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  Moon stone helps to soothe and balance the emotions. They assist in the master of your emotions by bringing them under control of your will, instead of repressing or expressing them. Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess.  Her strength lies in her gentleness, and her ability to experience, process, and neutralize her feelings. Moonstone encourages lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon.This stone makes the unconscious conscious and promotes development of intuition and empathy.
Emotionally Moonstone soothes instability and stress and stabilises the emotions. It improves emotional intelligence and provides deep healing of disorders of the upper digestive tract that is related to emotional stress.
This is a great stone for Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, and other Health Care Workers, who sometimes feel they must repress much of what they feel in order to function more effectively, at the expense of gentleness that comes with empathy and compassion.
It will bring emotions and feelings under ones control without becoming hardened to the human suffering they see on a daily basis.
Moonstone also comes in varied colours, White, Cream, Yellow, Blue and Green.


 Magnetite is magnetic and has powerful positive-negative polarity.  It attracts and repels, energises and sedates.  It acts as a grounding stone. it can be used as magnetic therapy, working with the body’d own biomagnetic field and meridians and with that of the planet in Earth healing. When used by an experienced healer, it realigns and reversed and retroverted energy flows in the body or the Earth.
Magnetite aides telepathy, meditation and visualisation. It provides for a balanced perspective and trust in your intuitions. This beautiful stone can also be used to heal negative emotions such as fear, grief and over attachment.
This stone is also beneficial for asthma, blood and circulatory system, skin and hair.


 Malachite is an extremely powerful stone and should be handled with care, it’s best under the supervision of a qualified therapist who understand the potentials of this stone.
It’s actually toxic and should only be handled in it’s polished form.
Avoid breathing it’s dust. If used as an elixir, apply externally only or make by the indirect method of placing the stone in a glass container and standing this within spring water so that the stone doesn’t touch the water.
Some believe  this is one of the most important healing stones of the millennium.
Malachite is a brilliant protection stone, it absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily.
This incredible stone soaks up plutonium pollution and guards against radiation of all kinds. It should be placed in the home of anyone who lives near a nuclear or natural radiation source.
On a metaphysical level this stone is amazing for scrying or to access other worlds, inner or outer journeying . Journeying through it’s convoluted patterns releases the mind and generates pictures. It can assist in receiving insights from higher realms and the subconscious or messages from the future. Malachite is an extremely versatile stone in the use of healing, it’s particularly good for cramps, menstruating cramps and facilitates childbirth. It has been called the midwifes stone.
It lowers blood pressure, resonates with the female sexual organs and aides recovery from infections and disease. Treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, vertigo, growths, swollen joints, travel sickness, tumours, the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and the parathyroid. It aligns DNA and cellular structure and enhances the immune system. All in all, a powerhouse stone!


  Moldavite is a rare stones. Moldavites are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. They seem to engender an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution. Hundreds of times people have described to us the rapid transformation of their lives which has come soon after they acquired Moldavite. Jobs, relationships, life styles or possessions which did not serve their highest paths were rapidly released, and the new, evolutionary forms of these same things appeared, drawn as if by magnetism. They seem to engender an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution. Hundreds of times people have described to us the rapid transformation of their lives which has come soon after they acquired Moldavite. Jobs, relationships, life styles or possessions which did not serve their highest paths were rapidly released, and the new, evolutionary forms of these same things appeared, drawn as if by magnetism.

It is interesting to note that Moldavite has been associated with the legendary Stone of the Holy Grail, an “emerald” said to have fallen from the sky, and a talisman for the healing of the Earth. In the legends, exposure to this Stone was said to set the beholder upon the spiritual road to self discovery and enlightenment. The same could be said of the celestial green gemstone Moldavite. Moldavite is capable of activating any and all of the chakras, though it most commonly resonates with the heart, third eye and crown chakras. Moldavite’s energy tends first to move wherever it is most needed in the physical and etheric bodies, and then to center in the heart.


Merlinite is a magical stone that holds the imprint of the combines knowledge of Shamans, Alchemists, Magician Priests and workers of the higher realms. It facilitates access to the Akashic Record, inducing travel into the past or future lives giving insight on how to live and the root cause of ingrained behaviours that cannot be understood in this lifetime.

The most evident feature in it’s appearance is it’s colouration. Black and White, immediately one draws associations with duality as in Night and Day and all the metaphors we use for light and dark, and yet it’s not a clear cut division of the two aspects, we see the branching darkness making incursions into the light. This then suggests that Merlinite is an ideal integration crystal that enables the user to reconcile all aspects of themselves, even those that are at odds with one another. It is an ideal reminder to us that good people sometimes do bad things and vice verse. It shows that happy people are sometimes sad.


