Virgo is the sign of the Virgin

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For this sign I’ve chosen The Ghost Nebula

This sign is: Earth

That ubiquitous newspaper portrait of the tidy Virgo soul with a perfectly balanced bank account and an immaculate bathroom no doubt sends you into fits of cynical laughter. Virgos are generally sadly misinterpreted, and understandably you can get pretty irritated about it, especially if you’re the sort of Virgo who is untidy, chaotic and not in the least concerned about whether you arrive at one minute before eight or one minute after.

Discrimination is a Virgo characteristic. So is subtlety of thinking. Black and white perceptions imply a simple universe, and to you the universe is rarely simple. It’s more like a huge, boundless jigsaw puzzle, and it can drive you crazy if you’re missing a piece or if there isn’t a picture on the top of the box showing you how the puzzle should look when it’s finished.

But perfectionism – something of which you are often accused – isn’t the same as discrimination. To be a perfectionist you have to be idealistic, and Virgo is probably the most realistic sign of the zodiac. You harbour no impossible vision of a perfect utopian world, or even a perfect utopian bathroom.

You know your strengths and weaknesses, and you don’t indulge in either arrogance or false modesty. You use what comes to hand to create order in your world, and order is at the top of your list of priorities – whether it’s order in the material environment, in the realm of ideas, or in mind and body.

Virgos are the great synthesisers of the zodiac. Both your problems and your gifts spring from this deep urge to bring things together, to connect knowledge and experience to form a comprehensible whole.

With Mercury, god of intelligence and communication, ruling this sign, naturally you love acquiring knowledge, especially if it’s useful. And “useful”, like “order”, is another important word for Virgo. If something can’t be used, you’ll discard it with a ruthlessness that can terrify more sentimental signs. Sometimes Virgos throw out romance because it isn’t useful.

You’re capable of being quite cynical, and you know perfectly well that one has to be clever to survive. If you’re going to do something, you’ll do it well, from both pride of craftsmanship and a good marketing sense. Idealistic perfection? Hardly. Yet despite this apparent toughness, the impulse to be of service runs strong in you.

Virgos need to feel needed and useful. There’s not a lot of ambition in this sign, and your tendency to look for more and more pieces to complete the great jigsaw puzzle of life takes away any propensity for the kind of obsessiveness needed to claw your way ambitiously to the top of the heap. You’d make an excellent advisor or counsellor to those silly enough to have grabbed the throne and subjected themselves to all that trouble. Your work is the thing you let people know first about you, not your secret self. With Virgos, not all the goods are visible in the shop window.

You don’t like showing your hand until you know where you stand. You’re a student and observer of life rather than a gambler or an entrepreneur. With all that self-containment, naturally the emotional realm can be the trickiest piece of the puzzle. Emotions aren’t orderly, and they make you feel vulnerable.

All those rituals you love so much are a means of keeping the “dark forces” of your own powerful feelings at bay. Deep within you there’s a huge reservoir of sensitivity, romanticism and imaginative vision. Show it? Never. Your apparent coolness and insistence on privacy are a way of protecting yourself against an intolerable sensitivity. All that emphasis on practical reality helps you escape the mystic in your own soul.

You can be detached and even brusque in manner, and no one will ever catch you offering your last pennies to a drunk on the street. More likely you’ll deliver a stern lecture about self-help. But this is because you’re too acutely, compassionately aware of the human flotsam of life.

Planning for the future can be an obsession with you, because your realism makes it hard for you to trust in life. Yet when you feel secure, you can be the kindest, most gentle and generous of souls, giving freely of your time and skills. You’re a complex creature, with many masks and disguises. You’ve learned your lessons early. But then, it’s only realistic.

The Virgo Man…

Some of the most admirable human qualities make their appearance in the Virgo man. One of these is his desire to be of service. He’s generous if you need support, advice, or material assistance. Always reasonable, he’ll draw you out about your difficulties, and he loves to offer the wisdom of his own experience. Give him a problem and he’ll attack it like a chess game, and usually his detached insights are sharp and sound. There’s a sensible, sane feeling about this man.

The Virgo man rarely pretends to be anything other than himself. Also, this man will actually talk to you as an equal. On the other hand, his self-control and coolness can be irritating and even hurtful. He may hang up his coat carefully before he kisses you, because order must come first. Sometimes he’s horribly socially sensitive, and won’t show affection in public because “someone” might notice that he actually has passions. If he’s an extreme type, everything might be scheduled, including sex. If this starts getting to you, remember that it isn’t easy to be a Virgo man in our culture.

