His physicality

  • As far as general appearance is concerned, we can distinguish two main types of Rooster men: One is stocky, well-set, profusely hirsute, resembling the classic representation of Hercules; the other somewhat recalls Apollo, with his long limbs, slim waist, and moderately apparent muscles. Such are about all the noticeable differences between the two branches.
  • The native of either type has unusually large shoulders and big, powerful hands. These and his other physical characteristics denote the presence in him of an intense source of energy – the kind of energy that surfaces in karate practitioners at the moment when they are on the point of delivering a blow. It is most probably this energy which makes his demeanor far from being unobtrusive, his speech brusque, and his gestures nervous – people can indeed easily recognize a Rooster male by his restlessness.
  • This subject has an almost square face; its natural sternness is further intensified by his barren, angular features, his overwhelmingly large skull, his aquiline nose, and his dense hair which he often likes to wear crew-cut. His mouth, drawn to one side as if by a perpetual grin, may prove a clear indication of the continuous efforts he makes to control his aggressivity. His husky, low-pitched, pleasing voice effectively counterbalances the severity of his general look.
  • There is no way for his interlocutors to escape his ruthless gaze. It is searching, penetrating; it upsets and puts ill at ease; it fascinates and paralyzes at the same time. His escarbuncle-like eyes unquestionably constitute the most distinctive element of his entire physique.
  • In all appearance the Rooster man possesses an iron health. Whatever might happen to him, people could safely bet that it would not make him take to his bed. He himself often wonders why those around him can ever fall ill and, when they do, shows little sympathy for them.
  • Actually, there exists no such thing as his immunity from illness. While his recuperative powers reach an exceptional level, his organism nevertheless presents as much vulnerability as the next fellow’s. If he can put up a show of his solidity as a rock, it is mostly because he has the will – and the imprudence – to ignore his miseries and suffer them without stopping or slowing down his activity. Among the disorders to which he is liable, those affecting the head are troublesome enough for the average person – chronic sinus, allergic rhinitis, otitis interna, raging toothache, and ever-present headache. His other health problems may range from chronic constipation to anal fistulas, from stomach ulcers to displaced discs.
  • But what may really cause concern is the fact that most of his troubles are psychosomatic – they exist only because of his ingrained nervousness and his ubiquitous anxiety, which spring themselves from his compelling self-destructive tendencies. There is no denying that cliffs, abysses, danger in general, and death itself all exert a powerful fascination on him. Obviously, the constant mobilization of all his energy to combat his perilous drives could give rise to any kind of physical imbalance. The native must take his health problems into careful consideration and have them treated adequately instead of pretending that they do not exist. Of course, there should be no question of indulging in hypochondria or morbid obsession. A systematic psychiatric treatment would be highly advisable, especially in this individual’s early youth, when his patterns of reaction are not yet firmly established. His formidable energy, once properly channeled, is apt to help him achieve tremendous realizations in life.
  • Given his almost permanent nervousness, the Rooster male would find his interest in avoiding stimulants of all kinds, especially alcohol and tobacco. He must also refrain as far as possible from spices, which are detrimental to his oversensitive mucous membranes, but which he is particularly fond of.
  • Concerning his feeding habits, he is rather inclined towards asceticism, with a marked taste for “natural” foods. But it is not impossible for him to overeat and overdrink from time to time, as if to compensate for his usual somewhat excessive abstemiousness. In either case he may be acting unwittingly under the influence of his self-punitive, self-destructive urges.
  • Vigorous muscular exertion must be regularly resorted to in order to sublimate his ineluctable nervous tension. He is advised to do the most violent or dangerous sports such as soccer, baseball, rugby, mountaineering, skin diving, and car racing. Martial arts – karate,
  • judo, vovinam, kung fu, and others – can serve as both a good outlet for his suicidal tendencies and an effective means to control his overflowing nervous energy.

