His physicality

  • Rats as a kind of animal may inspire disgust and fear to many of us. On the contrary, people born under the Rat sign of Chinese astrology are generally noted for their physical attractiveness and charm; more often than not, their outward appearance constitutes one of their best assets in life.
  • The Rat male has a relatively small head, with something that vaguely recalls the head of a rodent. Most noticeable are his high cheekbones, his elongated and somewhat hollow cheeks, his large ears and his pointed chin. One can hardly ever read this man’s emotions or anger on his face which is always radiant with his extremely lively eyes and his ever-ready smile. Most Rat men wear an abundant moustache, which gives them an air of distinction and also of good-naturedness.
  • The Rat male moves with a great deal of grace owing to his slender body and agile bearing; he is naturally gifted for dancing, and it is generally a pleasure to see him walk. After a few years of overindulgence in food and drinks – a weakness he is always tempted to commit – he may tend to grow stout and take on a somewhat awkward gait; but if he shows moderation he can remain youthful a very long time and appear, at the age of sixty, to be no more than forty. His overall demeanour is rather effeminate.
  • He is exceptionally clever with his hands. Many appreciate him as a resourceful conjurer, and his feats of legerdemain are another contribution to his popularity in society.
  • This subject generally enjoys a good physical constitution and good health. There is nothing basically wrong; but his organism may be put out of sorts because one of his most probable faults is to live on an erratic diet. He is extremely greedy and does not always want to control his appetite. In order to prevent disastrous consequences, he must make it a rule to take his meals at regular intervals, never to overeat, and to consume only small quantities of meat, starch or sweet things. He must also give his preference to citrus fruits, honey, popped cereals, wheat germs and wheat-germ oil rich in vitamin E; these foods are definitely beneficial to him. Orange-blossom tea can equally help as he is essentially a nervous person and often suffers from insomnia.
  • Among other health problems threatening the Rat male, mention must first be made of nervous breakdowns and stomach ulcers. Hating leisure and invariably wanting to overwork himself, he is reputed as a “high-pressure go-getter.” One can easily find him among those afflicted with the so-called “holiday neurosis.” If he is able to heed a bit of advice, he should realize that his nervous system is rather tenuous and can in no way bear constant ill treatment. He also has to keep a close watch over his blood pressure and entire cardiovascular system. Violent sports such as football, baseball and rugby are certainly not for him; but all sports requiring adroitness, among them table tennis, lawn tennis and fencing, can do him lots of good. In any case, he must remain attentive to his physiological needs, making place not only for work but also for play and sufficient sleep. Failing this, he is likely to be sooner or later relegated to his bed or, worse still, to a sanitarium. Moderation in everything should be his life motto.
  • According to tradition, the Rat man faces the danger of lung cancer. In addition to this, his respiratory tract as a whole is weak and vulnerable; a congestion of the lungs or a persistent cough are apt to come and plague him at any time – and yet he is an inveterate chain smoker! One cannot but strongly advise him to reduce the number of his daily cigarettes or pipes and to practice golf or horse-riding, two open-air sports most favourable to a good oxygenation.
  • The native is prone to treat his health problems by scorning or ignoring them. This is certainly an unwise attitude. Our body has its own requirements that could not indefinitely go unheeded without entailing more or less serious damage; on the other hand, as J.-J. Rousseau pointed out, “the weaker our body is, the more it commands; the stronger it is, the more it obeys.”

