Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer

Ring Nebula

For this sign I’ve chosen The Ring Nebula

This sign is: Fire

Centaurs are mythic figures, half-horse and half-human, who are always shooting their arrows at some distant target over the horizon and then galloping off in hot pursuit. Sometimes they find the arrow. Sometimes they get completely sidetracked by all the interesting scenery along the way.

You aim the arrows of your intuitive vision at some distant future goal, and most of your time is spent chasing after one arrow or another. The big question is whether or not you’ve aimed true. The next question is whether you can find the arrow at all. What really interests you is the excitement of the vision and the fascination of the journey. The goal is, after all, insignificant.

For you, life is an adventure, a quest, and the real sport of living is to make the journey as interesting, varied and informative as possible. Arrival is not the point. You can be dignified and majestic, when the play calls for that role. But since you’re a consummate actor, you can play just about any part required to get you to the next stage of the journey.

Ideals drive you, and the possibility of something new and exciting just around the corner – the undiscovered treasure, the unexplored mystery, the unobtainable goal, the lover that got away. You’re afraid you might miss something if you allow yourself to get too stuck in the present.

Extraverted Sagittarians can always be found where a new club has opened, a new restaurant, a new film, an exciting workshop or group of some kind. Introverted Sagittarians can always be found pursuing a new philosophy, a new alternative treatment, a new political vision, a new creative project. It’s as if you somehow sense these things before anyone else hears about them. And you’ve got a remarkable ability to make the right contacts at just the right moment. This isn’t luck, although others might think so; it’s your remarkable eye for the sudden opportunity, your intuitive “nose” that can spot a potential or a possibility thirty kilometres away.

Boredom is your great enemy, and you do get very easily bored. It merely takes doing something twice in the same way to push the more restless type of Centaur out after the next arrow. After all, you’ve done that one. Why do it again? Never mind all those Capricorns and Virgos telling you about the rewards of disciplined effort. For you, it’s the exhilaration of the chase, not the kind of prize you can put in the bank vault. And if you do get that sort of prize, you’ll no doubt spend it within five minutes anyway.

Limits drive you crazy. Ultimatums are guaranteed to provoke armed resistance. Your restless mind is always seeking unexplored horizons. Frustration can bring out a pretty explosive temper, but once the air is cleared, you don’t brood about it afterward. But you sometimes fail to understand why others get hurt by those blunt, hair- raisingly honest remarks. For all your generosity and wisdom, you can be startlingly insensitive, and also pretty gullible if someone flatters you in the right way. This doesn’t make you a great candidate for the steady, enmeshed sort of relationship some people crave.

Your heart is true, but you need a partner who can give you genuine friendship and lots of breathing space. Given that kind of freedom, you probably won’t abuse it. You can take grand dramatic scenes in a relationship – after all, you generate enough of them yourself – but you can’t bear pathos and whining. And the world of safe, unchanging domestic security isn’t your idea of fun.

So what is this great quest that drives your spirit? It’s a craving to understand life, a longing to comprehend where we are all going, and why. You’re looking for the big meaning in things, pursuing the clues to a great puzzle which is never completed because the pieces keep multiplying. That’s a huge life task. Fortunately you have both a strong sense of irony and an acute degree of insight. No Sagittarian lacks that wonderful ability to make connections between the ridiculous and the sublime.

The Saggitarius Man…

This elusive and fascinating creature can often be spotted by his tendency to gesticulate wildly and tell very funny stories. One of the nicest things about the Sagittarius man is his sense of dramatic irony. He’ll often do his travelling and his wandering on a mental rather than a physical level.

This is the philosopher of the Zodiac, absorbing all forms of knowledge like tasty meals. But the Sagittarius man isn’t really an intellectual in the academic sense. He’s far too intuitive, and more interested in spotting connections than in dissecting information. And his thinking is speculative rather than pedantic, whether it’s focused on philosophy, literature, the arts or the stock market. The life of the mind is much more important to him than what he eats for dinner. In fact, he’ll often forget to eat.

The Sagittarius man often attracts a partner who sees this endearing absent-mindedness and sets about trying to take care of him. What he doesn’t need, repeat, doesn’t need, is to be taken care of. Of course he’ll tell you he does. He’d live in a pigsty without you, and his clothes would be rumpled and his bills not paid on time. But if you do these things for him, he’ll grow to resent it. If you’ve been lured into the caretaker role, stop playing it at once.

