Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby

 BRILLIANT book, that brings spirituality and science together. If you want something informative about science and spirituality and it’s implications for modern medicine then this is your book, be prepared to be inspired.
Taking you on an unexpected and surprising journey. Ever since sub-atomic physics discovered that the presence of the experimenter alters the outcome of any experiment – ie that pure objectivity is no longer possible – some avant garde scientists have slowly begun to see reality through new eyes. More and more scientists are beginning to discover what every good intuitive already knows: that an inherent intelligence pervades all things. This idea flies directly in the face of old ‘objective’ science which rests on materialist philosophy. This philosophy claims, for instance, that we will ultimately be able to understand life as just a series of chemical reactions. Jeremy Narby, a scientist himself, begins The Cosmic Serpent with this materialistic perspective but gradually, in the face of more and more overwhelming and compelling evidence finds himself forced to challenge the materialist philosophy on which science is based as he discovers the active intelligent, coded language at the heart of life itself, in the DNA. This is something way beyond the blind chemistry of materialistic science. DNA originated life as we understand it 3500 million years ago almost as soon as the planet cooled enough to sustain it and, according to the fossil record, with hardly enough time to develop anything so sophisticated. Scientists are inclined to think that only humans have been intelligent enough to invent language. So where did the ultra sophisticated coded language embedded in DNA come from? What is it saying?
I finished this in two days, I drank the words….enjoy.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein

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