His physicality

  • The Snake is probably the most refined, the most pleasant person in the whole Chinese duodecimal zodiac. Even the masculine half of the sign definitely has something graceful, delicate, feminine, and romantic about him. In order to get his way in life, the Snake man never seeks to impose himself on others as do the Tiger or the Dragon, but to enchant them into siding with him – he can charm both his friends and adversaries alike out of their good senses!
  • The native is most pernickety about his physical appearance. Even more than the Cat man, he never allows himself to indulge in slovenliness; he is always impeccably clean and neat. But unlike his feline counterpart, whose good taste is indisputable, he shows an evident tendency to be a dandy. With his wardrobe always full to overflowing, he dresses up with a great deal of affectation and in many cases even to the point of foppery. Stuck on himself, narcissistic in the extreme, he puts fastidious and exaggerated emphasis on such accessories as gloves, neckties, buttons, handkerchiefs, spectacles, sunglasses, and even toilet waters. He may not even hesitate to use some perfume from time to time.
  • His carriage is light, elegant, almost sylphlike. With his eternally supple and slender body, his narrow hips, and his unusually long legs, he perfectly recalls professional Spanish dancers. Those who meet him are always struck by his natural distinction, which he exhibits in all places and under all circumstances. His manners conspicuously bear the mark of smoothness, dignity, and appropriateness, even in those rare moments when he loses his temper.
  • He has dainty, regular features. His eyes are soft, moist, and bordered with long eyelashes – the classic eyes of an incurable misty dreamer! Perhaps his small, heart-shaped mouth constitutes his most distinctive physical trait. His forehead, broad and smooth, is crowned with silky, vaporous hair. While his high and straight nose may suggest nobility, his rounded chin is a clear indication of weak will.
  • This man’s general constitution is rather delicate. He gets tired easily and is unable to make prolonged mental or muscular efforts. Yet he recuperates his forces with surprising swiftness – a fifteen-minute nap can be enough to help him recover from exhaustion, and he is able to doze off in the most unlikely conditions. For this reason he may be said to have good powers of endurance. He is rarely compelled to keep his bed despite his numerous minor miseries. His health does not allow him to be an oak, which is sturdy but may be uprooted by strong winds; it only makes him a reed, which bends but does not break.
  • His kidneys represent one of the weak parts of his body. They are constantly liable to inflammations, pains, calculi, and other troubles. As a corollary, he also often suffers from various hepatic disorders which are not dangerous but bothersome enough to jeopardize his full enjoyment of life. In addition, his entire lumbar region is so vulnerable as to give him frequent spells of lumbago or aches. Sometimes displaced discs further complicate his existing problems in this area.
  • The Snake male has to live with an extremely shaky vegetative nervous system – a fact he may be the last one to realize. It is constantly subject to upheavals brought about successively by various agents which would hardly affect an otherwise constituted person. Such agents are wind, moisture, humidity, smoke, dust, and in general pollutants of every description. While his bodily reactions to them present all the symptoms of hay fever, it is doubtful hay can account for some of his miseries since immunosuppressive treatments generally prove of no avail.
  • He also reacts, practically in the same manner, to all major weather variations – rains, storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and so on. It is therefore clear that he presents a hypersensitive pattern, and that his state of health can be improved only if and when a drastic modification of his “terrain” has been achieved. All told, the periods during which the native enjoys perfect physical equilibrium are extremely rare if not inexistent: He is continually getting out of a reaction to enter another, and each one can last several days or several weeks. His entire respiratory system, particularly his nasal mucous membrane, is more or less in jeopardy.
  • Another of his distinct handicaps is his excessive emotionalism, which puts a heavy strain on his suprarenals. So many things can frighten him and make him start. Violence, sudden noises, loud voices, the sight of blood, and the like induce him to discharge an overdose of adrenaline. He easily blushes or turns pale, with his heart beating like a drum, under the effect of joy, fear, vexation, sorrow, or surprise. He knows better than anyone else what stage fright is like. On top of all this, he is a victim of acrophobia, which is to him not something to laugh off but a real nuisance.
  • With his organism whose room to maneuver for equilibrium is so narrow, the Snake man must imperatively guard himself against excesses or imprudences of every kind. Each time he loosens his control over his diet or general life hygiene, he will immediately feel the nefarious consequences of his act and have to pay a high price for the slight on his well-being. He must also avoid emotional problems and conflicts by all means – for instance, he had better seek separation or rupture instead of continuing to endure a tense situation. In sum, peace, quiet, and moderation in everything are almost as indispensable to him as the air he breathes.
  • He does not exactly need to go on any particular diet. His food must be as eclectic as possible. It is of interest to him, however, to give his preference to highly digestible and fresh aliments, take his meals at regular hours, and avoid all that may irritate his kidneys and bladder such as spices, alcohol, tobacco, strong tea or coffee. Chinese food, except some fatty dishes, seems to suit him well. It is also necessary for him to drink much throughout the day in order to secure an adequate elimination of toxins; but while the ingestion of mineral water is a good way to stay immune against calculi, soft drinks are apt to provoke detrimental decalcification.
  • Muscular exertion and sports are an absolute necessity here, for nothing is so apt to lower the level of this subject’s resistance against aggressive agents as an over-sedentary life. He can indulge heartily in hiking, jogging, gardening, table tennis, lawn tennis, or swimming. Dancing is a very good exercise for him as he is naturally gifted for it. But he must avoid violent sports at all cost, his constitution being unable to sustain them without damage.

