Oxygen is the most abundant chemical element, by mass, in the Earth’s biosphere, air, sea and land. Oxygen is the third most abundant chemical element in the universe, after hydrogen and helium. About 0.9% of the Sun’s mass is oxygen. Oxygen constitutes 49.2% of the Earth’s crust by mass and is the major component of the world’s oceans (88.8% by mass). Oxygen gas is the second most common component of the Earth’s atmosphere , taking up 20.8% of its volume and 23.1% of its mass (some 1015 tonnes). Earth is unusual among the planets of the Solar System in having such a high concentration of oxygen gas in its atmosphere: Mars (with 0.1% O2 by volume) and Venus have far lower concentrations. However, the O2 surrounding these other planets is produced solely by ultraviolet radiation impacting oxygen-containing molecules such as carbon dioxide.

The unusually high concentration of oxygen gas on Earth is the result of the oxygen cycle. This biogeochemical cycle describes the movement of oxygen within and between its three main reservoirs on Earth: the atmosphere, the biosphere, and the lithosphere. The main driving factor of the oxygen cycle is photosynthesis , which is responsible for modern Earth’s atmosphere. Photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere, while respiration and decay remove it from the atmosphere. In the present equilibrium, production and consumption occur at the same rate of roughly 1/2000th of the entire atmospheric oxygen per year. Cold water holds more dissolved O2.

Free oxygen also occurs in solution in the world’s water bodies. The increased solubility of O2 at lower temperatures  has important implications for ocean life, as polar oceans support a much higher density of life due to their higher oxygen content. Polluted water may have reduced amounts of O2 in it, depleted by decaying algae and other biomaterials through a process called eutrophication.. Scientists assess this aspect of water quality by measuring the water’s biochemical oxygen demand , or the amount of O2 needed to restore it to a normal concentration.

Why we need Oxygen?


Oxygen, energy for the organs – On average we take 16 breaths each minute and inhale vital oxygen every time. Under normal circumstances air contains 21% oxygen. Oxygen (O2) gets into the body via the lungs and to a small extent, through the skin.

Inhaled oxygen is passed via the pulmonary alveoli to the red blood agent, Haemoglobin, which transports it in the blood stream via the arteries to the remotest regions of the body and supplies all organs with oxygen.

The veins in turn collect carbon dioxide (CO2) a waste metabolic gas, produced when the body burns food and energy and which is removed through the lungs by exhaling.

Like any engine, our organs require energy in order to function. Energy is gained from our daily food intake and the sugar and fat reserves of the body.

Oxygen is absolutely necessary for the process because with its help, a kind of controlled burning of the nutrients can take place in the cells. Every cell in the body carries out certain tasks and functions: our heart and muscle cells pump blood around the circulation, kidney and liver cells deal with the removal of waste and nerve cells enable us to think and feel.

  • Without energy, cells cannot work
  • Without the ‘burning’ of nutrients, energy cannot be produced
  • Without oxygen, there is no burning process in the cells
  • Without oxygen, life is not possible

According to the German Law governing medicines, Oxygen in disposable cans is a medicine for sale over the counter. The production follows pharmaceutical guidelines and is monitored by the local authority. Applicable for Germany is the “Regierungspräsidium Düsseldorf”, who issued a permit for the distribution of Oxyfit –
No. 2409.99.99.

The Consequences of Low Oxygen:

Without oxygen we cannot exist. It’s only when all our body cells are supplied with sufficient oxygen all the time that they can stay healthy and replace themselves regularly.

Without food intake, survival is possible for about four weeks; without fluids, for about four days and without oxygen, only for about four minutes. The survival and function of every individual cell depend on the regular supply of oxygen.

Environmental influences on the body’s own energy supply:

Our modern industrial society has developed its own symptoms, such as exhaust fumes, smog, raised ozone levels and industrial pollution. As a result, many people experience breathing difficulties. But also in poorly ventilated rooms, or when we are under stress or pressure at work, the supply of oxygen is often not enough.

The signs can be growing tiredness, exhaustion, headaches or lack of enthusiasm. Our abilities are reduced. Our age plays a role too, because over the years, our lungs are no longer able to supply the blood with oxygen as efficiently as before. Between 20 and 30 years of age, our lungs take in about 5.6 litres of air, but by the time we are 70, this has reduced to around only 2.8 litres.

An under-supply of oxygen can cause some serious health conditions to develop. Among these nervous exhaustion brought about by negative stress, depression, predisposition to infectious diseases, even chronic bronchitis. It can go as far as angina pectoris, disturbance of the heart rhythm, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, circulatory problems and complaints of old age, such as impairment of hearing or sight, chronic skin disorders and wearing of the joints. Oxygen enables regeneration; it strengthens us and helps to prevent these complaints.

What’s more, a good supply of oxygen to our bodies delay ageing in the cells and improves immunity against diseases. 1) 2)

OXYfit can help to compensate for a deficiency in supply. Oxyfit is medical oxygen, in practical and light tin cans of 8 litres, 5 litres and 2 litres for quick access.

