Pisces is the sign of the Two Fish

View of the Iconic Eagle Nebula

For this sign I’ve chosen The Eagle Nebula

This sign is: Water

It’s impossible to understand your real motivations, because like the tides of the ocean, they change all the time. Pisces is concerned with a realm that has no boundaries. Nothing less than the source of life itself is the secret you seek. No wonder, if you fail, that your disillusionment and world-weariness can be as great as your aspirations. It’s sometimes said this last sign of the zodiac contains a little bit of all the others. And no one is as much of a chameleon as you.

You have a fluidity and complexity which can be alternatively enchanting and infuriating. There are so many people inside you that others wonder when the real Pisces will stand up and be seen. Sometimes you show a strange passivity or inertia when a crisis looms. But making decisions requires choosing one thing over another, and to you all choices contain some truth. Seeing the relativity of truth is a great gift, because it makes you tolerant and forgiving – and, occasionally, incredibly lax.

That calm, wise indifference with which you greet human transgressions not only applies to your own transgressions. You can sit quietly while your lover leaves, your children insult you, your employer heaps abuse on your head, and your landlord throws you out of your house. Pisceans seem to accept misfortune as though they were born to it, expect it, even welcome it. But you know something other signs don’t: all that human suffering means little when your eyes and heart are focused on a greater unity.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic. Admittedly, there are Pisceans roaming about who are almost a caricature of the rational, scientific mind. These are the Fishes who are frightened of the chaos of their own depths. But probe more deeply, and unless the defences are incredibly rigid, there is a deep spiritual longing in every Pisces. Including you. That doesn’t mean religious in an orthodox way. But you have an intuitive sense of some other reality, something magical and elusive, a transcendent unity which makes ordinary life seem drab and meaningless.

You also have a deep instinctive wisdom about the futility of so many human desires. Intense ambition, powerful passions, covetousness, greed…these ordinary human motives don’t usually have much power over you. Deep down, you don’t really take them all that seriously. After all, as they say in the East, it’s only maya – only illusion. As a water sign, you’re deeply sensitive to the secret undercurrents that lie behind the mask of ordinary human behaviour.

It’s hard to fool a Pisces. But where others might respond by defending themselves and accruing resentment, you will look, see, feel saddened, and forgive. You often let yourself be taken advantage of, not because you’re gullible, but because you feel sorry for all sorts of people. This material world isn’t the real one to you; you listen to a different drumbeat.

You move in a world where every thought and action has thousands of associations which ripple out into infinity, and nothing is ever simple and clear. It’s hard for you to discriminate, to limit yourself. This can incline you to excess, which can lead to some big problems with things like food, alcohol, drugs or financial extravagance. The compensation for this disturbing lack of boundaries is your boundless imagination. Even heavily defended, hyper-rational Pisceans have this wonderful imaginative faculty hidden away.

The world of the arts, and of intuitive science (including computer science, higher mathematics and physics) is heavily populated by gifted Pisceans. You have a built-in key to the vast and mysterious realm of the unconscious psyche, and it was given to you at birth as a gift. The trouble is, once in those waters, you sometimes find it hard to come back. Coping with mundane reality can be a real problem for Pisceans. Although your intuition may be lightning-quick and your intellect brilliant, you often overlook something simple, like the electricity bill.

You’re also an incurable romantic. Some Pisceans have lots of defences to hide this tendency, but romantic you were born and romantic you will remain. And romance isn’t just about love affairs. You crave magic, and you get bored more easily than any other sign. The only truly consistent things about you are your allegiance to a higher, deeper reality and your love and longing for change. Never mind the safe job, the conventional social status, the budget which ensures your pension will see you through old age. You’ll take hyacinths for the soul any time.

The Pisces Man…

The combination of being a man and a Pisces can be a slightly uneasy one, because of those collective stereotypes which still haunt us despite our progress. This man won’t drag you by the hair into his cave (you may have to drag him, if you’re in a hurry), or rush off to hunt woolly mammoths while you stand over the cooking pot. He’s probably a better cook than you are, and rigid relationship roles don’t interest him. Some Piscean men run in terror from their underwater visions into a brittle rationality which demands statistics, definitions and proofs. These are the dogmatic Piscean materialists who have no tolerance for what they call “irrationality” in others.

