Natalie Alon

Massage: Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release.

What words can I use to describe this wonderful woman! You’ll get more than a massage when you visit Natalie, she’ll literally pummel out those notts and gift you with a wonderful energy, as well as a few words of wisdom!

Such a brilliant therapist with so much to give, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Where can you find her?

Natalie is based at Triyoga. Switching her time between Chelsea and Primrose Hill Triyoga she is a must if you’re looking for a deep, caring and skilled therapist. The following is a breakdown of her expertise.

Natalie Alon uses her unique skills as a Remedial massage therapist. Pilates teacher and GYROTRONIC trainer to combine visual examination of the body and posture in motion with various therapeutic techniques including Sports and Remedial massage.

Therapeutic massage, Deep tissue massage, Holistic massage and Myofacial release. Natalie develops a therapeutic session designed specifically for the needs and goals of the client. She believes in constantly deepening her understanding of proprioceptive skills. kinaesthetic awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, breath and overall awakening of the senses. Thereby improving the quality of life by harmonious integration of the mind, body and spirit. Natalie has worked with the clients of all ages and occupations including: elite and recreational athletes; dancers; circus and trapeze artists; people with physical and mental disabilities; those who have suffered injuries and accidents; pre and post operative clients and pre to post natal women.

She has 20 years experience in body therapy, physical education, musculoskeletal dysfunction and physical rehabilitation. As a therapist and teacher, Natalie enjoys teaching balance and control in the body whatever the physical ability may be. She has found the greatest cause of pain and injury to be muscular weakness and biomechanics imbalance, and believes that massage and movement therapy are invaluable to the harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

She is a Member of  Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage, Member of the Sports Massage Association, Accredited Teacher and Member of Pilates Foundation Foundation UK.

You can find this Angel of massage at Triyoga

Tuesday; Chelsea  12.45- 9.00pm   T: 0207 483 3344

Friday; Primrose Hill 12.45- 9.00pm   T: 0207483 3344