You can’t parent him until he grows up. His definition of growing up is different from yours. Most people believe maturity is about taking responsibility in the tangible world. For Sagittarians, maturity is seeing, realising, understanding.

Not that you’re to blame for trying. The Centaur is an exciting and dynamic man, whether intellectually or in action, and his fleetness of foot and untamed vision make him terribly appealing, especially to partners who long for a little excitement and inspiration in their lives.

There’s no doubt that Sagittarius’ adventurous soul is guaranteed not to bore you (unless he’s going on about his current philosophical, spiritual or political hobby-horse). But if you can create some adventure and excitement in your own life, you’ll enjoy him and his vision much more. Also, you’re demonstrating that you’re a travelling companion who can have adventures yourself, and not someone who’s joined to him at the hip. One of Sagittarius’ basic approaches to life is to laugh at it.

The world is, after all, a rather silly place. But you have to have a sense of humour yourself, or otherwise you won’t understand what he’s laughing at, especially when he laughs at you. The Sagittarius man can be a terrible tease, and he’s not averse to taking a sly poke at anyone who’s too serious or pompous. He doesn’t like hypocrisy, and he can be spine-tinglingly  blunt when it comes to telling you what he thinks of you. He’s big-hearted and kind, but not blessed with an over abundance of tact.

Fortunately, this sometimes hurtful side of his nature is balanced by the fact that he can laugh at himself too. His biggest problem in relationship is crossing that dreadful bridge between romantic fantasy and earth-plane reality. For many Centaurs, it’s just too big a chasm, and they never succeed in getting to the other side.

They often leave a trail of broken love affairs behind them and are still pursuing the dream even when they’re clearly long past being able to fully live it. Most Sagittarian men, however, do make peace with earth-plane reality sooner or later, albeit reluctantly.

Beneath the apparently ironic or skittish approach some Sagittarian men display toward commitment, you’ll often find a frightened child who’s afraid his romantic ideals will be smashed. Don’t mistake that “See you some time” approach for a cold heart. The Sagittarian man has a heart of gold, when he’s really in love. It’s just that his dreams bruise easily. Eventually he learns to humanise his expectations of life and love, and trust and friendship are the guideposts that can help him on his way. He can offer those in abundance himself, and he deserves them in exchange.

Explorer, Adventurer and Lover of Life

He’s mischievous, charming, and totally irresistible. He’s the most popular guy at every party, the best dressed guy at the office and the one man every girl secretly admires. He’s confident, witty and outgoing. Adventure is his biggest turn on and fun is the only thing he takes seriously.
This guy has enough energy to power a small city. He loves sports, competition and the great outdoors. Never say never – this is his motto. He lives for the moment.
Whether it’s snowboarding in New Zealand, hot air ballooning over New Mexico or swimming with the great whites off the coast of South Africa, this adventurous guy is game to try anything once or twice. He like the woman who’s hard to get. The Sagittarius man loves the chase. It’s the hunt; the chance to pursue and pursue passionately that captures his interest. The key to keeping him fascinated is to play hard to get and not to give in too quickly.
The key word for him is challenge. For him, sex is best when it’s hard to get. He’s attracted to women who are attracted to him, and still make him work to earn her affections. Loving, kissing, holding, fondling, touching, craving, yearning are all one big adventure for him. When he makes love to you, he wants to overwhelm you. He wants to stamp out the memory of any man who’s been with you before.
He wants to be wanted, but not needed. Some guys are turned on by devotion, but not the Sagittarius. He’s looking for a partnership not an ownership. (Secretly) He’s looking for a woman who accepts him just as he is. One who does not feel she needs to change him, direct him or modify him in anyway. His deepest dream, his most secret fantasy is to find a partner who likes and loves him just the way he is.

The Saggitarius Woman…

Never assume that all explorers, mountain-climbers and world travellers are male Sagittarians. The true female Centaur is as restless, as hungry for experience, as eager to explore the fascinating carnival of life as her male counterpart. This woman needs personal freedom to an extraordinary degree, and she’s not famous either for her readiness to commit herself or for her enthusiasm about domestic responsibilities. She may be happier spending a lifetime without either. She’s as likely to have a child out of wedlock and happily raise it as a travelling companion as she is to ensconce herself behind secure walls.

