Taurus is the sign of the Bull

For this sign I’ve chosen The Cygnus Loop Nebula

This sign is: Earth

Ferdinand the Bull, in the famous children’s story, is a loveable creature and a perfect Taurean. He amuses himself by smelling the flowers, listening to the birdsong, and enjoying the summer breezes. He’s easily contented, at home in his pasture. Then one day he sits on a flower, and on the flower is a bee… You can work out the rest. The story of many Taurean lives runs along these lines. There’s lots of contentment, and you can appreciate the beauty in life more than any other sign. But there’s always that damned bee.

A few words encapsulate your fundamental nature: peaceful, serene, pleasure-loving, calm, thorough, stable, sensible. The famous Taurean patience isn’t built on discipline; it’s the patience of nature, of the Earth itself. There’s no doubt that you like your security in tangible, unchanging forms – like gold bullion, or valuable antique furniture, or a really superb Ferrari.

Wealth of a non-corporeal kind (like dreams, self- understanding, and other invisible commodities) is not really wealth to a Taurus. Security is what you can trust, and what you can trust is what’s physically real and doesn’t change.

Taureans are realists. You aren’t ambitious in the usual sense of the word, and you’re happy to remain the unseen power behind the throne -provided it gives you pleasure and earns good money. You know that you can’t eat laurels, and fame can’t fix a leaky roof. The problem with all this reality is that you may miss what’s not visible to the earthy eye.

You value simplicity, consistency and basic facts, but much of life -including the mysterious depths of love – is neither simple nor consistent. Taureans are often frightened by what they can’t see or hold in the palms of their strong, capable hands. You’re an undeniably sensuous creature, not only in the sexual realm, but in anything that pleases the senses.

Taureans often have real creative talent at painting, design or music, and you’ve got the patience and common sense to make the best of your gifts. Life in an artist’s garret may not appeal, but then, you don’t mythologise yourself and are pretty shrewd about assessing just how big or little your talent is and how you can best achieve satisfaction without sacrificing comfort. You’re wise enough to know that there are no free lunches, and that it’s enough to do what you do well. Aspirations to save the world or write the great novel of the century aren’t your style.

You aren’t interested in anything cheap, and that includes your choice of mate. Quality counts. Although you have a sentimental, gentle, romantic streak, you’ll still want to check a prospective partner’s references. Sometimes you’re so entranced by physical beauty or material success that you miss what lies underneath. Sad to say, many Taureans are hopelessly ensnared by appearances. Yet what you value you cherish, and you’ll hang on with both tough fists.

Taureans stand by their loved ones. You may not always understand their motives, but you’ll remain loyal regardless. All that steadiness can sometimes lead to complacency. That’s where the bee comes in. It seems to be a necessary part of Taurus’ life pattern. Without the occasional sting, you can remain charming but childlike. Life can seem terribly simple to you, stark black and white with no shades of grey in between.

The bee (which usually takes the form of a disappointment in love, or a big financial crisis) awakens your capacity for tolerance and wisdom. It’s a lovely combination, once achieved. Then you can fathom the deepest realities of life and can also empathise and remain open to the realms of the imagination and the heart. And that’s the greatest form of wealth there is.

The Taurus Man…

The bull is an extremely masculine animal, and the Taurus man can incline to the macho end of the masculine spectrum – partly because the sign is so physical, and partly because Taureans are so sensitive to the collective roles which society expects of them. The Taurus man is apt to collect the accoutrements of what society deems masculine, from clothes to gestures to good old-fashioned caveman possessiveness.

Some Taurean men are preoccupied with their appearance, and they’ll spend a lot of money and time on the right Rolex watch, the right car, the right silk shirt, the right scent and the right haircut. That may not seem macho in the usual sense, but then, look at the animal kingdom: it’s the males who do all the preening and showing off with manes and bright feathers and huge flowing fins.