His psychology

  • To the casual observer, the true Rat male is by no means easy to understand, his personality being a bundle of intricacies and flagrant contradictions.
  • A fanatic party goer and club man  he is always welcome in social gatherings, of which he is generally the life and soul. Soft-spoken, courteous, tactful, keenly interested in what people have to say but at the same time never at a loss for words, he perfectly knows the art of making people feel at ease and inclining them to trust him with their secrets. His reputation as an excellent conversationalist is rarely belied. He also knows how to tell the most unpleasant truths without offending, thereby avoiding to antagonize those with whom he has to deal; his sugar-coated talk helps him get out of all delicate or embarrassing situations. On the infrequent occasions when he deliberately wants to catch his interlocutors off their guard, he has enough mental sharpness and glibness to do so; his ability to shock is unequalled  Whatever the subject under discussion, he is always able to come up with a clever answer or startling, though relevant, comment.
  • Besides being popular and amusing, this man can be summarized as kind, honest, intelligent, meticulous, methodical, versatile, adaptable to different people, ideas, situations and environments. In sum, he may be anything you want except dull, lazy or devious.
  • Surprisingly enough, the other side of the native’s character shows us a completely different person – a die-hard egoist who remorselessly gets rid of anyone he deems useless to him, an incurable opportunist more concerned with the way the wind blows than with principles and self-respect, and finally a snob constantly obsessed with climbing the social ladder and having all the status symbols of life. In the last analysis, it is interest – especially material interest – that is at the root of almost all his actions and reactions. The question he never ceases to ask himself, whether consciously or unconsciously, is, “What can I get out of it?” He values his relationships with others in terms of the material gains or honours they may be able to bring him – although he takes the utmost care to conceal his intentions. All his life he attempts to exploit those around him, even the closest members of his family circle, never hesitating to make them work for him in a way or another; to live as a parasite seems to be his ultimate aim. In order to carry out his scheme, he is well-groomed on all occasions, obsequious towards the rich and influential, calm and placid in public but nervous and restless in private. He gives a lot of promises but never wants to honor them to the detriment of his own comfort. He also entertains profusely – not without ulterior motives, of course – but never lends his money to anyone in need.
  • The Rat male, understandably, can have a large number of acquaintances but very few true friends, if any. He always finds it extremely difficult to get into people’s intimacy and enjoy human warmth. His “strictly businesslike” and high-strung disposition arouses suspicion and reserve instead of inspiring confidence. Even when he tries to be sincere and unselfish, which is a pretty rare eventuality, his air of profiteer can never be completely dispelled despite all his natural charm. As a consequence, he often suffers from frustration and loneliness whereas, due to his highly emotional nature, he desperately needs affection and attention. It is so hard for him to adopt a truly disinterested, let alone generous, attitude towards others that he generally condemns himself to isolation.
  • There could hardly be a person more tight-fisted than this individual – the wary eye he keeps on expenditure, is well known to all around him. (For this reason the year of the Rat is considered the year of saving.) Some may even take him for stingy as he makes money rather easily. You would be well advised never to ask him to participate in any charity work; it is only when it comes to entertainments or gastronomic pleasures that he does not pinch pennies.
  • Jittery, this subject abhors routine of any description; to him, variety is the spice of life, and he spares no effort to preserve his liberty of choice, hopping from a job to another throughout his active years. Although sentimental, he is secretive, self-contained, preferring to keep his ideas and problems to himself. He tends to fuss about small matters and become unable to see the forest but for the trees. His judgements are as a rule superficial. And, above all, he often believes himself to be the victim of a lack of comprehension on the part of others.

