Libra is the sign of the Scales

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For this sign I’ve chosen The Rosette Nebula

This sign is: Air

Your ruling planet is Venus, the mythic goddess of love and beauty. Because of this, lots of people think Libra should be the easiest sign to understand. All you need is love, right? Wrong. Libra is an air sign. And air is concerned with ideals and principles above all else. Ah, love. Of course you think a lot about love. But the operative word here is think.

Your idea of love isn’t really an intimate, steamy tête-à- tête or a chaotic explosion of uncontrolled passions. More likely it will involve a quiet meeting in a pleasant environment, where you can expound on one of your many theories on the perfect relationship, your concepts about how people ought to behave toward each other, and your clear, faultless vision of a world where everything is balanced, ordered, symmetrical and harmonious.

All that discussion about love can drive more emotive types mad. Although you can be as sexually inspired as any other sign, in the end the sharing of ideas is as important to you as the sharing of bodies. If there’s no communication, you can get bored pretty quickly. Your sign has less to do with ordinary sweaty human coupling than any other, and for you love must always be stylish, never coarse.

Libra is the great perfectionist of the zodiac. You use the words “fair” and “equal” a lot. You believe passionately in fairness, which can cause you unhappiness, because life and people aren’t always fair. You also believe passionately in equality, and here, too, you may encounter unhappiness, because finding a relationship where each partner gives and takes exactly the same amount and loves the other equally is like finding a unicorn.

No doubt you believe in unicorns too, and you’re prepared to go on searching for that perfect companion, that perfect career, that perfect environment where no human mess intrudes. You’re forever seeking the Good, the True and the Beautiful. And in your eternal efforts to change the world and make it a place where the Good, the True and the Beautiful can make their abode, you’re likely to genuinely succeed in making life just that bit better and more beautiful.

Librans have the gift of creating style, grace and harmony wherever they go. You pursue your goals with diplomacy, tact and statesmanship, since you know much more gets accomplished when you’ve managed to convince people that your idea is their idea by a liberal use of the royal Libran “We”. Of course, you usually do exactly what you want. But you have the knack of getting everyone around you to co- operate.

You have a positive hatred of emotional storms, so you probably have trouble expressing your own emotions honestly. Anger, hatred, jealousy, neediness, intense desire – frightening stuff, all of it, and expressing it can get you into trouble (meaning that other people might get hurt or angry with you).

Librans, those great lovers of Truth, are often emotionally dishonest with themselves and with others, although it’s never intentional and never out of a desire to deceive. But when your anger blows (and it always does, when you’ve saved it up for too long), it can really blow. You can be the original “meek as a lamb or mad as a hornet” personality. Yet neither of these is really a true reflection of your essentially harmonious nature.

No matter how many times you get out of balance, the path between the extremes will always beckon with its gentle light, and the search for perfect equilibrium will always ensure that your life never stagnates. And maybe you recognise a secret that lots of other people don’t see: that it’s genuinely possible for human beings to be more than they are: more Good, more True and more Beautiful.

The Libra Man…

Libran men usually possess a good deal of taste. They also often possess a good deal of vanity. This is not one of your rough-and-ready macho types who changes his shirt every three weeks and occasionally checks the mirror to see if he’s cut himself shaving. Libran men are concerned about how they look.

This can produce either a well-dressed, attractive man who looks and smells good and likes quality in everything, or a preening peacock. Probably you’ll see a bit of both. But it’s understandable, since beauty is always important to Libra, in ideas as well as in form. His home will generally be tasteful, often luxurious, and full of state-of-the-art technology. He loves being complimented. Libran men aren’t embarrassed or stiff about offering compliments, either.

The nicest side of this is that you can feel really appreciated. The darker side is that the Libra man sometimes can’t get past his hangup about perfection. He’s often the “sucker for a pretty face”, and is frequently fooled or badly hurt when what he thought was Good, True and Beautiful turns out not to be. It may take a long time for Libra to recognise that the surface is not necessary a good index to character.

This man likes style and attractiveness in a partner. He likes style so much that he’s prepared to spend a lot for it. Libra is usually generous, provided you don’t take advantage (fair is fair). He also needs to know that he’s appreciated. This can get tiresome when he requires appreciation from too many admirers, but the Libran who plays around is either a Libran who’s running from too many emotional scenes at home, or a Libran who’s desperately insecure.

The more balanced Libran is usually prepared to work hard to create a good relationship rather than hurling himself into “flings”, because he likes companionship and wants something more than just a few steamy nights of good sex. He has a mind, after all, and often a brilliant one, and he needs friendship and intellectual companionship too.

