This is a colour specific stone when it comes to healing. The bright purple and violet represent a high vibrational frequency. Ethereal violet is a strong healing colour emanating serenity and stimulating      spiritual purification.
This beautiful stone can be found in variations of it’s base colour.
Russian Ussingite is a denser purple assists multi dimensional travel. Pinky- Beige Ussingite awakens the soul.
Deep Red Ussingite neutralises blockages in the base and sacral chakras. Giving an influx of energy to your Kundalini energy.
In healing, supports blood purification and the liver and helps to stabilise the blood pressure.


  If you desire to develop the gift of telepathy or thought transference… one of the best ways is to put one of these crystals under your pillow at night. This is an excellent stone for understanding the meaning of visions and dreams, it shows one the true path and takes you to higher spiritual realms.
this stone resonates a soft energy, perfect for relaxation and meditation.
Ulexite is a third eye chakra stone… and has the ability to bring up concealed patterns so that you can see them distinctly.
When used for healing this stone is said to bring clarity to eye site. Used as an elixir Ulexite is brilliant for skin and in the treatment and prevention of wrinkles! When making an elixir follow guidelines for this stone, it should not be left for an extended period of time in the water or you may find you have no stone left, being quite soft, it will eventually dissolve.


 Unakite is a magnificent stone of vision. Unakite is said to be of benefit to the female reproductive system and during pregnancy. It is also said to provide support to those recovering from a major illness or convalescing . Placing Unakite in a room, either as a large piece or as several small tumble stones in a bowl, is said to bring in a gentle calming energy. Unakite is believed to be helpful in reducing the effects of electromagnetic smog. For this reason it can be beneficial to place a piece on top of, or near, the television set.
Also,  this stone also provides grounding when it’s needed and is useful after meditation or psychic work to clear one of any debris collected during journeying. This stone supports those recovering from major illness, treats and supports the immune system, stimulating weight gain when needed.


 A radioactive crystal, Uranophane should be stored away from other crystals and is not a mineral to use for prolonged periods. However, under the supervision of a suitably qualified practitioner, it can support nuclear-based medicine and radiation therapy, and act as a homeopathic catalyst for releasing ancient radiation damage.
This amazing looking stone acts as a homeopathic catalyst, releasing karmic, environmental and soul damage caused by previous radiation. Uranophane  subtly realigns the vibrations of the biomagnetic sheath so that the energy shifts are assimilated into the physical and etheric bodies. Said to be useful in the treatment of tumours and radiation damage.


  Vivianite is a powerful healer, reminding the body how to heal itself. It opens the Throat, and connects with and clears all Chakras, including Upper Heart and Upper Crown. It becomes quite hot with use, and burns away any illness or negativity held within the body. It stimulates the body’s own healing process for both illness and injury, and aids iron assimilation, making it useful in treatment of anaemia. Vivianite assists mental clarity, and can possibly be used to treat cases of dementia.
It helps remove negative thoughts acting as an auric cleanser and is very good for the heart, both on a physical and emotional level. It helps remove self inflicted wounds and low self esteem. It creates a generous heart, seeing the interconnecteness and love that truly binds all things in everything. Vivianite is a stone of peace, love , compassion, caring and spiritual illumination. It gives one strength to carry on through great adversity.


 It has a strong healing action at the heart chakra to help you to heal emotional problems. By its action at the heart to activate and stabilize the energy there, it brings through peace and tranquility. Placed under your pillow this gorgeous stone brings a peaceful sleep and an untroubled mind.
Metaphysically this is a great stone for exploring past lives, facilitating visual images of the experience whilst going deeply into feelings and experiences of appropriate lives.
Mentally Varascite brings about coherent and clear thinking increasing perception. Helping self expression and communication of ideas. Used in healing this stunning stone helps to heal the nervous system, treats abdominal distention and constriction of blood flow. Neutralising over acidity and aids gout, gastritis and ulcers also helps cramps and assists the treatment impotence.


 Vesuvianite (Idocrase) has powerful mental connections. It opens the mind and clears negative thought patterns so that the mind can function more clearly. It stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking this into creativity.
Vesuvianite can be used to promote loyalty to mankind. It represents cooperative effort and is a wonderful stone to present to newlyweds, business associates, friends and acquaintances. It also assists in the control of the creative and intuitive aspects of the inner realm. Unlocks and stabilizes the mental faculties, helping to clear negative thought patterns from the mental, emotional, an physical bodies and helps one to recognize that which is important to further ones advancement along the spiritual path.