His productivity

  • Meticulous and maniacal, the Rat male can do well in all professions where it is necessary to count, verify, sort out, or simply to be dependable. He makes an excellent accountant, comptroller, inspector, librarian, archivist or druggist – provided he be allowed to work at his own pace. His insatiable curiosity often leads him into a research career. Methodical and conscientious, he is noted for his efficiency, but generally lacks imagination, inventiveness and the sense of adventure. This is quite understandable with an individual like this man whose main concern in life is to search for security, material as well as emotional.
  • Although many-sided and adaptable to any kind of work, he is more intellectual than manual. And as far as possible he chooses jobs that allow him to be always on the move – as a journalist, travel agent or commercial representative, for instance.
  • Given his charm and tactfulness, diplomacy is certainly a career in which this type has every chance to succeed brilliantly. On the other hand, he can, with a small dose of initiative, make a fortune as a salesman, advertiser or public relations agent; he is able to sell almost anything, having the cleverness to persuade with arguments which may in fact be meaningless. Shrewd in financial matters, he proves to be a resourceful banker. Politics may appeal to him; but he had better stay behind the scene and pull the strings instead of seeking the limelight: Only in this way can he expect to get real power without exposing himself to danger.
  • We must also take into account his sensitiveness and good taste. Rat men are reputed for their literary talent. There are in the world plenty of notorious writers and poets born under this animal symbol – from Shakespeare to Tolstoy, from Li T’ai Po to Daniel Defoe, from Boileau to Jules Verne.
  • If you are a Rat, do not hesitate to try your band at literature, even though initially you do not have the slightest idea about literary ground rules. Who knows if some day you can become famous owing to your innate gift for writing?
  • Of all professional callings, business is unmistakably the realm in which Rat men are best at ease; those of them who make aggressive businessmen are legion. It is only in this career that they are really sure of themselves and can show all their worth. Their flair for good and profitable bargains is almost infallible, exactly as is that of pigs for truffles. They know precisely how to give themselves a maximum of chance and put all trump cards on their side at the right moment. Their gamble is formidable. These highly successful business executives are filled with fighting optimism no matter how gloomy a given juncture may appear. One would be well advised to appeal to those wizards for help in case a business goes awry; it would not take them long to cure all the ills and set the business going again. Owing to their inherent fear of want, they are also brilliant investors with a keen knack of foreseeing the bear or bull market.
  • When the Rat male has gained enough self-confidence and some sense of altruism, through experience or self-education, he can make full use of his remarkable capacities to realize great and noble achievements in life. As a matter of fact, some Rat men are great benefactors of humanity and have their names written in gold on the pages of History.

His love behaviour

  • Stingy as he is, the Rat man is quite lavish when he loves. The women who have found their way to his heart can expect him to pay liberally for their jewels, dresses, furs, entertainment, travels to foreign countries and a myriad other whims. There is no secret to this generosity of his: Sentimentally insecure, he offers his women all he has, namely, money, with a view to keeping them. While he hardly ever loses his fortune in a bad business deal, he may lose it in an unfortunate love affair. Where matters of the heart are concerned, he usually forgoes his habitual perspicacity and lays himself open to exploitation by unscrupulous women who would not hesitate to fleece this willing victim.
  • The Rat male has a definite preference for the gentle, docile and somewhat capricious type of women – those who show dependence and immaturity and who willingly look up at their man as a protector and provider. Not overly jealous, he may sometimes incite them to flirt with other men, but on the tacit condition that they recognize his superiority over his rivals. He himself enjoys some sexual diversity and is not likely to be faithful to only one woman at a time.
  • People generally believe this subject to be a selfish lover, more concerned with his own pleasure than with the satisfaction of his partners. Nothing is further from the truth despite all appearances to the contrary. He is, in fact, keenly aware of the importance of reciprocity in sexual encounters and earnestly does ever thing in his power to achieve a complete fusion of bodies and souls. He is also an imaginative lover who refuses to settle down in routine, who values foreplay as much as the copulation act itself, and who pays due attention to the emotional aspect of sexual relationships. In other words, he is quite good in bed, sensual and considerate. However, it is important for him to take the lead, and his appetite is subject to fluctuations. His high-strung disposition and feeling of insecurity may sometimes cause him to be unable to switch off his worries and therefore prone to impotence.
  • When the native gets married, he generally has the best intentions in the world. Determined to make a success of his marriage – not so much as a matter of ethical principle as of emotional security – he will provide his wife with all she needs and devote himself to the education of his children. His probable infidelities will be a well-kept secret since he is never prepared to accept divorce and start a new life with another female.
  • Any woman involved with a married Rat man would be well advised to respect his desire for secrecy. He will not hesitate to put an end to their relationship as soon as there is a risk it may come to light. Confronted with a choice between his legitimate wife and another bird, he will undoubtedly choose the former without thinking twice, no matter how much heart-wrenching his step may entail.
  • Despite their fear of loneliness, an important number of Rat men prefer to remain single all their lives. The situation is by no means a mere coincidence and can be accounted for by their dread of being left out or betrayed. It seems to them less painful to bear solitude than the consequences of a marital failure. And, for the same reason, some of these men resort to homosexuality.