It’s sad to see a Pisces man betray his soul in this way. Some Pisces men go to the other extreme. Then you have a man who wants a strong partner to support and take care of him while he’s writing the eternally unfinished novel or contemplating the job he’ll never actually apply for.

He’s the passive victim, abused and betrayed by a cold and brutal world, looking for sympathy and someone he can manipulate. But when you meet a Pisces man who has both self-respect and the courage to accept his vulnerability, then you have found a rare and wonderful creature. This is the anti-hero, the gentle fighter, the poet, the sensitive lover.

The Pisces man loves to feel “understood”. This isn’t a sign of strong physical passion as much as sybaritic sensuality. Allowing himself to strike up an interesting, sympathetic conversation, and then allowing himself to be seduced by good wine, soft music, satin sheets and erotic underwear is vastly preferable to heroic conquests. Pisces is as happy being a passive lover as he is being, literally or figuratively, the one on top – it all depends on how he feels in the moment. Often he will play the buffoon or the clown.

People love to protect him. He can protect himself perfectly well, but it isn’t always in his interest to let you know that. Trust him and you’ll bring the best out of him. See only his “unreliability” and he’ll have trouble trusting himself. He doesn’t usually trust himself anyway, since he understands the extremes of human nature better than anyone. Accuse him of something, and he’ll go out and do it, just to please. His way of fighting is not to fight; it’s to bend so far backward that you fall on your face.

Passive resistance is a technique dear to the Piscean heart. But don’t think he can be easily dominated. His world doesn’t include words like “dominant” and “submissive”. He may play pliant because he can really empathise with your point of view, or it just isn’t that important to him to draw blood. Try to dominate him and you’ll discover you’re empty-handed. He’s simply drifted away, without a fuss.

If you like having all your decisions made for you, don’t choose a Pisces. If you want someone whom you can bully, don’t choose a Pisces for that role either. Now you see him, now you don’t. No promise means anything to him if the fundamental values of the relationship have been abused. And just what are those values? Well, for one thing, they’re about a genuine, even if intermittent, touching of souls, of vision, of something so subtle and intangible that even the word “love” isn’t a very good description.

He can see through power-games pretty quickly. For a while, he’ll probably empathise because he understands better than you why your own insecurity makes you play them. But go on for too long and he just won’t be there the next morning. No note, no phone call. Just gone, like the fish vanishing in the depths.

If you want a relationship where you can get a glimpse of what mystics throughout the centuries have called “union with the One”, then choose a Pisces. Even if he isn’t overtly mystical and never thinks about such things, he has the power to open up mysterious depths in you. Being so strongly empathetic, he can thaw even the most frozen heart, just by being there and saying nothing. With his profound intuitive understanding of human nature, you’re never likely to be taken for granted or treated like an object. You get to be a fellow complex suffering and dreaming and aspiring human. And that’s worth a lot.

He is emotional, dreamy, and sensual and has a rich fantasy life.
According to the Zodiac, the Pisces male fantasizes about sex more times per day than any other sign. However, it’s his willingness to make it all about you that is his secret calling card. He has charm, wit and an uncanny way of using his sensuous lips to steal your kisses and your heart. His poetic, artistic approach is devastatingly attractive to almost any woman.
Intensity and sincerity are his mental aphrodisiacs. So bring your playfulness and passion into the bedroom. He’s looking for a woman to match his appetite for passionate living. Deep inside, he’s an old fashioned, all-or-nothing kind of guy. He remains restless until he finds a playmate as well as a soul mate with which he can be himself. If you want to please this sensuous man, don’t hold back in bed because he’s looking for a woman to share the best of everything including passion.
As private and as sensitive as he may seem, he doesn’t like the taste of his own company for too long. That’s why Pisces men tend to marry women who are best friends as well as best lovers. Your ability to keep him interested will depend on your ability to keep your romance intriguing, playful and fun.
A relationship without boundaries and sex without limits. A  Pisces man loves to have wild, uninhibited, shake the-paintings-off-the-walls and wake-up-the-neighbours sex. He’s private, he’s passionate and he’s fearless. His secret fantasy is to wake up every morning with a loving woman who brings out the animal in him

The Pisces Woman…

A lot of poems have been written in praise of the Pisces woman, celebrating her mystery, her gentleness, her compassion, her elusive charm. She can certainly seem like the earthly incarnation of the archetypal feminine. The lovely, gracious princess of the fairy-tale castle, waiting for her champion to rescue, cherish and protect her, is modelled on the Pisces woman. She has a unique ability to make other people feel strong and competent, because she so often seems to need protecting.