Other Taurean men are dedicated pursuers of all that is in harmony with nature, and you may have to give up caffeine, nicotine, preservatives, battery eggs, cosmetics made with animal experiments, clothes made with anything except natural fibres, and even those slug pellets which keep the nasty creatures off your favourite delphiniums – all in the name of inner and outer serenity, cleanliness and harmony. Whatever his values, the Taurus man believes in them strongly and deeply, and approaches his relationship with his body and with material reality with obsessive determination.

The strong, silent hero is a Taurean figure. He’s usually terribly attractive, even if not in the conventional, regular-featured way, and also very comfortable in, and proud of, his body. Often he’s beautifully dressed. This reflects one of the Taurus man’s most pronounced traits: vanity combined with a demand for quality, otherwise known as “good taste”.

Powerful passions are also apparent in many Taurus men. If you like strong sensuality, Taurus possesses it in abundance. But stay away from emotional game-playing and verbal innuendoes.

Taurus men can be infuriatingly simple and wilfully, deliberately obtuse when they get that unpleasant feeling that you’re trying to change them. When they don’t wish to understand something, they just block it out. They tell you you’re being unreasonable, irrational or silly, or they smile sweetly and walk away, impervious to storms of tears and verbal abuse.

It has to be said that the Taurus man can be smug. Yet when you’re in a mess, he can be a rock of strength, calmness and common sense. He probably won’t understand the mess, but he believes that everything should have a simple solution, and most of the time he’s right – and he’ll find it, no matter how complicated you thought the problem was.

Be careful not to betray him. Expecting understanding in such circumstances is pointless. This man can exhibit a disturbing propensity for double standards. A fling, if he’s the one indulging in it, may truly mean no more to him than an expensive meal. If you’re the one indulging in it, think again. If he loves you, then you belong to him, and that’s that. No argument. Betrayal is one of the few things which will bring the sleeping volcano to eruption point and unleash that terrifying Taurean anger.

The Taurus man is terribly vulnerable where his pride is concerned – especially his pride in himself as a lover – and if he’s pushed too far, he’s quite capable of throwing you and all your belongings out of the house and never speaking to you again. Unchanging is unchanging, in love or hate. He’ll remember injuries for a long, long time, although, to be fair, he’ll also remember support and loving gestures for an equally long time.

Taurean men can be incredibly, overwhelmingly indolent. Their idea of relaxation may be a can of beer in front of the TV watching “Match of the Day”, while you have more glamorous things in mind. The Taurus man loves being spoiled, and often takes it as his due. However “New Age” and enlightened he may claim to be, deep down he’s conventional. But his ability to make his loved ones feel truly safe is a rare strength and a highly attractive quality in an age when nothing seems safe any more.

Who’s the Taurus man?

The Taurus man is the real deal in a world of fakes. Solid, Hearty, Strong and Eternally Male.
He’s a man who is talented and constantly inspired to love. He has a kind, patient, complex personality along with a heart that’s pure gold. His brain calculates things lightening fast but he is almost always slow and cautious with his decisions. He’s a powerful man of passion and intellect, a good provider, a sensual lover and lifelong friend, all of which add up to one fact: He’s a prize catch.
And when he falls in love, he goes deep.
You won’t experience a hit and run romance with this guy. If the connection is real, you can expect a love of rare depth. He is loyal, romantic and dependable. A life of rich sensuality. He wants it all: family, food, passion and the eternal rapture of romance.
The Taurus man craves warmth; he wants to touch and be touched. He longs to court you, make love to you in the warm summer rain, romance you, inhale your scent, walk with you in soft meadows, hold your hand, stroll along the beach, embrace you, kiss your soft lips and discover all of your most intimate secrets. When he makes love, it’s more than sex…it’s a spiritual awakening.
As a lover he is armed and dangerous. He understands   language of touch, so don’t rush him. He has a large earthy appetite and likes to take his time to savor every delicious drop of sensuality. He knows how touch, his hands, his lips and his voice to melt away your inhibitions, dissolve your shyness and send your pulse racing like the wind. He’s a smoky, husky, lover that will thrill your soul and delight your senses

The Taurus Woman…

As the bull is a supremely masculine creature, the cow is supremely feminine. The female Taurus is often the epitome of the instinctual feminine archetype, with all the gentleness, strength, wisdom, patience and sensual passion of her goddess-antecedents. There seem to be two distinct types of Taurus woman.