His psychology

  • The Rooster man has an absolute character, in the sense that he regularly moves in the superlative. His extremism can take many forms, whether it concerns his thoughts, sentiments, or actions. He admits of no intermediate and adheres totally and uncompromisingly to the all-or-nothing principle. With him, nothing should be done or felt in halfway measures. Qualified opinions are not his forte: Whether it is politics or religion, morality or education, occultism or reincarnation – whatever the issue – he is likely to take a clear-cut, unmistakable stand. He has intense likes and dislikes which he is not prepared to change or tone down. Aided by the incredible force of his will, he means not to allow for chance to play its part or for fate to guide his destiny; he solidly believes that everything, including good luck, can be made to happen and refuses to sympathize with unfortunate people. When he descends on the shaded side of his being, he can show himself extremely harsh, cruel, ruthless, ready to trample on others in order to achieve his goals, aggressive in his relations with his fellow men, and spiteful towards those who do not agree with him. But when he moves to the sunny peaks of his personality, we can find in him a man who is perfectly able to surpass himself, who is keen on devoting himself body and soul to a noble cause, and who is quite willing to sacrifice his time, his health, and even his life for the good of the community.
  • This subject resembles his Buffalo counterpart on many points, one of which being his intellectual inflexibility. His opinions are espoused once and for all, and no power on earth can induce him to alter them, even though later they may prove totally wrong. He therefore singles himself out as a diehard sectarian and fanatic. Clinging intensely and relentlessly to his iron-clad convictions, he always thinks that he is right, that he knows what he wants, and does not bear criticisms, however courteous and well-intentioned the critic may be. In this way he can easily become his own slave: He will persist in a course of action even when it becomes obvious that its continuation could only lead to failure or ruin.
  • The Rooster man has a profound taste for secrecy. He carefully avoids to show on the outside what he is feeling on the inside and generally succeeds in concealing his real thoughts and intentions. It is difficult for most people, even for those closest to him, to know exactly where he stands or what he is up to at a given moment. His secretiveness probably stems from his deep desire to wield power over others and to manipulate them as he pleases; it may also result from his all-out suspiciousness – he does not have much faith in the goodness of human nature and tends to view everyone as a potential traitor. But while he is keen on keeping his own secrets, he excels at prying secrets out of others, thereby rendering people vulnerable to him.
  • Of all natives known to Chinese astrology this individual finds himself among the few ones graced with such penetrating intelligence. His mind is not only cautious and skeptical; it is above all shrewd and perspicacious. He possesses an uncanny sense of the weaknesses of others and has a weird intuition that allows him to pinpoint the hidden intentions of his interlocutors or adversaries. It is practically impossible to take him in, whereas anyone could be fooled by him at one time or another if he so decides.
  • A shy, insecure, or defenseless Rooster man is yet to be discovered. As a rule violence under one form or another makes an inseparable part of the character of the typical native of this sign. When things do not go his way, he may or may not react immediately, depending on the tactics he chooses for the particular occasion; but one can be sure he will launch a furious, drastic attack on the obstacles or a massive retaliatory operation against his opponents. When troubled or under pressure, he tends to blurt out everything on his mind or hurl sarcasms at his interlocutors, he means every word of what he says, and, when he has cooled down, rarely deems it necessary to apologize for what he said. It is not only a matter of courage here; it is even appropriate to speak of revengefulness and sadism.
  • What he may be reproached for is undoubtedly his acute lack of the sense of humor. He takes life – and especially himself – far too seriously, allowing no room for defeats, failures, or weaknesses. Since efficiency constitutes one of his main driving urges, it is hard for him to switch off business and relax when his organism desperately requires it. This is a man who always wants to do more than he is able to and who gets bitterly disappointed, if not furious, if the task to perform proves beyond his capacities. Concerning his own person, he will never forget a slight on his pride, which he euphemistically calls his “self-respect.”
  • The Rooster man has a strong practical side to his nature. Few people would be as courageous as he to be so willing to look at life with an unadorned eye and enjoy facts at the exclusion of any fiction. Suspicious of idealism of all kinds, he tends to confine himself on the conservative side, to cling to the tried and true method. Imagination and inventiveness are decidedly not his specialty.
  • He also mistrusts emotionalism, exercising a continual watch over his heart and controlling it only too well. The projection of his emotional coldness more often than not prevents him from having well-rounded contacts with others – but he could not care less about the next fellow’s feelings toward him!
  • Only under exceptional circumstances is his heart in the right place. With his emotions rather shallow, he leans toward excessive selfishness; he justifies his attitude by arguing that each one should rely exclusively on himself. He is never ready to help someone in trouble, particularly when his purse should be involved.
  • The typical Rooster man seems to come into the world mostly to experience difficulties and hardships. In any case, he can eat his bread only by the sweat of his brows – it is a rare Rooster who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, to put it figuratively. Despite all his ambition and earnestness, his fortune most often resembles waves. By dint of work, success in every field is not necessarily beyond his reach; but glamor, which he desperately looks for all his life, may very well continue eternally to elude him. To compensate for this irony of fate, he adores putting on a bit of a show, with a firm tendency to brag and seek the limelight: Modesty and self-effacement, understandably, are not the native’s cardinal virtues.
  • What is one of his cardinal virtues, on the contrary, is his absolute loyalty. He never breaks a promise, keeping his given word being a point of honor with him. It is here that he again resembles the Buffalo. On the other hand, for the rare people whom he loves and trusts, he will move mountains, against any odds.
  • Altogether, with such a mixture of strengths and weaknesses, the Rooster male appears to be simply – and profoundly – human.

