Scorpio is the sign of the Scorpion

Horse in the Sky

For this sign I’ve chosen The Horses Head Nebula

This sign is: Water

It’s said that you can recognise Scorpios by their stare. Enigmatic, penetrating, probing while revealing nothing, even hostile or ruthless. This little cameo, along with the infamous passion usually attributed to the sign, has gone a long way toward making life pretty difficult for you. After all, when someone at a party asks you what sign you are, and you look at them (penetratingly) and reply, “Scorpio”, and they give a little gasp and back away, or instantly inquire what you’re doing later, well, it can get a little…tiresome.

This is the most perplexing and least understood of all the zodiac signs. You don’t help this problem, since you are indeed prone to playing the enigmatic, mysterious type when you’re unsure of a situation and are checking out the undercurrents. Yet despite the smokescreens (and you have the best smokescreens of any sign), Scorpio belongs to the element of water, and this is a sign of deep feeling and sensitivity. You’re easily affected by the emotional currents inside and around you, easily hurt, compassionate, often intensely lonely, and driven by an almost voracious need for relationship.

Never mind that “loner” business that’s always said about the sign. It may be one of your smokescreens, but you’re no loner at heart. Just the opposite. You long for a really profound, close soul-union. It’s just that you’re extremely discriminating about whom you allow into your psychic field, since you’re so intensely sensitive. And also, well, to put it euphemistically, you’re just a little mistrustful of people.

You have no illusions about human nature, and you’ve always had an uncanny knack of perceiving what other people don’t wish to be known. From early childhood, Scorpios see through hypocrisy and sham. But you can’t always formulate these perceptions. More likely you’ll have strong, intuitive gut reactions to people, and they’re usually accurate.

The trouble is that you smell brimstone just about everywhere. You’re privy to one of the most profound and disturbing secrets of human nature: all individuals carry a dark side within them. You can’t afford to be gullibly romantic because you know perfectly well that, alongside our human nobility, we are also animals, and not very attractive ones at that. No wonder you sometimes seem deeply cynical.

One of your great challenges is to learn tolerance. You’ve got compassion in abundance, and the deepest sympathy for pain and loneliness, which is why so many Scorpios are found in the helping professions. But you can’t abide laziness and weakness. You believe deeply that, no matter how bad the mess, every human being can do something about it. You’re pretty adept at doing that yourself. What you sometimes fail to realise is that people are made differently, and not everyone has your self-honesty and strength. And your pride, which can be downright Luciferian, keeps you from recognising that sometimes it’s necessary, and even courageous, to yield.

You have a big problem relinquishing control. This might be self-control (it’s the Scorpio who, after the third bottle of wine, is still perfectly coherent) or it might be a need to control your loved ones. Some Scorpios even try to control life itself. Take all that insight and sensitivity, add a liberal dash of fierce pride and a determination to carve your own path through life, throw in a dose of general mistrust of other people, and you don’t exactly come up with a “laid back” person.

Because of your great will-power, persistence and insight, you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. You commit yourself passionately to whatever you do, with heart, mind, body and soul. You can rise out of any crisis and reinvent yourself. That’s a remarkable formula for success. But material success isn’t really what motivates you. Some Scorpios are driven by the craving for power, but that’s a distorted expression of the sign, and usually reflects a lot of hurt and humiliation early in life.

The real key to your mystery lies deep in your secret soul. Your heart is always a battleground where mistrust and need of others war within you constantly. You want to find the truth about yourself and about life. You need to know why people act and feel as they do. Ultimately you must understand yourself, and come to some kind of truce with the warring forces of your nature. In the end, it’s the life and truth of the soul which are your real goal.

The Scorpio Man…

Let’s strip away the glamour and the smokescreens and see what’s underneath. The emotional needs of the Scorpio man are utterly human: affection, acceptance, reassurance, intimacy, love, companionship. In large quantities. Scorpio men cannot bear coldness or falseness in a partner. That mask of detachment is a mask. Remember that. No Scorpio man will advertise the fact that he’s hurt or feeling neglected. You have to train as a telepath.

The Scorpio man is embarrassed by the presence of so much strong emotion in himself. That’s when he becomes the hard- driving, ruthless, ambitious Scorpio of the textbook descriptions. But think of what it took to get him that way. Can you ever get a Scorpio man to let down his defences? Maybe. Maybe not. In the end, it isn’t up to you. It rests with the Scorpio himself.