His psychology

  • Extremely sensitive and easily hurt, the Snake male could not live without taking carefully into account other people’s attitudes and reactions. Nothing is more important to him than being at peace and in harmony with his environment. In other words, due to his utmost vulnerability, the conditions required for his psychological well-being do not lie within himself, but without.
  • This individual’s life motto is quite simple – “security first” – although he may be hardly aware of it. If he is charming and conciliatory, it is, fundamentally, because he feels rejection very acutely. He must at all price avoid confrontations with his fellow men and defuse threats of hostility or aggression. In order to achieve his objectives, he mobilizes all his energy on a permanent basis and never relaxes his vigilance. He acts with true prudence and circumspection, carefully scrutinizing the ground he is treading on. He always adheres to the line of least resistance. Even when he is not directly involved, he spares no efforts at smoothing over tensions and settling quarrels around him.
  • But the Snake male’s elaborate defense strategy involves serious drawbacks which he is generally unwilling to recognize. His extreme caution often paralyses him, neutralizing any daring and initiative he might be born with. Intent on making no false step, he forces himself to take refuge in moralism and conformism, thus running the risk of intellectual and psychological ossification. One could reproach him for his cowardice and exaggerated taste for compromise. Lastly, by dint of repressing his own aggressivity and emotional outbursts, he might very well end up an inhibited, frustrated person.
  • What are the specific measures he usually takes to assure his security? They are numerous, varied, and sometimes contradictory.
  • Overly dependent on others for his own survival and happiness, he does his best to secure their good feelings toward him. He treats everybody with gentleness and consideration, almost never with belligerence. He acts with meekness and talks with circumspection, carefully avoiding tyranny and harsh words. It is practically impossible to provoke him as he has learned how to swallow his angers and conceal his pains. When bullied or attacked, he does not seek to retaliate – to him, there should be no such thing as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – but only puts up passive resistance, unafraid to display a marked masochistic tendency. Mahatma Gandhi, a native of the Snake sign (born AD 1869), is a perfect sample of this behavior pattern.
  • It is always so difficult for the Snake man to say “no” or defend his own legitimate interests against aggressors, even if he knows he will have to bitterly regret his amorphousness afterwards. He is apologetic in the extreme and shows too much gratitude for every favor he receives from someone.
  • This individual is keen on showing the utmost sense of equity and fair play under all circumstances. Always afraid to commit an injustice, he gives others every possible opportunity to have their chance, expose their views,, and defend themselves. He is often willing to lend an attentive ear and may at times listen patiently for hours and hours on end without interrupting his interlocutors.
  • When it comes to formulating ideas or reaching a judgment, he makes honest efforts to weigh all the factors in view, gauging every element available, and tries seriously and scrupulously to have as balanced an opinion as possible. It would be most surprising to see him make a rash statement or impetuous move. On the contrary, he is well known for his perpetual deliberations, hesitations, and moments of agonizing indecision. The hardest thing for him to achieve is to make up his mind, to commit himself to a definite course of action. Skepticism and procrastination have thus become his ingrained way of life. Since he is most of the time unable to take decisions, he is prone to cling to his existing ideas and principles with such tenacity and intransigence as reveal us the maniacal,, hard-to-please, and tyrannical side to his character. In the same vein, he may at times be tempted to turn a deaf ear to someone else’s arguments if these threaten to shake and shatter his own convictions. Not rarely does he shelter himself behind the screen of futility, dilettantism, absent-mindedness, vagabondism, escapism, or even psychopathic personality in order to avoid life’s challenges. Of course, his irresponsibility is carried out in all good faith and perfect unconsciousness.
  • But it would do wrong to this man if only the negative aspects of his nature were brought to light. His life strategy, while containing many important flaws, gives him equally important assets, some of which have been hinted at earlier.
  • This is an outstandingly lovable character. He is goodmannered, kind, sociable, and obliging. His instinct for propriety is well developed, which unfailingly warns him against vulgarity and coarseness. Despite his exacerbated sensitiveness, he rarely seems to lose his self-control and patience; people often seek his company because he radiates lovely calm and marvelous tranquility.
  • His intellectual acumen is superior. Apparently carefree and somewhat dull, he nevertheless understand everything with amazing rapidity. His mind is literally like an oversensitive photographic plate, which faithfully registers any and all impressions it receives. With his insatiable curiosity, it is not easy to set him posers. One is always well advised to take counsel with him, for he has a kind of sixth sense which enables him to find the right answers in a flash for other people’s benefit – but curiously not for his own!
  • Few people would be as rich with so many depths and breadths as the Snake male. His emotions and feelings can run the whole gamut of shades and hues and colors. Owing to this he is able to grasp the slightest nuances in every conceivable field, especially in the realm of the heart. With his marvelous instinctive sense of balance, harmony, and beauty, he is unsurpassed as an artist and poet.
  • This man usually has the reputation of being an incurable idealist, visionary, and philosopher – with just reason! Philanthropic and altruistic, he believes in the goodness of mankind, the eventual triumph of reason over foolishness, and never doubts man’s capacity for moral progress. He readily shares the ideas of such people as Sir Thomas More, who is a major figure in utopian literature because of his impossibly optimistic views on human society.
  • By dint of cogitations and speculations, he often neglects the practical side of life and displays incredible laziness, sometimes even forgetting to feed himself. But it is not at all impossible for him from time to time to stumble on startling ideas or hatch out enlightened theories – our world does need such visionaries as him! While he is not exactly afraid of death, he does have metaphysical anguishes which may bother him throughout his life.
  • He is tirelessly in quest of wisdom, or more precisely of a formula which would allow him to lead a “good” life. But here as in other areas of his existence, his efforts are of benefit to others rather than to himself: While his philosophy of life can help his fellow man live better and more happily, he himself is always in want of aid in this direction.