Natrolite prepares and fine tunes the nervous system to an influx of new vibrations, harmonising it with the light body. Spiritually, pure white Natrolite can  bring about a profound shift and stimulate metaphysical changes to channel high-level energy into the light and physical bodies, enabling living with full multi-dimensional awareness without wearing a protective cloak for the awakened soul.

Used for healing this amazing stone works beyond the physical level, also supports the nervous system.


Neptunite has a natural affinity with the moon and the ocean.

Psychologically, this stone is a comfort in seemingly intolerable situations, dissolving anger and resentment and it shows why your soul chose to undergo an experience, assisting in clearing false beliefs that block forward progress. Neptunite dissolves judgements and self criticalness. Neptunite embraces fortitude and builds courage in times of trouble. This beautiful stone aligns the base and sacral chakra. Neptunite supports action in achieving personal goals, and resolving problems.


Extremely fine microcrystalline Quartz, Novaculite is named from the Latin Novacula, meaning razor, and this stone was used over 3,000 years ago to make spear points and arrow tips. Traditionally a whetstone to sharpen metals, it hones the soul and the psyche. Helpful in finding the gift in any situation no matter how dire, Novaculite has  an extremely high energy that facilitates angelic contact and spiritual journeying. 

The ultimate cord-cutting tool, gliding through blockages and problems, it can be used at the chakras or on the etheric body for psychic surgery. An excellent conductor or electromagnetic energy, Novaculite amends the etheric blueprint. Helpful to those who sell services to others, it brings buyer and seller together and enhances personal magnetism. It is reputed to boost interstellar contact and decipher ancient languages.


Nuumite is known as the Sorcerer’s Stone. As one of the oldest minerals on Earth Nuumite has exceptional power and energy.

This stone is extremely old and powerful, as those who work with it’s energies will know, it is particularly effective when shaped into a wand to pull out negative energy, imprints and implants. This mineral is also a great protector, strengthening the auric shield, deflecting negative energies and sorcery, Nuumite helps to travel with stealth and sureness and is the perfect stone for lower world journeys to retrieve lost soul or child parts.Activating past life and soma chakras, it opens and integrates all the subtle chakras, bringing about a profound shift in conciousness.

Nuumite connects to your true self, it also removes inappropriate protection, manipulation, attempted guidance and dissolves defensive behaviour. This incredible stone also aligns the biomagnetic field sheath with the physical body and removes any metal implants from extraterrestrial or magical sources in the present of past lives. Beneficial for insomnia, stress, degenerative disease, tissue regeneration, Parkinson’s disease, headache, insulin regulation, the eyes, brain, kidneys and nervous system. It strengthens the triple-burner meridian.

Nebula Stone

Discovered by Ron & Karen Nurnberg in 1995 in a remote mountain region in Mexico, Nebula stone has been a mystery to scientists who only agree that it’s “not like anything else.” Called “The Birthstone of the Cosmos” this dark green, nearly black stone is covered in green nebula like formations or “eyes,” it’s like looking into the birth of a universe in each stone, reminding us of where we came and where we will return…stardust. Nebula Stone enhances one’s awareness of being an integral part of the entire cosmos, reminding each of us that eternally we are A Chalice of Light.

This stone is useful in times of tragedy, confusion and despair helping one to remember kindnesses and reflect upon the positives. It encourages kindness to self.

Nebula stone frees the mind from bondage, facilitating invention, discovery and courage to undertake adventure.

Nebula Stone’s properties and powers are still being discovered, but it’s agreed that the energy of the stone will continue to impart a significant contribution to humanity and the healing of the planet.


The Egyptians and Babylonians held opal in high esteem as a powerful protective amulet against disease and referred to it as the “Gem of the Gods.” One story says that the storm god, jealous of the rainbow god, broke the rainbow. The pieces fell to earth and became part of the opal. Opal is a delicate stone with a refined vibration, it picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them and send them back to the source. This beautiful stone is also protective in it’s energies and is particularly useful, when properly programmed makes you unnoticeable or invisible, which makes it perfect when venturing into dangerous places or shamanic work where stealth is required.