This sign is sensitive and vulnerable, and Virgo men often struggle to be tough, cool and in control. Virgos hate having their privacy invaded without an invitation (and that means emotional as well as physical). If you want to live comfortably with such firm boundaries, you need a sense of humour and some boundaries of your own. It’s not really about keeping you out. It’s about keeping his own emotions in.

What makes this complex and sometimes insufferable temperament loveable is that the Virgo man, if you tell him the truth calmly and clearly, will always listen. It’s one of his most endearing qualities. If he’s hurt you or been oblivious to your feelings, try articulating it. Quietly. He’ll usually listen, apologise and try to do something about it. If you scream and shout or ooze black atmospheres, he’ll withdraw so fast that you’ll think you’ve moved to Antarctica. If you’re the really combustible type, try a more resilient and less highly strung sign.

This man simply can’t take angry explosions and tempestuous scenes, or long weeping sessions with lots of soggy handkerchiefs. You’ll often see the Virgo man fidgeting, biting his fingernails, folding his serviette into tiny fan-like shapes, shredding his lettuce, and doing other little things that betray the highly strung nervous system of this sign. He also tends to somatise his inner tensions, so be prepared to hear about the headaches, skin rashes, muscle tics, stomach upsets, and aching joints.

Virgos can be hypochondriacs when they’re stressed out. Since the Virgo man will usually overwork himself anyway, emotional pressure doesn’t help. He needs lots of rest, play and nature to heal him. Usually he can’t be bothered to make time for all that, since that inevitable list always has “work” at the top. So the onus falls on you to cajole, reason or drag him to a place where, after his initial whingeing, he might even discover that it’s quite pleasant to sit in the sun and do nothing.

For all these reasons, the Virgo man isn’t always every person’s dream of the perfect mate. He has a sensitive, finely tuned and complex nature. He’s rarely aggressive, and he lets difficulties nag and nag inside before he takes direct action. He isn’t really a Don Juan, although there are some fairly good imitiation Don Juans floating about in the form of terribly insecure Virgo men trying to pretend to be Ariens or Sagittarians.

Trust and good communication are necessary for him to show the more mystical, intuitive, imaginative side of himself, and his delightfully ironic sense of humour won’t emerge unless he knows he’s in attentive company. Hopefully you didn’t choose him to provide you with security, for if so, you’re making a sad mistake. Although he’s earthy and realistic, he’s not interested in playing Sugar Daddy. He’s too fluid and changeable and mercurial to tolerate being someone else’s Rock of Gibraltar.

Appreciate his intelligence, his wit, his cynical wisdom, his craftsmanship, his shrewdness, his kindness, his sensitivity and his integrity. For those who respect intelligence, real dyed-in-the-soul refinement and grace, and the mysterious charisma of inner solitude, the Virgo man makes those more flamboyant types seem pretty boorish in comparison.

Who’s the Virgo man?

He enters your life quietly and steals the spotlight. On the surface he appears calm as cucumber and yet just beneath the surface you can sense the turbulent sexual currents. Discerning and analytical, he needs order like other men need water. Meticulous, thorough and neat, he’s the type of guy the IRS sends thank you cards to. And yet he’s a gentleman who understands how a woman wants to be treated.
Witty, Ambitious and a Dry Sense of Humour. Even though he’s not the most popular guy at the party, he is the one most girls remember. Stubborn, private and as independent as a wild horse… he keeps his heart shut tight as a drum. Here’s a word of warning: If he’s not in love with you, don’t waste your time trying to catch him. That would be like attempting to catch an eagle in a butterfly net. The Virgo man has mastered the art of living in the moment.
He’s reliable, authentic and true to himself. You will never know for sure, exactly how many lovers there were before you. In other words…he’s usually a very discreet lover.
If you are attracted to him, expect for him to bring a new kind of challenge into your life. In public, many sensual Virgo men appear to be much more conservative than they really are. In private, don’t be shocked to discover you have an adventurous, daring insatiable lover on your hands.
When he’s sexually aroused, it’s an all consuming experience. For him, sex is an all or nothing experience. If it’s you he wants…then he will stop at nothing to get you. If you are unavailable, he’ll patiently wait – like a tiger stalking its prey in the tall brush. If you are playing hard to get, he will taunt you, like a cat toys with a mouse.
He’s more attracted to intelligence than elegance, common sense over sophistication. He’s looking for a woman who is equal to him in every way. He’s not afraid to be your sensual, mental, emotional and intellectual soul mate. Your Virgo is not interested in owning his woman. In fact, he would much rather feel like he belongs with you instead of to you.