Although he loathes heavy emotional scenes and often suppresses his own feelings in the name of harmony and reason, the Libra man is a real romantic. He understands things like flowers, soft music, quiet evenings in intimate restaurants, elegant parties. He can’t bear an unromantic partner who has no time for his dreams, or an emotionally voracious partner who isn’t interested in his ideas.

Never take him for granted. He usually won’t take you for granted either, unless you’ve crushed his spirit by being too emotionally hungry or too flat-footed and prosaic. Then he’ll show the chillier, more calculating side of his nature, the one that keeps a relationship together because it’s convenient.

This is not a simple, easy temperament to get to know. He has a tendency to retreat into his head to such a degree that it can sometimes make you feel very cut off and alone. But he’ll do this to excess only when he’s been threatened emotionally. He needs plenty of breathing space in between emotional exchanges. This man deeply understands and appreciates the meaning of balance. Meet him halfway, and he’ll come down from his ivory tower often enough to keep any reasonable partner happy.

Who’s the Libra man?

If there’s a black belt in sexual stamina, he’s won it. He’s a born diplomat, a sensual man of luxury and the one lover you’ll never forget. He’s always up for making love and yet deep down he’s more romantic than you would imagine. The Libra man tends to enjoy a long bachelorhood. He will take his time to get to the altar because he knows he’s only going there once.

Sex Appeal, Charisma and Power…..

These are as natural to him as breathing. Take a look at the way he dresses, the way he walks with such ease and confidence and you can tell, this guy isn’t just climbing up the ladder of success he’s springing up it. Sensitive and idealistic, the Libra man has a weakness for beauty. He is a strong man who is ruled by his heart and not his eyes. Once committed, a Libra man usually stays close to home.
If you are already in a relationship with a Libra man then you already know all about his little quirks. You know how he likes to make love all different times of day and night and in so many exotic ways. You know how moody he can be. One day he’s as happy as a puppy at a picnic and the next day a dark mood rolls in like a level five thunderstorm.

The Libra Woman…

The Libra woman loves beauty, style and elegance. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s shallow or superficial. She has a mind like a steel trap. This woman is not some vague, fluffy bundle of mascara and stiletto heels that will stare in open-mouthed admiration at your mental acrobatics. She’s probably either got a string of academic degrees or might as well have, and has already worked out the solution to the problem in ten minutes which you’ve been struggling with for two hours.

Libra women can be quite unnerving. They often show a huge contradiction between their appearance and their real nature. Some Libra women prefer to find their beauty and elegance solely in the world of ideas. But even here you can see the style and grace at work, and most Libra women are usually very aware of their appearance. The appearance of the Libra woman often belies the capacities and capabilities of her intellect. She is, however, generally too tactful to allow this to be immediately known. You might not find out for years that she’s a lot smarter than you are.

There’s often a strong intellectual drive in the Libra woman, whether this shows itself as a love of theoretical knowledge or a love of organising. The Libra woman may need a strong career to allow expression of her gifts. There is often a real ability to work with groups and get people together in cooperative action. Her goal-orientated qualities are expressed through the Libra woman’s ability to work with structures, forms, organisations and concepts. This can be very disconcerting, as this is also usually the woman who will happily spend a day being pampered at the beauty salon and throw away a fortune on designer clothes.

No Libra is simple. The strong mental bias of the sign means she may tend to suppress her emotions. Whatever conventional stereotypes society might expect of women, the Libra woman generally prefers to reason things out rather than reacting out of instinct.

This is both a great boon and a great problem. It’s a boon in terms of potential achievement in the world and in terms of establishing clean, strong friendships. It’s a problem because her powerful intellect can make an insecure type of man feel very threatened; and dealing with children and intimate relationships can be difficult because the Libra woman may find it hard to show emotion spontaneously or respond freely to a partner’s or child’s emotional needs.

The key is romance. Libra’s tightly corseted, over-civilised emotions can usually be freed through the ritual courtship of romance. And the Libra woman is definitely a romantic, even if you find her displaying those frighteningly rational tendencies and claiming to be a logical, reasonable person.

A bunch of flowers can go a long way; but a heartfelt compliment goes an even longer way, and best of all is a genuine interest in and attraction to her mind. If you want to relate to a Libra woman, you have to accept both the man and the woman in her. For she possesses both, and the Libran woman who has found her own balance is comfortable in all worlds.

You are thoughtful, sensitive and you seek harmony in all things.

As a Sensual Libra woman, you have been blessed with the total package.People can’t help but feel fascinated by your sense of humour, inspired by your childlike wonder, and intrigued by your wide-eyed curiosity. You are easy to be around and so easy to make laugh. You are gracious, entertaining, and have a glowing appeal that naturally draws people to you.