Walls, for any Sagittarian are like the proverbial red flag for a bull. Any career which allows space, travel, freedom of movement and opportunities for new contacts pleases the Sagittarian woman. And the female Centaur who isn’t career-orientated still needs these things.

Failing everything else, she’ll join an ashram or become a socialite, throwing the best parties and meeting the most exciting people. You’ll often find the Sagittarius woman involved in a cause of some kind, because her astute vision and awareness of larger patterns in life give her a strong interest in and concern for human welfare and evolution.

Sagittarian women can be very opinionated. They’re always thinking about something, chewing over it, reading about it, discussing it. Convictions are terribly important to this woman, although they may change regularly. This is a fluid, flexible sign. Sometimes you’ll see the more spiritual side of the sign in evidence in the Sagittarian woman’s predilection for religion, myth, depth psychology, or various assorted esoteric or occult subjects. There’s a love of the unknown and the challenging, the magical and the unexplained.

She also has a strong sense of fun and humour. Tact may not be in abundant supply. Don’t expect diplomatic flattery. More likely she’ll deliver a verbal punch between the eyes, not because she’s cruel, but because she has a tendency to speak before she thinks and doesn’t register in time that you’ve collapsed on the floor. She’s usually right, too, which can be infuriating. She may not be strong on logic, but her sharp intuition sees right through posturing and hypocrisy.

This romantic, high-spirited woman can be pretty skittish about being tied down. If she’s been badly hurt when young, she may spend a lifetime pursuing a romantic dream, forever seeking the future and avoiding the present. More often, disillusionment will mature her and help her to accept the limitations of human reality.

Don’t try to possess her. And don’t tell her to do something. Ask. Nicely. The dramatic exit and the slammed door aren’t just for effect. She probably already bought her flight tickets weeks before. Sagittarian women need to communicate, and they need to be listened to. If you’re after the quiet, docile type, forget it. Many Sagittarian women are great talkers. Some go on too long and become bores. But more likely she’ll be fascinating and inspiring. She’s a conversational animal who needs an interested, communicative partner.

Most important, she needs to be in love. Without a belief in love, her spirit will wilt.

The Sagittarius woman is in love with life itself. Life is to be lived, not nailed down, and although she’s likely to take quite a few romantic knocks (not least because her independence and craving for freedom may drive away a few frightened partners), she never loses her faith in the future. This woman is an optimist, and a believer in life’s fundamental goodness and meaning. Sagittarian faith is infectious. But unlike most infectious things, it isn’t harmful. Quite the opposite: it enriches life.

You are among the people most likely to have a sultry, sensual air about you.You exude the kind of aura that stops traffic at fifty feet. You have a way of commanding attention and drawing admiration that is subtle yet hypnotic. Without meaning to be seductive, you just are. You radiate confidence and a feminine sexuality that makes you very appealing.

Energetic, Outgoing and Passionate!

You approach life with enthusiasm. You love to have fun. You love to entertain.You love deep conversations. You enjoy living, loving and laughing out loud. Doing things on a small scale is not your way. You want to experience all the luxurious and wonderful things that life has to offer: the passion, the glamour, the romance, the adventure and the excitement of it all.

Generous, Open-hearted and Optimistic

You are driven to champion the underdog, even at great cost to yourself. You believe in living your life, and allowing others to live theirs. You always look for the good that comes from a bad situation and you have an uncanny way of knowing how to turn the many lemons that life throws your way into lemonade. There’s no room for average in YOUR bedroom.
You are attracted to partners who bring the total package. They must have brains, brawn, romance and adventure. You want a lover who is at least as imaginative, creative and as uninhibited as you are. You want sex that is both unexpected and pleasurable at the same time.
At times, you can be a world-class flirt! You love to tease, tantalize and play sexual games with the ones you find attractive. If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume, it might be called “Blaze!” Why? When it comes to sex, you don’t just want to make love – you want to make fireworks!

Sagittarius Lover

The Traveller.  Sometimes it’s difficult to keep these fire signs in one place.  Sex is a game to them.  Yet, conversely, they don’t like to role play, nor do they want to talk about it, they just want to do it, then talk later.  Sags are open, innocent and up front when it comes to sex.  They’ll tell you what they like, and they can be rather selfish about getting it, but they’re good sports about reciprocating.  And they love to learn new sexual positions. Their most sexually sensitive areas are the pelvis and thighs.  Rub or stroke these areas for the maximum affect with your Sag.