This form of supplementary oxygen was developed for healthy and active people to take an energy breather, as well as for suffers from temporary shortage of breath. Those with reduced breathing efficiency or the elderly should talk to their doctor before using OXYfit. OXYfit does not replace repetitive oxygen therapy.

Application is simple and safe. A pharmaceutically certified company in Switzerland fills the cans with oxygen under pressure, in order to provide a higher volume. No propellants are used in the process.

As an alternative to taking oxygen via the inhalation cap, an oxygen mask can be substituted. This method is suitable for use in the home.

Oxygen used by professional organisations:

Because of the energy it releases, oxygen is in demand. You can drink it, inhale it in concentrated form, rub it on the skin and even use it in soap:

Mineral water with an extra portion of oxygen is increasingly popular. It usually contains around 15 to 25 times more oxygen than ordinary tap water.
Selected shower gels contain oxygen. It floats in the gel in the form of bubbles and increases the feeling of freshness after a shower.

With age, air pollution, smoking and stress, the skins breathing slows down, resulting in tired-looking skin with wrinkles and lines. Skin creams containing oxygen are designed to rejuvenate the complexion. To prevent the gas molecules dispersing into the air when the lid is lifted, some creams lock them into tiny liposomes, similar to transport capsules.

More intensive than creams are treatments: during an oxygen shower the beauty therapist guides a jet over the skin to smoothen wrinkles. In oxygen impulse treatment, concentrated liquid oxygen is injected into the skin very precisely, using a spray pistol and a bio-electric low voltage micro current device.

1) Margaret Minker / Renate Scholz: Alternative Medicine, Hamburg 1985.
2) Manfred von Ardenne: Physiological and technical foundation for the oxygen multi step therapy, in: Dr. med Gunther Seng et al (Hgg): Naturheilverfahren (alternative medicine) Homeopath, Stuttgart 1989.


Indian Yogis retain buoyant health, rugged strength, and charm of personality and postpone old age, decay, and death
indefinitely. Neither Hindu Science nor modern methods have as yet discovered any method that can permanently defeat consuming age, but
science does teach that old age is due to a slackening of the functions of the vital organs. The Yogi found that as man passes the prime of his life, certain influences begin to work that could be changed and modified. This part tells how they do this. It is yet another of the valuable Secrets of the Yogi.
1. Every form of disease brings about a disturbance in the balance between
the flow of the right and left nostril.
2. The cure lies in restoring the balance.
3. If you suffer from any disease, it should be your aim to make a careful
study of your breath flow.
4. Breathing accomplishes many vital functions of the body.
5. It not only oxygenates the blood, but it also stores up Pranic energy.
6. It not only coordinates the positive and negative electromagnetic cur-rents
of the body, but also attracts desirable or undesirable conditions into our lives
by the operation of the magnetic law of attraction and repulsion.
7. Modern Scientists hold that all things we require for building and repairing
our bodies are held in solution in the ether. If this be so, every time we
breathe we must draw from the air oxygen and from the ether nourishment.
8. This has been demonstrated time and again by the Indian Yogis who live
for days or months without food, while retaining buoyant health, rugged strength and charm of personality.

Our very lives depend upon breathing. Is it then too much to think that life might be prolonged indefinitely if the act of breathing could be pro-longed indefinitely?  If disease can be prevented by a scientific control of the breath-flow, then surely old age, decay, and death may be indefinitely postponed by a scientific control of the breath coupled with proper dieting and with the practice of spiritual body-building exercises.
This is not a new theory, but on the contrary, in India today there are living examples of Yogis whose ages range from 200 to 500 years or more.
Do you believe this? First and foremost, you should know that every kind of disease is the result of some disturbance in the balance of the two electromagnetic currents – the positive and the negative – due to external causes. There-fore, if we can restore the balance between these two currents and can also remove the physical or mental causes that brought about the disease, then the disease will
then disappear.
The proper balancing of the positive and the negative electromagnetic currents, as nature intended, will produce prana to meet every demand of the body. But an excess of flow of one of these currents results in a proportionately lessened flow of the other. This does not produce enough
prana because like electricity, prana is produced by the union of the positive current with a proportionate amount of the negative current.
Disease in most of us is due to a waste of prana generated in the body. Complete relaxation of the body during sleep and several times during the
day will conserve the prana generated in the body. Thoughts of happiness, hope, faith, courage, and strength tend to conserve
prana. While thoughts of sorrow, fear, and worry tend to deplete the prana generated in the body.

