Leo is the sign of the Lion

Glowing Nebula Reveals Cosmic Cat's Paw

For this sign I’ve chosen The Cats Paw Nebula

This sign is: Fire

Leo’s public relations staff have made sure that the King of Beasts is presented in newspaper columns as the top of the heap: mane flying, radiating confidence, creativity and self-assurance, ready to outsmart and outshine any foe, loving life and the applause of the crowd.

It’s true that you strive for all these things, and spend a lot of energy developing them. But Leo, confident? The reality is just the opposite, which is why you spend so much time thinking about yourself. Deep inside, you’re driven by the need to fulfil your own individual myth. And you don’t have to look very far to discover that myth: the larger- than-life heroine, however humble the worldly disguise. Beneath the apparent extraversion of this powerful sign there always lies a secret child.

Leos are so idealistic it can make one cry. Even Leos who cloak themselves in cynicism are really romantics to the core. Your idealism can make you cry too. Leo envisions life in a certain way, and that way is usually coloured by the nobility, beauty and romanticism of a fairy-tale royal court. Once you’ve got that vision, you don’t appreciate having to change it.

It takes a lot to convince you that villains don’t always wear black, heroines don’t always win the battle and rescue the beautiful prince, and the beautiful prince isn’t always suitably adoring and grateful afterward. Leos have a kind of black and white perception which is often bruised by the complexities of human nature.

Being a heroine is a tough role to play these days, since people can be so damned unappreciative. But if you can stick to your inner vision without demanding that the rest of the world conform to your ideals, then it may one day dawn on you that you are indeed the heroine, on a quest for your own Self, and that the rich love of life which blossoms in you is not wasted just because you sometimes have to compromise with reality. The tendency to cling to an ideal and become bewildered when it’s punctured is most visible in your relationships.

You’re perpetually baffled by the pettiness, ambiguity and general nastiness that abounds in the human psyche. Not that you don’t have your share of these human attributes. But you usually make an enormous effort to be honourable in your dealings with others. Loyalty and honour are terribly important to you, and these things are hard to find in the marketplace these days.

Leos need to paint their canvas with large, unrestricted strokes. Wherever a new, original idea is needed or some new creative possibility can be envisioned, there Leo is to be found. No Leo likes to be the power behind the throne. Nothing but the throne itself will do. But that’s part of your charm – the more distinctive and individual you are, the happier you feel. Some Leos carry this to outlandish extremes. Napoleon, for example, wanted to conquer the world. Whenever it’s said that something can’t be done, there will be a Leo determined to do it.

The trouble with all those big, bold brush strokes on the canvas of life is that somebody has to clean the paintbrushes afterward. It’s pretty certain this won’t be you, because you feel trapped and miserable having to deal with the details of everyday life. Of course you can do it; Leos are wonderfully competent. But you don’t feel it’s your role.

Leo’s famous extravagance comes from two sources: first, you love things to be beautiful and luxurious, and second, you can’t be bothered to see whether there’s enough in the bank account to cover it. Save? Budget? Don’t be silly. Your intuition gives you unquenchable optimism. The down side of this is a belief that you should be exempt from all those banal restrictions that afflict mere mortals. Yet your gifts are often so outstanding that others make allowances. You need to feel important to yourself, and often try to find that sense of self-esteem by being important to others. When they don’t notice you, you’re hurt.

Leos often find it very difficult to share the stage. You’re generous to a fault, but you can be insensitive to the emotional currents around you. And as for pride…Well, you invented the word. Leos are often deeply introverted, but you depend so ferociously on the love and acceptance of others that you’ll do virtually anything to earn their admiration. It’s really a problem of identity.

The big task which challenges you in life is the issue of who you are, why you’re here, and why you’re uniquely yourself. It’s a lifelong challenge. If you can’t muster the self-esteem you need from your own inner resources, you’ll crave it like a drug from the audience. But the real journey is within, into the source of your own being. It’s in the process of creating that you find your real sense of self- value. And the Leo who learns this, and lives it, is indeed heroic.

The Leo Man…

Leo men are larger than life. Even humbler Lions manage this. The Leo man often radiates charisma, and whether you like him or not, you can’t ignore him. There are quieter Leo men around who don’t make a great roar about their specialness. But when you get to know such a man, you’ll find that inwardly he’s just the same, with the same need for self-mythologising deep within him.