Her physicality

  • People often say of the Rat woman, “She’s not beautiful, but she’s interesting.” Indeed, apart from very few exceptions, the native is as a rule never noted for being a stunning beauty or sex symbol. In compensation, anyone who comes into contact with her would readily recognize her charm, vivaciousness and attractiveness. Brusque in her manner and skilled at repartee, she has her own arms of seduction that are somewhat modest but by no means negligible. Nevertheless, she lacks “true” femininity to the eyes of many.
  • The subject’s entire physical appearance presents nothing that shocks or catches the eye; everything is so-so about her. She has regular features, a moderate forehead, relatively high cheekbones, an average nose, a fairly large mouth and sparkling blue or gray eyes. (The Chinese Rat woman has faint-brown eyes, of course.) Like her masculine counterpart, her most distinctive element is perhaps her pointed chin which makes her face resemble an inverted triangle.
  • Gifted with an agile body, she can remain wasp-waisted up to her fifties and even sixties. However, many natives of this sign begin to lose their fine figures around their forties as they love eating and are too weak-willed to keep their appetite under control. A fair skin that easily gets a tan, small but firm breasts, small and well-rounded shoulders most fit for décolletages  muscular and moderately long limbs, graceful gestures – these are all the habitual attributes of the Rat female. Another characteristic trait is her youthful look that hardly wanes with age.
  • The reason why it is almost impossible to find a Rat woman in the category of pulpy and voluptuous creatures is unknown. In any case, This woman never minds that. There are certainly less physical differences between the males and females of this sign than between those of all the other signs of the Chinese duodecimal zodiac. The Rat woman, like her brother, has the appearance of an androgynous adolescent during a major part of her life; there is persistently something boyish about her. But the situation does not bother her in the least. She often deliberately accentuates her equivocal aspect by wearing bobbed hair and blue jeans. She also prefers the company of men to that of women. It is as if she had always been a male in all her previous existences!
  • The days when this woman feels as fit as a fiddle are not rare, for she is endowed with a basically sound physical constitution, and doctors seldom find something really wrong with her health. However, her hypersensitive organism tends to make her overreact to two sets of stimuli – material and psychological .
  • She often gets out of a “cold” to enter into a fever. Chinese tradition dubs her a “snail” because of her delicate patterns of reaction. In the light of modern science she is simply a highly allergic person. Her constant reactions to pollen, dust, mould spores, smoke and other allergens can make havoc of her entire respiratory system. Sometimes she suffers from allergic alveolitis, her lungs being as vulnerable as those of the male half of the sign; but more often her nose and bronchi make her feel miserable. Fortunately, her troubles can go as easily as they come.
  • While she can hardly avoid the harmful substances, an earnest treatment with immuno-suppressive drugs is likely to bring her some relief. Water cures may also prove beneficial. In any case, the intensity and frequency of her allergic reactions will tend to decrease gradually from the age of fifty onwards, and her long-standing troubles may disappear completely in the end.
  • It is in her interest to think of preserving her precarious and most sensitive nervous system. She is certainly liable to some mild form of manic-depressive psychosis. When everything goes well, she feels unduly elated and appears optimistic, cheerful, talkative and impulsive. But as soon as a problem presents itself, be it a sentimental deception or a financial difficulty, she becomes utterly upset and begins to suffer from a varied number of ills that may range from giddiness to constipation, from muscular pains to gynaecological troubles, from dark gloom to suicidal tendencies. These pathological symptoms, obviously, are only a physical translation of her fears, anguish or dissatisfaction, and no medicines or surgical interventions can be expected to cure them.
  • In all logic, she must be careful never to disturb her nervous and psychological equilibrium. Alcohol, cigarettes, sleepless nights, a hectic way of life – all this is most detrimental to her well-being. On the contrary, fresh air, a balanced diet, moderate sports and relaxation can help her round many a difficult cape. She should also avoid all conflictual or highly emotional situations, and adopt a serene and complacent attitude toward life and people.