Used for healing this stone is a powerhouse. Opal enfources the will to live, treats Parkinson’s disease, infections and fevers.Purifying the bloodand kidneys, Opal regulates insulin, eases childbirth and alleviates PMS (dark colours)

 Andean Opal is a combination of pink, black, beige, and sometimes blue. It is useful for centering and grounding and aligns with the heart chakra. Andean opal assists in physical and spiritual journeys. Right action is emphasized over reaction. Hypnotism and divination are also influenced by this opal.

 Black Opal ranges from black to gray in colour. It is also an excellent grounding stone and strengthens divinatory abilities. Black Opals are good for those who must know the truth, and can help the user see the truth in the people around them. This stone resonates with the sacral chakra and the reproductive organs.

 Black Plume Opal brings balance, both physical and psychological. It contains tubular or orbicular plumes. Use it for stress management and to increase the self esteem and self-love. It may also assist in seeing the aura.

 Blue Opal ranges in colour from blue-white to deep blue. Communication skills are enhanced by this opal, providing the user with the courage and freedom to speak at the right time. It stimulates connections between people. An emotional soother this stone the power to bring people together. It is useful healing past life injuries or experiences effecting the present life.

 Boulder Opal is brown, sometimes fiery and sometimes not. Developed slowly over time through the gradual introduction of iron oxide in the earth, they usually display a growth ring not unlike what can be found in trees. If a silica solution enters through the minute cracks caused by the dehydrating method of their creation, intense red, blue, green, purple, and milky colours may appear. Gem mystics consider this stone excellent for connecting the Earth with the stars and other worlds. Like other opals, it is grounding, but facilitates the transference of information. It sweeps away the muddy areas in the aura and enhances mental clarity, emotional security, and spiritual progression.

 Cherry Opal is a clear opal ranging in colour from pink-red to orange-red. It may be used in clearing the base chakra and assists in centering. Accuracy, affectivity, practicality, and clairvoyance are all qualities exemplified by cherry opal. This stunning stone promotes tissue regeneration and heals blood disorders, muscle tension and spinal disorders.

 Common Opal is opal that contains no “fire.” Though it may not be as showy as its cousins, common opal may increase your ability to earn and retain money. It also stimulates your feelings of self-worth and enhances working and business relationships.

Emotionally this Opal has always been associated with love and compassion, desire and eroticism. It is a seductive stone that amplifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. It can also be used as an emotional stabilizer but the stone may scatter energy and the user needs to be well centred before using Opal to explore or induce feelings, or have other stones standing by to aid integration.

Dendritic Opal also contains no “fire” but forms shapes resembling plants – moss, ferns, trees. This opal promotes spiritual and physical growth. It enhances your organizational abilities.

Fire Opal is red to orange. It is useful in bringing about changes, variety, and progress. During stressful conditions or at times when you feel burnt-out, fire opal may lend you a bit more energy to deal with life. It brings hope in the future and faith in one’s self.

 Golden Opal is red to orange without “fire.” It helps in defining attitudes and beliefs which are self-limiting. The crown, base, navel, and solar plexus are aligned and negativity is removed by golden opal.

 Green Opal assists in ritual fasting and may help with healthy dieting. It enhances problem-solving dream states. Helps observe the world with new eyes, mood enhancing and often, through crying liberates feelings otherwise trapped or buried.

 Honduran Opal is a basalt mixture with flecks of fire throughout. It provides stability while energizing the chakras. It does not cleanse the chakras, but increases the energy flow. Honduras has some of the oldest opal mines in the world, including the most famous one, Tablon. In fact, many farms subsidize their income from opal mining. The opal mines are found in volcanic black basalt, which is why Honduras Black Matrix opals are naturally black. Some are later soaked in resin, similar to the method for treating emeralds.

 Opalized Nature consists of opalized shells, wood, or other organic stones. Generally, opalized nature assists in your progression toward destiny. Opalized bog can provide a connection to the Earth.

 Pink Opal occurs in streaks of pink, white, lavender, and cream without fire. It has also been referred to as the “peppermint candy stone.” It is a stone of peace, teaching love and non-violence and helping you to release old patterns in favour of deeper psychological insights.

Pink Opal treats heart and respiratory disorders. Also used to treat sleep, stress and anxiety, this gorgeous stone has also been used to treat those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Use as an elixir or carry a tumble stone.

 White Opal is milky white with “fire.” It stimulates the crown chakra and causes deep states of mental clarity. Business acumen in reference to worldly goods is inspired through this gem.

 Water Opal is colourless and clear with “fire.” I can be used for scrying and acceptance of physical death.