The first is the real Venusian Taurus, with a perfectly made up face, surrounded by beautiful scent, dressed in sensuous, expensive designer clothes. Pampered, indolent, and preoccupied with her own attractiveness, you may accuse her of vanity and self-indulgence, but she knows that self- confidence and pride in herself are the best guarantee of being treated with real respect.

Then there’s the Taurus woman who reflects the purity and harmony of nature. Organically grown food, natural fibres, a ban on smoking, a refusal to use chemicals in the garden or artificial colouring on her hair, this woman harks back to the old temple priestesses in the days when the power of the Earth-goddess represented the power of life itself. Either way, the Taurus woman is wise in the ways of love, and is devoted and usually loyal -provided she has security and knows she’s valued.

Her tenacity and faithfulness are admirable. Sometimes they’re too admirable. Try to release yourself from this kind of Taurean woman and she will hang on with that incredible Taurean tenacity until you give up and come back out of sheer exhaustion. Taurus women can wait, and they often do wait, and wait, for the promise you made ten years ago to be fulfilled.

Flirtatious at the beginning of a relationship, Taurus settles into stable routines very easily and quickly. If you enjoy spontaneous trips and unplanned holidays, give this woman at least three months’ notice. And don’t, for heaven’s sake, change plans at the last minute. Taurean women can be very literal, believing what you say and holding you to it the next day. Or the next year. Or the next decade.

If she promises something, she’ll endure all kinds of hardships to keep her promise, and her sense of responsibility is very highly developed. She doesn’t like letting people down, in personal life or at work. If you promise something to a Taurean woman, mean it. Otherwise, learn to think before you speak, or choose another sign.

There is an innate simplicity in the Taurus woman, even in those whose practical abilities and business acumen have led them to build a solid career in the world. “Simple” doesn’t mean “stupid”, so don’t make the mistake of thinking, because she didn’t win any prizes on the school debating team, that she isn’t grasping exactly what you’re trying to say, even when you thought you meant something else.

Although some Taurean women are gifted at verbal gymnastics, most prefer clear, plain, no-nonsense communication where nothing is concealed or ambiguous – and because they’re usually straight and direct, they know when you aren’t.

Despite her strangely childlike quality, the Taurus woman can be terrifyingly shrewd when it comes to seeing through shams and pretences. She isn’t innately suspicious or mistrustful, but she can spot a fake from a long way away. That applies to fake antiques, fake flowers and fake people. Taurus’ eye for the realistic, the stable, the reliable, is unerringly accurate.

Her common sense is a wonderful elixir for the jaded visionary, and her capacity to get to the basic core of a problem allows her to find simple solutions while you’re still pacing up and down tearing your hair and wondering how you’ll ever even begin to sort out the mess. The Taurus woman brings everything – including her partner – down to earth. And because it’s a gentle sign, it’s likely to be a soft landing.

Passionate, Sentimental and Affectionate

Taurus lovers are the most touchy-feely people in the Zodiac.
Your skin is your sexual spark plug. All it takes is one touch, one kiss or one timely stroke from the right hands to set you ablaze. You crave touch, affection and tenderness almost as much as others crave a certain food. In fact, you can practically live off a bear hug for a year; and when it comes to romance, it’s all about physical contact and connection for you.
You laugh as you live, openly and freely. Your feelings are your travelling companion. You can play any role you choose: run a business, paint a masterpiece, prepare amazing cuisine, tend to your garden or nurture your children. You have an uncalculated spontaneity and childlike wonder that makes life with you an exciting feast for the senses.
As a lover, you are pure sensuality. Men rotate around you like the planets orbit the sun. In soft light you are achingly beautiful and in vivid colours you sparkle like a jewel. If your sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called “Ambrosia.” Why? Because when you are in love, you blossom like a flower and ooze sensuality, trailing your sensuous fragrance behind you like a bewitching scent.