Because she has such a changeable range and depth of feeling, she often gives the impression of being slightly unformed. It brings out the Pygmalion tendencies in those who take delight in “shaping” other people. In part, it’s all true.

Devotion and gentleness are there in abundance in most Pisces women. But she’s not a blank slate for you to write on, and you’d be astonished at just how capable a survivor she really is. It’s just that she knows the best way to navigate the ocean’s currents is to go with the flow, rather than kicking and shrieking and throwing water all over the place.

Some Pisces women, like some Pisces men, are frightened of their vulnerability and retreat into a hyper-rational realm where they feel safe behind facts and concepts. All that vision and feeling gets locked up inside. But it’s easier for a Pisces woman to be herself than it is for a Pisces man in the modern world, unless she’s had some pretty brutal early experiences which have driven her into camouflage.

This woman is unfathomable, and possesses a soul which no one can entirely possess. Although eager to please and rarely overtly aggressive, she has the gift of defence through submergence. Now you see her, now you don’t. If she’s unhappy she may actually leave you, or find fulfilment quietly and secretly somewhere else. Equally likely, she’ll remain physically present but psychologically and emotionally absent, gone to the underwater realms of fantasy, or seeking retaliation for her unhappiness by being so self-sacrificing that you start feeling horribly guilty.

Romanticism runs high in the Pisces woman. She expects, and needs, the poetry and tenderness and understanding that any fairy-tale princess deserves. Starve her of these and you’ll drive her either into someone else’s arms or deep into herself, where she may transform into a martyr. Provide the kind of love she wants and your princess will become a queen. Simple, yet astonishingly difficult for many people, since Pisces seems to attract those who believe they can impress her with their sparkling intellect or their superior strength. She isn’t fooled by any of that. She wants a real, vulnerable, suffering, striving human being.

And make no mistake: the Pisces woman, if she is disappointed, will not hesitate to deceive you, on one level or another. Being “good” to her in conventional ways isn’t enough. You must enter her dreams with her. Ignore or patronise them, and you do it at your own risk. There is a strongly theatrical element in the Pisces woman. She’s capable of creating the most dreadful dilemmas and then asking for advice which she doesn’t take, since her need to suffer and sacrifice is as important as her need to love and be loved.

A perplexing creature. Meet her when she’s crossed a few oceans, and all the compassion and wisdom she’s acquired yield a richness and deep inner strength far more meaningful than the unshaped marble which attracted all those Pygmalions when she was younger. In this last of the signs, the true Wise Woman emerges, with a startling fund of intuitive insight and creative talent.

There is more than a touch of the witch in Pisces, although happily it’s usually the White Witch variety rather than the Black. What makes the difference is whether she’s been bruised in early life, and how badly. A Pisces woman gone wrong can be a kind of vampire, playing on the fantasy life of others and draining their energy and strength. But the Pisces woman who is loyal to her vision, her heart and her creative imagination is a true healer of souls – although she will be the last person to claim credit for the work of transformation she’s managed to achieve.

 Sensitive, Alluring and Responsive

The Sensual Pisces woman has a tendency to experience love at first sight more than any other sign.
Think about it. When you fall in love, you don’t just fall… you tumble head-over-heels.
You’re fascinating to watch. If you are not already a dancer you surely could be because you don’t just walk into a room, you float through the door. When you smile or talk, your loving personality shines through like a bright, beaming star.
This romantic radiance of yours has an overwhelming effect on people. Your energy naturally draws them to you and even makes them feel better about themselves. If your sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called “Sensual Surrender.” Why? Because romance is the drumbeat to your soul. You wear passion around your neck like a pearl necklace. When others are fearful about love, you abandon yourself to it. According to the Sensual Zodiac, no other sign loves as thoroughly and romantically as you. And here’s another sexy secret about you…
You long to be totally free in bed. You want to be swept away on a sea of emotion and lose yourself completely. You want sex that is rich in sensuality and dripping with intensity. You need a lover whose passionate kisses and caresses make you tremble with excitement.
The old fashioned way where romance comes first, followed by endless nights of passionate sex. You prefer naturally romantic settings so you can let your imagination run wild. The element of water is your romantic aphrodisiac… and that’s why anything that brings you deep relaxation is the best romantic ritual for you. And of the many ways you relax is a long, luxurious, romantic bath.

