power directly, and therefore, if she wants something from you, you usually end up thinking that you came up with the idea yourself. She can twist you around with such finesse that you’re convinced she’s fragile and helpless, and your self-importance swells visibly. Ah, poor you. No Capricorn is fragile or helpless. All Capricorn women are born with stainless steel spines.

This doesn’t mean Capricorn women use people. Some do; their realism (and sometimes outright calculating cynicism) makes them choose partners who can provide material security and status or help them with a creative career. But many are devoted partners who offer their powerful will, determination and worldly wisdom to help you in your career. Playing the power behind the throne suits the Capricorn woman quite well. That is, as long as you respect her for it, and don’t take her love and devotion for granted.

Capricorns need to manage something. If no career attracts her enough to earn her commitment, her partner can become her career. Then she’ll organise your life and direct your energy, sometimes to your gain but often to your detriment if the goals you’re pursuing are really secretly hers.

She really needs a place in her life where she can apply her gifts outside her personal relationships. Let her get on with it, and give her all your support. Capricorn needs to feel accomplished in something. Beware of the Capricorn woman who doesn’t recognise that she even has the drive. Unconsciously, she’ll begin to make you her accomplishment. That’s not usually a recipe for happiness.

Young Capricorn women often seek a partner who can play the role of father. The Capricorn woman may seem like a real “Daddy’s Girl”, who needs to be adored and taken care of while she expresses her charming, irresponsible self. Other young Capricorn women may be excessively controlling and dominant in their relationships because of painful experiences with their fathers which make them fear humiliation. They have to play the father themselves, keeping their partners in a weaker role.

Time and experience are great healers for Capricorn. The Capricorn woman is at her best as she gets older, blossoming into the warmest, richest side of the sign later in life. When she has learned to stand confidently on her own feet in life, she is free to release the gentler, more sensitive and caring side of her nature.

The Capricorn woman who has passed the test of her own survival, and knows that she can function in the world through her own efforts, has learned wisdom and compassion along the way. If you’re looking for a flamboyant showgirl, this isn’t the sign to choose. If you’re looking for intelligence, grit, tenacity, insight, loyalty and a delightfully ironic sense of humour, look no further; you’ve found your match.

Meeting you for the first time is a fascinating experience.
You have a very powerful presence. It cannot be missed. The way you move,your walk and even your smile suggest a woman who is full of mystery, adventure and intoxicating chemistry. You are an interesting example of what happens when you take serious and spontaneous, tough and tender, sweet and sexy and mix them all together.

Tenacious, Resolved and Sexually in Control

No single word really comes close to capturing your sensual essence. You are among the rarest of all beings. Unlike most people you don’t have to look before you leap. Your heart is true and reassures you that your journey is certain. Your adaptability keeps you open to recognizing all available windows of opportunity. And your inner confidence adds an invisible blanket of warmth and rich appeal.
It’s like you have built your life on this rock solid foundation of positive expectations. While others may panic, feel frantic, or start to worry… you know there is a tremendous amount of good fortune coming your way. You remain calm and patient knowing the answers and solutions will eventually find you.

Certain, Confident and Secure.

You make practical feel like a deliciously sexy word. If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume, it might be called “Au Natural.” Why? Because you are a down-to-earth goddess, with absolutely no pretentiousness. You know how to go after and get exactly what you want (in and out) of the bedroom. Secretly many people fantasize about you.
You have that indefinable quality that makes people wonder what it would be like to be with you. Friends do it. Strangers do it. Most of the time, you don’t even know they are having these thoughts about you. Yet it is true. Deep down, many people are intrigued (and sexually attracted) to you. Your imagination runs wild and uninhibited. All you need to hear are the right words, at the right time, and you are sexually aroused! (Now that’s sexy!) And it makes you one of the most sexually liberated women on earth.

Capricorn Lover

The workhorse, even in sex and love.  These critters want to know what works.  Does it work better this way, or that way?  And they’ll usually keep at it until it works just the way they want it to.  Although it’s believed that Cappies prefer ‘older’ partners, actually what they’re looking for is someone a bit more experienced; someone who actually knows what they’re doing and is good at it.  If you’re younger but mature and experienced, your Cappy will be quite happy.

