His physicality

  • The Pig male is chiefly recognizable by his eternally boyish air – an air of freshness, innocence, and immaturity. Age does not seem to have much incidence on this specific aspect of his physique. His frailty and over-sensitivity are only too apparent and characteristic.
  • It is extremely rare to find a brawny type in this sign. As a rule the average subject possesses slack muscles and a well-padded body; prone to overweight, he presents a bulging stomach as early as the beginning of his middle age – unless he takes appropriate preventive measures well in advance. In addition to this, his long chest, short limbs, and pale complexion all contribute to liken him to some lovable clown.
  • The charm of this individual’s round and jovial face is almost irresistible. So is his shy, ever-ready grin. He has big, naive eyes, which are always wide open like those of a young child filled with wonder at something he is seeing. Those are also distinctively dreamy eyes which cast their glance beyond actual forms. His mouth is large and bordered with thick, greedy lips; his nose is short, usually retrouss – the nose of a pig, indeed!
  • This man is basically not as sickly a person as he believes himself to be or would like to appear; his physical resilience far surpasses the limits he proclaims. There lies his principal health trouble – his hypochondria – which springs from his visceral fear of suffering and death. In all sincerity and subconsciousness he makes up for himself all sorts of illnesses which, under the impact of his unbridled imagination, may in the long run produce actual symptoms.
  • He takes a thinly veiled pleasure in describing all the much dreaded disorders he thinks he suffers from. Extremely emotional and impressionable, he does not need much to be convinced that he is a victim of some incurable malady. He should be forbidden to read medical books of any kind!
  • When actually ill he is apt to show regressive tendencies: He then feels justified in behaving like a spoiled child, overindulging in sleep, food, drink, and resorting to sentimental blackmail. He may have himself treated by three different physicians at the same time, telephoning them incessantly to inform them of every real or imaginary development. He may also adroitly seeks to maneuver people around him into sympathizing with and taking care of him.
  • The weakest point in his body, which needs the utmost attention, is his fragile stomach. He knows it, but often lacks the necessary will to do something sensible about it. Too fond of eating, he relentlessly imposes an intolerable workload on this organ. As a consequence stomach ulcers constitute his most frequent affection. On the other hand, he is liable to aerophagy and a host of digestive disorders, which may have a nervous origin or be provoked by parasites. His chronic insomnia is likely to stem from his deep-rooted fear of death.
  • Since his worst enemy is his hypochondria, the Pig male will find his vital interest in doing away with it by all means; psychiatric help may prove necessary, and he should not hesitate to solicit it. He must refrain from all excesses, notably in the fields of food and sex. He also needs to learn some degree of detachment and casualness, for his natural way to feel about things is so deep and visceral that it constantly subjects his entire nervous system to unbearable stresses and strains.
  • Diet plays an indisputably predominant role in this man’s physiological equilibrium. Alimentary moderation should be an integral part of his way of life since he is too prone to turn to eating as a compensation for all his frustrations, disappointments, and fears. He must strive to curb his exaggerated love of sweet things and gaseous beverages, which are exceedingly harmful in his case. Dairy products in general and yoghurt in particular are good for him; so are fish and shellfish, fresh fruits, and green vegetables.
  • All aquatic sports suit him quite well. These may include swimming, sailing, surfing, water-skiing, rowing, underwater fishing, or skin diving. But he had better refrain from making too strenuous muscular efforts because of his rather delicate constitution.