Pisces Lover

The Spiritual lover.  Or should we say, those who prefer illusion to reality.  Tantric or any type of spiritually-related sex is a big turn on for these sweeties. Pisceans are the really shy ones of the Zodiac.  Fishies are usually sensitive just about anywhere on their bodies, but especially their feet.  Suck their toes or rub their feet and your Fishy will swim upstream for you. They love to be ravished; even male Pisceans.  They want to know that they are loved and adored and desired.  And they’re more than willing to reciprocate the romance, as long as they don’t feel that they’re being coerced.  Then they balk.

Pisceans, like their sister sign, Cancer, are caretakers.  They love to cook for their loved ones, and in the bedroom, incorporating food into their lovemaking is not unheard of.  Like the fish glyph indicates, sometimes they don’t know if they’re coming or going, and in fact can be a bit spacey.  But don’t confuse this with dim-wittedness.  They are anything but.  In fact, they may act more like Gemini with their dual natures than like Pisces.  One moment they can be totally hot and turned on, and the next completely indifferent.  Most Pisceans love deeply, but many also aren’t quite convinced that they’re worthy of this love.

Pisces with Aries…

Pisces’ watery vulnerability brings out all the fiercest protective instincts in Aries. And Aries’ pioneering spirit brings out Pisces’ most compassionate and devotional side. Both of you are romantics and both appreciate the importance of intuition and the non-rational side of life.

Aries wants a cause to champion, and Pisces’ gentleness can provide it. Pisces needs someone heroic to adore, and Aries’ courage can provide it. Pisces’ inclination to retreat into the inner world is nicely balanced by Aries’ energy and go- getting approach in the outer world.

This combination could work incredibly well because each of you has what the other needs. Aries needs Pisces’ awareness of human frailty in order to avoid impatience and insensitivity. Pisces needs the courage and confidence of Aries in order to avoid feeling victimised by life.

As long as the two of you can avoid playing the “insensitive bully versus vulnerable martyr” act, together you have the ability to enhance each other’s creative potential as well as the gift of keeping romantic feelings alive indefinitely.

Pisces with Taurus…

This combination can bring out some extremely fine, sensitive, loving feelings in both of you. Pisces’ compassion is stirred by Taurus’ willingness to endure unhappiness in the name of preserving what is worthwhile in life, and Taurus’ protective side is stirred by Pisces’ vulnerability and neediness.

Pisces’ gentleness, empathy, and imagination can have a wonderfully softening effect on Taurus’ pragmatism and resistance to change. And Taurus’ calm realism can help Pisces to focus creative abilities and feel safe and cherished.

You might both also give each other a lot of encouragement in developing creative talents. Taurus’ love of beauty can be inspired by Pisces’ boundless imagination. And Pisces’ receptivity to the invisible world can become more focused through Taurus’ respect for form and craftsmanship.

A warning: Taurus can be possessive and unforgiving if there is any threat of inconstancy. And Pisces, because of a natural empathy for others, may sometimes provoke jealousy simply through showing compassion to too many people.

There may be lessons about possessiveness and loyalty to learn in this relationship. Learn them and you can have both magic and permanence.

Pisces with Gemini…

Because both of you are fascinated by people, you have a lot to share with each other. Your relationship is likely to be constantly shifting, changing, and expanding your world-view and your understanding of many different things.

Both of you are intelligent and thoughtful people. You are also adaptable, restless, and easily bored by routines, and this could make for a mutually rewarding bond involving adventures, travel, and challenging new creative projects.

There can be some sensitive issues, however, mainly connected with communication between you. Airy Gemini needs to communicate constantly, and doesn’t enjoy silences or the subtler forms of dialogue like inference and nuance. Watery Pisces hates being pinned down and prefers a more poetic, diffuse way of communicating ideas.

Gemini can seem emotionally cool, and Pisces can seem overly dependent – although the truth is that each of you is capable of both deep need and a craving for breathing space, depending on your mood. Try to respect each other’s different ways of sharing feelings and ideas, and you will be able to avoid misunderstandings which interfere with what could be a very stimulating bond.