Capricorns usually prefer the traditional ways of making love: vanilla and missionary.  Though they are turned on by having the backs of their knees tickled, touched, kissed or licked.  This, however, is usually the extent of their kinkiness. But if you’re really sweet, they might just be willing to experiment.  As long as it’s not too wild.  And don’t kiss and tell on your Cappy.  The goat, like the bull, is likely to go looking for greener pastures if he thinks he can’t trust you to be discreet.  Like the Aries in love, Capricorns are very practical.  But they’re also disciplined, and they expect you to be, too.  If it’s not a functional relationship, they want no part of it.  Even if your Cappy is madly in love with you, if they think they can’t trust you, they’ll look for someone whom they can trust.

Capricorn with Aries…

The two of you are rather like the proverbial irresistible force meeting the immovable object. And that doesn’t mean that one of you always plays the irresistible force, either. You tend to change places all the time. Both of you can be determined and certain of your rightness and the validity of your viewpoint.

Yet this could be a wonderful combination because Aries’ enthusiasm and willingness to take risks is nicely balanced by Capricorn’s realism and caution. Aries is a crusader into new territory; Capricorn is always conscious of the limits created by the society in which both of you live.

The problem is that, while both of you have plenty of initiative and courage to make things happen, your world- views are different. Aries is fiery, and reality lies in a vision of potentials and a faith in the future. Capricorn is earthy, and reality lies in what can be achieved on the practical level here and now, according to the existing conditions in the world.

If you can stop battling and start appreciating each other’s truth and value, together you could move mountains and change the world.

Capricorn with Taurus…

Both of you are earthy and security-orientated, and neither of you is inclined to take material, intellectual or emotional risks which might spoil your idea of a stable life. Your values are in harmony, and you are both realistic enough to know that perfection cannot be achieved in this world.

Capricorn’s desire for achievement harmonises beautifully with Taurus’ love of quality. Both of you enjoy using your practical skills, and you could support each other’s careers and projects. Your endeavours will have an unusual degree of appreciation and constancy. Money is likely to be an important issue, since both of you want a material life which reflects your achievements.

However, try not to get into a rut with each other. You are both creatures of habit and every now and then a little exploration into the unknown could do you a world of good.

The sensual side of life is likely to be enjoyable for you both, but you may secretly be waiting for each other to make the dramatic romantic gesture. Stop waiting. Say the words and make the gesture yourself. Give romantic gifts instead of useful ones. You both need hyacinths for the soul more than you might realise.

Capricorn with Gemini…

You are both clever, sophisticated people who don’t miss much that goes on in the world around you. Much of your attraction is based on mutual admiration and respect for abilities and talents. This could make for a strong, respectful, and enduring bond.

Airy, flexible Gemini can inspire Capricorn’s mind and world-view, opening doors to exciting new ideas, creative projects, and stimulating new contacts. Earthy, tenacious Capricorn can offer structure, support, and worldly wisdom which can anchor Gemini’s talents and generate real creative results.

Shared creative or business projects, and joint intellectual interests, can keep the fascination alive between you.

But you may both need to work hard to get over emotional inhibitions. Never let pride prevent you from expressing what you really feel, and don’t wait for the other one to initiate emotional or sexual intimacy.

Don’t overlook the importance of the affectionate gesture or the verbal declaration of love now and again. You both need it, but neither of you is comfortable if you sound too clingy or emotional. If you can manage that, you can keep each other fascinated and attracted indefinitely.

Capricorn with Cancer…

This is a meeting of opposites, but the two of you are united in one sphere: you both need security, stability, and a solid domestic life as a base for your individual creative efforts. Family life is likely to be important to both of you. Together you can make your worldly goals manifest and build a lasting bond which nothing can break.

Earthy Capricorn can offer structure and solidity to Cancer’s imaginative dreams, while watery Cancer can help to thaw Capricorn’s stiff reserve and reluctance to express feelings.