Obsidian (Apache Tear)

 Apache Tear is a form of Black Obsidian but much gentler in it’s effects.
A lustrous volcanic glass, obsidian is a wonderful stone for grounding and protection. It shields against negativity and disperses “unloving thoughts.” Often used as a scrying or gazing stone, it reflects ones flaws and promotes a clearer picture of needed changes. The stone is useful in healing as it provides clarity to both healer and patient to the cause of the dis-ease and how to eliminate it. It is often used in shamanic healing and ceremonies to remove disorders from the body.
Used as a healing stone, it enhances assimilation of Vitamins C and D, removes toxins from the body and calms muscular spasms.
This is a fairly common stone. Black Obsidian is a very protective stone. It is said to form a shield against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment. Apache Tear is named so because it is believed to cry in times of sorrow. It comforts grief, provides insight to the source of distress and long held grievances.
This tone promotes forgiveness, remove self limitations and increases spontaneity.

Obsidian Snowflake

  Placed on the sacral chakra, Snowflake Obsidian calms and soothes, putting you in the right frame of mind for healing. It teaches you the value and lessons to be learned in mistakes made as well as successes.
has truth-enhancing, reflective qualities that expose flaws, weaknesses and blockages, shows how to heal all destructive and dis-empowering conditions. Stimulates growth on all levels, encourages exploration of the unknown, opening new horizons, strongly protective – forms shield against negativity and blocks psychic attack or negative spiritual influences.
This incredibly versatile and durable stone also helps to make it absolutely clear what lies behind dis-ease and mental distress, helps you to know who you truly are, bringing you face to face with your shadow self and teaching you how to integrate it. Dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas, helps with physical digestion, detoxifies, dissolves blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies, including hardened arteries. Can be used to shrink an enlarged prostrate.


Okenite is actually soft and furry. People usually want to stroke it but this mats the fibres and breaks them, it’s a very delicates mineral. Okenite links to the higher self and supports concious manifestation of it’s energy on the Earth plane. This beautiful stone purifies chakras and subtle bodies clearing the path for those who wish to use it’s powers for channeling. This dual action stone brings about truth and instils truthfulness in you and in others. Mentally, Okenite facilitates in changing your mindset, releasing old patterns and bringing about healthy change. Psychologically this wonderful stone brings about deep self forgiveness, it encourages completion of Karmic cycles, going back to past lives an forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

Used in healing, Okenite encourages the flow of blood and milk, very helpful for nursing mothers,  as an elixir it’s great to treat skin disorders. It lowers fevers and nervous disorders.

Stimulates the circulation of the upper body.


Onyx stones are the mystical birthstones for December, often associated with the astrological signs Capricorn and Leo. Onyx gem stones are easily recognisable for their shiny black colour, but the stone is also known for its deep meaning and purported healing powers. The meanings and healing powers of onyx stones are part of the legends of these gems, which date back to ancient Greece and Rome. Onyx is associated with strength, stamina, courage and self-control. Onyx is considered to be a strong “grounding” stone, which helps people focus their thoughts and concentrate on specific tasks. Thus, onyx is associated with the first (root) chakra.

Onyx stones help to lessen emotional intensity, increasing self-mastery and helping people overcome emotional upheavals associated with change. Onyx is often used in meditation to help people find a deeper spiritual connection and achieve balance. Onyx is beneficial for teeth, bone, marrow, feet and helps to cleanse and clean the blood.


Used by Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart (lungs, lymph, breast) , spleen, intestinal tract, and strengthens eyes in regards to astigmatism and near sighted-ness..  Gems leaning more to the yellow side in colour are also for Solar Plexus (stomach, liver, adrenal)

Helps heal infection, ulcers, and thyroid. Peridot has be used as a Power Stone for centuries.  Peridot fosters emotional balance, and helps us heal from past emotional wounds.  It clears the path way to the heart and heals damaged egos. Peridot is particularly good for healing the healers.  A Visionary stone, it brings understanding of destiny and purpose. Releases negative vibrations, and promotes clarity and well being, relaxation, comfort, prosperity, growth, openness, health, wealth, sleep, relaxation, health vigor, recuperative abilities, comfort and intuition.  Inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth and growth..


This is one of the highest crystal vibrations to be found. It contains personal conciousness to a high frequency, enabling information from that space to be translated to Earth. This stone connects to the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters. It resonates with the etheric body, activates the light body and aides the ascension process. Phenacite has a brilliantly strong connection to all your chakras, it stimulates the third eye, activates the higher crown chakra, enhancing inner knowledge. Depending on where it is mined the crystal appears to vary in abilities. Madagascan Phancite is inter-dimensional and Brazilian Phenacite has it’s own crystal guardian.