Pisces with Cancer…

Both of you are born under water signs, and the emotional exchange between you is likely to be deep, empathetic and subtle. Neither of you is afraid of deep emotion, and both of you have a great tolerance for each other’s weaknesses.

Together you can create a wonderful bond of warmth, affection, and a powerful understanding which does not require explanations. You could also offer each other a great deal of creative inspiration, and shared creative projects or artistic interests could help to strengthen your bond.

You may need to pay attention to the issues of possessiveness and communication. Both of you are capable of deep love and constancy. But Cancer can become very jealous if Pisces’ natural empathy for people appears a little too interested. Pisces, on the other hand, may play helpless in order to keep Cancer “available”.

Both of you are good at pushing guilt-buttons, and you need to learn to be more honest about your feelings. Even though you don’t think that words can convey what you want, they can help you to avoid emotional game-playing. Moods and atmospheres will always be part of your interchange, but you also need detachment and a willingness to talk things through.

Pisces with Leo…

The two of you have the rare gift of creating the magical world of fairytales together. Both of you are romantics and both recognise the importance of the inner world of the imagination. Creatively, you could provide enormous inspiration to each other.

Leo’s fiery, heroic approach to life is an excellent balance to Pisces’ gentle, watery vulnerability. Leo’s strength and pride are a fine foil for Pisces’ subtlety and self- effacement. Both of you are likely to draw a lot of tenderness and protectiveness from each other.

There is one area where you may need to be careful. Leo can be possessive, while Pisces can display so much empathy for so many people that Leo feels unappreciated and jealous. Leo needs to feel special and unique, while Pisces resonates to the common humanity in everyone.

Pisces needs to recognise how vulnerable Leo is beneath the shining, confident exterior, and Leo needs to recognise how strong and loyal Pisces can be beneath the diffident, vague exterior.

If you are able to see past your differences to how similar you both are in many ways, your romantic souls can bask in the mythic world which both of you so much love to inhabit.

Pisces with Virgo…

Although watery Pisces and earthy Virgo are zodiacal opposites, the two of you are more alike than you might realise. Pisces dreams of boundless realms uncontaminated by worldly concerns, and Virgo likes to know exactly what’s happening in everyday mundane life.

But both of you are extremely sensitive creatures who are attuned to invisible currents. You know that life is full of magic, love and beauty. Earthy Virgo can offer shrewdness and realism to idealistic Pisces, while watery Pisces can thaw Virgo’s shyness and defensiveness.

But Virgo’s need for structures can both irritate and ground Piscean dreams. Pisces’ need for fluidity can both threaten and loosen Virgo’s rigidity.

As long as you don’t fall into the trap of assuming that Virgo will deal with all the mundane routines while Pisces stares out the window thinking creative thoughts, you can wander through life serving those deeper values in which both of you believe.

Although you may have conflicts like any other couple, you are both flexible enough to recognise the “otherness” of each other, and wise enough to know that you can love someone who thinks and feels differently than you yourself do.

Pisces with Libra…

Both of you love beauty, have fine sensitivities, and value kindness and gentleness in all your human interactions. Airy Libra longs for harmony and serenity, and watery Pisces, although unafraid of emotional depths, is too compassionate to unleash destructive feelings willingly. In fact you can be so concerned about being kind that you wind up constantly apologising to each other.

Creatively you can make a wonderful team, for Libra’s aesthetic sense combined with Pisces’ fluid imagination could generate real creative inspiration. You also both care a lot about other people, and may share ideals or commitments of a humanitarian or spiritual kind.

Pisces is subtle and often evasive because words are so inadequate when it comes to expressing deep emotional and spiritual truths. Libra is logical, rational, and civilised, and is highly idealistic about human nature and about what love “should be”. It is in this sphere that you may find problems arise.

Libra may need to learn to acknowledge and express feelings that aren’t “nice”, while Pisces may need to learn to articulate feelings more honestly and clearly. Try to be as honest with yourselves and each other as possible.

Pisces with Scorpio…

Both of you are water signs, and both need periodic indulgence in intense feeling to know that you are truly alive. You are both romantics and neither of you can stand too much detachment or sameness in a relationship.

This could be very creative if you are involved in any work connected with the arts or the helping professions. It could also be empathetic and healing for both of you, since you see beyond the surface and know each other’s vulnerabilities as well as each other’s strengths. There is a lot of potential affection, empathy and deep understanding between you.