His productivity

  • The Snake male is at least as much gifted on the productive plane as the natives of any other astrological sign. But one thing must be made clear: He is, not in the least made to do manual jobs; if by force of circumstances he has to work with his hands, failure or an accident is almost guaranteed, even though he may consciously wants to succeed.
  • An accomplished aesthete graced with a profound sense of harmony, proportion, line, and color, this subject is naturally destined to do well in all such careers as painting, decoration, designing, hairdressing, haute couture, tapestry-making, glassworking, and arts and crafts in general. Loving beautiful objects and able to appreciate artistic creations, he can fruitfully exploit his sure instinct as an antique dealer.
  • Dancing is certainly a domain in which he is unbeatable as he has rhythm and equilibrium in his veins and is narcissistic enough to love appearing before a public.
  • If he is lucky enough to give free rein to his intuition and perspicaciousness, nothing will prevent him from distinguishing himself as a psychologist, psychiatrist, detective, researcher, banker, administrator, scholar, or scientist as was the case with the Snakes Copernic and Darwin.
  • Prospective employers would be well inspired to secure the services of this man as a press attach, diplomat, impresario, or travel agent, for he is sociable, affable, and knows how to establish friendly relations.
  • If he ever decides to go into business, he had better not be on his own, but lean on an able and trusted associate, preferably a Rat. While he can be great as an advisor, he must stay away from a decision-making position, for if he may often have fantastic ideas, his frequent loss of touch with reality and the practical side of life renders him quite vulnerable. The same is true in politics: It is in his interest to avoid official power and content himself with pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
  • One would not be surprised to see the Snake man move happily in the legal profession if one took his acute sense of equity and philanthropic convictions into consideration. This is a most clever lawyer, capable of swaying the jury and twisting severe judges around his finger by touching their most sensitive, humane chords. This is also a fabulous judge, honest, sympathetic, and endowed with the faculty to perceive reality behind appearances. Idealistic, he sometimes makes a name in working for people’s welfare or trying to make this world a better place to live in.
  • But the field of activity in which he can feel completely at home is no doubt the one that requires the exercise of abstract reasoning. Nothing pleases him more than speculating and theorizing. His ideas and visions are always in advance of his time but can prove to have a tremendous impact when one least expects it.
  • Apart from his ivory-tower work, the average Snake male can do his job with perfection only if he is well flanked. Lacking willpower and an adequate capacity for sustained concentration, he needs to participate in a team endeavour or undergo a strict discipline imposed on him from outside. Left to himself, he would not resist the temptation of dispersion and laziness.