Don’t be fooled by quiet, shy Leos. They’re Lions nonetheless. And that quality of intense self-consciousness, of always feeling as though some special destiny awaits them, permeates even the most introverted Leo’s soul. The Leo man is often attracted to an earthier partner. This can be a wonderfully creative combination, and it can also be a disaster. When it works, the Leo man looks for a stabilising influence in his partner, and can achieve a better contact with mundane reality through the relationship.

When it’s a disaster, the trouble usually comes from Leo’s tendency to undervalue detail and the things of ordinary life. When he takes this stance, he’s liable to treat his partner as unpaid secretary and domestic help. In that case he usually winds up with a very angry and resentful partner, or, equally commonly, no partner at all.

Leo the romantic can sweep you off your feet. His attitude toward love is neither timorous nor restrained, and those grand gestures – whether they’re gifts, magical journeys, or dramatic declarations of emotion through poetry or song – are irresistible. A Leo man can make his partner feel totally loved and desired.

Often the Leo man has a large and persistent crowd of admirers. Even if he’s not conventionally handsome or successful, there’s something fascinating about him. The trouble usually starts once the romance begins to be tempered by everyday reality. The Leo man doesn’t warm to the idea of his partner having a life where he isn’t right at the centre. Many Leo men become deeply resentful when their partner shows too much interest in a career or an independent array of hobbies, interests, ideas or friends.

Leo needs to feel that he’s the Sun around which your Moon orbits. If you suddenly take off and start shining with a light of your own, he’s liable to get a little sullen. At worst he may try to stifle you because his own self- importance is threatened. It’s hard (although not impossible) for the Leo man to not only acknowledge his partner’s need for independent creative expression, but also his own need for an individualistic partner. He can only really do this if he’s standing firmly on a ground of solid self-esteem.

The Lion doesn’t change his habits or viewpoints easily, and certainly not because someone else has told him to do so. If you try to reform a Leo man, you’re wasting your time. He can be stubborn, and his pride won’t allow him to acknowledge the wisdom of your advice. His business is to give advice, not to receive it. On the other hand, faith in him and his dreams, confidence in his talents and acceptance of his sometimes childlike need for constant reassurance and attention, can work wonders.

A Leo who knows he’s believed in can work miracles. If you’re an independent, self-contained type, the Leo man can be a problematic partner. He requires lots of time, love, attention and devotion. Who ever heard of a hero who hides in the background while his partner fights the battles?

If you need badly to be recognised as a special individual in your own right, a little fur may fly if you make a home with the King of the Beasts. On the other hand, if you’re the self-effacing martyr type, Leo isn’t for you, because he likes you to be as royal as he is. He needs to take pride in his partner as well as in himself.

Nothing can match Leo when it comes to sheer life and vitality. If you want a partner you can respect, admire and take pride in, then Leo’s the man for you. He’s not just anybody, after all, and he’s a living contradiction to the old saying that all cats are grey at night. He’s himself, unique and unrepeatable.

 The Leo man is the ultimate hunter.

He tracks you with those penetrating eyes… that seem to look right through you.He stops your heart and has you grasping for air with his intense look and confident stare. You can’t help but get the feeling that he has no sensual boundaries. It makes you feel that going to “total” is a daily experience for him. Intensity, heat, desire, fire, warmth and love without limits are all states that come to mind as you describe his massive amount of sexual appeal.
Soul-gazing with the Leo man is an intense experience to say the least. Why? Because no matter how long or how deeply you look…you keep finding more. The Leo man secretly craves a woman who is willing to lead him into a life full of mysteries, adventure and romance. So make sure your love nest is plush, luxurious, and filled with all kinds of delightful toys. This guy is looking for a woman who is both spellbinding and hopelessly adorable. He wants a woman who possesses the willingness to experience the widest range of emotions and enjoys slowing way down to make love in more unhurried, lazy ways.

The Leo Woman…

Meek, mild and colourless this woman is not. She’s a queen and she expects to be treated like one. Even the more repressed Leo woman (and they’re pretty rare) will show this side of her nature, although it may be heavily disguised under socially acceptable manifestations of good and selfless behaviour. You can spot this kind of Leo because she somehow makes sure you know just how much she’s giving, and how much it’s costing her, and how special she is to be so self-sacrificing. But most Leo women let their light shine openly, cleanly and honestly, and let the envious be damned.

The Leo woman is intensely individual, and not very good at being everybody’s favourite model of self-effacing conventionality. More often than not, she’ll be a troublemaker, or a woman who attracts gossip like a candle attracts moths. She has an intense need to live her life in her own way, and that life has got to have colour and dynamism.