Tender Tact, Sincere Charm and Unflappable Diplomacy

Your deepest desire is to maintain meaningful connections with people. Sensual Libras go about their lives quietly setting new standards. You have a real gift as a listener. Your ability to communicate with people makes you very popular. It’s no wonder that you are the person your friends call on first for advice and helpful suggestions. If you’re not already writing novels or creating poetry, you could be. Naturally creative and intuitive you have a way with words, written or spoken. You love to get involved in an intriguing conversation. In fact, there are times when debating actually turns you on. Sometimes you even take up the opposing view… just to stir things up bit.
Stress is one of the only things that get you down. You don’t like the feeling of overwhelm, chaos or disorder. Peace and tranquility are must-haves for you.Deep down, you are a natural born caregiver. Sweet, sensitive and sincere…plants, animals and children blossom in your care. If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called “Surrender.” Why? Because when you give yourself, you don’t hold back. In private, you are very playful. Sexually, you are a true romantic. You love to dance, giggle and have fun in bed with your lover

Libra Lover

Libra co-rules Venus along with Taurus. These lovely creatures love balance. They love to give, but because of their diplomatic nature, they expect there to be reciprocity as well. If you want to please your Libra, be fair.  Rub her back; this is an excellent way to get your Libras juices flowing.  It’s the give and take in a relationship that turns these lovely ones on.  And they love to play games.  In the bedroom, that is.   Pretend you’re a Martian and she’s a Venutian and you’ll have her phoning home…to cancel all her other appointments just to be with you.

Libras are extremely selective for all that.  But they’ll do anything for you.  They’re sweet and shy and loving.  While Leos are accused of not being able to tell the difference between sex and love, it’s actually Libra who has this little problem.  If it can truly be called a problem.  For Libra, sex is love, and vice versa.  They love sex.  And they show their love, often times, through their sexual natures.  But being an air sign has them dwelling in their heads, so like Geminis, they may talk while they’re making love, and not understand why you’ve just lost the moment.  They’re very practical, but they like to be romanced.  And they love to learn.  So give your Libra a book or DVD on sexual positions and suggest that you watch or read it together.  What could be more romantic?

Libra with Aries…

Challenge, change, and passionate ideals keep both of you fascinated by each other. Aries’ initiative and impulsiveness are nicely balanced by Libra’s calm rationality and sensitivity to others’ rights and needs.

Both of you are strong in your different ways, and have certain goals and ideals which you will not abandon – although Libra is more diplomatic about saying so. Both of you are restless spirits who need change and the sense that you are progressing with your lives. You are also both idealists and want to know that you are each doing your bit to help make the world better.

But your different approaches may sometimes strike sparks. Aries is fiery and “knows” intuitively when something is right, while Libra is airy and thinks things through in a logical way, taking others’ opinions into account before reaching a decision.

This point of conflict is also a point of compatibility. Each of you needs the qualities the other provides. As long as you both have goals you can pursue individually as well as together, you can inspire each other to fulfil your individual potentials. Just try to avoid getting stuck in routines which bore you both.

Libra with Taurus…

Beauty is a big turn-on for both of you. Both of you crave an environment and a lifestyle which are aesthetically satisfying. You may share many artistic or intellectual interests, and you are likely to have a lot of fun indulging each other and yourselves.

Pragmatic Taurus can help perfection-seeking Libra to be more accepting of life’s flaws, and sociable Libra can help habit-driven Taurus to move out into the world and make interesting new contacts.

Both of you like being spoiled, and need a lot of demonstrations of love. But the ways in which you express your love are very different. Taurus is more inclined to show love through physical affection and practical help. Libra is wordier and enjoys the romantic trappings of the Valentine’s Day card.

For Taurus the body is the fundamental reality, and good sex is the way to thaw the chill of a quarrel. For Libra, the mind is the fundamental reality, and a quarrel is best solved through discussion. This could sometimes cause misunderstandings. However, as long as you are willing to compromise, these differences could serve to enhance the attraction.

Libra with Gemini…

Both of you need intellectual stimulation from an intelligent partner, and you have found that in each other. Libra and Gemini are both air signs, and good communication is important to you.

Neither of you enjoys remaining submerged in emotional depths for long, and both of you need to come up for air at regular intervals. And then you need something to talk about. Shared aesthetic or intellectual interests can help to cement the bond between you. Together you make a civilised, refined, and elegant combination.