It is in the emotional sphere that the two of you are likely to encounter your greatest difficulties. You may find that Cancer’s need for emotional security feels like possessiveness to Capricorn, while Capricorn’s need for boundaries feels like rejection to Cancer.

Try not to get into manipulative games where each of you tries to control the relationship, either emotionally or through the use of money. Neither of you likes to abandon your deepest goals, but compromise will be required of both of you because your perspectives on life are so opposite. If you can avoid the trap of power-plays, you have an enormous amount to offer each other.

Capricorn with Leo…

The two of you are a match in strength and power. Earthy Capricorn is self-sufficient, tenacious, and deeply committed to achieving goals regardless of difficulties along the way. Fiery Leo is self-expressive, charismatic, and deeply committed to an inner imaginative vision.

Both of you are, in your own different ways, heroic people who are prepared to pay the price for what you desire the most in life. Leo can help to open up and inspire Capricorn’s imagination, and Capricorn can help Leo to see the importance of time, patience, and hard work.

But there are differences in your perceptions of reality. Earthy Capricorn wants to see results and is concerned with stability in everyday material life. Fiery Leo can dwell in the realms of the imagination endlessly, and is only concerned with future potential.

Try not to polarise between vision and material reality. Leo needs to avoid placing all the responsibility for mundane tasks on Capricorn, and Capricorn needs to avoid denigrating Leo’s dreams with scepticism.

Both of you are proud, and each of you needs to be careful of injuring the other’s pride. Try to build a mutually respectful relationship, as you have much to offer each other.

Capricorn with Virgo…

Pragmatic and wise to the ways of the world, both of you know how to cope with real life and are likely to appreciate each other’s common sense and shrewd assessment of other people. Deep down you both want security in your personal life, emotionally as well as materially.

Neither of you likes the nomadic lifestyle – adventure is fun as long as there are no big surprises. When travelling you both feel happier with a map in one hand and a first aid kit in the other just in case “something” goes wrong. Both of you are born under earth signs, and your relationship is likely become very solid.

But as a couple you can sometimes get bogged down. Too much organising can kill spontaneity, and too much realism can inhibit imaginative expression. Try to do unpredictable things together occasionally, and make the effort not to take each other’s reliability for granted. No one likes to be appreciated only for their steadiness, like a piece of furniture.

Don’t be so slow to show feelings to each other. A real apology goes further than a practical gesture meant to compensate for hurt. The depth and endurance of your bond needs to be graced, every now and then, with a few hyacinths for the soul.

Capricorn with Libra…

Earthy Capricorn and airy Libra are likely to be both fascinated and irritated by each other. Both of you are civilised souls who value clarity and dislike indulgence in endless emotional scenes.

Libra can offer Capricorn a broader vision of life, an appreciation of the abstract realm, and a fine feeling for beauty in both material and intellectual realms. Capricorn can offer Libra a greater appreciation of the rewards of material achievement and the importance of persevering and accepting limits in order to succeed in life.

Capricorn is a true realist while Libra is a true idealist, and your different views of reality may sometimes collide. And since both of you like to have your own way you may have to get used to the occasional debate.

Your natural diplomacy helps to preserve peace, but it can also lead to evasion when it comes to expressing what each of you really feels. And neither of you is comfortable dealing with emotions. Libra can be intensely self-indulgent while Capricorn can be intensely self-disciplined, and you may need to avoid trying to subtly bully each other into acquiring habits which are alien to your temperaments. Try to learn from each other’s point of view.

Capricorn with Scorpio…

Both of you are deep, serious people at heart, and both of you look out at life with a certain amount of caution. Yet earthy Capricorn and watery Scorpio instinctively understand each other’s complexity, and can offer deep support and empathy because you are both “survivors” who are prepared to work hard for what you want from life.

Capricorn can help Scorpio to be more objective about emotions and more practical about grounding creative talents. Scorpio can help Capricorn to face inner conflicts and unlock deeper feelings and passions.

Neither of you is big on trust, and both of you have probably experienced good reasons for this. Yet you can help each other to become more trusting simply because of the natural empathy between you.