Have you ever watched a caged lioness in a zoo, pacing back and forth, her eyes furious and glaring because she hasn’t got room to stretch out and run and hunt? That’s what happens to the Leo woman when she’s caged, either by social conventions, her own timidity, or a limiting relationship.

The Leo woman needs somewhere to express her creative abilities. Whether these take the form of artistic talent, organisational abilities, or counselling or public relations skills, she needs to be somebody special and to earn recognition for it. In short, she needs an audience. Don’t expect her to play audience to you twenty-four hours a day. Find someone else to look after the mundane chores; that isn’t her role, unless it’s her company, film, or novel, in which case she will take pride in her ability to master both the big picture and the details.

Recognition is important to the Leo woman, and she is proud. She has high expectations of loyalty from a partner, and won’t forgive either betrayal or humiliation. If she can’t find a suitable creative outlet, she may try to get her recognition by making lots of people fall in love with her, or by trying to play Pygmalion and reshaping the lives of those she loves. She’s even capable of becoming a hypochondriac if she feels she’s not getting enough attention, claiming recognition through subtler, more manipulative means. This dynamic, fiery, energetic woman must have a stage on which to perform. Otherwise, she’s liable to push you off yours.

Leo women are often highly competitive at work. They hate having to answer to someone else all the time, and are better off running their own show. They can also be intensely competitive with their own sex. In any of life’s dramas, she’s unquestionably the leading lady. It’s typical to find the Leo women with a bevy of friends who all lean on her for advice and help. In part, it’s because she’s both strong and generous. In part, it’s because she doesn’t like the competition of equals.

She can easily try to become the support for a weaker partner. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Many Leo women are afraid of a strong partner because they fear being dominated. All too often, the pattern in relationship is for the Leo woman to take charge and make the decisions, and then to bitterly blame the loved one for failing to give support when she herself needs it. Yet it’s hard to give help to a Leo woman; she’s too busy giving help to others, and she doesn’t like to appear needy or incompetent. That’s why it’s essential for her to have some area of life where she can shine independently, and for you to recognise and honour this.

The Leo woman’s gifts lie in her capacity to be so intensely individual and alive, and in her loyalty and generosity to those she loves – provided she’s treated well. Never, never take a Leo woman for granted. The Lioness has claws, and isn’t averse to making scenes that make more socially inhibited signs turn white and cold with shock. If you’re looking for a woman who is an individual to the hilt, you’ll love Leo. And even if she’s not the partner for you, you’re not likely to overlook her.

Beautiful, Brilliant and Mentally Strong

You have the most powerful sexual appeal of the entire Zodiac. You ARE the total package. You have style, intelligence, glamour, charm and an amazing belief in yourself. Whenever you walk into a social setting, the party instantaneously goes to the next level.
As a lover, you possess an abundance of sexual vitality.
It’s astonishing how you have such an uncanny ability to relate to almost anyone… in a matter of just minutes. Women like you are able to feel as comfortable chatting to foreign dignitaries as they are talking to their best friends. Let’s face it. That confidence makes the rest of us find you very attractive.f your sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called… “Blaze.” Why? Because you were born with a fire storm of sensuality and even though you like to yield slowly to intimacy,care and tenderness, when that vivacious, fiery and creative side of yours gets you heated up, your sexual candle begins to burn at both ends. And once ignited, it’s almost impossible to extinguish.
Here’s another remarkable discovery about you. As the queen of intuition… you have this amazing ability to somehow find a way to be exactly where you need to be. It’s as if you always seem to know what you need to know at the exact moment that you need to know it. Lucky you. What a wonderful gift you have!

Intense, Heated, Driven, Saucy, Sexy and Totally Enchanting

Good natured, loyal and genuine. These are some of the words that help us better understand why making love to you is a level ten experience!
You are usually very direct in your style of communication. If you don’t like a guy, you waste no time in letting him know that you are not interested. And when it comes to your lover he better not wear his heart on his sleeve because you pull no punches.
As a lover, you are a tender romantic. In bed, you don’t roar… you purr. You can be more loving, more romantic, more sensuous, and more dedicated to pleasing than any other sign in the Zodiac.
How you manage to transform into such a sweet and sexy kitty is a mystery. And one of the best things about you is how easily you keep adding sexual variety to your game.