The Virgo Woman…

If you’re looking for the perfect secretary/housekeeper, you should probably go and find yourself some other sign. The main gift of the Virgo woman is her intelligence, not her tidiness. If you find the compulsive housebound type of Virgo who dusts three times a day, then you’re courting trouble, because you’ve got yourself a Virgo who uses rituals to hide from some pretty explosive emotions.

There are plenty of Virgo women about who take an interest in their homes and like a beautiful, orderly environment. But what really matters to her is good taste, subtlety and understanding, and she has a keen wit about people and life. There are catches, of course. The Virgo woman can be terrifyingly self-contained, and it’s often difficult for her to be “married” in the deeper sense of the word. There’s a quality about the Virgo woman which is psychologically untouchable, and if you try to invade that private, secret self you’re likely to get the same reaction as if you tried physical assault.

Virgo women aren’t the clinging, needy type. More often they’re Amazons who show a frightening degree of capability and efficiency, either on a physical level or a mental one – and sometimes on both. Bad luck if you want to be the Sun around whom a happily reflecting Moon-partner orbits.

The Virgo woman has her own ideas and opinions, and a profound need to communicate them. Some Virgo women talk so much that it can make you cover your ears and begin screaming just to make the sound stop. It may not be the famous Virgo criticism, either. It may be all about the latest book she’s read, or the problem she had to solve in her programming work, or the person she’s lately been taking apart and analysing psychologically.

If you’re after the beautiful, silent type, forget it. Virgo women also have an infuriating propensity to question your knowledge. Tell her something and she’ll ask for the source, complete with footnotes. Virgos don’t really believe anyone else until the definitive reference work becomes available. It’s hard to be more knowledgeable than a Virgo, because they soak up knowledge like a sponge soaks up water. This can do wonders for your intellectual scope and horrors for your ego.

Some Virgo women are Earth-mothers, and the sign’s sensitivity expresses itself through a love of nature and a healing and skilful touch with all crafts. And that need to be useful attracts many Virgos into the helping professions, from nursing to dietetics to psychology and psychiatry to alternative healing of all kinds.

Virgo’s real warmth and sparkle take time to emerge from behind the apparent coolness and detachment. It’s hard for the Virgo woman to be spontaneous. Often she can only show love by doing practical things for her loved ones. Intense emotions are frightening, and can only be expressed in an atmosphere of trust.

Break that trust and you’ll get the sarcastic, cutting edge of the Virgo tongue, which can be lethal because she’s been observing with minute care all the weaknesses that you were certain no one noticed. Virgo women have a disconcerting habit of spotting the carefully hidden frayed cuff and the nervous twitch you thought you were controlling. They observe minutiae because the vast spectrum of life is best reflected in the small. Virgos take pride in their skills and want respect for their accomplishments.

This woman radiates a mysterious aloofness which may sound like, “Keep Out!” but really means, “Welcome, but respect my separateness.” The Virgo woman makes an art of being her own person. She won’t adore you blindly. More likely she’ll love you for your imperfections, because she’s a compassionate realist and likes feeling useful and needed. This can terrify you into running very quickly in the opposite direction (if your vanity matters that much to you). Or it can be a wonderfully cooling and inspiring experience to actually be your ordinary human self.

Sensual Virgo women are the consequential voyeurs of the Zodiac.It’s interesting to watch …other people watching you. You’ve got that special female magic that attracts attention like a magnet. Women admire your competence. Men are attracted to your quiet confidence.