Her psychology

  • The Rat woman is the kind of woman whose company men eagerly seek but who never causes them to nurture “dishonest” designs on her. They tend to treat her as one of them, as a chum, not as a true female to be given a special treatment. There is nothing surprising about their attitude, for she behaves naturally, straightforwardly, without coquetry or whimsicality, and is on the other hand gay, amusing, voluble, intelligent. Some may regret her rather unwomanly manner – they are those who have definite ideas on what femininity should include – but people in general do appreciate her frankness, her sincerity and her dependability.
  • No less gregarious than her male counterpart, the Rat-born woman leads an extremely active social life. Wherever she finds herself, her presence is welcome. She enlivens any reunion in which she takes part. She loves entertaining and does it with a lot of know-how and refinement. Her guests, who are always legion, find her a most remarkable hostess and are inclined to lavish compliments on her. In this way she is very popular, not only with men but also with members of her own sex.
  • Unfortunately, though, her positive qualities constitute only one face of her personality. The other face reveals us an immature individual, reckless and full of complexes. She constantly labours under an obscure, albeit forceful, feeling of something unfinished or incomplete in her. Never quite sure where she stands psychologically and emotionally, she is in perpetual quest of an identity, more unconsciously than consciously, like an adolescent groping for self-assertion. In trying to prove her worth she makes rash judgements or shows scorn for all those whom she thoughtlessly deems worthless. If someone refuses to take her seriously, she will react violently, flying into a white rage and saying hurtful things. Her marked tendency to shock – another device of hers to force the respect of others – sometimes gets her into tense or embarrassing situations.
  • Despite all her apparent poise, the native is most of the time gnawed by a devastating feeling of insecurity – fearing to find herself in want on the one hand, and to be left out emotionally on the other hand. Owing to her congeniality, she can have an impressive circle of acquaintances at her fingertips. But somehow it is extremely difficult for her to make or keep close friends despite all her conscious efforts; it is as if people perceived a permanent danger lurking in her person and were afraid to get into her intimacy. This state of affairs proves distressing and sometimes intolerable to her. A little objectivity might enable her to put her finger on the snag. Isn’t her difficulty in securing the confidence of others due to factors that she can control and not to an irony of fate? Her chief fault is to be hard to please; she refuses to satisfy herself with “anything,” demanding that her friends live up to certain definite standards and often considering every potential friend as a potential deceiver. It is why her best or only friends are generally those made in her childhood or her school – those who have sufficiently proved themselves over the long years. Another defect of hers is to be keen on firing witty remarks; while this amuses many, it certainly displeases those who are the victims. So long as she remains unaware of this side of her character and unprepared to do something about it, her problem of relative isolation will still be her lot whereas she abhors nothing more than loneliness.
  • This subject ranks among the thriftiest persons in the world. Her economical virtue is such that those around her can easily make a joke of it. Every penny she spends must have its full justification, and she often takes considerable time considering the pros and the cons before buying a small item. Always worrying about her material future, she clings to her money and other possessions like a crab which would rather lose a claw than let go; her stinginess is at times practised to the detriment of her health or common sense. Hoarding, on the other hand, is one of her regular activities; she acts as if her town were going to be besieged!
  • The Rat sign after all confers upon its female natives an immense potential, enabling them to distinguish themselves in many fields. Once they have achieved emotional stability through personal efforts or psychiatric help, these subjects appear to be marvellous persons with a host of fine qualities. No one can then be more useful to society than they are.