His productivity

  • Whatever his occupation, the average Rooster man never considers it a purely bread-winning chore. He views his work with far more seriousness than the majority of people do, always finding in it a challenge to take up or a confrontation to settle, regardless whether it concerns the material or immaterial world.
  • To him, the end always justifies the means – his morality is essentially the morality of success. This is what makes his force, but also what renders him inhumane, as indicated earlier.
  • If this individual fails in an endeavor, it is likely due to one of these two weakness of his or to both: his pride and his self-destructive inclination. Proud he certainly is to such a degree that he systematically refuses to ask for or accept aid and equally systematically takes unnecessary risks. As for the other defect, it gives rise to his “failure neurosis:” He may, quite unconsciously, mobilize as much ardor to abort his undertakings as to bring them to a successful conclusion!
  • This man is well known as a jack-of-all-trades. He can indeed do any kind of work with equal grim determination and earnestness; even the most routine or uncongenial jobs are accepted by him as good opportunities for self-mastery.
  • Given his taste for secretiveness, his suspiciousness, and mercilessness, the Rooster male can naturally be an excellent undercover agent or spy. He will leave nothing to chance. If in addition he has the conviction of serving a worthwhile cause, then his efficiency will be unsurpassed. The only problem here would be to clearly define the limits of his actions, for his very efficiency could bring him to commit excesses.
  • He can most profitably exploit his qualities of vivid intelligence and perspicacity in all professions concerned with efforts to see through the veil of evidences and appearances, to detect what is concealed to ordinary people. This will be the case of the psychologist, psychiatrist, policeman, detective, or investigator. He would not need truth drugs to reduce lawbreakers to confessing their crimes.
  • It is quite possible for the sadistic urges inherent to his nature to be taken advantage of by sublimation through work. As a physician, surgeon, dentist, or veterinary, for instance, he can, in a safe and socially useful way, satisfy his unconscious desire to see or inflict sufferings. Provided the process of sublimation is well conducted, the stronger the urges, the more successful the native will be in his profession.
  • Many men of this sign choose the careers of stage or movie actors, military officers, sportsmen, or firemen, because they see in them an opportunity to secure some glamor. Such glamor may sometimes seem too modest or purely subjective, but, realistic as they are, they can content themselves with it for want of anything better.
  • The Rooster man’s aggressiveness and taste for power may incline him towards politics and political struggles. He is at his very best as a revolutionary, insurgent, guerrilla, plotter, or shadow fighter in whatever capacity, for he can also make use of his profound sense of secrecy.
  • It may happen that the Rooster man chooses to harness his inborn nervousness and anxiousness into a creative channel. For this reason there exist a crop of artists belonging to this sign who express with surprising boldness and vigor what other artists dare not even deal with.