His psychology

  • There could hardly be a more lovable creature in the entire Chinese duodecimal zodiac than the Pig male. This subject possesses almost every valuable trait of human nature – he is kind, friendly, generous, tender, affectionate, honest, patient, modest, conscientious, and loyal. Should his species disappear from the surface of the earth, one might wonder how harsh and bleak the life of mankind would become!
  • This is a most charming individual, full of poetry and delicacy. He pleases effortlessly. Everyone can feel quite at ease in his company. His presence is apt to inspire confidence in the most mistrustful or difficult people and incline them toward opening up their hearts. He certainly owes his gift for intimacy to his childlike naturalness, spontaneity, and innocence – to his eternal freshness of soul which insures him against any form of moral ageing or sclerosis.
  • His meekness is legendary. Practically never aggressive and always overly apologetic, he does not insist on being the first or the best. To him, taking a back seat is as natural as drinking water. It is unlikely he will ever learn the value of firmness. His inability to do harm or avenge himself comes very much to the fore of his personality. On the other hand, he is often baffled and even mystified by the in-sensitiveness and wickedness of others. Naive in the extreme, he persists in believing that people do good for good, despite every proof to the contrary.
  • Of all natives known to Chinese astrologers the Pig man is the one who possesses the most fertile imagination; even his Goat and Snake counterparts can hardly equal him on this score. But while this sublime faculty of his acts undoubtedly as a precious asset, it can also prove a liability under certain circumstances, and he does not always know how to make the most of it.
  • Emotional this man certainly is – and to the supreme degree. His reactions are eminently subjective and irrational. It appears practically impossible for him to remain sufficiently aloof and detached, to stand back from events. Cool-headedness and objectivity, therefore, constitute the qualities which he must constantly strive to acquire.
  • With his curious mind and multi-faceted intelligence, he takes an interest in a wide variety of things. But he is reluctant to delve deeply into any subject, preferring to let his heart do the rest of the work, for he can as swiftly as surely sense the truth of everything. It is most often an advantage to him to rely on his sixth sense – or his third eye – rather than on his reasoning.
  • Modesty should be counted as the first of his moral qualities. He consistently chooses to remain low-keyed in manner although he is perfectly aware that in this way his worth may not be appreciated as quickly or fully as that of a more aggressive guy. A pacifist at heart, he hates quarrelling and arguments: Indifferent to the question of face or self-assertion, he would prefer appearing stupid to winning a dispute. He does not even take offence at being an object of jokes or teasing – though he does lack the ability to laugh at himself.
  • This man has no ambition whatsoever to change or rock the world or to stand out from the herd. Fame and honour leave him rather indifferent, all the more since these appear to him as almost inevitably linked with cheats and machinations. Competition he abhors as he does bubonic plague.
  • He has no metaphysical concerns either. What seems important to him is merely to enjoy living – a quiet life, a few good friends, financial security, and Epicurean delights are all prized by him; he hardly asks for more than that. He takes life as it presents itself to him, and accepts things as they are instead of expecting them to be as they should. To him, everything is so simple, as he himself is simplicity personified.
  • This is a man who is not ashamed of feelings as the Pig sign inclines all its subjects toward being sentimental. With his heart in the right place at all time, he never takes a casual stance concerning human relationships. Everyone can always trust him to be tender, kind, considerate, chivalrous, and deeply affectionate. If he enjoys the company of children and pets more than anyone else does, it is clearly because he never loses his pristine capacity to be good. His profound compassion, sympathy, generosity, and obligingness generally know of no limits; unfortunately, they may sometimes expose him to exploitation by others.
  • Friendship represents something really sacred in his eyes. But in spite of his open-heartedness, he does not make many friends as his Monkey counterpart does – he prefers quality to quantity, for he earnestly means his friendship to last a lifetime. There could be no better friend than this individual – he is loyal, dependable, attentive, and willing to help as anyone could wish. Those who have found their way to his intimacy may rightfully consider themselves fortunate.
  • The Pig male will ever remain an open book to everyone as his candour is absolute. There exists not even the dimmest shade of hypocrisy or pretence in his character. He detests lies, half-truths, and treachery with every fibre of his soul. Even those who hate him for one reason or another could not doubt his truthfulness and honesty. One may only regret that his utter transparency, coupled with his unbelievable credulity, makes him an easy prey to unscrupulous people. Impartiality and fair play being considered by him as indispensable components of integrity, he always does his best to uphold them, sometimes to the detriment of his own interests.
  • Under a façade of timidity and superficiality, there lurks a man with incredible tenacity of purpose. It is customary to compare him to a crab which, once it has seized something, would rather lose a claw than let go. But however admirable they may actually be, his perseverance and patience, like all his other qualities, are quite discreet and unobtrusive, for he always shies away from publicity.
  • He shows himself most conscientious and scrupulous in whatever he has to do, whether he likes the task or not. People rarely suspect this apparently futile dilettante, this seemingly nonchalant sensualist can in fact prove an extremely hard worker. It is his manner of going about his business that misleads – he always takes his time, not allowing himself to hurry or fuss.
  • The average Pig male’s negative character traits are virtually negligible in comparison with his positive ones. Almost all of them concern the emotional side of this individual.
  • His hypersensitivity makes him feel too deeply whatever impression he receives. This, as already indicated, is apt to render it impossible for him to extricate himself from his emotionalism and to see things in their proper perspective. His esthesia is such that it borders on over susceptibility – no matter how careful one is, one can never be quite sure not to hurt him in a way or another. But his vulnerability is carefully hidden, with the result that many people may inadvertently make him suffer pains which could have been avoided should he be less tight-lipped.
  • No matter how difficult his problems may be, he is generally too shy to ask for outside help – or too kind-hearted to importune someone else with his own concerns. He will try to keep himself afloat to the best of his ability. Perhaps it is not exactly self-reliance here, but rather a kind of stoicism. With age he will probably work out a philosophy of his own, which may be more or less utopian.
  • Keen on making merry, especially in the company of his trusted cronies, the Pig male appears to have a fundamentally care-free, light-hearted comportment. In actuality he is burdened with a heavily melancholic nature which induces him ineluctably to look at the sadder side of life.
  • With his frequent spells of moodiness, deep depressions, and his chiefly sentimental memory, he gives every indication of being a nostalgic poet. He is distinctively romantic about the past and remains forever attached to his own family, particularly to his mother whom he idealizes in every possible way.
  • He has an unmistakable predilection for daydreaming, often taking his desires for realities, thereby exposing himself repeatedly to deceptions. This usually truthful man may sometimes surprise with his “lies,” but it should be acknowledged that those so-called lies are what he actually perceives through the lens of his profound subjectivity and bear no trace of malice whatsoever.
  • Every Pig man, regardless of his age, material success, or social position, more or less consciously wishes he could have remained a boy. Growing up always proves a difficult process for him, and in some cases it is even doubtful if he ever reaches the stage of full maturity. This male will therefore tend to behave as a big baby, unless he makes vigorous and sustained efforts to grow up emotionally. Extremely fearful of danger and suffering, of the future and the unknown, he likes people to know what a defenceless and pathetic individual he is. He does not hesitate to resort to all sorts of gimmicks, including masochism, self-pity, and sentimental blackmail, in order to secure sympathy and protection. Should it prove impossible to get them, then the temptation to regress into childhood becomes irresistible.
  • The Pig man always doubts his capacity to fend for himself, to defend even his own interests and reputation. He is too passive, too faint-hearted to be willing to stand up and fight when necessary. No challenge of life holds much fascination for him. His basic philosophy consists of taking the line of least resistance and resigning himself to suffer in silence. In this way he is quite vulnerable to alcoholism and drugs as a consolation for his frustrations and cowardice.
  • As a general rule this man can be notoriously extravagant. The more anxious and fearful he feels, the more money he spends. Material comfort, which however encourages the passive side to his nature, seems to him indispensable as it effectively counterbalances his disappointments. To tell the truth, he does not value money for its own sake, but only as an indispensable means to an inexorable end. Nevertheless, he can never bring himself to worry about his financial future. Fortunately, he is quite often lucky with money and can win in games of chance with surprising frequency, or enjoy unsuspected, substantial inheritances. A financially overextended Pig would be a rarity indeed! What predisposes the typical native to such an enviable situation remains unknown, but popular belief in Asia has since time immemorial associated the Pig sign with the idea of plenty and prosperity. But although great wealth may be his much more frequently than is the case with the average person, he will ever keep a low figure, preferring informality and simplicity to luxury.