 Use the fire elemental energy of Vanadinite to shift any stagnation (physical, emotional, mental), and bring life to our lower chakra centres. Vanadinite energises our base and sacral chakas, inspiring, stimulating and thrusting us into action… aligning our creativity with physical accomplishments. Vanadinite grounds our energetic body to the Earthly plane. To bring our dreams into physical form we must keep it ‘real’ at all times. Thus Vanadinite assists in taking physical steps of action in bringing your higher ideals into clear, logical and obtainable physical form. Vanadinite is a practical crystal to use for manifestation, and reminds us there are no ‘quick fixes’, as energy will move and create in perfect timing and order for the highest good of all. As you hold your vision of service, Vanadinite will attract to you the magical synchronicities to weave your dream into physical form. So it is imperitive when working with Vanadinite that you follow your intuition and act on those ‘gut feelings’ which hold the keys to your goals being realised. Vanadinite is one of the premier crystals for getting those creative/sexual juices flowing. It activates our desire to bring our inner most passions into this world, for our own wellbeing and for the benefit of all. Once you connect with the Vanadinite energy, there is just no holding you back!


 Facilitates the knowledge and practice of white magic, Wulfenite  creates a strong connection between basic structures and higher dimensions, allowing for the channeling of vibrations to Earth and for the attunement of higher dimensions.
Use to connect to Higher beings and higher self. Stimulates the bond between souls on Earth who have agreed to meet again during this lifetime.

 Promotes acceptance of the negative aspects that exist in the world, allowing us to recognise the issues and to not allow them to impede or limit our progress.
Wulfenite allows us to see the authoritative games of the physical plane and conitnue, inspite of the potential limitations. Wulfenite allows for the expedient transition between the physical and astral planes.


 Wavellite also draws backs energy but from the etheric body and then expands the auric field and by default expands awareness.  The crystal expands one field of vision and allows us to see more of situation and find the hidden elements, whereas most crystals will focus on one particular issue or nature this crystal is by nature uninhibited and allows for a unrestricted view.
In addition this drawing from the etheric body, is an aid in general health recovery as it channels energy back to the physical body, but wavellite will distribute that energy evenly.
Healing properties are as follows, benefits energy flow from the biomagnetic to the physical bodies and cellular memory, good for blood flow, white cell count and dermatitis.


 Winchite seems to be an illusive stone. Having trawled the net and many books to find meaning or healing properties I stubbled on closed doors. Perhaps this beautiful stone is a secret yet to reveal her true meaning in the course of Earths future.

Winchite is a sodium calcium magnesium aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral and is found in schists with low grade metamorphosed manganese deposits, in jadeite and amphibolite metabasalts, and in manganiferous cherts.

Winchite is a rare brittle amphibole group mineral.Winchite specimens are collectable and are often associated with Hackmanite.

Will Stones


Will – Tibetan Spiritual Priest Energy – Will Power
This extraterrestrial stone was discovered in spring 2000 in a remote area in the Rhoub al Khali.
It releases the Power of Shamballa that resides (often untouched) within you!
The stone brings your own power in accordance with the Will of God. When the heart is cleaned from blockages, energy can again freely flow through the heart towards to the Solar Plexus Chakra and you can re-establish your inborn ability to manifest. Sai Baba says: “The body is like a radio set. When you do not tune in properly by concentration you will not get the right station. Concentration is essential for every kind of activity in life. Students should realize how much can be gained by reducing one’s desires… They will find that their memory power increases. As desires are reduced, their will power will grow. ” This Will power is being undermined today by evil forces. This results in the loss of the ability to act.

Witch Stones

Witch stone opens the inner eye to seeing the true self as well as the true self of others. It is a stone that removes the shroud where it needs removing, and helps to increase intuition. The Witch stone can be kept close by to ward away negative energies and threat, by “showing” that ones inner vision and intuition is alive to clear seeing and truth recognition. Witch stone helps one to trust in oneself, and it can give strength and clarity to the clairvoyant. Also a stone that can be placed anywhere around the sleeping area, to act as a ‘dream catcher’ and to attract positive blessing through dreams. Witch stone has an attraction by faeries and if placed around windows of the home, it can let the fae know that they are welcome to visit. One can also leave small notes attached to the stone or through the stone to ask the fae for friendship and even help, if oneself or a loved one is in need. Witch Stone is a stone to strengthen hope in the world that cannot be “seen” by so many. It can be infused with thoughts and messages to all that is a part of this unseen world, but only connects to that of positive nature.