Sagittarians are not necessarily as intellectual as their opposite sign, Gemini, nor do they always like to read.  But they usually are interested in learning anything new in whatever other way they can, usually hands-on.  They are usually light-hearted and very seldom ever serious.

Candy and flowers are not for them – either to give or receive.  Oh, sure, they’ll accept them if you give them, but it doesn’t mean as much to a Sag as it does to, say, the Lion.  Sags like to have fun, and think nothing of turning your love-making into a wrestling match.In love and marriage, most take years to settle down because they’re often traveling and learning.  If they do settle down early, it’s generally for the wrong reason, and their marriages most often don’t last.

It’s not until they’re usually in their mid 40s that they begin to settle down enough to even contemplate love and marriage in as serious a manner as Sags can do, and even then, that’s not as serious as most other signs would like them to be.  They’ll love you, as long as you love to travel and learn and have fun.  If not, they’ll take it for as long as necessary, and then they’re off to Mecca.

Saggitarius with Aries…

All the world’s a stage for the two of you. No signs of the zodiac appreciate grand drama as much as fiery Sagittarius and fiery Aries. You are both idealists and romantics, and together you know how to rule the world and transform society. Occasionally competitive but mostly generous toward each other, you can inspire each other’s imagination and support each other’s creative talents.

Sagittarius’ vision of the bigger picture helps to make Aries’ self-righteous crusading more tolerant. Aries’ focused energy helps to point too-versatile Sagittarius toward defined goals.

Both of you are easily bored and need the stimulus of new contacts, new projects, and new environments. Neither of you is especially in love with doing the washing-up, and together you could seriously neglect mundane responsibilities. Try to work out some kind of system by which such work is equally apportioned, and don’t expect the other person to do the cleaning up after you.

The two of you tend to barrel ahead and hope someone else will tend to the boring details. Respect the importance of each other’s creativity and either share the mundane tasks or get a competent housekeeper or business manager.

Saggitarius with Taurus…

This is an attraction of radically different natures. It can blow extremely hot and extremely cold without either of you quite understanding what triggers the change. Sagittarius is a fire sign, restless and intellectually curious, with a love of change and a deep appreciation of the fact that it’s more fun to travel than to arrive.

Taurus is an earth sign, affectionate and possessive, with a love of security and a deep appreciation of sensual pleasures and material beauty. You could be a wonderfully creative balance to each other, because Taurus’ stability can provide a wonderful base for Sagittarius’ unfocused volatility. Whereas Sagittarius’ broad-minded vision can provide a wonderful stimulus for Taurus’ tendency to resist change.

But you need to be careful not to polarise. And nothing makes Sagittarius as wildly irritated as Taurus’ favourite declaration, “But we can’t afford it!” Nothing makes Taurus as wildly irritated as Sagittarius’ favourite declaration, “But we have such a boring life!”

Try to avoid attempting to change each other. As long as you can both respect each other’s very different world-views, you have an enormous amount to give each other.

Saggitarius with Gemini…

The two of you are likely to need several suitcases and plenty of travel guides, as both of you are restless, easily bored, and eager to explore the world and the people in it. You might differ in terms of your mental approaches: airy Gemini loves information for its own sake, while fiery Sagittarius always tries to put together facts and intuitions to get a big picture.

But you have a lot in common, not least the fact that you both need an intelligent, lively, curious, and flexible partner. And you have found that in each other. Joint creative projects could provide you with many fruitful hours of excitement.

Neither of you likes to feel possessed, and both of you are able to respect each other’s need for independence as well as the occasional wish to get away and be an individual rather than a perpetual half of a couple.

The only difficulty likely to arise between you is that neither of you enjoys being tied down to attending to mundane details, and therefore both of you are likely to sometimes unconsciously leave messes for the other to clean up. Never take each other for granted in this way. Get a cleaner and a good accountant, and enjoy the journey of life together.

Saggitarius with Cancer…

You are so unalike that you are fascinated by each other. Fiery Sagittarius, on an endless adventure where the horizon keeps shifting, finds Cancer’s anxious emotionality perplexing. Watery Cancer, flowing in a personal world of feelings and imaginings, finds Sagittarius’ grand quest for understanding life’s bigger questions baffling.