His productivity

  • It would be a grave error to doubt the Pig male’s aptitude for work. Despite his apparent easygoingness and lack of motivation, his efficiency can be quite satisfactory and even astonishing. Good luck, on the other hand, seems to favour him much more than it does others.
  • This man can do well in any walk of life where conscientiousness and tenacity of purpose are the prime conditions of success. Even feverish activity may be a magnet to him if it offers him a real opportunity to satisfy the more sentimental aspirations of his soul. But he had better steer clear from all sectors of endeavour where other people’s bad faith and duplicity can cause great harm, for he is notably gullible and defenceless.
  • No other native in the entire Chinese duodecimal zodiac is expected to be as good with money as this man. The Pig male has a marvellous knack for turning dreams into reality where finances are concerned. Success befalls him quite naturally and often beyond his own expectations. No wonder why he can prove a first-rate stockbroker, foreign exchange dealer, banker, or financial speculator. And when it comes to games of chance, his good luck defies all laws of probability.
  • Thanks to his basic sensitivity as well as his extraordinary sense of symbolism, shape, and colour  this individual takes a keen interest in whatever concerns images and imagery. A great number of Pig natives understandably distinguish themselves in such fields as photography, movie pictures, or paintings; their productions generally bear a distinctively naive or surrealistic mark. The Pig male can also be a writer endowed with a forceful style or unequalled story-telling power. As a poet he is capable of touching the most profound chords of the human heart.
  • Having an exquisite sense of comfort and domestic life, many Pig subjects largely earn their livings and find ample satisfactions as decorators, fashion designers, or fitters of every conceivable practical gadget. Bad taste has absolutely no room in whatever they propose.
  • The typical Pig man makes an excellent public relations officer. He is able to seduce and manipulate a public as effortlessly and efficiently as one could possibly wish. He would have no problem making a living by selling life insurance.
  • We should not forget that this sign is more Yin than Yang and that Pig males are more “feminine” than “masculine.” For this reason all traditionally “feminine” professions can suit the Pig man well. His reputation as an intuitive educator can easily be established. He is particularly competent in the medical field – as a paediatrician or obstetrician, for instance. Social work also appeals to him as he perceives other people’s problems and sympathizes with them quite naturally.
  • Despite all his indisputable assets, this individual must constantly beware a serious liability – his overdone tendency to force his chance, to leave his prey for its shadow, to spend the money he has not yet definitely pocketed. Mirage poses as a real threat in his professional life: While his repetitious gambles may lead him to complete successes, they may also inflict him utter failures. He is therefore well advised to use some dose of circumspection at all times.