His love behavior

  • The Rooster male ‘s love behavior is mainly dominated by his anxiety and sadistic tendencies. Once this has been duly taken into account, it becomes relatively easy to explain or foresee most of his reaction patterns.
  • He is born a frustrated person. During all his existence he labors under the impression of having to continually climb up a slope and to carve out every inch of his place under the sun. Love seems to him a sector of life which could afford him an expedient occasion to take his revenge, to compensate for the “injustice” he came into the world with. He delights in playing at torturer and victim – rarely resorting to physical brutalities, though, for his sadism is essentially symbolic, and his favorite game consisting of inflicting emotional injuries. He loves to contemplate the tears and hear the sobs of his beloved one. He entertains the fiction of having the power to decide on her life or death. He enjoys putting up a show of sudden attachments and equally sudden separations. It pleases him to boast about his imaginary running around seducing innocent damsels and breaking their hearts. Many women involved with him who do not understand the reasons of his provocative attitude must certainly feel unhappy. But a Rooster woman or the one who is aware of the unconscious mechanism underlying his comportment can easily defuse and shrug off the situation – they know that all his gimmicks are only designed to strengthen his self-image of omnipotence; they also know that this man constantly yearns to receive, in a devious way, reassurance and encouragement from the very female of his heart.
  • No woman would find him an easy person to live with. What few people know is that he needs a female who has enough strength of character to bear his emotional assaults and who understands that to accept his love usually means to accept storms – his love nature is more intense than that of most men and belongs to the love/hate variety, probably because of the fascination he feels for danger and death. Once his woman agrees to play the game he proposes, he is able to show himself a devoted, forgiving, and loyal lover.
  • The Rooster male belongs to the restricted circle of men endowed with such a powerful sex drive as his. But he seldom looks upon sex as a natural way of self-expression. On the contrary, one of his favorite pastimes is to indulge in sexual fantasizing. And the greatest pleasure he can get from his lovemaking is not to be one with his partner but to believe he is making her suffer – without actually submitting her to any physical pains.
  • Basically a conservative like the Buffalo male, who shares many other characteristics with him, he exercises a firm control over his heart, refusing to ever give it full rein. He may be sensitive and compassionate, but never truly warm. His reservedness also stems from his awkwardness in expressing inner emotion. It is in this direction that many of his failures in love may be acknowledged.
  • For what exact reason does this individual rank among the most misogynous men in the world? Astrologers have been unable to answer this question satisfactorily. Some of them argue that, if he hates women, it is because he sees in them the source of human life whereas he is fascinated by death. The explanation may contain a parcel of truth, but seems far-fetched to some people.
  • It is probably due to their unusual love nature and full-fledged misogyny that a large number of Rooster men choose homosexuality. Even when they are involved with women in a capacity or another, it is not rare they have physical relations with members of their own sex. Only in homosexuality can they find the most adequate means to express themselves.
  • Apart from the temptation of homosexuality, the average Rooster man is generally faithful in love. He takes his commitment to a woman very seriously: When he receives genuine and understanding response from her, he will have no desire to look elsewhere; if he has decided to love her, he will love her sincerely. Marriage represents in his eyes something of the utmost gravity, and he often waits and watches a very long time before taking the final plunge. Unfortunately, he tends to be too jealous and exclusive, so much to that his woman would need an exceptional amount of patience to put up with him.
  • In his heart of hearts he never wants to beget children. But when they arrive he always shows himself a good and conscientious father. The only defect he could be reproached for here would be his tendency to be unduly severe and authoritarian.