Her productivity

  • Attention must first be drawn to Rat women’s literary talent. One only has to mention a number of Rat woman writers and poets offhandedly to convince oneself of the fact – George Sand, Katherine Mansfield, Charlotte Bronte, Marguerite de Navarre, Anna Seghers, Elizabeth Goudge, Emilia Pardo Bazan, and many others. Some natives, like Lucrezia Borgia, while not making use of pens themselves, do sympathize with and generously help those who write.
  • The advice given to the male Rat on this store is equally valid for the female half of the sign. She has every chance of becoming a good, perhaps famous, writer if she is willing to buckle down to the task of writing. Endowed with passion and sensitivity, she can do well in any literary discipline. Fiction and poetry, however, are the most promising fields for her. Generally well inspired, she does not have to look laboriously for words to express her ideas and sentiments. What she puts on paper always seems natural, vivid and touching. Many Rat women happily specialize in writing charming fairy tales, having themselves a childlike soul and a propensity for dream and the supernatural.
  • Since the native sincerely loves children and instinctively knows how to establish marvellous contacts with them, it is only natural to see her choose her career as a paediatrician, paediatric nurse, pedodontist or kindergarten teacher. Sometimes the children in her care are better attached to her than to their own parents.
  • Her charming personality enables her to become a highly successful saleswoman, public relations officer or publicity agent. Like her brother, she is gifted for making contacts and convincing people with arguments which may however have little relation to logic. This is a businesswoman capable of struggling on equal terms against the ablest male competitors. Journalism, literary agency and show business are the fields of activity in which she moves with much ease. She also makes a good professor, witty television or radio announcer, investigator, press attache, interpreter or script girl. As she likes to do well any job she has to do and detests slovenliness, there can be no more meticulous and methodical secretaries, accountants, librarians, researchers, laboratory assistants or factory workers than this subject.
  • Wherever she works, her competence and resourcefulness are well recognized. However, as she often lacks self-confidence or is bothered by emotional problems, she can realize her full potentialities only when she does a teamwork or receives strong moral support from someone whom she trusts and admires unconditionally. Disappointments on the love or friendship front are certain to have nefarious effects on her work capacities.
  • Despite her ability to prove a most efficient career woman, the Rat woman, paradoxically, prefers to stay home, shielded from the outside bustle and contenting herself with household chores. It is here that she may commit a fatal mistake: her vital interest is to pursue an interesting, if not exacting, profession as an antidote to sorrow, for her emotional life will never be quite immune to convulsions, and she will never be strong enough to cope with them frontally.