His love behaviour

  • Just like his Snake and Goat counterparts, the Pig male definitely has a feminine soul. His appeal to women is enormous since he perfectly understands them, foresees their reactions, and perceives their desires. He has no reason to fear loneliness; on the contrary, it is not rare he finds himself caught up in an inextricable cobweb of his own making. In homosexual relationships it is he who plays the feminine role.
  • In general this man proves a rather slow starter in romance, not because his heart is not hungry but because he is afraid to suffer. Love at first sight seizes him only when the woman he meets corresponds to the image of his revered mother. He is also very vulnerable to love when going through one of his black depressions.
  • As previously indicated, every Pig man feels strongly attached to his mother. But his Oedipus complex is rarely so neurotic as to induce him to homosexuality. The average native of the sign is sensuous enough to seek and enjoy normal relationships with women of every description. However, he has an unmistakable preference for the clinging-vine type of females, for it enables him to play glamorous with them as a compensation for his frustrations on other fronts. Nothing would please him more than being treated by his woman as king of their castle.
  • The Pig man takes love most seriously. One of the reasons for this is that in romantic relationships he is very vulnerable: He becomes emotionally involved with incredible ease and can never strictly content himself with a purely physical approach. His heart is so tender and fragile that it can get broken under the slightest shock. And when disappointed in love he is likely to suffer with resignation and drown his sorrows in alcohol.
  • In the prime of his youth, he may flutter around a little, just out of curiosity. But he will soon seek to settle down for good with the woman of his heart. He belongs to the variety of faithful lovers, which is rather surprising in view of his extreme sensuality. Even if he is wronged he can hardly ever resolve to take the first step toward a rupture.
  • This man has an enormous capacity for love. The woman who has conquered his heart may consider herself fortunate. To the partner who appreciates him, he is most tender, kind, and affectionate. Love means to him a complete fusion of two bodies and two souls; it is why he utterly resents suspicion, jealousy, and competition.
  • It is not rare he falls in love with love, for this can provide him a wide range of emotions which his insatiable soul yearns for. Nevertheless he also knows how to be satisfied with more prosaic reality.
  • His love needs constant expression. Probably no one is a better expert in sentimental manifestations and romantic jokes than this individual. His exact antithesis on this score, as we can guess, is the Buffalo man.
  • Unfortunately there exists one detestable aspect to the Pig male ‘s love behaviour  Like a spoiled child he tends with persistence to be over susceptible and sulky. It apparently pleases him to indulge in masochistic practices, unbearable attempts at sentimental blackmail, and extravagant scenes. The best way for a partner to cope with such idiosyncrasies would be to take them lightly or even to ignore them completely.
  • The Pig male is always ready to oblige. There could be no more expert and indefatigable lover than this subject. Thanks to his profuse erotic capacity, his embraces can set ice afire – they can stir the passions of the most lukewarm partner. But his approach to sex is far from being raw or earthy: There always exists an affectionate and considerate quality in it. He is more gratified by giving pleasure in bed than by receiving it, and this can create a physical intimacy of rare exquisiteness. Moreover, his sexual expression is generally free from all forms of perversion.
  • Contrary to the Horse man, who resents letting love tie him down in any way, the native of the Pig closely associates love with domestic life. Once pledged to a woman, he turns out to be an enthusiastic and conscientious home-maker  He may even cook many dishes himself. He sees no reason why he should refuse to let his wife wear the trousers. He may from time to time dream of travels to faraway countries but sincerely prefers to spend his evenings smoking his pipe beside his fireplace.
  • Most Pig males achieve their full psychological maturity not in love but in fatherhood. It is because they are marvellously endowed with “maternal” instinct. They love having children, considering them as a heavenly blessing. They are the kind of fathers to romp with their little ones, to understand them perfectly, and to share their dreams. Sometimes, however, one may detect a light touch of incestuousness in their comportments.