His love behavior

  • To the Snake male, love is life – a sacred thing – and one is not assumed to have lived if one has not loved. It may not be exaggerated to state that this subject is always ready to fall in love with love, his heart being ever as fresh as a rose in the morning. He has the reputation of being a tireless lady-killer. It is a fully justified title in view of his irresistible charm for the fair sex. But if he is extremely popular with the ladies, it is chiefly because he naturally pleases them by loving them wholeheartedly for what they are and not trying to understand them.
  • He loves all women because they are as vital to him as food and drink. He nevertheless prefers those who are distinctly feminine, mysterious, rather inaccessible, or perhaps haughty and even wicked. Femmes fatales represent to his eyes the supreme prize to win.
  • Making the pursuit of Eve’s daughters a life occupation, this man often falls into the very trap he has set up for them. In other words, it is not rare he becomes a victim of his own charm operations, finding himself in love with several women at the same time. To each of them he gives verbal assurances of undying love – he sincerely means it! He wants to please them all and has the heart to hurt none, for he feels responsible for the happiness of everyone and all of them. It then becomes impossible for him to make a choice, and he has to resign himself to struggling like the very devil in the inextricable cobweb of his own making.
  • There could be no more passionate lover than the Snake man. When he loves, he gives his heart completely, without either strings attached or ulterior motives. Platonic love is not alien to him although it is not a specialty of his. Whether he wishes or not to recognize it, he loves loving for the romantic idea he has of love. He views love mostly as an occasion for his body and soul to vibrate, as a pretext for him to write poems, brave dangers on the high seas, or perform Herculean tasks. In line with his masochistic propensity, he wants love to call him its slave and inflict him suffering; in the same vein, he is not afraid of unrequited love and rather welcomes it.
  • With so many women on his arms, it is highly doubtful he can indefinitely stay away from matrimony, even though he frowns upon conventional marriage as an unnatural and inhumane institution. It would almost always be inexact to say that he settles down with “the woman of his choice;” in reality, the decision as a rule does not come from him, and it is he who lets himself be chosen by his woman who has to drag him to the altar. He may not be aware of it, but married life is certain to have a stabilizing influence on his airy, fickle character.
  • When he gets married, the average Snake male has the most honorable intentions. But despite his natural gentleness and affability, his wife will not find him an easy man to live with. He will insist that she be careful not to upset his sense of harmony and topple his delicate equilibrium. He will be particular about the way she should take care of his clothes, food, habits, and preferences. If she wants to please him, she will have to stay well-groomed from top to toe at all times – he will refuse to understand that it is impossible for her to do so. She cannot help feeling vexed when he wonders aloud how horrible it is to love, and live with, the same woman for the rest of one’s life.
  • But the most serious problem this man’s wife will have to cope with will be his incurable unfaithfulness. He is decidedly the playboy type – though not without some reservations. However, there is certainly no purposeful malice in his comportment. His fickleness and promiscuity are rather of sociopathic origin, in the sense that he has no innate notions of fidelity and finds it perfectly normal and amoral to distribute his love around. One proof of his sincerity is that he never feels ashamed of his infidelities or seeks to shroud his conquests under the cover of secrecy. It is rather his legitimate spouse who, outraged, will shout out, “You did it, and you’ve got a cheek to reveal it to me yourself!” While he prefers quantity to quality, it would be unfair to accuse him of satyriasis, for his love pattern is never devoid of refinement and romanticism. The women who have designs on this man would do well to take his inclination to infidelity in their stride and learn to live with it.
  • Obviously, the native’s conjugal life is as a rule extremely entangled and confusing. One might wonder how he could manage to find his way through it. Yet, he seems to like muddling, and no amount of complication is likely to dissuade him from playing around.
  • If he has the courage to assume sentimental snarls, he is on the contrary keen on shying away from all confrontation, probably out of irresponsibility. He turns a deaf ear to all the complaints and vituperations his wife may hurl at him. She will have an incredibly hard time getting a divorce once she is fed up with him: He will attempt to make her change her mind by reasoning her and multiplying his concessions – without ever renouncing his profligacy, however – because divorce is the very last thing he is prepared to envision. But due to his libertinism, his life is generally punctuated with several divorces and remarriages.
  • How does the Snake man make love? This is usually a seasoned lover whose sexual magnetism is exceptionally strong but who at the same time has a deep flair for his partner’s needs and desires. An idealist in bed as well as everywhere else, he always looks for romance and sentiment as a background for the intimacy of his sexual union. To put it differently, his sexual expression never lacks gentleness, tact, thoughtfulness, subtlety, charm, imagination, mental stimulation, and poetry. Lovemaking he considers an art and means to practice it as such. The woman who participates in physical consummation with him can also and chiefly experience a fusion of hearts and souls. He tends to overindulge in sex, it is true, but the frequency of his encounters does not in the least harm their exquisite quality.