Taurus Lover

Taureans love comfort.  This sign is down-to-earth and they use all their senses when making love.  Touching, feeling, smelling, even sounds can set Taurus snorting with pleasure.  Long-lasting and steady, the bull can out-last just about anyone.

They’re not generally very imaginative in the bedroom, but show them a touch, smell, sound or even a sexually seductive outfit and they’re more than willing to add it to their repertoire.  But make them think it’s their idea, because they’re also stubborn (yes, it’s really true).

Going without sex for any length of time can be excruciating for Taurus.  So, regular trysts with your bull are a must.  Otherwise he or she might search out greener pastures. Give your Taurus a soothing neck rub, make love to their ears and tongue and your bull will melt.

Like Leos, most Taureans are in love with love.  But they do fall in love and can settle down – as long as they know they’re loved in return and are comfortable and safe in the relationship.  They can be quite hypocritical, however, when it comes to fidelity.  And like Gemini, think nothing of roaming from one pasture to another.  But should their mate exhibit the same propensity, they can become quite angered, since they can also be possessive.  Cheat on them too often, and they’re off and running, never to look back.

Taurus with Aries…

The stability and calmness of Taurus can contain and calm Aries’ restless spirit and sometimes over-the-top dreams. The fiery heart of Aries can warm and inspire Taurus’ stolid, cautious approach to life. This could be a wonderful combination because each sign possesses strengths the other one lacks.

But beware of polarising in obstinately opposing “camps”. Although Aries can enjoy and feel nourished by Taurus’ serenity and pragmatism, Ariens can easily feel suffocated or bored if life gets set in unchanging routines. And Taureans can easily feel anxious and threatened by Aries’ constant quest for change and challenge.

Try not to push each other into extremes. Appreciate and value your differences, rather than criticising or trying to remodel each other. With an understanding of the very different world-views you perceive, you could each help each other to become more whole.

Taurus with Taurus…

The two of you bring out each other’s powerful yearning for stability and permanence. You probably gain pleasure from considering things like the house you are going to live in and the garden you are going to plant, not to mention the financial investments you can make to maximise your future possibilities.

You can share your appreciation of beauty, nature, a sensible and patient approach to life, and a possessive attitude of ownership which no one but another Taurus would really tolerate.

You are both creatures of habit and neither of you likes change. This is fine as long as you don’t get stuck in routines, especially if one or both of you has a creative imagination which needs a bit of chaos and flexibility in order to flower.

Never take each other for granted, and try to have some adventures together rather than spending all your time working to build a stable base. A little uncertainty can keep the romance alive. Also remember that everyone needs a non-practical romantic gesture from time to time: give a poetic present rather than a useful one now and again.

Taurus with Gemini…

Breezy, airy Gemini can wake calm, earthy Taurus to the exciting world of the mind. Steady, realistic Taurus in turn can give stability and shape to versatile Gemini’s often directionless talents.

Both of you are rational people, preferring to focus on hard facts rather than fantasies and reasonable resolutions to conflicts rather than uncontained emotions. Neither of you enjoys grand dramas, and the affectionate and lively exchange between you could be wonderfully refreshing for you both. You are also both likely to have a fine eye for beauty and an appreciation of quality.

There is only one area where you might find the going a bit bumpy. Taurus can be possessive in love. Gemini, although perfectly capable of commitment, likes lots of new contacts and an animated level of exchange which, to the Taurean eye, might look a bit too much like flirting. In fact it probably is flirting, which is natural for Gemini but can rouse the Bull to wrath.

Make sure you are clear about how you feel about each other so there are no misunderstandings. Then learn to appreciate and learn from each other’s rather different but equally valid ways of expressing love.

Taurus with Cancer…

This combination could bring out the gentlest and most sensuous qualities in both of you. It could also bring out a lot of discussion about money, security, and what kind of home life you both want. However wild your youthful behaviour might be or have been, both of you secretly long for security and a beautiful place in which you can share intimate moments and enjoy the good things of life.

Through each other you might discover a strong desire for a family, and you might also discover that you are more conventional and concerned about being “respectable” than either of you had realised.