A sudden shock of fear results in a cold, uncanny thrill passing down the spine of a person. Who, when young, has not experienced shock from seeing some imaginary ghost or been shocked by fear arising from some more solid cause? What is the secret of this? It is nothing less than the depletion of the whole supply of prana from the system. The cold thrill experienced along the spinal column is a certain indication of prana oozing out of the spine. All sorts of stomach troubles, such as indigestion, flatulence, chronic dyspepsia, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and others, occur when the left nostril is in flow, and often after a protracted flow of the left nostril. The cure lies in closing the left nostril and allowing the right nostril to flow until the symptoms disappear. To hasten the cure, you may place the palm of the right hand or the fleshy portion of the forearm just below the elbow on the pit of the stomach and take fifteen to twenty deep breaths through the right nostril, retaining the breath as long as you can. You will feel currents of prana coursing through the region of the stomach before the lapse of three minutes.All lung troubles such as asthma, catarrh, and consumption are due to a protracted flow of the left nostril daily for months or years, while the flow of
the right nostril occurs only occasionally. In order to effect a cure, keep the left nostril closed during the greater part of the day. In addition, take good nourishing food to build up the weakened system.To cure constipation and its attendant disease, piles, make it a point to drink a glass of water before retiring and also early in the morning, and keep your left nostril closed for about half an hour before your usual time for easing the bowels. Thus you will have free motion. Paralysis is due to a longer flow of either of the two nostrils during each day. While diabetes is characterized by a longer flow of the right nostril daily. Neurasthenia and impotency in males are attended by a predominant flow of the left nostril. By keeping the left nostril closed for a greater part of the day and by taking nourishing diet, these diseases could be cured.

While neurasthenia in females is, I believe, attended by a pre-dominant flow of the right nostril, as the sex principle in women is governed by the flow of the left nostril. As you read through these lines which disclose to you how to conquer all disease by a natural, scientific, and simple process that had eluded the minds of the most contemplative sages of all other climes and in all ages, I hear you ask: “What remedy have the Yogi Adepts to offer for the cure of old age and death? ” Well, this is, indeed, a question of supreme importance to all who are now spiritually awakened, as it had been from a far distant age to the Yogi Adepts of India, who have studied the mystery of Life from more angles than the Western men of Science know today. They faced this question of questions foursquare and after as much as ormore psychical searching than Western alchemists gave to their futile search for the Elixir of Life, they finally discovered means and methods by which they could defer old age and death, the in enemies of mankind. An occasional visitor to the sylvan solitudes situated in the high Himalayas where live the Yogi Adepts, informs that there are today Yogis whose ages range from two hundred years to five hundred years or more. If this is true, it is proof positive that they are in possession of secrets unknown to others by which they can prolong life far beyond the dreams of scientific men.But the modus operandi has remained a deep mystery to all up to the present. You will now be entrusted with this dearest and brightest jewel in thediadem of Yogi power – the finest of all the gems in this mysterious necklace of cryptic wisdom.  But guard it as you should guard these eternal truths of Life from falling into the hands of the vulgar. Seal your lips with the seal of silence.

Deep in the recess of the heart of every spiritually awakened individual is an insatiable longing to prolong the span of life indefinitely, free from the
ravages of declining years. But even those who have enjoyed in their prime of life perfect health, vibrant with supreme life force, lament in sorrow when they witness their once rosy cheeks, the vigour and virility of their youth, the charm and magnetism of their personality and the pulsating life force that thrilled and animated every atom of their being, forsaking them little by little as the unfriendly years pass by. Science has not as yet discovered any method or methods that could permanently defeat the signs of consuming age. But science teaches us that old age is due to a slackening of the functions of various vital organs and glands of the body owing either to an insufficient amount of energy being generated within the body for the perfect functioning of all the organs or the dissipation by careless living of energy generated
within the body. The imperfect functioning of all the vital organs results in imperfect assimilation of the necessary elements for repairing and rebuilding the body and in imperfect elimination of waste matter from the system. These signs precede old age and death. And no medicine or nourishing food or other scientific device known to man has been able successfully to banish the ravages of old age and scare away the demon of death. The Yogi know that as man passes the prime of life, the influence of the Moon begins to tell more and more upon the human organism as the years roll on. The influence of the Moon affects the breath-flow and the flow of the left nostril begins to predominate little by little each day, each year. The decreased flow of the right nostril results consequently in imperfect digestion and assimilation and signs of old age and decay begin to register upon the human organism.

Therefore, a proper balancing of the etheric currents energized by the solar rays and the etheric currents energized by the lunar rays, or polarized
light from the sun, could retard signs of old age and decay, provided man tries to preclude all things that tend to dissipate energy and lives a life of
purity and chastity. Now I shall explain the method by which the Yogi retain evergreen youth
and prolong life indefinitely. From sunrise to sunset, during the day, these Yogis keep the right nostril closed, allowing the breath to flow only through the left nostril; and from sunset to sunrise, or during the night, they keep the left nostril closed, allowing the breath to flow only through the right nostril. By a careful and systematic practice of this method they arrest all decay, retain everlasting youth, and defy even death. But the follower of this method is strictly enjoined to observe chastity and the conservation of the reproductive fluid, for without doing so, it would be difficult to control the breath as desired. There is logic, science, and philosophy in this method. The two luminaries – the Sun and the Moon – govern every incident in the life cycle of a human being. The Sun’s influence is greater during the day, when it gives light and heat; while the Moon’s influence is greater during the night. By causing the Lunar Nerve to flow during the day and the Solar Nerve to flow during the night, the evil effects of these luminaries are neutralized and their corroding influences checked. Thus, all decay of the body is stopped and it is
rejuvenated and regenerated as the years roll by. Now you have the method followed by those who have succeeded in scaling this well-nigh impossible height. If you care to, you may attempt to reach it. And blessed are they who are willing to make the sacrifice, for the prize is indeed worth the cost.

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