Her physicality

  • In discussing the Snake woman’s physique, one could not help mentioning her tremendous charm and beauty. One would only have to name a few Snake women at random to convince oneself of this truism – Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Queen Farah, and many others. In Japan, the best way to compliment any female is to tell her that she is endowed with a snake’s beauty (mi-bijin).
  • This is not a kind of provocative, fiery beauty like that of the Dragon counterpart, but the one which is touching, enticing, bewitching, entrancing, and to which the wisest men may easily fall willing victims. Even the least favored natives of the sign – those whose beauty does not necessarily take people aback – can pride themselves on their irresistible seductiveness.
  • It is always a pleasure to see the Snake woman move about. Even her simplest gestures strike by their inimitable gracefulness, elegance, refinement, and harmony. There is eternally an exquisitely romantic and dreamy air about her. This is a daintily dimpled creature whose manner is serene and soothing. She remains young a very long time, her muscles refusing to become flabby and pendent, and looks best around her menopause.
  • Conscious of her power of seduction, she does not seek to be glamorous and generally adopts a somewhat modest comportment. Although keen on using her charm as her sole weapon in her battle for life, she displays tactfulness in her dealings with other people. Narcissistic in the extreme, spending a considerable amount of her time at her dressing table, she instinctively knows how to appear under the most favorable light – for to look beautiful and be loved is to her of vital importance.
  • Her body is supple, undulating – the body of a snake! – and represents a perfect symphony of rhythm and melody. No wonder why she is naturally gifted for dancing. However slender she may be, the native never looks skinny. Wasp-waisted, she has soft curves, a fair complexion, and a satiny skin. Her shoulders are well-rounded and most fit for decolletages of every description. Her breasts are rather small, but firm and high-fixed.
  • Her face represents a flawless oval and has a perpetual innocent expression. It would be difficult to remain indifferent to her warm, velvety voice. Her eyes are almond-shaped, misty, tender, languid, and unfathomable. And her smile, underlined by gracefully arched lips, would have the power to melt the most hardened souls.
  • This woman is incredibly particular and fussy about her attire. Unlike her male counterpart, who is not afraid of foppery, she quite generally dresses up with good taste, but with a distinct proclivity to expensive clothes. She has a pronounced weakness for furs, jewels, perfumes – in short, for everything that may contribute to enhancing her already formidable charm and beauty.
  • Nobody can have everything, and the Snake woman is no exception to this rule. While her physical appearance is wonderfully seductive, she does not enjoy a very robust constitution. Her organism is rather fragile and tends to react adversely to a wide variety of stimuli.
  • Although somewhat more endurant than the male half of the sign, she has to be perfectly conscious of her safety level – her recuperative powers are mediocre – for once she has sunk below it, it would be extremely difficult for her to be afloat again, In general, she needs a lot of rest and sleep without, however, indulging in laziness or escapism.
  • As a rule she suffers from some form of dysfunction of her kidneys, a faulty elimination being the most frequent case. She must drink every one or two hours during the day, and the total amount of absorbed liquid must not be less than two quarts. It is in her interest to drink mineral water, filtered water, or fruit juices, at the exclusion of white and gray wines and champagne, which she is very fond of but are decidedly detrimental to her kidneys and bladder. She must also avoid spinach, asparagus, sorrel, vinegar, unripe fruits, spices, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Her ovaries are likely to be a source of trouble and must be an object of close medical surveillance.
  • Like her astrological brother, she is a highly allergic person. Her reactions to allergens generally show themselves at the level of her mucous membranes and skin, mostly in the form of nasal disorders and dermatoses. Painful muscular contractions, particularly in the lumbar region, are too frequent to go unnoticed and untreated.
  • Naturally lazy and indolent, she loves sunbathing in a lying, motionless position. But nothing could be more prejudicial to her than this practice since the danger of sunstrokes is real enough in her case and she can become liable to varices due to her less than satisfactory circulation.
  • Always anxious about her appearance, the Snake woman would rarely let herself go to food excesses. On the contrary, she tends to impose herself draconian diets which may cause her more harm than good. Common sense and moderation are needed here to strike a good balance; but this is easier said than done because the native, whose will is rather weak, would find it hard to adhere strictly to a reasonable discipline.
  • She needs daily physical exercise. While violent sports must be banned, she can practice the milder ones. Gymnastics and dancing can be enough to keep her fit. Massages may reveal themselves beneficial as well.
  • Because of her hypersensitiveness, she must above all be careful about her affective life by protecting it from major shocks. Her health is closely dependent on her emotional state of the moment, with her physical miseries being often a literal translation of her internal conflicts. It is not a mere coincidence if her worst health crises, such as colibacillosis, always occur while she is a prey to stresses and tensions.

