The Upanishads and Magic: What it is and how it effects our lives.

 So, I was surfing my favourite YouTube for  more information regarding topics covered in this blog, not just for another point of view but I do realise that for the newcomer to some of these ideas, it can be absorbed, understood and generally given credence when listened to rather than pouring through volumes of written dialogue that may not inspire. Please check out the YouTube link below for a video of Josef speaking, then volumes 1 & 2 for radio interview material.

Here I believe I found a gem. This guy not only waxes eloquent but is easy on the eye…. All hail my new discovery, Mr Josef Dolezal!


                                                                            Joe Dolezal The Upanishads & Magic Part 1

                                                                            Joe Dolezal The Upanishads & Magic Part 2

Please investigate all information provided, seek knowledge for yourself!