Her physicality

  • The native of the Pig indisputably ranks among the most charming women in the world. While startling beauty and sophistication are rarely hers, she is often pretty and owes her attractiveness to the sweet, dreamy, innocent, and touching note about her person. She also pleases thanks to her carefully studied helplessness – she seeks to appear more fragile than she actually is, for this serves her passivity by provoking an sympathetic and protective reflex in people around her. Whatever her age, this subject always displays an air of eternal young girl, both in her overall physical appearance and comportment.
  • She enjoys an exquisite creamy and rosy complexion; no cosmetics would be able to enhance it sensibly. Her figure, under normal conditions, is neither too thick nor too slim.
  • What most strikes those who meet the Pig female should be her ever-ready, youthful smile and especially her big, astonished eyes. Her features remain childlike a very long time, and the problem of wrinkles hardly ever bothers her.
  • The Pig woman is liable to a few specific health troubles. She may suffer from various disorders in her legs – heaviness, varicose veins, and the like. Her breasts are often a seat of mastitis, abscesses, or cysts; cancer in this part of her body being a real threat, it is in her interest to keep it under close medical surveillance. While her frequent allergic reactions and fits of asthma are in no way dangerous, they are bothersome enough not to be endured with passive resignation.
  • Perhaps her most serious physical handicap resides in her extremely emotional nature as well as her fragile nervous system. She tends to react too strongly to stimuli that would leave unruffled a more normally constituted person. Astrologers unanimously point out her excessive sensitiveness to the different phases of the moon: Its waning and waxing have a decisive influence on her humour  comportment, and every physiological process. In this way her frequent fits of insomnia, nervousness, or even somnambulism are perfectly explainable and predictable.
  • If things go well she may feel as fit as a fiddle. But let some problem come and beset her, and it can immediately have noticeable repercussions on her physical well-being. Her sudden bouts of fatigue or muscular contractions are probably nothing else than the physical expressions of her worries and anguishes – so are her recurrent digestive, respiratory, and “allergic” disorders. In sum, her good health closely depends on her feelings of security and happiness.
  • Her adolescence reveals the most difficult period of her life as it is overly troubled by endocrinol problems of every sort. While medical supervision is necessary, psychological help may prove indispensable.
  • Things generally smooth themselves out for her with motherhood. It is a state of bliss which suits her quite well since she loves children and always wants to have a lot of them.
  • With regard to diet, the advice given to the Pig man can apply to his feminine counterpart as well. But she must make more efforts at moderation as she has an unwholesome appetite. Her exaggerated love of rich food and sweets is apt to cause her ruin if she does not exercise a tight control over it.