This isn’t an easy man to live with. For one thing, you won’t get straight answers if you ask pertinent questions like, “Do you love me?” On the other hand, you’ll get brutal scrapings of the bottom of the barrel when you least want it – like a vicious hour-long analysis of your motives in flirting with So-and-so at the party, and why it stems from your sexual inadequacies and your rejection by your parents. If you thought you had secrets from him, think again.

The Scorpio man can cut deep if he wants to, and his need to retaliate can take precedence over tolerance and compassion. He can be very destructive when he’s hitting back at you for some hurt you’ve inflicted on him without your even realising it. Tell you that you hurt his feelings? Not likely. Often he won’t apologise either.

To live with this man, you must truly respect and like him. Passionate attraction alone isn’t enough. And you must understand him – how his acute perceptions isolate him, what his depth of feeling does to him in a society which rewards superficiality, what his sensitivity means in a world which doesn’t value it. If you can’t like him, then leave him alone, because you’ll never change him, and if you ask, he’ll probably do the opposite.

This man doesn’t appreciate either an Amazon or a clinging limpet. He wants to be needed. On the other hand, he respects strength. If you make allowances for his pride, which won’t permit him to admit a wrong or lose a battle, no lover is more devoted, compassionate, insightful or gentle.

Show your pain to a Scorpio man and he’ll do anything for you. Treat him with shallowness, demean him, and you have no chance of receiving anything at all except his unpleasantness, which can be unbelievably unpleasant. And don’t trifle. A Scorpio man who thinks he’s being mocked with can be the most difficult person in the world. His pride won’t allow it.

And what about the possessiveness? Well, let’s be realistic. It’s not going to go away. Nor is his feeling that he has the prerogative – for flirtations, for affairs, for whatever he feels he wants or needs – while you don’t, since you’re his. Because there’s a battleground inside him, the Scorpio man perceives life as a battleground, and you’re either on his side or not. It’s that simple.

This man can’t forgive betrayal, but it’s a much deeper issue than mere sexual betrayal. When he gives his love, he bares his soul, and if you betray that, you’ve lost him. Forever. You can betray him even if you’re sexually constant, just by treating his deepest and most passionate beliefs and convictions with contempt or dismissal.

Somewhere deep inside, the Scorpio man is a warrior fighting for the truth. He may not think in such grand metaphysical terms, and he might not welcome too much probing of his motives. But there it is. You don’t turn to your comrade on the battlefield and say, “Well, actually, I think the enemy might have a point. Let’s be reasonable and discuss where you’re at fault.”

You’re for him or against him. He’s prepared to offer the same passionately loyalty he expects in return. The best gift you can give him is to believe in him, and side with him when he’s going through one of his “The world doesn’t understand me!” phases. Scorpio trusts few people because few people are really trustworthy. Give him your true allegiance, and you’ll have a genuine dyed-in-the-wool champion. For life.

Who’s the Scorpio man?

Two words come to mind. The first word is: intense. The other word is: sexual.The ultimate strategist…he constantly keeps his eye on the prize. Hugely secretive, this Scorpio man is one of the most complex guys of the
 entire Zodiac. He has formidable energy and hidden undercurrents that run deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes he gives the appearance of the strong and silent type – calm on the outside yet dark and mysterious on the inside.
The key word here is fresh. He loves anything that presents a sense of adventure. For him sex is best when it’s spontaneous and unrestricted. When he makes love to you, he expects to be swept away on a voyage of explorations. He loves to experiment. He gets excited at the thought of taking things to the limit…and beyond. (Secretly) He’s looking for the female version of himself. A partner equal to him in excitement and one that can still live without him. As strange as it may sound, Scorpio men are turned on by women who can take care of themselves.
Independence and self-sufficiency are his ultimate aphrodisiacs

The Scorpio Woman…

There are two keywords you should remember about the Scorpio woman. The first is “depth”. She has a subtle and complex temperament, and you’ll never get to know all her secrets. The second is “will”. This woman won’t bow her head to anyone or anything, unless it’s temporarily necessary to achieve an end. No Scorpio is easy to understand or live with. But then, if you wanted something light and frothy, you’d be with someone else, wouldn’t you?

The Scorpio woman can’t accept things at face value. This can span a pretty broad range, from the woman who, when you say, “Good morning!”, wonders exactly what you meant by it, to the woman who passionately needs to understand herself and the deeper motivations of the world around her.