Neither of you is terribly good at expressing deeper feelings, however, especially if those feelings are heavy or might cause conflict. Inability to articulate anger can create problems, as both of you prefer to analyse or evade rather than engage in open emotional confrontation.

Try to be honest with yourselves and each other about your feelings and emotional needs. Although it may be uncomfortable, the air will always be cleaner and clearer afterward. Working for greater emotional honesty between you, can help you to create an inspiring, bright and gentle relationship.

Libra with Cancer…

This is an attraction of very different natures. The one thing you have in common is a desire to have your own way. But because both of you know the value of compromise, constant negotiations rather than wild fights are likely to be the result.

Airy Libra needs clarity, logic, and civilised interaction. Watery Cancer needs closeness, affection, and appreciation of the emotional flow between you. Cancer can thaw Libra’s emotional restraint, and Libra can help Cancer to find a more detached perspective on life.

You could well team up to work together on creative projects or business ventures which require both cool analysis and the warm human touch.

But if you polarise mind and feelings, you can easily fall into difficulties. Cancer is sensitive and can feel rejected by a cool atmosphere. Libra is idealistic and longs for harmony, and can feel stifled by too many emotional demands.

Try to appreciate the differences between you, and make an effort to speak the other’s language rather than trying to change each other to fit your image of an ideal partner. As long as you can strive for understanding a nature very different from your own, you have an enormous amount to offer each other.

Libra with Leo…

The chemistry between airy Libra and fiery Leo has elegance and magic. Libra needs harmony and beauty and is motivated by an ideal of love and relationship, and Leo can offer affection and heartfelt encouragement.

Leo is a born romantic with a need to feel special and a strong urge to express an individual creative vision to the world, and Libra can offer support and understanding.

You both need a lifestyle which is exciting and aesthetically pleasing, and neither of you is especially well suited to a work treadmill.

The only area where you may experience serious conflict is connected with how each of you views love. Leo likes to be in the limelight as often as possible, and can sometimes forget that relationships require recognition of each other’s wishes. This can deeply anger Libra, for whom fairness is incredibly important.

Libra likes to weigh everything before making decisions. This can deeply hurt Leo, for whom total commitment without question is the bread of life. Libra’s emotional distancing can injure Leo’s pride, while Leo’s self-centredness can offend Libra’s idealism.

Try to respect each other’s ideals and values and you can create a vibrant and affectionate bond.

Libra with Virgo…

Both of you are refined people, and your relationship is likely to be mutually respectful, elegant, and intellectually inspiring. Airy Libra loves ideas, and the kind of order which matters so much to Virgo. Virgo loves quality, and the kind of beauty in form and idea which matters so much to Libra.

You might make a wonderful team in business or creative projects, for both of you are clear, objective, and unlikely to act impulsively. Both of you are also uncomfortable with heavy emotional scenes, so arguments between you are likely to be civilised and full of rational explanations. This may sometimes be a good thing.

But it can also be a problem, because together you may run the risk of pushing really difficult emotional issues under the carpet and hoping that reason will make the problems go away. And they won’t go away, unless you can both learn to be more forthright in expressing emotional needs.

Neither of you is especially good at expressing anger. This could lead to covert resentment or a chilly atmosphere. Passion can feel threatening to you because neither of you likes to lose control. But sometimes loss of control could help to thaw your inhibitions and heal conflicts.

Libra with Libra…

Since both of you are so idealistic about love, and so clear about what a “perfect” relationship should be, you could have a wonderful time making the dream real. And you may succeed, at least in large part. Airy Libra places enormous importance on fairness, clarity, kindness, and civilised behaviour.

This could mean that, unlike many couples, you are able to be courteous, sensitive, and tolerant of each other’s differences because you want so much to be fair. You also both have a keen sense of the importance of the ritual romantic gesture, and this too could help to make your bond endure.

But you may both need to learn to take off the civilised mask from time to time and face each other honestly about your feelings and emotional needs. Neither of you likes confrontation. Yet without conflict, you could wind up creating a stylised, elegant, yet fundamentally dishonest relationship.

Learn to communicate your real feelings, even if it means a quarrel. Don’t sit hoping that the other will telepath what you can’t find the courage to articulate. You both have a deep understanding of the “contract” which every relationship needs in order to help both people feel loved.

Libra with Scorpio…

You are so very different that you are bound to be fascinated by each other. Airy Libra loves order, clarity, civilised behaviour, and harmony in all encounters. Watery Scorpio loves intense feeling, soulful confrontation, drama, mystery, and the occasional crisis or heated confrontation to feel inspired.

Libra can help Scorpio to discover perspective, balance, detachment, and gentleness. Scorpio can help Libra to discover emotional honesty, the hidden side of human nature, the pleasure of a good battle won, and the joys of passion.