Thoughtful, Affectionate and Gracious.  You are intuitive, astute, efficient, reliable and ready to change the world. No matter if you’re being a wife, mother or CEO, your amazing attention to detail,coupled with your deep desire to help, makes you unstoppable.
Sensuous, Naïve and Mischievous. You are an intriguing combination of virgin and vixen. To the outside world you appear wholesome and pure as snow. In private you are fierce, passionate and exciting. If your sex appeal was a perfume, it might be called “Innocence.” Why? Because you have that sweet and sexy, practical and playful, girl-next-door combination that is too tempting for most men to resist. That’s why falling in love with you is so easy.
Simply put, you want the best of everything. You want security and freedom. You want passion and harmony. You want friendship and wild romance. You want surprises and predictability. You want it all. And lucky for you, you are the kind of woman who gets exactly what she wants

Virgo Lover

This is the sign of ‘service to others’ and that’s exactly what Virgo does.  Virgos will cater to your every whim just to make sure that you’re satisfied. They’ll watch you closely to make sure that what they’re doing is turning you on.  Virgos are attracted to those they feel are the underdogs or who seem to be invisible to others and like Cancers, are attracted to ‘fixer-uppers.’

Though Virgo is the ‘virgin,’ don’t let them fool you.  They’re very seldom ever virginal or innocent.  They are generally insatiable where sex is concerned, and are just as kinky as Scorpios or Leos in the bedroom.  Porn flicks are not beyond them, and they love to watch, mainly to learn, but for the sexual pleasure of it as well.  Virgos have a difficult time receiving, since their focus is usually on their partner.  But when they allow themselves to receive, they’re not above a little whipped cream or other culinary foreplay.  Tread lightly with the Virgo heart.  They have feelings just like the rest of the signs and don’t like to be led on.  If you love them, tell them so; and you’d better mean it.  Otherwise, as far as they’re concerned, you can hit the road.  They don’t like wasting their time on someone who isn’t truthful with their feelings.

Virgo with Aries…

There is an on-again, off-again quality to this combination. It can blow hot and cold and change like the weather, because it is an attraction of two very different creatures. Aries’ enthusiasm, courage, and impulsiveness are fascinating but sometimes offputting to self-contained, controlled Virgo.

On the other hand, Virgo’s self-sufficiency, subtlety, and careful commitment to excellence are fascinating but sometimes irritating to restless Aries. Virgo is earthy and warmed by Aries’ fiery confidence in the future, while Aries can learn respect for time, order, and limits through Virgo’s common-sense realism and patience.

Beware of polarising, because, on a bad day, your differences can push you into extremes and generate quarrels. Aries can feel stifled and depressed by Virgo’s critical and over-cautious attitude. And Virgo can feel stressed out and bullied by Aries’ impatience and imperviousness to worldly and emotional limits.

Respect each other’s strengths and listen to each other without trying to change each other. You each need what the other has to offer in order to make bright dreams real and an exciting future viable in the mundane world.

Virgo with Taurus…

Like a peaceful and well-designed summer garden, the two of you could create an affectionate and stable relationship with the maximum of sensual satisfaction and the minimum of risk. You both like to know where you stand, and neither of you is likely to spend time, energy, and emotions simply on impulse. Both of you are concerned with security, and both have a fine appreciation of beauty, quality, and the merits of having financial matters in good order.

Taurus’ affectionate nature can help to thaw Virgo’s inherent shyness, and Virgo’s lively intellect can help to open Taurus’ mind to many new avenues of thought. This is a lovely combination, with little inherent friction.

However, the two of you can easily get into a rut, because you both like your habits and rituals and see no need to change anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. Being safe all the time can be boring.

Try to give time and expression to your imagination. An excess of practicality can stifle the creative gifts in both of you, which would be a pity since you could offer each other so much inspiration and mutual encouragement of talent.

Virgo with Gemini…

An intelligent partner is likely to be far more appealing to either of you than a glamorous but boring one. And you have certainly found that intelligence in each other.

Lively curiosity about a whole range of subjects and a desire to constantly expand your understanding could unite you in an exciting, endlessly stimulating relationship. You have met your intellectual match in each other, and that is what both of you most want.

Yet sometimes you can irritate each other, because your minds, although equal in flexibility and vitality, often function on quite different levels. Airy Gemini loves information for its own sake, and is not necessarily orderly in collecting facts or articulating them. Earthy Virgo wants useful information which can be applied in some way to help create a better, more orderly life.

Gemini can hop from one subject to another and become bored quickly. Virgo likes to complete projects and have everything in its place. Try not to annoy each other with your different conversational styles. And when you are with others, don’t pick at each other. Enjoy your differences, learning from each other rather than arguing and criticising.