This woman expects something more than sentimental tokens. Love, to Scorpio, is a bond which touches to the soul, and she expects honesty of character. She has a lot of compassion, and she’s probably more capable than any other sign of understanding and accepting human foibles and human darkness.

What she can’t stand is a hypocrite and a sham. If you need masks and props, stay away, because her X-ray vision will see right through you. And she won’t stop at seeing, either. There’s a strong tendency in Scorpios to remake other people, and the Scorpio woman may try to transform you – with or without your consent, and especially if you’ve got a lot to hide.

She’s capable of not only seeing but also sharing your pain, your dreams and your burdens. Her enormous strength of will and loyalty are unshakeable even when yours are flagging. But her expectations are high. She expects that you, like her, will realise that life is a boundless mystery to be plumbed and explored. If you prefer shallower pastimes, your only hope is to convince her of the justice of your right to be yourself.

Justice is a thing she understands. If she feels something is just, she’s capable of sacrificing her own desires and opinions completely. If she thinks you’re in the wrong and you don’t apologise or change, she’ll retaliate. You’ll have to get used to her propensity for retaliation. It’s a powerful gut-level emotional reaction to any situation where she feels she (or anyone else, for that matter) has been abused or wrongly treated.

Betrayal is the thing she fears and hates the most. If she feels betrayed, she’s more likely to strike back than to turn the other cheek. It’s good, basic, primitive stuff – an eye for an eye, and all that. Never maliciously or with gratuitous cruelty. Just enough to teach you a lesson. Does it sound a little hair-raising? Well, it can be.

The Scorpio woman’s feelings run deep and intense, and she won’t tolerate having them taken lightly. And she has a long memory for both good and ill. Help her, show her encouragement, and she’ll always remember it. Betray her and she’ll never trust you again.

The Scorpio woman needs an arena where she can express her fighting spirit. She’s not really a domestic creature, unless domesticity means periodically setting the house on fire. She needs to engage in battle against what she feels to be the darkness and destructiveness in the world and in life. She may often be seen championing the weak or the abused, in political, medical, legal or psychological spheres. Because she thrives on crises, she needs the right setting to slake her thirst for transformation and change. Otherwise, guess who bears the brunt of it.

Scorpio women don’t like things to be placid for too long, and they mistrust complacent contentment. She’s always looking for the worm in the apple, and if things are quiet for too long, she’ll begin to suspect something’s going on underneath.

Then she’ll start a quarrel or provoke a scene in order to find the worm. When it turns out that there isn’t any worm, she’s not in the least upset. She accomplished what she was really after: a change in the relationship, a shift in your (and her own) attitudes, a new level of insight. She’d rather have you furious than uninvolved.

No other sign can ever subdue or remodel the Scorpio woman. Just decide whether or not this is someone you can respect, understand, love and believe in. Oh, and work out whether or not you’re prepared for your secret soul to be seen. If so, then don’t trail your toes in the water. Jump in, and learn to enjoy the depths. One thing it will never be: shallow or boring.

Enthusiastic, Imaginative and Passionate

It’s as if you possess some kind of sexual magnetic aura. Of all the Zodiac signs, you are the closest to being totally irresistible. When you enter a room, you enter it fully… bringing sizzle, dazzle, and chemistry.
Enthusiastic, Imaginative and Passionate
You are fun-loving, power and attention seeking, and determined to follow your own path. An energetic go-getter, you live life at a pace that would exhaust most other people. You are great at creating and starting new projects and new ideas. You constantly surprise people by being what they least expect. Your fearless nature empowers you to explore new paths, find fresh ways, and try innovative techniques.
Variety and mystery are the master keys to your arousal. You are attracted to the unpredictable, the unusual, the exotic, and the unexpected twists and turns of life. Keeping up with you is a full-time job. You are one of those people who challenge the rest of us to show up fully for life.
If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume it might be called “Sensational!” Why? Because you are! Sexually, you’ve got some naturally hot stuff. Yes, you are more than most men can handle. A Sensual Scorpio woman has no competition. Although you are compatible with every other sign in the zodiac, it takes more than average love-making to hold your attention and really turn you on.
Thank goodness that when you fall in love, you tend to stay there. As a lover you constantly strive for that unique magic blend that is rarely found in a relationship.You want passionate closeness and yet you loathe to be fenced in. Your lover needs to be sensual enough to fulfill your deepest longings for transcendental sex because pleasuring your senses is high on your list of priorities.