Her psychology

  • Being in the line of Helen of Troy, this subject is no doubt aesthetically inclined. Her sense of proportion, line, colour, rhythm, and melody reaches the highest degree. Beauty and harmony in all form exalt her; she needs them around her in order to function properly. On the contrary, ugliness and untidiness greatly revolt her, making her feel miserable and unhappy. For these reasons she is very fond of rituals, not for their symbolic significance, but for their aesthetic content. She would refuse to eat food which is not beautifully presented. Unfortunately, her love of things beautiful is often carried so far as to make her lose touch with reality; her irresistible penchant for luxury, for instance, can get her into serious financial trouble at one time or another.
  • The Snake female functions mostly with her heart, rarely with her mind. She possesses an unerring instinct for doing the right thing as far as human relations are concerned; whatever her background, her sense of propriety is never out of tune. Her intuition serves as a kind of extremely sensitive and accurate radar in her business of living: She can know the right answer to most problems in a flash without a shade of reasoning and is seldom betrayed by her impressions, feelings, likes, and dislikes.
  • She is always afraid to antagonize other people since her peace of mind and happiness largely depend on their acceptance and approval. It is why she acts with true prudence, trying to look carefully at both sides of things and duly weigh all the pros and cons involved. She also makes serious efforts to show fairness by avoiding bias, giving everybody a good chance, and to reach impartial judgments. Whether or not she can succeed in this direction is perpetually open to question because her emotivity often gets in the way of her good intentions. But she does what is in her power to do. Her basic instinct of tact and thoughtfulness seldom fails her. Gentle and affable, she excels at showing consideration for other people’s sensitivities, readily admitting her mistakes and carefully concealing her aggressivity. In addition, she has exquisitely tender affection for those nearest to her heart.
  • This is a highly intelligent female whose cultural level is well above the average. Everything fascinates her, for her intellectual curiosity knows of no limit. An avid reader, she does not waste her time on bad or even mediocre authors and is not liable to say stupid things. No subject seems to be beyond her grasp.
  • One of her major weaknesses is her persistent inability and unwillingness to face up to reality. She dreams a lot, broods a lot, and often has difficulty lifting herself out of her moods. She also deliberately cultivates her air of helplessness because it can profit her more than a display of self-reliance. The result is that she has a basically “feminine” character – she muddles through life hesitant, indecisive, unpredictable. It is difficult for her to commit herself to any definite course of action, and for others to know exactly what she is up to. Besides, she is prone to religiosity, mysticism, and bigotry.
  • Altruism is a quality she will have to learn all her life, for egoism is an essential part of her psychological makeup. Although she never means to be unfair or deceptive, her affability, gentleness, feminity, and helplessness are, in the last analysis, fundamentally a gimmick she uses to get what she wants out of life – and she wants everything to satisfy not only her real needs but also her caprices. She would not deprive herself of anything for anyone’s sake; she would extend a helping hand only if this profits her at the same time or at least entails no personal sacrifice. She is extremely clever at ferreting out advantages for herself and, when necessary, gets herself be supported, thus becoming a drag on her friends sometimes and forgoing her sense of independence. (Jacqueline Kennedy’s successive marriages may well account for this character trait of the typical Snake woman.) However, in some exceptional circumstances, especially when she is involved with a Snake man, it is not impossible for her to let her heart be moved by the misfortune of others.
  • This woman’s need to be adored and loved for her beauty is as great as the Dragon woman’s desire to be admired and worshipped for her talent. To seduce everyone is her own way to supply fuel for her ego, and she puts all her fertile imagination to use in this endeavor. While her otherworldly charm is clearly hard to resist, it of course does not necessarily work with all. But she cannot bear seeing someone remain indifferent to her spell and will mobilize all her resources to enchant him into surrender. This is how she manages to get her way in life.
  • Another of her undesirable characteristics is her snobbishness. She does not want to make friends with anyone but carefully selects those who enjoy wealth, rank, prestige, or fame, discarding without regret such people as are unlikely to help in her social promotion.
  • She loves to entertain sumptuously and does it with exquisite refinement and perfect know-how; nevertheless people of modest condition cannot expect to receive an invitation card from her.
  • Lastly, she always wants life to treat her as a princess. A lazy streak is conspicuously discernible to the fore of her personality. Not only does she detest uncongenial or manual chores, she also hates to make necessary efforts in all directions except, obviously, when it comes to enhancing or trying out her charm.

