Dead Mens Secrets by Jonathan Gray

I think all forward thinking people should demand a refund on state taxes, according to this book the only thing that’s in the stone age is my education. An alternate history lesson that everyone should be demanding.
Ok, so the cover leaves alot to be desired but when you get stuck in there’s alot to learn, another find that I can only praise for it’s ‘here’s what we’ve found but look it up for yourself’ message.
With titles such as: Vast Artificial Tunnel Systems (under the entire planet surface, running from country to country)
Extraordinary Constructions (skyscraper height pyramids in China, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, India, Mexico)
Cosmology Travel fast and live longer!)
Mechanical Devices (Jet Engine in Alexandria Egypt… 2,000 years ago) my personal favourite
Also chapters on ancient mans capability with crystal, glass, lenses, ancient drills, the list goes on. I’m surprised and excited but also rather put out that for the sake of making a some amendments and putting a few people out by debunking their clearly outdated and misguided theories (you know, when people would be tortured until they broke for saying the Earth was a mudball orbiting the Sun)I have to spend my precious youth learning what may actually be a crock of dung. Imagine, the true history of mankind and the lesson we would all no doubt do in good in knowing is it appears we’re on the brink of repeating history.
As Tatunca, leader of Ugha Mongulala tribe of Brazil once stated…
” A war will break out… that will slowly spread over the whole earth.”
“The White Barbarians will destroy each other with weapons that are brighter than a thousand suns.”
“Only a few will survive… The mountains and valleys will tremble, blood will rain from the sky, mans flesh will shrink and become soft, bodies will disintegrate.”
“Surely they’ll reap the harvest of their deeds… Then the Gods will return, full of grief for the people who forgot their bequest.”

So says The Chronicle of Akakor
I am of course not putting all my stock in every book I read but you know….when I find the meaning of life, write a book about it and make a small fortune as a cult leader I expect to find just this, someone out there who’s stirred by my scribbles but has the stuffing to get off their bum and do the research for themselves.
Maybe in the next millenia there’ll be digging up an Apple Mac and calling it a dinner plate or displaying it in a museum under the guise of ‘ritual object’!
The truth really is out there and you owe it to yourself to start your journey of discovery with this book.
Easy to read and quite frankly overflowing with mind boggling chapters, it’s the stuff that milk and cookies were made for! Buy it, Read it, Research it!

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”
Mohandas Gandhi

Please check out the book via the link below