Her psychology

  • The Pig woman’s psychological fabric is highlighted by her great emotional instability. She may be overoptimistic and in an excellent humour at one moment, then sinks into deep pessimism and depression at the next moment. Constant fluctuations are part of her personality. As a reaction to such sudden changes she tends to overindulge in sensual pleasures, it is true, but it would be unjust to accuse her of hedonism.
  • She is even more suggestible and impressionable than her male counterpart. One could hardly find a more pliable person than this subject. Her passivity is such that she willingly lets herself be unduly influenced by others, particularly by the men in her life, even when her own vital interests are involved. This, coupled with her exceedingly naive and credulous nature, often induces her to take a kind of perverse pleasure in a martyr complex. However, when old age comes, she is likely to regret having been too self-effacing, too accommodating,
  • Reluctant to seek to distinguish herself, the Pig female can perfectly satisfy herself with mediocrity. She has little desire to make the effort necessary for accomplishment, and is keen on displaying an air of helplessness as a justification for her lack of motivation and ambition. But in place of willpower she is largely endowed with patience, tenacity, and resignation.
  • Even more than the Goat native, this woman has a kind of sixth sense, and her intuition is insuperable. She senses everything with great delicacy and accuracy. There is no way to tell her lies, for her soft eyes possess a sort of laser that runs through her interlocutors.
  • Her sensitiveness verges on pathology. Too deeply afraid to suffer, she is fearful of almost everything, especially of anything new and surprises, be they good or bad. Any kind of criticism can hurt her profoundly and make her feel utterly miserable. For this reason she is not quite easy to deal with, and those who want to please her are often at a loss to go about it.
  • Self-pity is not the least of her negative character traits. She cries her eyes out easily, sometimes for no apparent reason at all. She often feels sorry for herself when she does not have her own way or when she believes herself unfairly treated by life or other people.
  • There probably exists no Pig woman without a childish comportment, and this regardless of the number of her years. The problem with the native of the sign is that she never consciously wants to go beyond the girlish stage, which gives her a comfortable feeling of security. As a consequence she always strongly feels the temptation to evade reality and responsibility. Nothing would trouble her more than being confronted with the necessity to take decisions. Whether she admits of it or not, she constantly desires to be mothered and enjoy all the familiar comforts of home, trusting someone else to solve all her personal problems in her place.
  • Her Oedipus complex constitutes an inescapable part of her psychological make-up  It may sometimes proves devastating by posing as an insurmountable obstacle to her growth and inducing her to lesbianism. In any case her attachment to her parents, especially to her father, can be so strong that she never wants to leave home and marry at all. Indeed, the number of Pig spinsters is quite impressive!
  • The Pig woman is possessed of a phenomenal memory for the simple reason that she attaches the utmost importance to gone-by things. Perhaps she subconsciously associates the past with the security and happiness of childhood. She loves to refer to her past, and an explanation for almost any of her likes and dislikes may be found in it. She treasures old pictures, old toys, old letters, and rarely discards old ties and friendships. It is quite understandable, then, that her conservatism equals anyone else’s.
  • Her interests are very domestic, which does not favourably predisposes her to the idea of the liberation of women. A talented and devoted home-maker  she delights in entertaining people and shows herself an admirable hostess. She also has a deep love of all vulnerable beings – she becomes crazy at the sight of any baby she passes and fills her home with all sorts of strayed animals.
  • She dreams enormously and at all times. Many of her daydreams have a good chance of coming true, and some of her night dreams are distinctively premonitory. There exists in her an irresistible compulsion to deform, travesty, and embellish reality. In this context she loves to dress up and has a predilection for carnivals and fancy masked balls; she also tends to tell “lies,” which actually are not lies but only a manifestation of her need to give life a more romantic, more picturesque aspect.
  • Her relations with money have a somewhat curious character. To her, emotional security is strictly tributary of financial security; she is quite favoured in this respect since she has much more than her share in the cornucopia. Believing that money is made to be spent, she is usually quite a spendthrift – the more emotional problems she has, the more money she spends. And then, suddenly, without notice, she becomes outright miserly and petty, making incomprehensible cheeseparing economies.
  • It may appear from all the foregoing that the Pig woman is not a very worthy person. In fact, the exact contrary would be nearer the truth. This nature is no doubt one of the finest specimens of the human race – finest not for her intellectual or other abilities, but for her innumerable moral qualities. Just like the masculine half of the sign, she is kind, friendly, generous, forgiving, tender, affectionate, compassionate, honest, truthful, patient, modest, conscientious, and loyal. These qualities are so natural in her that people tend to take them for granted when dealing with or talking about her. With such an individual as the Pig woman, we have an eloquent proof that we could be angels though human.

Her productivity

  • The Pig female is qualified for virtually all the professions that suit the man of the sign. There are some sectors of activity in which she can even do better than he, for she is devotement personified. But, like her Snake and Goat sisters, she needs to be supervised, to be submitted to a discipline dictated by someone else simply because she lacks willpower and concentration. A team work would be a good compromise as it leaves her with the impression of standing on her own feet, thereby preserving her self-respect.
  • “Maternal” jobs of all sorts are the fields in which this subject find her best rewards. These include everything ranging from education to nursing. Endowed with a magic touch which helps her work wonders where another person man only achieve mediocre results, she really gets through effortlessly to the people of whom she is in charge. She has no difficulty establishing her good reputation as a physician, physiotherapist, nurse, teacher of every discipline, child psychologist, paediatric nurse, and the like.
  • Art under all forms brings her much happiness as well. Few people are so well gifted as she with an acute sense of colour and form. It is easy for her to become an excellent painter, sculptor, designer, or photographer specializing in child portraits.
  • Whatever is related to beautifying environment attracts her. She has an extraordinary knack for finding ways to improve the quality of life – as a constructor, decorator, furniture dealer, jeweller  for instance. All her productions bear the mark of good taste and originality, especially when she deals in commodities for the home.
  • The typical Pig female is well served by her imagination and poetic sense. She would have no difficulty in trying her hand at literature by writing wonderful stories for children, vibrant poems, or deeply perceptive novels. As an actress she is very much appreciated for her charm and naturalness.
  • Her strong attachment to the past makes her an avid and able collector. She likes relics of the past of every description – from old books to old languages, from old stones to old artefacts  Her appreciation as an antique dealer, historian, or scholar is often authoritative.
  • There exists a strange relation between Pig natives and water. It has been pointed out that all aquatic sports suit them perfectly well. With regard to business, both the Pig male and female can make a fortune in all enterprises having to do closely or remotely with shipping or liquids.
  • Probably no one can do better than the Pig woman in advertising and public relations. She has the common touch and senses public demand with astonishing acuteness. Paradoxically, she does not like crowds and always prefers to work at her own quiet, leisurely pace.
  • Exactly like her brother of the sign, she must constantly beware her overdone confidence in her good star. Her tendency to force her incredible chance, particularly in her financial dealings, cannot be expected to bring about happy results all the time; it may every now and then account for a disaster from which she would recover with the greatest difficulty. Hence prudence and a certain sense of realism are absolutely necessary to her security and happiness.