The only area where you may need to pay attention is that both of you are fond of being in control. This can be a problem in your relationship, and you need to avoid power battles and the feeling that you have to fight against domination by becoming dominant yourself.

You may both need to learn to compromise gracefully, and recognise that adapting is not the same as humiliating submission. Learning to apologise does not harm your pride.

Capricorn with Saggitarius…

Earthy Capricorn, always needing a practical goal, finds fiery Sagittarius’ free spirit uplifting and exciting. Restless Sagittarius, always in pursuit of the next great adventure, finds cautious Capricorn’s insistence on structures reassuring.

Sagittarius can help Capricorn to look beyond immediate responsibilities to far intellectual, spiritual, or creative horizons. Capricorn can help Sagittarius to learn discipline, focus, and the importance of actualising creative dreams.

But the two of you can also irritate each other with the very qualities that you each find so attractive. Sagittarius can feel that Capricorn’s practicality is a “wet blanket” thrown over aspirations, and can rebel against Capricorn’s controlling tendencies and scepticism. Capricorn can feel that Sagittarius is irresponsible, indulgent, and wilfully oblivious of the obligations that go with any relationship.

Try not to polarise and accuse each other of what you both secretly admire and envy in each other. You could make a truly dynamic couple, especially if you pool your very different gifts in a venture where vision and practicality can work happily together.

Capricorn with Capricorn…

Capricorns are complex people with great vulnerability protected by great strength, pride, and self-sufficiency. The two of you, both born under this earthy sign, are likely to share many values, and you can respect each other’s abilities and give each other support in precisely the way you need.

Material stability is likely to be important to both of you, and so is the respect and good opinion of others. You can be immensely helpful to each other in the work sphere, too, because both of you want acknowledgement for your skills and are not content to simply drift through life. In all these ways you can create a solid, enduring bond.

Do try to remember, though, to make room for some adventure in your life. You can both get so glued to routines and worldly goals that you forget that your souls need nourishment too. The unconventional and unpredictable, although sometimes threatening to you both, could do you both a world of good if you are open to change and learn to trust life a bit more.

It is the apparently frivolous and irresponsible gestures which you might ignore. But they are more important than you realise because they can bring excitement into your life together.

Capricorn with Aquarius…

You are both strong, self-sufficient people with a great capacity to respect the strength in each other. You have a lot in common, and also a lot to offer each other. You share a need for privacy, a desire for some structure in your life, and a preference for careful, rational discussion rather than heated emotional exchanges.

You also both appreciate the importance of loyalty, mutual support, and friendship. Earthy Capricorn can help ground Aquarius’ innovative ideas, while airy Aquarius can help expand Capricorn’s thinking and open new doors to new ideas and contacts.

It is in the emotional sphere that you may both need to pay attention. Neither of you likes to engage in direct confrontation about emotional difficulties. At best this means you can always manage a civilised conversation. At worst it means you both try to suppress uncomfortable emotions, which can lead to resentment buried under a surface of chilly distance.

Both of you are more sensitive than you seem. Try to be honest, with yourselves and each other, about what you really feel and need from each other. Dependency is not a naughty word, and it would do both of you some good to admit that you need each other.

Capricorn with Pisces…

Earthy Capricorn needs someone to look after, and watery Pisces loves being looked after. Pisces needs someone to inspire, and Capricorn loves getting a glimpse of a more visionary world now and again. The mutually protective instincts which you bring out of each other can create a strong and empathetic bond.

Capricorn has a hard time dealing with the intangible, while Pisces has a hard time dealing with the tangible – and so you could be immensely helpful to each other. Pisces is sometimes too fluid and needs Capricorn’s strong sense of direction; Capricorn is sometimes too structured, and needs Pisces’ adaptability.

The only area where you may need to be attentive is in the area of control. Capricorn does like being the one in charge, and can feel threatened by too much independence in a partner. Pisces, although not overtly rebellious, does not like to feel caged, and may resort to evasion in order to escape the feeling of being trapped.

Try to respect each other’s autonomy. And try to be direct in discussing difficulties between you. Evasion or substituting practical tasks for loving gestures will not help you build a solid and loving future together.