Leo Lover

Though it’s true that Leos like to be the center of your world, they’re not above realizing that this isn’t always fair.  Most Leos are quite adventurous in the bedroom, and are more than willing to take part in your adventurous and kinky fantasies.  But don’t expect them to be subordinate.  Leo is King (even if she’s a Queen) and expects to be the Master, although your Leo may switch for you if they know that they’re still the star.  If this happens, remember this moment for posterity, because it may never happen again.

The lion loves toys, games, adventure, soothing sounds and smells (much like Taurus) and fantasy, and like Gemini, can become bored easily with the same ole, same ole.  Take your Leo lady flowers,  chocolates, and lingerie and tell her she’s beautiful; she loves the romance.  Tell your Leo man he’s the most gorgeous, sexy hunk you’ve ever seen and the best lover.  Run your fingers through their mane and they’ll be purring.  Leo loves it on top, but is quite versatile.  Make them the center of your attention, and they’ll follow you anywhere you go – as long as they can lead.

Like Gemini, Leos are generally very oral.  And they love to give, as well as receive.  But the quickest way to tame this Lion, is to touch their heart.

While Leos may have a roving eye, they can be quite loyal.  Sometimes to the point of scaring away their intended.  They don’t mean to; they just forget that everyone doesn’t want to barraged with adoring words of undying love (which is what they want to hear from their lovers). They mean well, though.  So stroke their mane, say thank you, and kiss them to keep them from uttering those embarrassing endearments which they really do mean, and you’ll both be fine.

Leo with Aries…

Leo and Aries are both fire signs, and both of you love to play the protagonist in a grand drama which makes life seem brighter, bigger and more colourful. At heart you are both childlike, generous, a bit self-centred. You are always looking for adventure, new outlets for your creative imagination, and unending romance.

This can be a wonderful combination because you can fuel each other’s creativity and inject excitement into each other’s lives. You remain eternally optimistic as you pursue the great adventure of life together.

Neither of you likes to get bogged down in mundane routines, so don’t expect this of each other. The fiery partner who can share your dreams is also one who doesn’t enjoy doing the washing up any more than you do. Learn to live with a chaotic environment, or else learn to share irritating tasks equally.

Expecting your partner to play housekeeper while you indulge in your sense of specialness will only generate resentment. But if you can both live life true to your romantic spirits, and encourage each other’s talents and aspirations, you can help each other to make even the grandest of dreams come true.

Leo with Taurus…

Sparks may fly when dramatic, self-expressive Leo meets calm, earthy Taurus. The fire may sometimes be warming, but sometimes it may singe both of you a bit. The attraction between you springs from your opposite spheres of focus, for Taurus is physical, sensual, and interested in life here and now, while Leo is imaginative, intuitive, and interested in potentials and self-expression.

Taurus can give support and form to Leo’s imagination. Leo can lift Taurus’ eyes to the inner world. Both of you love beauty and may share artistic interests. As a creative team, this is an unbeatable combination, especially if your talents are complementary.

But both of you tend to be stubborn, proud, possessive, and very fixed in your attitudes. Neither of you sees the need to change or adapt, and both are slow to forgive. This could lead to situations where injured pride prevents either or both of you from resolving conflicts or making the leap toward a new way of seeing and doing things.

Taurus may resent being taken for granted on the material level, while Leo may resent being asked to be “ordinary”. Both of you need to learn to laugh at yourselves when you’ve been roaring too much at each other.

Leo with Gemini…

Together the two of you sparkle like a bottle of champagne. Fiery Leo and airy Gemini are a lively combination with plenty of intellectual and creative stimulation. Leo is steady enough to give a firm base for Gemini’s restlessness, and Gemini is flexible enough to adapt to Leo’s need for centre stage.

Both of you are easily bored and you should fill your lives with as many creative projects and new contacts as possible. The joint pleasure of creating a lifestyle which is anything but quotidian and ordinary helps to cement the bond between you.

Gemini may need to curb the flirtatiousness a bit, because Leo is proud and will react to disloyalty with anger. Leo may need to share the stage occasionally, because Gemini sometimes needs a bit of the limelight as well.

You can keep each other constantly growing through the pursuit of new ideas and new circles of people. But don’t expect earth-mother care from each other. Although Leo can be supportive in a crisis, and Gemini can be quick to offer good advice, neither of you really likes looking after other people.

Both of you are stars. Each of you knows that about yourself; try to remember it about each other.