Scorpio Lover

Scorpio rules, among other things, sex, as does its ruling planet, Pluto.  And are they powerful in bed!  The best lovers of the Zodiac, when it comes to sex, Scorpio is definitely the best.  Depending on their maturity level and knowledge, they can be Sexual Gurus.  Scorpios are fixated on having their sexual organs stimulated.

The word ‘addict’ doesn’t even come close to what Scorpio generally is where sex is concerned. And talk about kinky!  Scorpio invented kinky!  They’ll try it any which way you’d like.  In fact, they probably invented it!  Did I say that they’re powerful? They love power and control, and more than likely put the ‘S’ in BDSM. Scorpios love to play games.  Naughty games.  They’ll only give you what you want in the bedroom if they think you deserve it.  And the way to deserve it is to do anything they demand of you.

Scorps have nebulous imaginations.  But you’d never know it, unless you’re lucky enough to be part of their private world.  They usually don’t talk about their sex lives.  That’s their little secret.  Which is something else Scorpio rules:  secrets.  And they generally have lots of them.  In love, they can be extremely jealous, possessive and vindictive.  Don’t make a Scorpion jealous or angry or you’ll feel their sting.  “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was probably referring to a Scorpio.

Yet even male Scorpios can be as scornful of a lover’s seeming duplicity.  If you’re wise, you’ll double-check your synastry with this wily creature before you choose to invest in a relationship with them and you’d better hope that you don’t have a Fatal Attraction connection.  If you do, run for the hills – NOW – because they’ll never let you go once they get their hands on you.  The upside is, they are absolutely brilliant in bed and will have you begging for more.  They’re devoted in love, though not necessarily faithful.  But if they love you, you’ll be a cherished possession.

Scorpio with Aries…

Passion and power are likely to be big themes with this combination, and combustible Aries is a match for deep, sultry Scorpio in energy, sexual magnetism, and imaginative gifts.

Both of you love a challenge and a bit of conflict in order to keep the fires of romance alive, and both of you can lose interest in a partner who is too accommodating or practically minded. You may have some good, heated arguments, as neither of you is afraid of confrontation. Both of you crave drama and good, old-fashioned theatrical scenes from time to time.

Be careful of playing too many power games with each other. Both of you are fiercely proud and independent, and neither of you will tolerate the other’s efforts to control you. And it’s pretty likely that both of you will try. The methods may be different – Aries is open and direct, while Scorpio is subtle and secretive – but you are really testing each other’s will.

Neither of you can respect a partner you can dominate. Make sure the battles don’t become hurtful or destructive. Then you can keep the passion, excitement and creative stimulation alive indefinitely, even in a settled lifelong partnership

Scorpio with Taurus…

For the two of you, sex and money make the world go around, and both are likely to be important factors in your attraction to each other – although “important” doesn’t always mean “easy”. When it comes to a willingness to enjoy the moment and take pleasure in emotional intensity and the good things of this world, you are an unbeatable team.

But you can both be demanding, stubborn, and forgiving of your own faults. Therefore each of you may have to learn how to forgive the other’s errors and not be so possessive or resistant to changing old habits.

You both understand the importance of loyalty, and relationship matters come first with both of you. Taurus’ pragmatism and wish to keep things simple can sometimes irritate Scorpio’s need to look at things in depth. And Scorpio’s love of drama may sometimes threaten Taurus’ calm, sensible approach.

Yet this volcanic combination of Taurean earth and Scorpionic water can generate enormous and enduring attraction. Try not to goad each other, since neither of you is mild in anger and both of you can say or do things the other won’t forget. Loosen up a little, and get the best from the relationship by learning to laugh at yourselves.

Scorpio and Gemini…

You are so very deeply different from each other that you are likely to endlessly fascinate each other and expand each other’s awareness and understanding. And fascination is what both of you seek in a mate. Airy Gemini is bored by a predictable partner, and watery Scorpio is bored by a partner who doesn’t pose a challenge.

Creatively you could make a wonderful team because Scorpio’s concentration and penetrating insights and Gemini’s versatility and quicksilver mind could work really well together on any creative project.

You might have some problems with the thorny issue of possessiveness versus freedom. Gemini doesn’t like to feel hemmed in or caged and Scorpio doesn’t like to be kept guessing when it comes to emotional and sexual constancy. Sparks may fly if Scorpio’s natural mistrust and Gemini’s natural evasiveness collide.

Try not to polarise around the issue of loyalty. Both of you are as capable as anyone else of devotion as well as faithlessness, depending on mood, circumstances, and personal morality. Make sure you’re honest with each other, and don’t get into game-playing to try to outwit each other or make each other insecure.

