• It has been generally known since time immemorial that nothing in the Universe is quite static and that everything evolves and evolves in cycles. The Chinese theory of Yin and Yang is the most famous and the most coherent representative of this worldwide, timeless knowledge. All things perpetually begin, only to rush ineluctably toward the end; and once the end is reached, all things begin again. For instance, time evolves in such cycles as days, months, years (“annual” came from the Latin “anulus” = “ring”). The moon has its cycles known as “lunar revolutions” or “lunations”. And the cycles that govern living creatures are called “biorhythms.”
  • Biorhythm  literally means “rhythm of life”. We humans evolve according to numerous biorhythms which, as already said, are not straight lines but cycles.
  • Among all our cycles, or biorhythms, three are particularly interesting to know and important to take into account since they largely condition the quality of our lives.The three main cycles

Physical Cycle – 23 days The physical cycle is said to be the dominant cycle in men. It regulates hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance, sex drive, stamina, initiative, metabolic rate, resistance to, and recovery from illness. Surgery should be avoided on physical transition days and during negative physical cycles.


Emotional Cycle – 28 days The emotional cycle is considered the dominant cycle in women. It regulates emotions, feelings, mood, sensitivity, sensation, sexuality, fantasy, temperament, nerves, reactions, affections and creativity.


Intellectual Cycle – 33 days The intellectual cycle regulates intelligence, logic, mental reaction, alertness, sense of direction, decision-making, judgement, power of deduction, memory, and ambition.

biorhythm chart