Leo with Cancer…

In many ways the two of you are complementary. Fiery Leo’s dramatic individualism is nicely balanced by watery Cancer’s subtlety, sensitivity, and innate shyness. And because both of you have a deep need to protect those you love, you could offer a great deal of warmth, loyalty, affection, and support to each other.

Leo is confident enough to weather Cancer’s moods and withdrawals, and Cancer is empathetic enough to accept Leo’s displays of egocentricity. You can both be highly emotional, and both of you like regular reassurance that you’re loved and wanted. Family life is likely to be important to both of you, but the same may be true for creative work.

On the practical level there may be some difficulties. Cancer, although not especially materialistic, does worry about security a lot, while Leo often overextends. Leo is often full of grand schemes, while Cancer is often reluctant to rock the boat.

Cancer may need to learn not to dampen Leo’s enthusiasm with worries, while Leo may need to learn to consider others’ feelings.

This could be a wonderfully warm, loving bond, provided you don’t try to control each other. Mutual respect will bring the best out of both of you.

Leo with Leo…

In some ways the two of you are ideally matched in strength, charisma, and imagination. In other ways you are taking on a big challenge in creating a relationship, because fiery Leo likes to be in the limelight and doesn’t always take kindly to having to share the stage.

Both of you want to feel special and both of you need a lot of reassurance, appreciation, and validation. As long as you remember to give it to each other, things can run smoothly. But if either of you begins to take the other for granted, and fails to provide the needed recognition, sparks could fly.

Loyalty and constancy of affection are two of Leo’s great strengths. Pride, however, can prolong many a conflict, since neither of you likes feeling in the wrong and may not always find it easy to offer the word of apology.

Try not to engage in battles over who is more important. The more objectivity you can develop, the easier you will be able to handle this issue. And don’t try to cast each other in the role of cleaner-up, because you have more “important” things to do. Either share the mundane tasks equally, or hire someone to do it for you and get on with the exciting business of expressing yourselves.

Leo with Virgo…

Leo is fiery and Virgo earthy, and in many ways this combination can work really well. Leo can offer vision, imagination, and excitement, while Virgo can offer cool perspective, analysis, and order. Leo can help Virgo to develop greater self-confidence, and Virgo can help Leo to actualise dreams.

You could work well together on any creative project, combining vision and attention to structure and detail. You could also create a wonderful home life together, combining beauty, luxury, style, and stability.

But you need to remember that the very qualities which attract you can also irritate you in each other. Virgo can be easily exploited because of the need to feel useful, while Leo basks in a sense of specialness.

Leo wants to have grand aspirations, and may get tired of being constantly reminded of mundane responsibilities. Virgo needs to be allowed to be fussed over, and should not be treated like an employee. Leo needs to learn to deal with everyday tasks without feeling resentful, but should not be treated like a child.

Avoid blaming each other for the things you find difficult to do and respect each other’s strengths. You will be able to avoid many conflicts.

Leo with Libra…

The chemistry between fiery Leo and airy Libra has elegance and magic. Leo is a born romantic with a need to feel special and a strong urge to express an individual creative vision to the world, and Libra can offer support and understanding.

Libra needs harmony and beauty and is motivated by an ideal of love and relationship, and Leo can offer affection and heartfelt encouragement.

You both need a lifestyle which is exciting and aesthetically pleasing, and neither of you is especially well suited to a work treadmill.

The only area where you may experience serious conflict is connected with how each of you views love. Leo likes to be in the limelight as often as possible, and can sometimes forget that relationships require recognition of each other’s wishes. This can deeply anger Libra, for whom fairness is incredibly important.

Libra likes to weigh everything before making decisions. This can deeply hurt Leo, for whom total commitment without question is the bread of life. Libra’s emotional distancing can injure Leo’s pride, while Leo’s self-centredness can offend Libra’s idealism.

Try to respect each other’s ideals and values and you can create a vibrant and affectionate bond.

Leo with Scorpio…

Leo is fire and Scorpio is water, and together the two of you can produce a great deal of steam. The steam can be the creative vapour of two fine imaginations combining to generate wonderful ideas.

Leo’s generous heart can help Scorpio to be more open in emotional expression, while Scorpio’s depth of insight and compassion for human failings can help Leo to recognise that it’s acceptable to be an ordinary human being. Joint creative projects can bring the best out of both of you.