But objectivity is not a strong point in either of you. Intense Scorpio can become possessive if fluid Pisces is seen being sympathetic to too many people. Expressive Pisces can feel rejected if self-contained Scorpio keeps secrets.

Scorpio’s intense pride can create an illusion of coldness, and Pisces’ tendency to feel martyred can impose guilt. Try to avoid emotional game-playing. Learn to communicate without inferences of blame, and learn to identify when you are exaggerating or distorting what is happening between you. It is worth the effort to stand back sometimes and look at yourselves and your motives clearly.

Pisces with Saggitarius…

Both of you have vision and imagination, and neither of you likes to be hemmed in by material responsibilities. A deep concern with higher or deeper meaning in life can create a powerful bond.

You are also both flexible people, tolerant and willing to listen and understand points of view other than your own. This means that it’s unlikely either of you will attempt to control the other or fall into power battles about who dominates whom.

But Sagittarius is fiery and Pisces is watery, and communication might be difficult at times. Pisces communicates obliquely, and sensitivity to atmosphere is more important than rational explanations. Sagittarius is open, honest, enthusiastic, and can sometimes blurt things out which can be hurtful. You both need to make an effort to understand each other’s language and meet halfway.

There is also a dependence-independence issue between you. Although neither of you is possessive, Pisces needs a lot of emotional intimacy. Sagittarius needs a lot of freedom, and can easily feel caged.

Try to respect each other’s emotional needs, even if this requires compromise. The chemistry between you is so promising that it’s worth the effort.

Pisces with Capricorn…

Watery Pisces loves being looked after, and earthy Capricorn needs someone to look after. Pisces needs someone to inspire, and Capricorn loves getting a glimpse of a more visionary world now and again. The mutually protective instincts which you bring out of each other can create a strong and empathetic bond.

Capricorn has a hard time dealing with the intangible, while Pisces has a hard time dealing with the tangible – and so you could be immensely helpful to each other. Pisces is sometimes too fluid and needs Capricorn’s strong sense of direction; Capricorn is sometimes too structured, and needs Pisces’ adaptability.

The only area where you may need to be attentive is in the area of control. Capricorn does like being the one in charge, and can feel threatened by too much independence in a partner. Pisces, although not overtly rebellious, does not like to feel caged, and may resort to evasion in order to escape the feeling of being trapped.

Try to respect each other’s autonomy. And try to be direct in discussing difficulties between you. Evasion or substituting practical tasks for loving gestures will not help you build a solid and loving future together.

Pisces with Aquarius…

The two of you share a universal vision and a deep desire to contribute something to the welfare of humanity, even if you are very different people with very different perceptions of what constitutes reality. This shared idealism is a powerful attraction between you, combining the respect of a deep friendship with empathy and compassion.

Watery Pisces loves the depths, flights of imagination, and a fluid approach to life and relationships. Airy Aquarius loves reason, rationality, and a civilised approach to life and to relationship. Aquarius wants to discuss; Pisces wants to feel and intuit.

You may encounter problems in the sphere of communication, for you are prone to misunderstanding each other. Aquarius can easily feel swamped by Piscean feelings, especially if they involve verbal evasion or unspoken emotional manipulation. Pisces can easily feel shut out by Aquarian detachment, especially if it is chilled by criticism of Piscean emotional needs.

You both need to make a big effort to understand the language of the other’s realm. Yet your shared intellectual, humanitarian, or spiritual interests can help to offset the occasional but inevitable polarisation between mind and heart.

Pisces with Pisces…

Empathy and unspoken understanding are likely to abound between the two of you born under watery Pisces. Together you can generate a truly magical sense of unity. You can also fire each other creatively as well as feeling deep compassion for each other’s failings and wounds.

The great strength of the bond between you is that both of you feel somehow not quite at home on the earth plane, and the visionary and imaginative side of your two natures impels you both to seek inspiration on levels of reality not easily recognised by other people.

Sometimes you don’t really know where your individual boundaries lie. This could create problems when either of you wants to pursue interests or friendships of your own. You can both be so involved in each other’s feelings, and with people around you who need your help, that you don’t notice when mundane demands require attention.

Neither of you is wildly interested in material reality, although both of you like to indulge yourselves in the good things of life. You can easily create a kind of folie à deux if you do not attend to financial matters. Try to make the effort to build solid material structures to give you both a sense of security.