Scorpio with Cancer…

Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs, and both can be extremely intense. Your sensitivity and emotionality allow you to appreciate the importance of human relationships. And you have an empathy with each other which rarely needs words to be expressed.

Both of you place a high value on constancy and both of you can be possessive, but this is not likely to cause the kind of problems it might in other relationships because you can understand each other’s concerns and anxieties.

Sometimes you may overdo the “Love is never having to say you’re sorry” approach, and you may need to recognise that some things have to be spoken of openly and articulated. Otherwise quiet resentment can accrue and spoil what could be a wonderfully warm and close relationship.

Objectivity and perspective are attributes you both might do well to cultivate more wholeheartedly, as the sensitivity and pride in both of you can easily overreact to imagined as well as real hurts. You have an enormous amount of insight, warmth, affection and emotional support to give each other. Make sure it’s occasionally spiced with adventure and mental stimulation too.

Scorpio with Leo…

Scorpio is water and Leo is fire, and together the two of you can produce a great deal of steam. The steam can be the creative vapour of two fine imaginations combining to generate wonderful ideas.

Leo’s generous heart can help Scorpio to be more open in emotional expression, while Scorpio’s depth of insight and compassion for human failings can help Leo to recognise that it’s acceptable to be an ordinary human being. Joint creative projects can bring the best out of both of you.

But the steam might also be the hot atmosphere of emotional confrontations. Both of you are proud people with powerful personalities. It’s likely that both of you recognise that you have met your match in each other – in strength and determination as well as in intensity. But neither of you is a good loser, and you can be stubborn if you feel you are being “bested”. Both of you can be possessive, and you are not quick to forgive a betrayal.

If you honour each other’s sensitivity and pride, you can keep your passion burning long after other couples have traded it in for safety and habit. Friends may sometimes feel they are watching the last act of a Verdi opera, but neither of you would have life any other way.

Scorpio with Virgo…

You are both innately cautious and insightful souls who are not especially willing to wear your hearts on your sleeves. There is an instinctive understanding between you which could make this a deep and empathetic relationship. Watery Scorpio can help Virgo to achieve greater openness in expressing deeper feelings, and earthy Virgo can help Scorpio to achieve greater objectivity about emotional issues.

You also both value privacy, and both of you need to be respected as well as loved. Your interests are likely to overlap, since both of you love deep analysis and are fascinated by what makes people “tick”.

Scorpio’s intensity may sometimes make Virgo feel invaded, and Virgo’s clarity may sometimes make Scorpio feel that passion is being rationalised away. Yet this potential irritant between you can also be one of the most important areas where you can expand each other’s personalities.

Deep down, you are both serious, thoughtful people who are bored by superficiality, repelled by hypocrisy, and concerned with living your lives to the highest standard of which you are capable. As long as you can respect each other’s vulnerability, you can get the most out of this rich combination.

Scorpio with Libra…

You are so very different that you are bound to be fascinated by each other. Watery Scorpio loves intense feeling, soulful confrontation, drama, mystery, and the occasional crisis or heated confrontation to feel inspired. Airy Libra loves order, clarity, civilised behaviour, and harmony in all encounters.

Libra can help Scorpio to discover perspective, balance, detachment, and gentleness. Scorpio can help Libra to discover emotional honesty, the hidden side of human nature, the pleasure of a good battle won, and the joys of passion.

Scorpio can find Libra’s careful ethics superficial or evasive, and can feel rejected by Libra’s insistence on detached discussion. But Libra can find Scorpio’s emotional intensity disturbing or even threatening, and can feel bullied by the aggression Scorpio can display in the face of frustration.

Both of you need to listen to each other and appreciate each other’s strengths. Libra needs to jump in and learn to fight openly. Scorpio needs to jump out and learn to think coolly. Both of you place enormous importance on relationships, and in many ways your relationship can make you both grow and flourish – provided you avoid polarising.

Scorpio with Scorpio…

Both of you are deeply sensitive, insightful, subtle, and always aware of unconscious undercurrents in each other. You are likely to circle each other warily like two tigers in the jungle, even when passion between you is of maximum intensity. Even if the relationship endures for a lifetime, there might still be a kind of hidden barrier against complete familiarity.

Yet both of you are compassionate and able to understand and tolerate human foibles to a remarkable extent. Watery Scorpio loves a challenge, and you have certainly met it in each other.