Her love behaviour

  • As already intimated, there exists nothing the Rat woman fears more than loneliness. Unable to be self-sufficient emotionally and perfectly conscious of her inadequacy in the friendship sphere, she is one of those women who simply cannot do without men. It would be useless to talk to her about “male chauvinism” or try to convince her of the necessity to join in the Women’s Liberation Movement. Her interest in all feminist claims is less than lukewarm.
  • It seems that the greatest favour this subject could demand from life – or from God or Buddha or Allah – is to be allowed to live in the shadow of a man who would let himself be loved even more than he loves her. As can be guessed, only the legal married state can satisfy her, affairs and flirtations always leaving her with a feeling of dissatisfaction and insecurity. To her, love is meaningless if it does not lead to marriage. Unfortunately, if it is difficult for her to make friends, it is even more difficult for her to find a willing man and settle down with him, perhaps because she sets up too high standards for him, perhaps also because she scares men away with her blatant determination to catch one of them. Her obsession with marriage can sometimes prove too much of a strain that it compels her to steal her best friend’s husband or boy friend if circumstances allow it.
  • Despite all their efforts and stratagems, not all Rat women succeed in getting into matrimony; an important number of them are hopeless spinsters, and some develop distinctly lesbian tendencies. For want of a “normal” life, these frustrated women may choose to lock themselves up in their ivory towers and lavish their affection on pets – cats, dogs, birds, and even snakes – or on orphans to whom they behave admirably as mothers, sisters and friends.
  • Once married, the Rat woman clings to her matrimony as to a lifebuoy, refusing to think of divorce even though she may be ill-treated or deceived. Her secret motto appears to be, “It’s better to be in hell with a man than in paradise without.” She rationalizes her comportment by convincing herself that a separation would be detrimental to her children. Whatever the atmosphere which surrounds her married life, her husband can be almost certain of her fidelity. It is only when involved with a man of her own sign that she tends to shed her usual cautiousness and become as incorrigible a flirt as he is; this fact is mentioned but not fully explained in Chinese astrology.
  • But This woman is by no means easy to live with as a wife. Unless her man is one whom she holds in very high esteem – in which case she may prove an admirable spouse – she is little prepared to forego her caprices, thus making a mess of the couple’s life. It is in marriage that her childishness comes the most conspicuously to the fore of her nature. She also has a definite opinion on each subject and will refuse to budge an inch. Her husband’s protestations are likely to fall on deaf ears – if he ever succeeds in lodging a protest, for she is most talkative and prone to swamp him with her words!
  • For all her flaws, she is unquestionably a marvellous mother. Her children can readily find in her an understanding friend and even a conniving chum. She respects their personalities, never trying to impose her own views or standards on them. She also does her best to awaken their talents and intelligence. Motherhood seems to be able to give her the best feeling of satisfaction and security.
  • When it comes to lovemaking, the Rat-born female does not leave much to be desired. Sex is something she considers quite natural and has no misgivings about it. She is sensual, capable of surrendering herself body and soul into each experience, especially when she feels totally protected. She likes variety, but infrequently takes the lead in this direction as her imagination is somewhat limited. Her appetite is subject to mild fluctuations and calls for an understanding attitude on the part of her partner.
  • Despite her claims to the contrary, the native of the Rat sign always wishes secretly to be dominated by a possessive and authoritative man. She obscurely feels secure when under the aegis of such a man – when her hidden masochistic streak can exercise itself. It seems as though she believed unconsciously that by suffering she has the best chance of keeping him to herself.
  • In the last analysis, this character has an enormous need of affection. To love and to be loved are as vital to her as to breathe. Without a person to cherish and who cherishes her in return, she would be exactly like an addict in want of dope. It is only through love that she can fulfil herself and be happy.


The characteristics of the Rat Sign are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.

The Metal Element expresses structure, fixed values, strength of will and fluency of speech. The nature of Metal is to define and to strengthen. The Metal Element symbolises clear thinking, sincerity and accuracy. Metal Element people have the gift of structure and the ability to interface easily with the outside world. Those born under Metal set and follow their goals with vigour and passion. Metal is determined and fixed, holding each sign in a position of strength by serving as a foundation. Of all the Rats, these are the toughest and most resolute. They are visionary and possess an emotional intensity that can lead to feelings of rage, envy, or possessiveness. They like to be in charge, and can act selfishly to get what they want. In relationships, business or personal, they can be obstinate. Metal rats have to bear in mind that meeting their partner halfway would help their relationships tremendously. They take great pride in their homes and enjoy decorating them in their impressively good taste.

The Water Rat expresses feelings, reflection and sensitivity. Symbolic of feelings and emotions. Water descends, seeks out and fills low places, especially the hearts of the disheartened and needy. Those born under the Element of Water are guided by their feelings and the need to communicate. The Water Element endows one with a lucid and quick mind; however , this element is chaos because it does not have it’s own form rather it takes shape of whatever contains it. Water Element have the ability to persuade and manipulate others and their environment. The Element of Water blesses it’s natives with a deep spiritual nature and the ability to thrive in many social situations. Those born into Water years possess the extraordinary intuition and function as a kind of spiritual barometer in this life.  Being guided by the Water element means these Rats have a knack for influencing people. With their strong intellectual powers and great insight, they are also great puzzle solvers. They are quick to understand others and are incredibly practical people. Rats apply their talents to their everyday lives, making them obliging, generous and compassionate to other people. Generally, they are liked and respected by everyone. Like all Rats, however, they can be determined to seek their own gain, and will not mind using these talents to achieve it – though generally without losing anyone’s respect in doing so.