Taurus’ earthy calm gives a feeling of safety and stability to Cancer’s anxieties and volatile moods. Cancer’s empathy and imaginative ability to enter into another person’s inner world makes Taurus feel cherished, understood and loved.

Enjoy all that you share, and build that nest which matters so much to both of you. But try not to become so insulated and safety-conscious that you let the more unpredictable joys of life pass you by. Change can be good for both of you, however much you might protest.

Taurus with Leo…

Sparks may fly when calm, earthy Taurus meets dramatic, self-expressive Leo. The fire may sometimes be warming, but sometimes it may singe both of you a bit. The attraction between you springs from your opposite spheres of focus, for Taurus is physical, sensual, and interested in life here and now, while Leo is imaginative, intuitive, and interested in potentials and self-expression.

Taurus can give support and form to Leo’s imagination. Leo can lift Taurus’ eyes to the inner world. Both of you love beauty and may share artistic interests. As a creative team, this is an unbeatable combination, especially if your talents are complementary.

But both of you tend to be stubborn, proud, possessive, and very fixed in your attitudes. Neither of you sees the need to change or adapt, and both are slow to forgive. This could lead to situations where injured pride prevents either or both of you from resolving conflicts or making the leap toward a new way of seeing and doing things.

Taurus may resent being taken for granted on the material level, while Leo may resent being asked to be “ordinary”. Both of you need to learn to laugh at yourselves when you’ve been roaring too much at each other.

Taurus with Virgo…

Like a peaceful and well-designed summer garden, the two of you could create an affectionate and stable relationship with the maximum of sensual satisfaction and the minimum of risk. You both like to know where you stand, and neither of you is likely to spend time, energy, and emotions simply on impulse. Both of you are concerned with security, and both have a fine appreciation of beauty, quality, and the merits of having financial matters in good order.

Taurus’ affectionate nature can help to thaw Virgo’s inherent shyness, and Virgo’s lively intellect can help to open Taurus’ mind to many new avenues of thought. This is a lovely combination, with little inherent friction.

However, the two of you can easily get into a rut, because you both like your habits and rituals and see no need to change anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. Being safe all the time can be boring.

Try to give time and expression to your imagination. An excess of practicality can stifle the creative gifts in both of you, which would be a pity since you could offer each other so much inspiration and mutual encouragement of talent.

Taurus with Libra…

Beauty is a big turn-on for both of you. Both of you crave an environment and a lifestyle which are aesthetically satisfying. You may share many artistic or intellectual interests, and you are likely to have a lot of fun indulging each other and yourselves.

Pragmatic Taurus can help perfection-seeking Libra to be more accepting of life’s flaws, and sociable Libra can help habit-driven Taurus to move out into the world and make interesting new contacts.

Both of you like being spoiled, and need a lot of demonstrations of love. But the ways in which you express your love are very different. Taurus is more inclined to show love through physical affection and practical help. Libra is wordier and enjoys the romantic trappings of the Valentine’s Day card.

For Taurus the body is the fundamental reality, and good sex is the way to thaw the chill of a quarrel. For Libra, the mind is the fundamental reality, and a quarrel is best solved through discussion. This could sometimes cause misunderstandings. However, as long as you are willing to compromise, these differences could serve to enhance the attraction.

Taurus with Scorpio…

For the two of you, sex and money make the world go around, and both are likely to be important factors in your attraction to each other – although “important” doesn’t always mean “easy”. When it comes to a willingness to enjoy the moment and take pleasure in emotional intensity and the good things of this world, you are an unbeatable team.

But you can both be demanding, stubborn, and forgiving of your own faults. Therefore each of you may have to learn how to forgive the other’s errors and not be so possessive or resistant to changing old habits.

You both understand the importance of loyalty, and relationship matters come first with both of you. Taurus’ pragmatism and wish to keep things simple can sometimes irritate Scorpio’s need to look at things in depth. And Scorpio’s love of drama may sometimes threaten Taurus’ calm, sensible approach.

Yet this volcanic combination of Taurean earth and Scorpionic water can generate enormous and enduring attraction. Try not to goad each other, since neither of you is mild in anger and both of you can say or do things the other won’t forget. Loosen up a little, and get the best from the relationship by learning to laugh at yourselves.