But the steam might also be the hot atmosphere of emotional confrontations. Both of you are proud people with powerful personalities. It’s likely that both of you recognise that you have met your match in each other – in strength and determination as well as in intensity. But neither of you is a good loser, and you can be stubborn if you feel you are being “bested”. Both of you can be possessive, and you are not quick to forgive a betrayal.

If you honour each other’s sensitivity and pride, you can keep your passion burning long after other couples have traded it in for safety and habit. Friends may sometimes feel they are watching the last act of a Verdi opera, but neither of you would have life any other way.

Leo with Saggitarius…

Both of you are born under fire signs and you both love a bit of drama and a liberal quantity of challenge in your lives. You are also both more interested in the future than in the past or present. You are much more likely to enjoy life together if you are not bogged down by too many mundane responsibilities.

You need a lot of room to pursue your dreams. There is a childlike quality in both of you which allows you to enjoy life. With your optimism, enthusiasm, and belief that the future can always be better, you could inspire each other to creative work and the development of talents.

But you may need to work to be conscious, when it comes to the issue of loyalty. Sagittarius, although perfectly capable of loyalty, doesn’t like to have to explain a ten- minute absence. Mistrust can drive Sagittarius out of the door immediately. Leo, although generous and warm-hearted, doesn’t like to be made a fool of, and can react with anger if there is any whiff of betrayal.

Try to be aware of each other’s feelings. Fire signs are enthusiastic and affectionate, but they can also be unintentionally insensitive, especially to those closest and dearest to them.

Leo with Capricorn…

The two of you are a match in strength and power. Fiery Leo is self-expressive, charismatic, and deeply committed to an inner imaginative vision. Earthy Capricorn is self- sufficient, tenacious, and deeply committed to achieving goals regardless of difficulties along the way.

Both of you are, in your own different ways, heroic people who are prepared to pay the price for what you desire the most in life. Leo can help to open up and inspire Capricorn’s imagination, and Capricorn can help Leo to see the importance of time, patience, and hard work.

But there are differences in your perceptions of reality. Earthy Capricorn wants to see results and is concerned with stability in everyday material life. Fiery Leo can dwell in the realms of the imagination endlessly, and is only concerned with future potential.

Try not to polarise between vision and material reality. Leo needs to avoid placing all the responsibility for mundane tasks on Capricorn, and Capricorn needs to avoid denigrating Leo’s dreams with scepticism.

Both of you are proud, and each of you needs to be careful of injuring the other’s pride. Try to build a mutually respectful relationship, as you have much to offer each other.

Leo with Aquarius…

Opposite in your priorities in life but similar in your strength, pride, and capability of loyalty, the two of you make a powerful pair. Airy Aquarius has eyes on the future and on the bigger picture, and is concerned with the welfare of the larger group. Fiery Leo is self-expressive, and is more concerned with individual creative achievement.

Aquarius can help Leo to be more conscious of the wider world and the need for objectivity , while Leo can help Aquarius to give more time to self-development and relax enough to enjoy life rather than analysing it all the time.

But try not to become stubborn when you disagree. You are both capable of creating the kind of stalemates which make quarrels go on endlessly because neither of you will give ground or accept a point of view other than your own.

Leo is a romantic at heart and can be easily offended by Aquarius’ detachment. Aquarius is a rationalist at heart and can be easily irritated by Leo’s demands for attention.

Make a special effort to understand each other’s emotional needs, and be open about your own. Temper tantrums and stony refusals to engage are not helpful ways of resolving a quarrel.

Leo with Pisces…

The two of you have the rare gift of creating the magical world of fairy tales together. Both of you are romantics and both recognise the importance of the inner world of the imagination. Creatively, you could provide enormous inspiration to each other.

Leo’s fiery, heroic approach to life is an excellent balance to Pisces’ gentle, watery vulnerability. Leo’s strength and pride are a fine foil for Pisces’ subtlety and self- effacement. Both of you are likely to draw a lot of tenderness and protectiveness from each other.

There is one area where you may need to be careful. Leo can be possessive, while Pisces can display so much empathy for so many people that Leo feels unappreciated and jealous. Leo needs to feel special and unique, while Pisces resonates to the common humanity in everyone.

Pisces needs to recognise how vulnerable Leo is beneath the shining, confident exterior, and Leo needs to recognise how strong and loyal Pisces can be beneath the diffident, vague exterior.

If you are able to see past your differences to how similar you both are in many ways, your romantic souls can bask in the mythic world which both of you so much love to inhabit.