Her physicality

  • Physically as well as psychologically, the Rooster woman appears to be a person of extremes. Rare are those natives of the sign who confine themselves near the average of people. The Rooster female may be exceedingly beautiful – hers is the kind of breathtaking beauty for which men bankrupt or kill themselves. Or on the contrary she may be quite ugly, but her ugliness has its own particular charm and could serve as a good means of seduction.
  • Few women would possess as much magnetism as the Rooster female. Everywhere she goes her presence is immediately and strongly felt by those around her; people simply could not remain indifferent to her. She seems to have strange powers, a literally bewitching side to her nature, a mysterious air – in sum, something that attracts and disturbs at the same time. But she may or may not be aware of her disquieting aura.
  • Her body is meandering, undulating, so to speak – the body of a snake. In general she remains slender far into old age and could overeat without running the risk of obesity. She has long, nervous, and dry hands, with somewhat clawlike fingers. She likes growing long fingernails, which she often paints in deep red. With such characteristics she could fit in with the typical representation of witches, which enhances people’s impression that she has magic power.
  • Unlike the male half of the sign, who has a somewhat square face, hers resembles an inverted triangle, with a pointed chin and wide-apart cheekbones. She has slanting, elongated eyes which recall those of a serpent; there is something in these eyes that reflects formidable hidden strength and pitiless perspicacity. It would be impossible not to notice her deep, husky, and distinctively sexy voice. As a rule she is a redhead, like sorceresses who were burned alive in the Middle Ages – even the Chinese native has somewhat auburn hair!
  • It may be excessive to say the Rooster female has a strong physical constitution. However, her powers of resistance are unquestionably unbeatable: Even when suffering from countless ills she can still hold on as if they simply did not exist. She may spin for months and years on end without having to spend a day in bed. She seems to owe her extraordinary stamina to an inexhaustible source of energy buried deep in her. Unfortunately, this same source of energy appears to account for a number of disorders and pathological predispositions to which this woman is liable because it is too strong for her organism to bear.
  • Among the health troubles most likely to affect her are those directly related to her sexuality – painful menses, hemorrhages in her generative apparatus, vaginitis or the inflammation of her other feminine organs, ovarian cysts, mastitis, and the like. Sterility and miscarriages may belong to this group. She is also prone to frigidity or nymphomania, or even to both at the same time. In any case there are clear indications that a hormonal imbalance is at the root of these disorders of hers.
  • It is equally clear that there exists in her a self-destructive drive that functions contrary to all good sense and logic. It induces her to feel an irresistible fascination for danger and death. Almost in spite of herself she often imagines or dreams of extremely perilous situations which she would have to cope with. She unconsciously but no less systematically looks for occasions whereby her own security
  • may be in jeopardy. Self-punishment under various forms constitutes
  • one of her inveterate habits. Her obscure, relentless struggle against this all-powerful drive must naturally give rise to intense internal conflicts which express themselves physically in the guise of numerous illnesses.
  • It follows that many of her troubles, such as her chronic headache, cannot be cured by a purely allopathic treatment. A neuropsychiatrist or psychoanalyst would have more chance to succeed here because they can help their patient bring her anxiety and aggressivity to a conscious level. Homeopathy and acupuncture may be helpful insofar as these disciplines are apt to relieve nervous tension without provoking undesirable side effects. In any case the native does need
  • regular medical surveillance, especially during the long period extending from her adolescence to her menopause.
  • She must at all costs seek to preserve her nervous equilibrium and peace of mind by exorcising her self-destructive urge if she wants to shelter herself from illnesses, accidents, or sentimental disasters.
  • There are preventive measures to be taken. For instance, she needs to avoid vampirish people, anxious persons, and all those with suicidal tendencies; her contacts with such individuals could only strengthen or awaken her most negative inclinations. She should also refrain from occult experiences, drugs, alcohol, and in general anything that may cause a breach in her psychological self-defense system.
  • It is equally important for her to take positive measures. The Rooster woman must imperatively find out a way to constructively or at least efficiently canalize her fear and aggressivity. For want of anything better she can let off steam in a harmless manner. But the best solution would be to devote herself body and soul to an exaltingly humanitarian cause: Here the opportunities are unlimited, and the satisfactions infinite.
  • She can eat all kinds of foods, with emphasis put on eggs and sesame, which are rich in lecithin, a substance most beneficial to nervous tissues. She often complains of her “obesity” whereas most women would wish to have her fine figure; her complaint is only aimed, unconsciously of course, at justifying her tendency to keep to a severe diet, that is, to resort to self-punishment in a disguised form.
  • The advice given to her male counterpart concerning physical exertion is equally valid for her. She would find her interest in doing as much muscular exercise as possible.