Cancer can help Sagittarius to ground vision and make a commitment to real creative productivity, while Sagittarius can help Cancer to be more confident, open-minded, and optimistic about the future.

But the two of you need to appreciate and respect each other’s very different visions of life. Cancer, although imaginative and restless, needs a secure home base and emotional reassurance. Sagittarius, although capable of constancy, needs breathing space and independence. Try not to fall into the archetypal closeness-freedom battle.

Cancer needs to avoid becoming possessive, and Sagittarius needs to avoid becoming insensitive to others’ feelings. You are both highly imaginative and intuitive; use your intuition to imagine how the other feels. This can help to bring out the best in this intense, lively, and potentially enormous combination.

Saggitarius with Leo…

Both of you are born under fire signs and you both love a bit of drama and a liberal quantity of challenge in your lives. You are also both more interested in the future than in the past or present. You are much more likely to enjoy life together if you are not bogged down by too many mundane responsibilities.

You need a lot of room to pursue your dreams. There is a childlike quality in both of you which allows you to enjoy life. With your optimism, enthusiasm, and belief that the future can always be better, you could inspire each other to creative work and the development of talents.

But you may need to work to be conscious, when it comes to the issue of loyalty. Sagittarius, although perfectly capable of loyalty, doesn’t like to have to explain a ten- minute absence. Mistrust can drive Sagittarius out of the door immediately. Leo, although generous and warm-hearted, doesn’t like to be made a fool of, and can react with anger if there is any whiff of betrayal.

Try to be aware of each other’s feelings. Fire signs are enthusiastic and affectionate, but they can also be unintentionally insensitive, especially to those closest and dearest to them.

Saggitarius with Virgo…

The excitement of exploring new ideas and world-views can act as a powerful attraction between the two of you. Both of you are thinking creatures who are easily bored by a partner who cannot share the world of the mind.

Physical passion alone isn’t likely to draw either of you into a serious relationship. You both want an intelligent partner, and you’ve probably found this in each other. Both of you are excellent communicators, and you are versatile and can become skilled at a variety of tasks and talents.

But your differences are as dramatic as your similarities. Virgo’s preoccupation with mundane details can collide with Sagittarius’ preoccupation with the pursuit of life’s higher meaning. Virgo can be shy and self-contained, while Sagittarius can be extraverted and insensitive to boundaries. Virgo needs to accept Sagittarius’ impulsive enthusiasm, while Sagittarius needs to respect the demands of material reality.

Your capacity to communicate can help you to sort out your differences, but verbal debate may not always solve emotional conflicts. Sometimes the best way for the two of you to solve problems is to stop talking for a while.

Saggitarius with Libra…

The two of you are both seekers after a higher reality, and you may share spiritual or aesthetic pursuits which help to build a deep and enduring bond. Fiery Sagittarius is perpetually seeking meaning to the big questions in life, and this inspires Libra’s need for an orderly and meaningful cosmos.

Airy Libra is idealistic about love and civilised in expressing it, and this enhances Sagittarius’ imaginative pursuit of life’s adventures. Libra’s cool rationality can help to tone down Sagittarius’ sometimes extreme enthusiasm, and Sagittarius’ optimism can help to bolster Libra’s often low self-esteem.

Sagittarius can sometimes display insensitivity and may be overly preoccupied with self-mythologising, and this can offend Libra’s need for fairness and equality in relationship. Libra can sometimes display a perfectionism combined with critical judgement which can hurt Sagittarius’ pride.

But the conflict here is really on the mental level, with intuition sometimes colliding with logic, and it is not an unresolvable conflict at all. As long as you respect each other’s different ways of thinking and communicating, you will have inspiration, interest and intellectual stimulation.

Saggitarius with Scorpio…

When the two of you are together, others might well be excused for thinking they have stumbled into the last act of an opera or a Shakespearean play. When fiery Sagittarius and watery Scorpio meet, steam is an inevitable by-product. Both of you love drama and want to experience the maximum of life’s intensity.

And both of you are romantics who would rather aim for the stars than worry about the interest rate on your savings account. Creatively as well as sexually you could make an inspiring team, and neither of you is ever likely to find the other boring.

The one sphere where you may collide is that Scorpios tendency to secrecy and the occasional bout of emotional manipulation can conflict with Sagittarius’ open naiveté and tendency to see everything in black and white terms.