Her love behaviour

  • Despite her seething sentimentality, the Pig female is almost never a love aggressor. To her, man should eternally be the hunter, and woman the hunted; the current feminist trend does not seem capable of affecting her stand on this score. It is not in her habit to go out looking for love – she simply waits until it comes to her. Her strategy resembles that of a mollusc waiting for food to enter its shell, or, more accurately, that of the spider, for her patient passivity is most of the time quite catching.
  • Her problem is usually not trapping a man – the Pig maiden rarely finds herself in want of assiduous suitors – but managing not to get entangled in the cobweb of her own making. Normally incapable of resisting a man’s advances, she seldom escapes the terrible dilemma of choosing a pretender at the exclusion of the others; her quandary is further complicated since she projects her own extreme sensitiveness, convincing herself that her refusal would be felt by the discarded as a lethal blow. She is generally expected to undergo a lot of self-inflicted heart wrenching before settling down for good with a man.
  • It would be hard to find someone as deeply romantic and intensely sentimental as the Pig female. Love is a prime requirement for the native as she readily deludes herself into believing that it is all that counts in life. As a maiden she viscerally yearns for the prince charming; and whatever the vicissitudes of her life she can never totally renounce her youthful romantic dreams. Once in love with some man, she cannot help trembling at the sound of his voice, vibrating at the scent of his hair, or surging with emotion at the thought of him; she only lives by him and for him; her dearest wish is to merge into him ever more and more completely.
  • With her stupendous sensitivity and all-out way of loving, this nature can seldom get over disappointments gracefully. It is even doubtful whether she is ever able to be quite back on her feet after a love misadventure. Men should be most careful in dealing with her, never taking her sentiments lightly, lest they break her heart irreparably.
  • Every Pig woman suffers more or less acutely from the Oedipus complex. It is not a mere coincidence if she doggedly, though perhaps unconsciously, looks for the image of her father in any man she may have designs on. Her preference clearly goes to mature men – those much older than herself. While leaving the paternal hearth always proves a terrible ordeal for her, she invariably expects the man of her life to behave as a father to her. She will rely on him for all decisions, even though they may concern her vital choices or her whole destiny, and demand protection and tenderness from him. In order to achieve her objectives she will not hesitate to adopt a childish comportment – by appearing utterly helpless, resorting to sentimental blackmail, indulging in mild temper tantrums, or displaying masochistic tendencies. Her mate will need much clear sightedness to understand the mechanism of her behaviour  he must also be patient enough to bear and even condone her attitude. But his efforts in this direction will assuredly be rewarded far beyond his expectations.
  • This is a woman whose love has an exceptional quality. She makes a most loving spouse because she is gentle, accommodating, self-effacing, warm, and deeply affectionate. She would not stop to think twice before deciding to abandon her professional career for the sake of her man. And there is no ground for doubting her fidelity.
  • The typical Pig female is always ready to bring sexual bliss to her mate, although she rarely demands it for herself. However difficult he may be, he would never have to complain about her performance in bed. Her greatest pleasure is to give pleasure of the highest quality, not to receive it. Any man who has enjoyed her embraces would find his subsequent intimacies with other women rather insipid. Perhaps for this reason she is seldom abandoned or betrayed.
  • At one time or another in their common life the Pig woman is likely to demand her mate to take one or more of her own in-laws under their roof. This the man should refuse categorically despite all her pathetic entreaties if he wants to save their union from disaster. Her relations with the intruder or intruders would be too neurotically close to allow for normal coexistence between the spouses. This bit of advice is not so easy to follow as it seems, for the Pig woman knows how to be persuasive.
  • The average Pig female appears as a model materfamilias. Consumed with maternal instincts, she finds her utmost happiness in devoting herself to the welfare of her children – sometimes to the detriment of her husband, who may vaguely feel jealous of his own offspring. She is an excellent mother who always acts as a friend to her little ones, never as a strict disciplinarian. She handles them wisely, does not spoil them, remains attentive to all their needs, and help them develop their best traits. A lamb though she is, she may become a terrible wolf when it comes to defending her children.