Both of you are proud and take a long time forgetting even a small -intended – injury. Betrayal is likely to be a big issue between you, for both of you are possessive yet neither of you can bear to feel controlled. Your battles are likely to be of the go-for-the-jugular variety, and you are both capable of eye-for-an-eye tactics if you really get angry.

Despite this complexity and potential explosiveness, you also know the secret soul in each other. And if you avoid going in for power battles, you can forge an enduring, deep, and truly transformative bond.

Scorpio with Saggitarius…

When the two of you are together, others might well be excused for thinking they have stumbled into the last act of an opera or a Shakespearean play. When watery Scorpio and fiery Sagittarius meet, steam is an inevitable by-product. Both of you love drama and want to experience the maximum of life’s intensity.

And both of you are romantics who would rather aim for the stars than worry about the interest rate on your savings account. Creatively as well as sexually you could make an inspiring team, and neither of you is ever likely to find the other boring.

The one sphere where you may collide is that Scorpios tendency to secrecy and the occasional bout of emotional manipulation can conflict with Sagittarius’ open naiveté and tendency to see everything in black and white terms.

And then there’s the freedom-closeness dilemma. Scorpio’s emotional intensity can make Sagittarius feel invaded, while Sagittarius’ mental intensity can make Scorpio feel belittled. Some very heated scenes may ensue.

But a little cool reflection by both of you from time to time could help ensure that your common potential, rather than a constant emotional battleground, is the keynote of your relationship.

Scorpio with Capricorn…

Both of you are deep, serious people at heart, and both of you look out at life with a certain amount of caution. Yet watery Scorpio and earthy Capricorn instinctively understand each other’s complexity, and can offer deep support and empathy because you are both “survivors” who are prepared to work hard for what you want from life.

Scorpio can help Capricorn to face inner conflicts and unlock deeper feelings and passions. Capricorn can help Scorpio to be more objective about emotions and more practical about grounding creative talents.

Neither of you is big on trust, and both of you have probably experienced good reasons for this. Yet you can help each other to become more trusting simply because of the natural empathy between you.

The only area where you may need to pay attention is that both of you are fond of being in control. This can be a problem in your relationship, and you need to avoid power battles and the feeling that you have to fight against domination by becoming dominant yourself.

You may both need to learn to compromise gracefully, and recognise that adapting is not the same as humiliating submission. Learning to apologise does not harm your pride.

Scorpio with Aquarius…

Yours is an attraction of profound opposites. Airy Aquarius loves rational discussion and civilised behaviour rather than instinctive reactions. Watery Scorpio loves intense encounters and the expression of emotional needs. Scorpio can help Aquarius to learn to express feelings more openly, and Aquarius can help Scorpio to respect boundaries.

You are both drawn to each other’s integrity, for both of you believe in things strongly and stand by what you believe. You can be deeply loyal and fiercely individualistic. Both of you are fascinated by human behaviour, and you love analysing each other as well as everyone else.

The challenge is trying not to fall into the “Why are you so unreasonable?” and “Why are you so unfeeling?” trap. Neither of you is either unreasonable or unfeeling. But Aquarius may need to learn that Scorpionic feelings have their own profound logic, and Scorpio may need to learn that Aquarius can love deeply without doing the last act of Romeo and Juliet all the time.

Scorpio’s intensity can be read as possessiveness by Aquarius, and Aquarius’ need for breathing space can be read as coldness by Scorpio. Try to respect each other’s differences, and learn to bend a bit.

Scorpio with Pisces…

Both of you are water signs, and both need periodic indulgence in intense feeling to know that you are truly alive. You are both romantics and neither of you can stand too much detachment or sameness in a relationship.

This could be very creative if you are involved in any work connected with the arts or the helping professions. It could also be empathetic and healing for both of you, since you see beyond the surface and know each other’s vulnerabilities as well as each other’s strengths. There is a lot of potential affection, empathy and deep understanding between you.

But objectivity is not a strong point in either of you. Intense Scorpio can become possessive if fluid Pisces is seen being sympathetic to too many people. Expressive Pisces can feel rejected if self-contained Scorpio keeps secrets.

Scorpio’s intense pride can create an illusion of coldness, and Pisces’ tendency to feel martyred can impose guilt. Try to avoid emotional game-playing. Learn to communicate without inferences of blame, and learn to identify when you are exaggerating or distorting what is happening between you. It is worth the effort to stand back sometimes and look at yourselves and your motives clearly.