Taurus and Saggitarius…

This is an attraction of radically different natures. It can blow extremely hot and extremely cold without either of you quite understanding what triggers the change.

Taurus is an earth sign, affectionate and possessive, with a love of security and a deep appreciation of sensual pleasures and material beauty. Sagittarius is a fire sign, restless and intellectually curious, with a love of change and a deep appreciation of the fact that it’s more fun to travel than to arrive. You could be a wonderfully creative balance to each other, because Taurus’ stability can provide a wonderful base for Sagittarius’ unfocused volatility. Whereas Sagittarius’ broad-minded vision can provide a wonderful stimulus for Taurus’ tendency to resist change.

But you need to be careful not to polarise. Nothing makes Taurus as wildly irritated as Sagittarius’ favourite declaration, “But we have such a boring life!” And nothing makes Sagittarius as wildly irritated as Taurus’ favourite declaration, “But we can’t afford it!”

Try to avoid attempting to change each other. As long as you can both respect each other’s very different world-views, you have an enormous amount to give each other.

Taurus and Capricorn…

Both of you are earthy and security-orientated, and neither of you is inclined to take material, intellectual or emotional risks which might spoil your idea of a stable life. Your values are in harmony, and you are both realistic enough to know that perfection cannot be achieved in this world.

Capricorn’s desire for achievement harmonises beautifully with Taurus’ love of quality. Both of you enjoy using your practical skills, and you could support each other’s careers and projects. Your endeavours will have an unusual degree of appreciation and constancy. Money is likely to be an important issue, since both of you want a material life which reflects your achievements.

However, try not to get into a rut with each other. You are both creatures of habit and every now and then a little exploration into the unknown could do you a world of good.

The sensual side of life is likely to be enjoyable for you both, but you may secretly be waiting for each other to make the dramatic romantic gesture. Stop waiting. Say the words and make the gesture yourself. Give romantic gifts instead of useful ones. You both need hyacinths for the soul more than you might realise.

Taurus and Aquarius…

Earthy Taurus and airy Aquarius both understand the importance of loyalty. And both of you appreciate the value of calm, rational discussion when you’re dealing with problems. Stability matters to you both, and so do order and the pleasure of living a useful life.

But sometimes Taurus’ pragmatism can be an irritant to Aquarius’ love of abstract and often unconventional ideas. And sometimes Aquarius’ need for breathing space can feel hurtful to Taurus’ longing for physical contact.

Taurus needs to give Aquarius lots of freedom and privacy, and Aquarius needs to give Taurus more overt demonstrations of affection – physical as well as through little gestures.

You can learn a lot from each other, and you could build a solid, enduring bond which has the best of both affection and friendship. But you’ll have to make an effort, from time to time, to understand each other’s very different world- view.

For Taurus, responses in a relationship are instinctive and natural. For Aquarius, an ideals and a sharply defined ethical code preclude instinctive behaviour. If you can both respect these differences, you could have a wonderful future together.

Taurus and Pisces…

This combination can bring out some extremely fine, sensitive, loving feelings in both of you. Taurus’ protective side is stirred by Pisces’ vulnerability and neediness, and Pisces’ compassion is stirred by Taurus’ willingness to endure unhappiness in the name of preserving what is worthwhile in life.

Pisces’ gentleness, empathy, and imagination can have a wonderfully softening effect on Taurus’ pragmatism and resistance to change. And Taurus’ calm realism can help Pisces to focus creative abilities and feel safe and cherished.

You might both also give each other a lot of encouragement in developing creative talents. Taurus’ love of beauty can be inspired by Pisces’ boundless imagination. And Pisces’ receptivity to the invisible world can become more focused through Taurus’ respect for form and craftsmanship.

A warning: Taurus can be possessive and unforgiving if there is any threat of inconstancy. And Pisces, because of a natural empathy for others, may sometimes provoke jealousy simply through showing compassion to too many people.

There may be lessons about possessiveness and loyalty to learn in this relationship. Learn them and you can have both magic and permanence.