Her psychology

  • Despite her frequent tokens of kindliness, the Rooster woman is even less easy to live with than the male half of the sign: Her character surpasses his in sharpness, with in addition a petty side to it.
  • Strange as it may seem, this female exhibits tremendous strength of will; she has nothing to envy her Buffalo counterpart as far as forcefulness is concerned. She is not inclined to be adaptable, contrary to what her surface gentleness may indicate. She imposes her authority on others almost without noticing it. People are generally reluctant to come into opposition with her; even when she is totally sincere, they cannot help being on their guard against her, for they sense the volcano fire under the quiet mountain. Like the Snake woman, she loves to charm and seduce; but while her astrological sister’s objective is to secure acceptance, she only seeks to make her interlocutors accept her dictates more easily.
  • There could be no doubt about her aggressiveness, which varies in intensity according to her success or failure in sublimating her ingrained anxiety. It is not rare to see her fly into a rage at the slightest provocation. She often subjects to pitiless examination those with whom she comes into contact. Her remarks and criticisms about people can be as ruthless as those of the Dog woman – she has a brutal way to say things, without bothering to beat about the bush. When opposed, she may show a tendency to be cruel. She may even resort to unfair methods in an effort to crush and humiliate an adversary. Her sadistic penchant is at its worst when she finds herself under pressure or in disappointment.
  • Her vindictiveness is equal to anything. When she has decided to bear a grudge against someone, there is practically no way to lesser it until he has definitely gotten out of her way.
  • Secretiveness and slyness make up an indissociable part of her character. She instinctively knows how to dissimulate and can fool others for extended periods if she chooses to.
  • The Rooster woman ranks among the rare persons, male or female, endowed with such vivid intelligence and perspicaciousness. Her judgment is not only rapid; it is acute and apropos as well. She has the gift for seeing realities behind the smokescreen of evidences and particularly of words. There is no possibility of lying to her – she generally knows the truth instantly, as if through supernatural revelation. She can effortlessly sense another’s most vulnerable points, the flaw in his defense system, and then find the most appropriate means possible to deliver him a lethal blow.
  • It has been pointed out earlier that there exist many similarities between natives of the Buffalo and those of the Rooster. The Rooster woman is no exception to this general observation. Among other things she tends to take herself too seriously. Laughing at herself is something she simply cannot conceive of. She lacks the sense of joy and humor to a serious extent. Self-righteousness is not totally alien to her. She continuously looks for appreciation though she will seldom admit it. On the other hand, few would be as generous with their own advice as she.
  • This is a profoundly conservative type despite her apparent nonconformism and liberalism. She has definite ideas and fixed opinions, which she is prepared to defend to the bitter end. Tact and compromise are not her strong points, for she is quite determined to have her own way. One can sometimes detect in her a certain kind of bigotry, religious or other.
  • The self-destructive force that inhabits her functions uninterruptedly, only with more or less vigor according to the prevailing circumstances. It is why she seems to be constantly on the lookout for ways to ill-treat herself or ensure failure – in perfect good faith and subconsciousness, of course. It may happen that she suddenly throws up her usually austere way of life for the pursuit of pleasure in every form which, if not stopped in time, will inevitably lead her to destruction.
  • The most important thing for the Rooster woman to perform in life, it seems, is to successfully harness her overwhelming innate energy into a constructive channel. If she chooses to direct it toward efforts at promoting human brotherhood and welfare, then her good deeds will be unparalleled and will be forever engraved in the memory of people.

Her productivity

  • Driven by an invincible force, the Rooster female can realize great achievements in life on the express condition that her undertakings demand much of herself. She loves to show what she is capable of. She needs to exert her will as well as to flex her muscles. Difficulties, obstacles, and adversity of all kinds are necessary to bring out the best in her. There could be no challenge which she would not be tempted to take up.
  • She attaches great importance to her career, not so much because she needs security as because she wants to persist in an endeavor and reach the highest peak in her chosen field. There exists another reason for her comportment: She abhors dependence on someone, be he her husband or lover, and she views her career as the best way to safeguard her autonomy.
  • Like her male counterpart, she can make a first-rate undercover agent, spy, detective, police investigator, or crime detector. There is nothing surprising to it since she has the ability to keep secrets, to dissimulate, and is at the same time good at ferreting out other people’s secrets. She is further qualified for this sort of activity as she possesses great courage, does not burden herself with scruples, and knows how to be merciless when necessary.
  • Given her sadistic tendencies and also her constant struggle
  • against illnesses or threats to her health, it is likely that she
  • feels great attraction for the medical and paramedical spheres. She will do well as a doctor, diagnostician, surgeon, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, dietician, or researcher in every branch of medicine, biology, immunology, and bacteriology. And since in her case, more than in anyone else’s, happiness closely depends on self-knowledge, she may be led to become a psychoanalyst or neuropsychiatrist. In whatever capacity, her motivation and efficiency are well known and appreciated.
  • This female has a pronounced taste for action and danger, and it is why she can perfectly find her rewards in the military career, exploration, pioneering, or some business of her own. Moreover, she likes to fight against others, against nature, and against herself; for this reason politics and the feminist movement may appeal to her, but she will certainly remain obtuse to ideological or philosophical considerations.
  • Curious about everything, the Rooster female delights in investigating the mysteries of human life in particular and the universe in general. This allows her to choose her profession in an extremely wide range, and it should not be surprising to see her, for instance, as an entomologist or astronaut!
  • Being a professional sportswoman would not displease her as she needs to exert herself more than most people.
  • It should be pointed out that this woman has deep roots in the earth, exactly like the Buffalo native. She is therefore suited to all kinds of jobs in relation with agriculture, whether they are manual work or agronomic research.