Virgo with Cancer…

In some ways this is an ideal combination, because earthy, orderly Virgo can offer containment and understanding while watery, affectionate Cancer can offer warmth and emotional nourishment.

Both of you like security, and you may share a love of the past, and an orderly and beautiful domestic environment. Neither of you likes to take too many risks, emotionally or materially, and you are both compassionate people who may be tenderly caring of each other. Both of you have the qualities of a good caretaker, even if you lead a busy professional life.

You are more likely than many couples to make the effort to really understand each other. However, some problems may arise from Virgo’s need for clearly defined boundaries and lots of privacy. But Cancer needs emotional closeness, and likes lots of sharing. Cancer’s moodiness and indirectness can be irritating to Virgo’s love of calmness and clarity, and Virgo’s sometimes ferocious self-containment can be hurtful to Cancer’s need for emotional intimacy.

But even with this area of potential conflict, both of you have a great willingness to understand how others feel and think. And that can create a strong and enduring bond.

Virgo with Leo…

this combination can work really well. Virgo can offer cool perspective, analysis, and order, while Leo can offer vision, imagination, and excitement. Leo can help Virgo to develop greater self-confidence, and Virgo can help Leo to actualise dreams.

You could work well together on any creative project, combining vision and attention to structure and detail. You could also create a wonderful home life together, combining beauty, luxury, style, and stability.

But you need to remember that the very qualities which attract you can also irritate you in each other. Virgo can be easily exploited because of the need to feel useful, while Leo basks in a sense of specialness.

Leo wants to have grand aspirations, and may get tired of being constantly reminded of mundane responsibilities. Virgo needs to be allowed to be fussed over, and should not be treated like an employee. Leo needs to learn to deal with everyday tasks without feeling resentful, but should not be treated like a child.

Avoid blaming each other for the things you find difficult to do and respect each other’s strengths. You will be able to avoid many conflicts.

Virgo with Virgo…

Private, shy, and refined people that you both are, you have a deep understanding of each other’s sensitivities and anxieties. Earthy Virgo needs order in the environment as well as an intelligent partner. As both of you have similar needs, you can respect each other’s boundaries and offer each other the mental stimulation you both crave.

You are also both security-conscious and appreciate the importance of a solid material foundation to life. And you are also both pleased to help others, and are therefore likely to be of great help to each other in both your working lives and in other projects.

The only problem is that neither of you is a great risk- taker and both of you fear the unknown. This means that you may create too ordered and even rigid a lifestyle where there is little room to expand, explore, pursue adventures, or allow the exciting and unpredictable into your lives.

Too many journeys with a car full of maps, medications, and bits and bobs all geared toward emergency measures “if something happens” are not conducive to keeping the romance alive in a relationship. Both of you may need to remember the importance of the words of love as well as the practical gestures which may demonstrate love but do little to nourish the soul.

Virgo with Libra…

Both of you are refined people, and your relationship is likely to be mutually respectful, elegant, and intellectually inspiring. Airy Libra loves ideas, and the kind of order which matters so much to Virgo. Virgo loves quality, and the kind of beauty in form and idea which matters so much to Libra.

You might make a wonderful team in business or creative projects, for both of you are clear, objective, and unlikely to act impulsively. Both of you are also uncomfortable with heavy emotional scenes, so arguments between you are likely to be civilised and full of rational explanations. This may sometimes be a good thing.

But it can also be a problem, because together you may run the risk of pushing really difficult emotional issues under the carpet and hoping that reason will make the problems go away. And they won’t go away, unless you can both learn to be more forthright in expressing emotional needs.

Neither of you is especially good at expressing anger. This could lead to covert resentment or a chilly atmosphere. Passion can feel threatening to you because neither of you likes to lose control. But sometimes loss of control could help to thaw your inhibitions and heal conflicts.

Virgo with Scorpio…

You are both innately cautious and insightful souls who are not especially willing to wear your hearts on your sleeves. There is an instinctive understanding between you which could make this a deep and empathetic relationship. Earthy Virgo can help Scorpio to achieve greater objectivity about emotional issues, and watery Scorpio can help Virgo to achieve greater openness in expressing deeper feelings.

You also both value privacy, and both of you need to be respected as well as loved. Your interests are likely to overlap, since both of you love deep analysis and are fascinated by what makes people “tick”.