Her productivity

  • It would be a gross error to believe that the Snake woman is a brainless phoenix whose sole capacity to make a living is to seduce. She is in fact so endowed as to be able to stand on her own feet and manage her own career in a variety of fields.
  • It is true, however, that her charm is her first and foremost trump card. She can successfully exploit it in such professions as show business and public relations, or as a mannequin, negotiator, diplomat, saleswoman, and publicist. In general her target clients and audiences unwittingly fall under her spell and surrender themselves without opposing much resistance.
  • Owing to her lively intelligence and prominent perceptive faculty, she can be a first-rate psychologist, investigator, or theoretician. Her penetrating intuition helps her be a much prized astrologer, clairvoyante, or fortuneteller versed in all “mancies.”
  • We should not forget that the female of the Snake sign is a born aesthete with a keen appreciation of art under all forms. She moves happily in every conceivable artistic career with an equal talent. As an artist she can create wonderful works and expresses herself with extraordinary charm and grace in speech, writing, sculpting, painting, and dancing. At a more modest level, she proves an imaginative haute-couture designer or tasteful beautician.
  • But this woman has some specific assets which not every other woman is favored with. First of all, despite her reluctance to cope squarely with reality and her natural laziness, she knows exactly what she wants in life and does not bother about what is not in direct relation with her objectives. Secondly, she has no culpability feeling about money, being able to draw a clear line between money and any emotional context; moreover, she has enough courage to demand a just remuneration for her work – it is impossible to underpay her. Finally, she is often served by incredible chance – it is frequent that she stumbles on a Maecenas, marries into wealth, or unexpectedly receives a fabulous heritage. The third asset, evidently, is largely apt to compensate for any deficiency in her work capacities she may have.

Her love behavior

  • The Snake woman is a femme fatale par excellence: Men are irresistibly attracted to this angel of feminity, this sex symbol, unaware or oblivious of what lie in wait for them. There is an unmistakable air of voluptuousness about her which makes them lose their heads. She always has a large crowd of unconditional admirers in tow and never encounters the problem of finding a lover or spouse. What these men do not know is that she herself needs a man in order to function smoothly – she simply cannot do without males, and the prospect of loneliness terrifies her more than anything else.
  • However blase she may appear or pretend to be, she believes in her heart of hearts that to love and be loved are the most vital business in life. To her, a woman without love would better be dead. Because she attaches paramount importance to love, the native sometimes undergoes a complete reversal of personality when she pledges her heart to a man – an event which can always surprise but is quite logical.
  • How does she love? With intensity, passion, and romanticism. Anything less than that would be incongruous with her behavior. Her capacity for love is so great, and she demands to be loved in return with as much wholeheartedness and etherealness. With every fiber of her being she will refuse tepidness and mediocrity. Those men who have designs on this female should be perfectly conscious of her insistence on the good quality of their love.
  • And how does she make love? Her rule is to follow no rule, to let her sweeping and spontaneous desires guide her. The simplicity of her approach to physical intimacy has something so blissful, so heavenly that those who have shared it with her would find their subsequent fusion with any other woman rather insipid and boring. She can by turns be a ball of fire or indulge in prolonged sex games according to the dictates of her instinct and the desires of her partner. She is also willing to play a somewhat passive role, allowing her mate to dominate her and feel happy. But nothing is more apt to turn her off than prosaism, coarseness, or inconsiderateness.
  • Men who want to enjoy her ineffable favors often have to pay a high price for them. To love her almost always means to be in for a rough time, for she has the reputation of being a sore trial to her spouse and admirers alike. Possessive she certainly is and has no cause to be envious of other women on this score; while her fidelity is less than guaranteed, she refuses to make allowances for her lovers’ escapades, except when it is a Snake or Horse man. Jealous she also is, and to the point of throwing caustic acid on her rivals’ faces. Her vanity is as harrowing as her coquetry and capriciousness. She wants all her men to perpetually offer her proofs, verbal and otherwise, of their unconditional love; she wants them to die for her, not only figuratively but sometimes even literally, and incites them to commit the worst follies to satisfy her desires and whims. But they can never be sure to content her and receive a reward proportional to their trails and efforts.
  • There always coexist in the Snake woman two conflicting natures – a diehard bourgeois, conformist and uncompromisingly concerned with a her own comfort; and a wonderful lover to whom quality and quantity are equally important.
  • This Venus is no misogamist at all, not because she believes in the social or moral virtues of marriage – she harbors serious misgivings about the possibility of true happiness  for a lifetime – but because it can afford her material security and comfort, which are as vital to her as the air she breathes. Love for love, yes; but matrimony is entered by her mostly for gains in wealth, rank, prestige, or social advancement. She never bothers to conceal her design to marry for money – to bind her destiny with an Onassis – in order to satisfy her love of ease and luxury. It is why she can be for the men of her life a cause for ruin. It is also why as soon as her husband disappears she is in a hurry to look for a new one, preferably a richer or more influential one than the former.
  • There could be nothing more foolish than to take her fidelity for granted. No matter how deeply her love goes for her mate, its stability always remains open to question. She can be faithful so long as she deems it worth the candle – so long as she still believes him useful to her in a way or another – and may work hard to make a success of her union. But if and when he falls below her expectations, then her adulterous instinct immediately wakes up in her. Besides, she sincerely does not view promiscuity as an evil and never feels any qualms about indulging in unfaithfulness.
  • But despite her propensity for philandering, she is seldom ready to accept divorce for fear of insecurity, loss of face, and loneliness.
  • She frequently declares that her children are all to her life. She may honestly believe her own allegation, but it is totally unfounded as she is infinitely more a lover than a mother. There is not the faintest trace of maternal instinct in her personality. She is afraid of childbearing, which causes harm to her fine figure and hurts her aesthetic sense. She abhors babies, who know nothing else than crying and messing around. Her relationship with her children can become somewhat normal when these reach adulthood and are on their own.