The characteristics of the Pig Sign are tempered by on the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.



Outspoken and confident, Metal Pigs give 110% for everything they do. They throw themselves into relationships with others completely, sometimes to a fault. These Pigs are headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone he meets unless given reason not to be. Metal Pigs usually give people more credit than they deserve but when challenged can be a hard nut to crack. The Metal Element expresses structure, fixed values, strength of will and fluency of speech. The nature of Metal is to define and to strengthen. This Element symbolises clear thinking, sincerity and accuracy. Metal Element people have the gift of structure and the ability to interface easily with the outside world. Those born under Metal set and follow their goals with vigour and passion. Metal is determined and fixed, holding each sign in a position of strength by serving as a foundation. 


Water Pigs go with the flow and usually trust people before they truly know them. This, of course, can get them into trouble because they are often to trusting for their own good. Water Pigs are quite easily influenced; yet, can be very persuasive when it comes to getting what they want. These people love parties and social situations and enjoy giving of themselves to help others. The Water Pig expresses feelings, reflection and sensitivity. Symbolic of feelings and emotions. Water descends, seeks out and fills low places, especially the hearts of the disheartened and needy. Those born under the Element of Water are guided by their feelings and the need to communicate. The Water Element endows one with a lucid and quick mind; however , this element is chaos because it does not have it’s own form rather it takes shape of whatever contains it. Water Element have the ability to persuade and manipulate others and their environment. The Element of Water blesses it’s natives with a deep spiritual nature and the ability to thrive in many social situations. Those born into Water years possess the extraordinary intuition and function as a kind of spiritual barometer in this life.  


THE WOOD PIG 1935 AND 1995

Wood Pigs are strong-minded individuals who give of themselves continuously. They have hearts of gold and won’t take no for an answer from a friend in need. These Pigs are practical, down-to-earth and industrious people, always looking for the next project to take on. They enjoy working in groups and work well with other people. Wood Element expresses imagination, creativity and compassion. Also represents the family and artistic theory. The nature of wood is move upwards toward the light, to spread and expand. Wood Element people have high-minded values and believe in the dignity of every human being. The Element also brings cooperation, so people born under this element understand the value of teamwork and excel in organising large projects. They are progressive thinkers and far sighted in their goals and ventures. The Wood Element endows each with natural presence; however, Wood is also incendiary and capable of producing a combustible temper.

THE FIRE PIG 1947 AND 2007

Active, outgoing and extroverted, Fire Pigs breathe new life into everything they do. These Pigs are vivid, motivated individuals who cannot be deterred from a goal once they have set it. They are emotional and passionate about their loved ones, their occupations and their objectives. They are bold and vivacious, unafraid to take risks despite the consequences. They make great bosses because they do work so hard and because they are so spirited. But don’t double-cross a Fire Pig. They have the ability to be quite abrasive when things don’t turn out as they planned. The Fire Element expresses dynamic passion, energy, aggression and leadership. The nature of fire is to arouse, convert,consume, resolve and bring out an outcome.This Element will tend to multiply signs inborn talents and energies. Fire Element people have the gifts of leadership, passion and assertiveness. Decisive and masterful, those born under this element rarely have trouble making decisions  and the attract others with their strong and radiant personalities. Fire Element souls have an abundance of energy that produces impatience. The movement of Fire is rapid and can consume one’s energies if not properly balanced with relaxation and moderation. This Element also represents the ability to be decisive, to lead and to act spontaneously without forethought. Fire punctuates each sign with an exclamation mark!


Laid back and reliable, Earth Pigs are at their happiest at home with their families. They are organized and pragmatic, preparing a strategy for every project they take on. They are fruitful at work and are content being one of the employees. Even so, Earth Pigs may compensate for this by asking for more money at review time. These Pigs love a good time and so may overindulge at times.  The Earth Element expresses stability, reliability and common sense. The nature of Earth is to ”ground,” to keep whole, and to preserve. The Earth is symbolic of the mother’s protected womb of peace and safety. Those born under the Earth Element are both practical and industrious. They have exceptional powers of organisation and are competent masterminds and executives. Honest, serious and conservative, Earth Element people are capable of making wise decisions.