Her love behavior

  • The main features of the Rooster woman’s love and sex behavior are her sadistic propensity, her strong will, her intense passion, and her unqualified possessiveness.
  • While this woman needs a male who would be in a position to dominate and tame her or at least to oppose her – the Rooster male could be such a man – she often attracts weak males. When involved with her on an intimate basis, a yes-man cannot but awaken or intensify all of her most undesirable characteristics, thus bringing unhappiness to both parties. She is likely to despise and terrorize him; she will be delighted to find his faults and expose them to those around; she will use him as a scapegoat to justify all the excesses she may commit. For this reason, people sometimes call her a “praying mantis,” and the unfortunate man is believed to die shortly unless he can break away in time.
  • Not rarely are sexually unbalanced males attracted to her, too. In such a case there will be no limit to her sexual deviations and perversions which could eventually bring about her downfall.
  • In her heart of hearts this woman needs a male as much as other women do. She feels that she would be better off with a foolish man than with no man at all. She sincerely believes that, once settled down with the right man, she can be reasonably happy. Yet, by the force of her self-destructive mechanism, she always manages subconsciously to prevent her secret wish from getting fulfilled. In the first place, it is hard for her to fall in love, probably because, among other things, she refuses to play the role of a starry-eyed maiden who is willing to become a “love object,” as she would put it; her feminism is certainly responsible in part for the situation. When she has decided to love someone, he must return her love and offer tangible tokens of his affection; if he fails to do this right in the beginning, then his chances will be lost: She will dislike him completely and drop him without hesitation. In her quest for love she may be so determined and direct that she frightens her very target away. Lastly, only to a man who have won her love and respect will she be prepared to show her softer and more sentimental side.
  • In such conditions there is no wonder why she tends to get married relatively late if she ever does – one could be sure never to see a teenage Rooster bride! When desperate for affection she may decide to make unwomanly advances or sleep with almost anyone.
  • The negative urges that incline the male half of the sign toward homosexuality also exist in the Rooster female. Lesbianism is therefore fairly current among female natives, so much so that many astrologers view everyone of them as potentially liable to this perversion. The sexual revolution and the feminist movement are making it easier for lesbian Roosters to indulge in this form of sexual expression.
  • The typical Rooster, male or female, is born with a very strong sex drive, exactly as is the case with the Buffalo. But while the latter resorts to sex as a wonderfully natural way to express himself or herself and enjoys it immensely, the former reacts in a more complicated, less satisfactory manner: Because of his or her sadistic and self-destructive impulses, he or she is constantly tempted to use sex as a means of aggression or to turn to perversions as a favorite pastime. It is particularly difficult for the Rooster woman to live her overflowing sexuality in a “normal,” healthy way as society offers less opportunities to her than to her male counterpart.
  • How, then, is the Rooster woman’s comportment in bed? While regular sex life proves very important to her from both the physical and psychological point of view, it is hard for her to express her desires when lying alongside her partner. Although she can force herself to meet him more than halfway in erotic performance, her aggressiveness is rarely able to mask her lack of a strongly felt desire to be one with him: There is always something, undefinable but no less actual, that stands in her way to real spontaneity. She would wish that imagination and romanticism do most of the work for her in bed; but it is the kind of wish only a psychiatrist or an exceptionally understanding and patient partner would help to fulfill.
  • As a mate she can be relied upon to show perfect loyalty, as far as her relations with members of the opposite sex are concerned. But this loyalty has its own price which may appear too high to some men. She will insist that his faithfulness match hers to perfection, and will be uncompromising on this score. On the other hand, her jealousy and possessiveness, which constitute an inseparable part of her personality, are all-consuming. It will not be long before her man realizes that no matter how much reassurance of love he gives her, it will never be enough, for there is no limit to her suspiciousness. And if ever he betrays her, the retaliation will be rapid and cruel.
  • It is generally believed this woman makes a good mother. Astrologers attribute this belief to the fact that she is endowed with a conspicuous maternal instinct, for she behaves as a she-wolf who fiercely defends her offspring. But some details work against her reputation: She is never very enthusiastic about the idea of having children; she expects too much from her little ones, often forcing them to achieve impossible goals; she can be something of a tyrant, unremittingly imposing her will on her defenseless children.


The characteristics of the Rooster are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.