Clear Phenacite aides dimensional travel, facilitates moving through vobratory spiritual states.

Yellow Phenacite has a particular aptitude for extraterrestrial contact also excellent for manifestation.


Pumice is a volcanic rock that is a solidified frothy lava typically created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano.  It’s basically lava froth or solidified foam!  It is formed from lava with a high content of water and gases.  When the molten rock is effervescing to the point of forming a froth and then solidifies, pumice is the result. Pumice is not often thought of as a metaphysical stone. A lot can be learned about a stone’s metaphysical properties by learning about its physical properties.Not generally regarded as a crystal, Pumice is a powerful healer and absorber of negative energy. Placed over the thymus, it releases ancient pain held in the heart and in the gut. Physically this stone assists toxin release during colonic hydrotherapy, after the treatment, holding pumice cleanses negative energy from the therapist.


Purpurite is an extremely effective stone for psychic protection. This stone opens the way to spiritual evolution and enlightenment, it assists you to reach a high spiritual vibration and to progress without hindrance. With excellent energizing properties for the physical and mental bodies.

Purpurite overcomes tiredness and despondency at any level. It increases alertness and receptivity to guidance and new ideas. Purpurite has a silky violet sheen. It is a calming stone that strengthens intuition and opens the crown chakra.

Also helps rejuvinate cellular memory, bruises, bleeding, pustules, the cardio-thoracic system, blood flow and blood purification, stabilizes the pulse.


Pyrophyllite is said to be a very powerful metaphysical and healing tool, it may be referred to as “Pencil Stone,” “Agalmatolite,” or “Wonderstone;” has been used to enhance and to teach “automatic writing. Increases the reception of information from the spiritual world and the worlds of the stars, is said to enhance writing abilities, aligns all of the chakras automatically and immediately without prompting. Can also align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, and astral bodies with conscious direction. This is a very grounding and calming mineral. Also assists one to access the astral plane and communicate with spirit guides, a balancer of the yin and yang energies, helps in dispelling energy blockages whether from a current life or that of the past.

As a healer this stone assists digestion, heartburn, over-acidity and diarrhoea.


Prehnite is a stone of protection, unconditional love & healing. It assists one in meditation and communication with higher beings and the Angelic realm. It’s often considered the stone of Archangel Raphael, the Angel of healing and has been said to be a stone to “heal the Healer.”

Prehnite connects one’s Will with one’s Heart, so one can be of service in unconditional Love. It increases one’s energy and prophetic gifts. It assists in lucid dreaming and imparts a sense of serenity. A great Feng Shui stone, it’s energy helps to de-clutter, helping you let go of possessions you no longer need and organize that which you keep in an appropriate way. It helps those who hoard possessions due to inner lack.

Prehnite also helps to alleviate nightmares, phobias as well as deep fears and healing the disease that causes them. Heals kidneys, bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs. Treats blood disorders and connectivity in the body’s tissue.


(Organic) produced by oysters, they are said to have been sacred to Aphrodite as pieces of “wisdom;” they were often associated with moon worship. Symbols of feminine sexual magic. Europeans felt they were unlucky gifts for brides or engaged girls because they signified “tears” later on in their lives. In healing, they are said to cure skin and stomach diseases and to alleviate ulcers, “powdered” pearl in a drink was believed to cure cancers of the digestive tract, has a soothing effect on the pituitary gland. Over 90% of today’s pearls are “artificially cultured” in “oyster beds;” this can cause their death. Ecology-minded groups and individuals are now boycotting pearls, as they do not want to have living creatures sacrificed for adornment.

“The stone of sincerity,” brings truth and loyalty. It signifies faith, charity, innocence and enhances personal integrity. It gives one focus and reflection.

Pyrite Sun

Mineralogists believe that they are Pyrite crystals formed between layers of slate and coal that simply had no room to grow in the traditional cubes that one normally finds pyrite. Formed 350 million years ago deep in the coal mines of Illinois, USA, each is unique! Manifestation, and abundance in life, this gorgeous stone strengthens commitment, persistence, ambition and drives things through to completion.

Invoking warrior energy to support one in taking assertive action. Ideal for strengthening mental clarity and focus. Activates third chakra energy.

Healing with Pyrite, you use this stone to overcome lethargy and fatigue. It increases the oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the circulatory system. It is beneficial for the lungs, alleviating bronchitis and asthma.