The characteristics of the Snake are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.


The Metal Element expresses structure, fixed values, strength of will and fluency of speech. The nature of Metal is to define and to strengthen. This Element symbolises clear thinking, sincerity and accuracy. Metal Element people have the gift of structure and the ability to interface easily with the outside world. Those born under Metal set and follow their goals with vigor and passion. Metal is determined and fixed, holding each sign in a position of strength by serving as a foundation. Metal Snakes are extremely willful individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. These people will have their guards up 24-hours a day in order to protect themselves from any failure or possibility of it. They place a great deal of importance on money, but are more concerned with the possessions their finances can bring them. They are in and out so sharply and so silently that they are often unheard and unseen. You must be careful with these Snakes because, although they can be generous, they are always out for number one.


Water Snakes are influential and insightful. They manage others well and tend to be good for organizations to utilize as staff. They are quite motivated and intellectual, very determined and resolute about success. They will have what they desire, despite the conclusion or outcome they generate because it is worth it to them to not only be recognized for their efforts, but to be rewarded as well. They are affectionate with their families and friends but do not show this side of their personality to colleagues or business partners. The Water Snake expresses feelings, reflection and sensitivity. Symbolic of feelings and emotions. Water descends, seeks out and fills low places, especially the hearts of the disheartened and needy. Those born under the Element of Water are guided by their feelings and the need to communicate. The Water Element endows one with a lucid and quick mind; however , this element is chaos because it does not have it’s own form rather it takes shape of whatever contains it. Water Element have the ability to persuade and manipulate others and their environment. The Element of Water blesses it’s natives with a deep spiritual nature and the ability to thrive in many social situations. Those born into Water years possess the extraordinary intuition and function as a kind of spiritual barometer in this life.  


 The element of Wood, like in most Animal Signs, gives the Snake a bit of solidity and foundation. Wood Snakes are not as self-preserving as the rest of them, as vanity is not really his style. These Snakes have a stable group of friends and family to hang out with and love each of these people quite deeply. However, it is rare that the Snake utilize his group of loved ones for advice or listening, often opting to go at it alone. Kindness and genuineness are two of this Snake’s greatest characteristics. Wood Element expresses imagination, creativity and compassion. Also represents the family and artistic theory. The nature of wood is move upwards toward the light, to spread and expand. Wood Element people have high-minded values and believe in the dignity of every human being. The Element also brings cooperation, so people born under this element understand the value of teamwork and excel in organising large projects. They are progressive thinkers and far sighted in their goals and ventures. The Wood Element endows each with natural presence; however, Wood is also incendiary and capable of producing a combustible temper.


Fire Snakes can be a bit loud, speaking their minds and smothering you with their opinions. This does add a twist to his dynamic and vibrant character, as he is quite the extrovert. These Snakes have a great wisdom. They are intriguing communicators who leave you breathless after a conversation. Fire Snakes can change even the most obstinate mind with their powers of persuasion, convincing you their opinions or ideas are better than yours. This does make them a little self-centered, but you can’t say they aren’t driven for success. The Fire Element expresses dynamic passion, energy, aggression and leadership. The nature of fire is to arouse, convert, consume, resolve and bring out an outcome.This Element will tend to multiply signs inborn talents and energies. Fire Element people have the gifts of leadership, passion and assertiveness. Decisive and masterful, those born under this element rarely have trouble making decisions  and the attract others with their strong and radiant personalities. Fire Element souls have an abundance of energy that produces impatience. The movement of Fire is rapid and can consume one’s energies if not properly balanced with relaxation and moderation. This Element also represents the ability to be decisive, to lead and to act spontaneously without forethought. Fire punctuates each sign with an exclamation mark!


Earth Snakes are the most relaxed of the breeds. They lead calm lives and offer a down-to-earth appeal to any conversation or outing. This may make them seem more friendly, as you may not feel the need to wonder what he’s got up his sleeve. They may also shun the need to lash out or take risks, but it isn’t from paranoia. They figure their good sense and work ethic will pay off and bring them much fortune and material satisfaction.  The Earth Element expresses stability, reliability and common sense. The nature of Earth is to ”ground,” to keep whole, and to preserve. The Earth is symbolic of the mother’s protected womb of peace and safety. Those born under the Earth Element are both practical and industrious. They have exceptional powers of organisation and are competent masterminds and executives. Honest, serious and conservative, Earth Element people are capable of making wise decisions.