And then there’s the freedom-closeness dilemma. Scorpio’s emotional intensity can make Sagittarius feel invaded, while Sagittarius’ mental intensity can make Scorpio feel belittled. Some very heated scenes may ensue.

But a little cool reflection by both of you from time to time could help ensure that this potential, rather than a constant emotional battleground, is the keynote of your relationship.

Saggitarius with Saggitarius…

For fiery Sagittarius the distant goal is far more exciting than the actual arrival. You are both restless, intuitive, and fiercely independent. Both of you have a grand vision, and all the better if you share one. You might enjoy travelling together and having time to pursue shared intellectual interests. Shared spiritual concerns can also help to cement the bond.

But separate interests, separate friends, and periodic time apart are likely to keep the fire burning long-term. This relationship, full of enthusiasm and creative stimulation, needs to be given room to breathe so that both of you can feel you are travelling the road together.

Neither of you is happy with routine, so if you want to create a domestic life together, make sure that the responsibilities are equally shared, or you will both become bored and frustrated. Or else: get someone else to look after your domestic duties and financial affairs.

Your passion is likely to burn brightly between you as long as neither of you feels caged, possessed, or bored by traditional relationship roles. So, go ahead and develop yourselves as individuals. You can have a great time discovering the new things each of you has discovered.

Saggitarius with Capricorn…

Fiery Sagittarius, always in pursuit of the next great adventure, finds earthy Capricorn’s insistence on structures reassuring. Cautious Capricorn, always needing a practical goal, finds restless Sagittarius’ free spirit uplifting and exciting.

Sagittarius can help Capricorn to look beyond immediate responsibilities to far intellectual, spiritual, or creative horizons. Capricorn can help Sagittarius to learn discipline, focus, and the importance of actualising creative dreams.

But the two of you can also irritate each other with the very qualities that you each find so attractive. Sagittarius can feel that Capricorn’s practicality is a “wet blanket” thrown over aspirations, and can rebel against Capricorn’s controlling tendencies and scepticism. Capricorn can feel that Sagittarius is irresponsible, indulgent, and wilfully oblivious of the obligations that go with any relationship.

Try not to polarise and accuse each other of what you both secretly admire and envy in each other. You could make a truly dynamic couple, especially if you pool your very different gifts in a venture where vision and practicality can work happily together.

Saggitarius with Aquarius…

You are both restless, independent spirits. You both understand the need for breathing space, and can offer not only love but also deep friendship with its inherent respect for privacy. You also both need an intelligent partner who can engage in thoughtful discussion, and neither of you likes to stay submerged in emotional depths for too long.

Shared ideals, spiritual concerns, or humanitarian involvements can help build a solid foundation to the relationship, for both of you are interested in a bigger world. Plenty of travel and openness to meeting new people and intellectual interests will keep the fascination alive.

You may sometimes get into heated debates because you both love discussion. But fiery Sagittarius perceives truth intuitively, while airy Aquarius needs logic to support ideas. Despite your occasional stormy verbal exchanges, you have the capacity to respect each other as individuals.

Sagittarius wants a lot of attention, although not of the clingy kind, while Aquarius tends to be rather abstracted and not always sensitive to emotional needs. But here too you can reach a mutual understanding, knowing that the world is bigger than one human relationship.

Saggitarius with Pisces…

Both of you have vision and imagination, and neither of you likes to be hemmed in by material responsibilities. A deep concern with higher or deeper meaning in life can create a powerful bond.

You are also both flexible people, tolerant and willing to listen and understand points of view other than your own. This means that it’s unlikely either of you will attempt to control the other or fall into power battles about who dominates whom.

But Sagittarius is fiery and Pisces is watery, and communication might be difficult at times. Pisces communicates obliquely, and sensitivity to atmosphere is more important than rational explanations. Sagittarius is open, honest, enthusiastic, and can sometimes blurt things out which can be hurtful. You both need to make an effort to understand each other’s language and meet halfway.

There is also a dependence-independence issue between you. Although neither of you is possessive, Pisces needs a lot of emotional intimacy. Sagittarius needs a lot of freedom, and can easily feel caged.

Try to respect each other’s emotional needs, even if this requires compromise. The chemistry between you is so promising that it’s worth the effort.