THE WOOD RAT 1924 AND 1984

The Wood Element expresses imagination, creativity and compassion. Also represents the family and artistic theory. The nature of wood is move upwards toward the light, to spread and expand. Wood Element people have high-minded values and believe in dignity of every human being. The Element also brings cooperation, so people born under this element understand the value of teamwork and excel in organising large projects. They are progressive thinkers and far sighted in their goals and ventures. The Wood Element endows each with natural presence; however, Wood is also incendiary and capable of producing a combustible temper. Despite having a remarkable façade of self-confidence, deep down, Wood Rats are the least sure of themselves compared to other Rats. However, they wouldn’t dream of showing this side of themselves to anyone. Only close companions of a Wood Rat would ever suspect that he or she had such self-doubt. In fact Wood Rats are often worried about downfall, despite their ability to find success. Well-liked, proficient, and good leaders at work, Wood Rats seem to function best when they are surrounded by family and friends. Cordial and delicate, they are usually well loved by family, friends and peers.If you were born in a Wood year your sexual style is experimental and casual, your predominant sense in touch. Your traits are kindness, generosity, expansion but also frustration and depression.

THE FIRE RAT 1936 AND 1996

The Fire Element expresses dynamic passion, energy, aggression and leadership. The nature of fire is to arouse, convert,consume, resolve and bring out an outcome.This Element will tend to multiply signs inborn talents and energies. Fire Element people have the gifts of leadership, passion and assertiveness. Decisive and masterful, those born under this element rarely have trouble making decisions  and the attract others with their strong and radiant personalities. Fire Element souls have an abundance of energy that produces impatience. The movement of Fire is rapid and can consume one’s energies if not properly balanced with relaxation and moderation. This Element also represents the ability to be decisive, to lead and to act spontaneously without forethought. Fire punctuates each sign with an exclamation mark!  This wonderful element adds a bit of spontaneity and vigour to the already spirited Rat. These Rats like change and travel and are eager to start new projects or to take trips to exotic places. Fire Rats are likely to change their occupations and residences more often than most, and essentially shun any kind of routine. They can be anxious and impulsive, but their zest for life is quite irresistible, and they have the Rat’s ability to along so well with others. Compared to other Rats, Fire Rats are likely to be more charitable, autonomous, and energetic and the least self-controlled.


The Earth Rat is sensible and alert. He has remarkable willpower but also has a tendency to worry about security and finances. The Earth Element tempers the high-strung Rat personality  and provides nurturing, down-to-earth temperament. This Element also makes Rat prudent, crafty and subtle. Earth Rat needs constant activity to keep the from dwelling on or becoming a loner mired in their own problems. The Earth adds solidity to the Rat’s personality. An Earth Rat is conventional and a good achiever who likes to establish roots early in order to make a secure future for himself and his family. These Rats have the typical Rat ingenuity and mental capacity, but a strong sense of reality often alludes them preventing them from going after anything that could be impromptu. Earth Rats are honourable and love to be stabilized. Slowly and steadily acquiring wealth gives them a sense of inner peace. Although they are capable of being stingy with their finances, they do possess warm feelings for their family and friends. The Earth Element expresses stability, reliability and common sense. The nature of Earth is to ”ground,” to keep whole, and to preserve. The Earth is symbolic of the mother’s protected womb of peace and safety. Those born under the Earth Element are both practical and industrious. They have exceptional powers of organisation and are competent masterminds and executives. Honest, serious and conservative, Earth Element people are capable of making wise decisions.