Scorpio’s intensity may sometimes make Virgo feel invaded, and Virgo’s clarity may sometimes make Scorpio feel that passion is being rationalised away. Yet this potential irritant between you can also be one of the most important areas where you can expand each other’s personalities.

Deep down, you are both serious, thoughtful people who are bored by superficiality, repelled by hypocrisy, and concerned with living your lives to the highest standard of which you are capable. As long as you can respect each other’s vulnerability, you can get the most out of this rich combination.

Virgo with Saggitarius…

The excitement of exploring new ideas and world-views can act as a powerful attraction between the two of you. Both of you are thinking creatures who are easily bored by a partner who cannot share the world of the mind.

Physical passion alone isn’t likely to draw either of you into a serious relationship. You both want an intelligent partner, and you’ve probably found this in each other. Both of you are excellent communicators, and you are versatile and can become skilled at a variety of tasks and talents.

But your differences are as dramatic as your similarities. Virgo’s preoccupation with mundane details can collide with Sagittarius’ preoccupation with the pursuit of life’s higher meaning. Virgo can be shy and self-contained, while Sagittarius can be extraverted and insensitive to boundaries. Virgo needs to accept Sagittarius’ impulsive enthusiasm, while Sagittarius needs to respect the demands of material reality.

Your capacity to communicate can help you to sort out your differences, but verbal debate may not always solve emotional conflicts. Sometimes the best way for the two of you to solve problems is to stop talking for a while.

Virgo with Capricorn…

Pragmatic and wise to the ways of the world, both of you know how to cope with real life and are likely to appreciate each other’s common sense and shrewd assessment of other people. Deep down you both want security in your personal life, emotionally as well as materially.

Neither of you likes the nomadic lifestyle – adventure is fun as long as there are no big surprises. When travelling you both feel happier with a map in one hand and a first aid kit in the other just in case “something” goes wrong. Both of you are born under earth signs, and your relationship is likely become very solid.

But as a couple you can sometimes get bogged down. Too much organising can kill spontaneity, and too much realism can inhibit imaginative expression. Try to do unpredictable things together occasionally, and make the effort not to take each other’s reliability for granted. No one likes to be appreciated only for their steadiness, like a piece of furniture.

Don’t be so slow to show feelings to each other. A real apology goes further than a practical gesture meant to compensate for hurt. The depth and endurance of your bond needs to be graced, every now and then, with a few hyacinths for the soul.

Virgo with Aquarius…

Both of you are reasonable, civilised people who dislike chaos. There is a great deal of mutual respect for each other’s intelligence and desire to understand life and people. Shared ideals and work projects can help to bring out the most creative elements in both of you. Airy Aquarius can help earthy Virgo to find a broader intellectual perspective, and Virgo can help Aquarius to ground ideals in solid practical efforts.

You both have a strong sense of responsibility and also a strong need for privacy and breathing space. You are also self-sufficient people, capable of getting on with things without needing constant emotional reassurance.

And you have difficulty in expressing deeper emotional needs. As you are both natural communicators, learn to communicate about your feelings. Detachment is a desirable quality but it can kill passion. Neither of you likes sentimental gestures, and both can feel distinctly uncomfortable with emotional excess.

Yet deep down you are both human and long to have your innermost heart understood. The clarity and sense of ethics you both bring to the relationship needs to give way, occasionally, to expressions of ordinary human emotional need.

Virgo with Pisces…

Although earthy Virgo and watery Pisces are zodiacal opposites, the two of you are more alike than you might realise. Virgo likes to know exactly what’s happening in everyday mundane life, and Pisces dreams of boundless realms uncontaminated by worldly concerns.

But both of you are extremely sensitive creatures who are attuned to invisible currents. You know that life is full of magic, love and beauty. Earthy Virgo can offer shrewdness and realism to idealistic Pisces, while watery Pisces can thaw Virgo’s shyness and defensiveness.

But Virgo’s need for structures can both irritate and ground Piscean dreams. Pisces’ need for fluidity can both threaten and loosen Virgo’s rigidity.

As long as you don’t fall into the trap of assuming that Virgo will deal with all the mundane routines while Pisces stares out the window thinking creative thoughts, you can wander through life serving those deeper values in which both of you believe.

Although you may have conflicts like any other couple, you are both flexible enough to recognise the “otherness” of each other, and wise enough to know that you can love someone who thinks and feels differently than you yourself do.