The Metal Element expresses structure, fixed values, strength of will and fluency of speech. Metal Roosters can come off as arrogant and stuck up at times. They need a cushion for that overextended ego and someone to make sure it stays inflated. They are reasonable people who seem to analyze every decision they make and every situation they find themselves in. They are standoffish at times and can let their aggression get in the way of a blossoming friendship or romance. These Roosters should take a breather from their egos long enough to really enjoy what they have to offer. The nature of Metal is to define and to strengthen. This Element symbolises clear thinking, sincerity and accuracy. Metal Element people have the gift of structure and the ability to interface easily with the outside world. Those born under Metal set and follow their goals with vigor and passion. Metal is determined and fixed, holding each sign in a position of strength by serving as a foundation. 


This Rooster is a bit more docile than the other Roosters. He is quieter, more tranquil, not as vocal or as spotlight hungry as other Roosters. These Roosters are great communicators probably because they do possess the ability to tone things down a bit. They have boundless energy that sometimes gets caught up in detail which causes a lapse in concentration. They have to learn to appreciate detail but not to harp on it, otherwise they may miss the final destination. The Water Rooster expresses feelings, reflection and sensitivity. Symbolic of feelings and emotions. Water descends, seeks out and fills low places, especially the hearts of the disheartened and needy. Those born under the Element of Water are guided by their feelings and the need to communicate. The Water Element endows one with a lucid and quick mind; however , this element is chaos because it does not have it’s own form rather it takes shape of whatever contains it. Water Element have the ability to persuade and manipulate others and their environment. The Element of Water blesses it’s natives with a deep spiritual nature and the ability to thrive in many social situations. Those born into Water years possess the extraordinary intuition and function as a kind of spiritual barometer in this life.  



This Rooster is different in that he enjoys being a part of the team rather than in the spotlight like other Roosters. He likes the company of others and is a genuine friend. These Roosters work for the betterment of society, working diligently to change the evils of it. They expect quality attempts from others involved with the causes and sometimes expect too much of their co-volunteers, as they do of themselves. Often, because of this desire to help society, these Roosters over-committ themselves, unable to finish what they’ve started. Wood Element expresses imagination, creativity and compassion. Also represents the family and artistic theory. The nature of wood is move upwards toward the light, to spread and expand. Wood Element people have high-minded values and believe in the dignity of every human being. The Element also brings cooperation, so people born under this element understand the value of teamwork and excel in organising large projects. They are progressive thinkers and far sighted in their goals and ventures. The Wood Element endows each with natural presence; however, Wood is also incendiary and capable of producing a combustible temper.


A Fire Rooster’s image is his most prized possession. He spends a lot of time making himself look good, causing him to appear vain. He is flaunty and dramatic, yet he is a brilliant social organizer who loves to plan parties and gatherings. They do have a tendency to be a bit bossy and this combined with a bluntness can cause hurt feelings and bruised egos amongst co-workers. Still, these Roosters make great leaders, creative, diligent and motivated. The Fire Element expresses dynamic passion, energy, aggression and leadership. The nature of fire is to arouse, convert,consume, resolve and bring out an outcome.This Element will tend to multiply signs inborn talents and energies. Fire Element people have the gifts of leadership, passion and assertiveness. Decisive and masterful, those born under this element rarely have trouble making decisions  and the attract others with their strong and radiant personalities. Fire Element souls have an abundance of energy that produces impatience. The movement of Fire is rapid and can consume one’s energies if not properly balanced with relaxation and moderation. This Element also represents the ability to be decisive, to lead and to act spontaneously without forethought. Fire punctuates each sign with an exclamation mark!


This Rooster is overtly organized. He is a little reserved and quite careful in his decision-making. These Roosters are hard workers as well, and can handle several tasks at once. They are detail-oriented who are quite efficient and self-sufficient. They take on responsibility without a cause and are motivated only in wanting to be successful. Sometimes they can be abrasive with colleagues if work is not up to their standards. This can cause resentment, so the Earth Rooster must be careful in his approach of his point of view, being sure to be honest and still kind.  The Earth Element expresses stability, reliability and common sense. The nature of Earth is to ”ground,” to keep whole, and to preserve. The Earth is symbolic of the mother’s protected womb of peace and safety. Those born under the Earth Element are both practical and industrious. They have exceptional powers of organisation and are competent masterminds and executives. Honest, serious and conservative, Earth Element people are capable of making wise decisions.