But Libra can find Scorpio’s emotional intensity disturbing or even threatening, and can feel bullied by the aggression Scorpio can display in the face of frustration. Scorpio can find Libra’s careful ethics superficial or evasive, and can feel rejected by Libra’s insistence on detached discussion.

Both of you need to listen to each other and appreciate each other’s strengths. Libra needs to jump in and learn to fight openly. Scorpio needs to jump out and learn to think coolly. Both of you place enormous importance on relationships, and in many ways your relationship can make you both grow and flourish – provided you avoid polarising.

Libra with Saggitarius…

The two of you are both seekers after a higher reality, and you may share spiritual or aesthetic pursuits which help to build a deep and enduring bond. Airy Libra is idealistic about love and civilised in expressing it, and this enhances Sagittarius’ imaginative pursuit of life’s adventures.

Fiery Sagittarius is perpetually seeking meaning to the big questions in life, and this inspires Libra’s need for an orderly and meaningful cosmos. Libra’s cool rationality can help to tone down Sagittarius’ sometimes extreme enthusiasm, and Sagittarius’ optimism can help to bolster Libra’s often low self-esteem.

Sagittarius can sometimes display insensitivity and may be overly preoccupied with self-mythologising, and this can offend Libra’s need for fairness and equality in relationship. Libra can sometimes display a perfectionism combined with critical judgement which can hurt Sagittarius’ pride.

But the conflict here is really on the mental level, with intuition sometimes colliding with logic, and it is not an unresolvable conflict at all. As long as you respect each other’s different ways of thinking and communicating, you will have inspiration, interest and intellectual stimulation.

Libra with Capricorn…

Airy Libra and earthy Capricorn are likely to be both fascinated and irritated by each other. Both of you are civilised souls who value clarity and dislike indulgence in endless emotional scenes.

Libra can offer Capricorn a broader vision of life, an appreciation of the abstract realm, and a fine feeling for beauty in both material and intellectual realms. Capricorn can offer Libra a greater appreciation of the rewards of material achievement and the importance of persevering and accepting limits in order to succeed in life.

Libra is a true idealist while Capricorn is a true realist, and your different views of reality may sometimes collide. And since both of you like to have your own way you may have to get used to the occasional debate.

Your natural diplomacy helps to preserve peace, but it can also lead to evasion when it comes to expressing what each of you really feels. And neither of you is comfortable dealing with emotions. Libra can be intensely self-indulgent while Capricorn can be intensely self-disciplined, and you may need to avoid trying to subtly bully each other into acquiring habits which are alien to your temperaments. Try to learn from each other’s point of view.

Libra with Aquarius…

Both of you are creatures of the air, and both love the cool and civilised interaction. Even when the relationship is going through its most heated moments, there is a kind of detachment in both of you which allows you to remember basic behaviour requirements such as fairness and rational communication.

Libra loves harmony and beauty, and can offer Aquarius a refined, aesthetically sensitive mind as well as an intelligent interest in ideas. Aquarius loves understanding, especially other people, and can offer Libra insights into human behaviour as well as respect and tolerance for many different points of view.

Neither of you is especially good at open emotional confrontation, however, and this can mean that, in your efforts to be civilised and rational, you are not always honest with each other – or yourselves -about difficulties between you.

Try to learn to bear each other’s more intense feelings, particularly anger, because it is important that you can share emotions as well as thoughts. Otherwise the passion may wane and the two of you may wind up with a polite, stylised, formal but arid interchange. Learn to express ordinary human feelings. They are neither “bad” nor “irrational”.

Libra with Pisces…

Both of you love beauty, have fine sensitivities, and value kindness and gentleness in all your human interactions. Airy Libra longs for harmony and serenity, and watery Pisces, although unafraid of emotional depths, is too compassionate to unleash destructive feelings willingly. In fact you can be so concerned about being kind that you wind up constantly apologising to each other.

Creatively you can make a wonderful team, for Libra’s aesthetic sense combined with Pisces’ fluid imagination could generate real creative inspiration. You also both care a lot about other people, and may share ideals or commitments of a humanitarian or spiritual kind.

Pisces is subtle and often evasive because words are so inadequate when it comes to expressing deep emotional and spiritual truths. Libra is logical, rational, and civilised, and is highly idealistic about human nature and about what love “should be”. It is in this sphere that you may find problems arise.

Libra may need to learn to acknowledge and express feelings that aren’t “nice”, while Pisces may need to learn to articulate feelings more honestly and clearly. Try to be as honest with yourselves and each other as possible.