Crystal Library


“The King of the Healing Stones” clear quartz acts as a prism breaking light into the full colour spectrum, it can be used on any part of the body and is often used as an “anchor” stone to amplify and bring together the energies of other crystals.

It is said to enhance the crystalline properties of the blood, body, and mind; activates and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands. An emotional balancer this stone stimulates brain functions, amplifies thought forms, its full spectrum energy activates all levels of consciousness, dispels negativity in ones energy field and environment, receives, stores, activates, transmits, and amplifies energy. This incredibly powerful healer, excellent for meditation,  it is more powerful if it is double terminated. Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides. When included with other minerals, they combine their powers. It may be included with several other minerals. Legend has it Atlantis is said to have had a huge quartz crystal for the powering of energies, so powerful was the energy emanating from these giant crystals that, when abused, they torn the very fabric of the land, sunk Atlantis and torn open gateways between this dimension and the lower realms.

Using crystal energy is not to be taken lightly, enormous respect should be had for these powerhouses of energy. As there are many many forms, colours and functions of Quartz crystal I have listed as many as is possible so if you choose to use Quartz, this library should help you choose the correct Quartz for the function you’re trying to achieve. Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. Quartz points have different facet shapes according to how fast they grow. These are in fact deeply significant.

 Blue Quartz assists in reaching out to others and assuages fear. This stunning cobalt blue gem, though laboratory-grown, possesses unique metaphysical powers. It activates the throat and third-eye chakras enhancing psychic abilities  communication and the higher mind. Blue Quartz purifies the bloodstream and strengthens the immune system. Its energy balances and calms, releases emotional stress and dispels negative energies. It can help star seeds and other spiritually-sensitive individuals feel more at home on Earth. It can help with memory retention, and is said to calm those suffering from dementia.

Rainbow Aura Quartz  is said to activate all the energy centres in the body, clears a path for the life force to manifest through various bodies,awakens vibrant energy and the zest for life, helps release negative emotions; can bring deep insight into relationships at all levels and aids in releasing Karmic ties that are hindering relationships in the present. The properties of Quartz also apply.

Golden Healer facilitates spiritual communication over great distances including between worlds and empowers healing at all levels.

 Green Quartz opens and stabilizes the heart chakra. It transmutes negative energy into positive, inspires creativity and balances the endocrine system. Promotes an intuitive capability that is coupled with love, helps maintain the integrity of relationships. A stone of transformational energies.It is said that it acts to bring a synthesis between the higher and lower aspects of the physical body, brings a balance between the lower and higher realms and helps one to act on higher guidance by following ones heart upon the highest path. Enables one to link the personal will to Divine Will, so one may be a conduit for the expression of Divine Will on Earth. This amazing stone also amplifies ones connection to the higher spiritual domains, inspires creativity and attracts success, prosperity, and abundance.

Harlequin Quartz  (Quartz with inclusions of Lepidocrocite and/or Red Hematite) it is said to have been used to traverse the spaces between the spiritual and physical worlds; balances the polarity in the bod. It’s a stimulator of the heart chakra, provides physical vitality to the body and stimulates the alignment of the physical and ethereal nervous system. Also stimulates energy on all levels by providing a clear pathway from the base chakra to the heart chakra and can be used to intensify devotional activities. The healing qualities of a loving consciousness are intensified.

 Tangerine Quartz (naturally coated transparent orange) is an excellent stone to use after a shock or trauma, especially at the soul level. It can be used for soul retrieval and integration and to heal after psychic attack. Tangerine can be used for past life healing and is beneficial where the soul feels it has made a mistake for which it must pay. This stone can take you beyond your limited belief system and into a more positive vibration.

 Rose Quartz  in addition to the properties of Quartz in general, it is said to aid the kidneys and circulatory system. This beautiful stone increases fertility, eases sexual/emotional imbalances and helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy. Also reduces tension and stress. Cools a hot temper and enhances self-confidence and creativity. Rose Quartz also aids with the development of forgiveness, compassion, and love attracting love which is why it’s  known as the “Love Stone”.

 Red Phantom Quartz is used to stimulate the first three chakras and the Kundalini. Produces a highly recognizable vitality directed toward creativity, intellectual advancement and intuitive endeavours, this particular Quartz provides for the stimulation of the intelligence of the cellular structure of the body, aiding the cells in recognizing the reason for any malfunction. This crystal will be made available to those who are ready for its complex powers, it’s also used to assist one in planning, thinking, changing, and organizing ones life to be in synchronicity with the goal. Further assists one in the enjoyment of both the mundane and the creative in attaining the end result, helps facilitate one in seeing auras and in stimulating the enhancement of your aura. Red Phantom Quartz provides for a unification of the three bodies (physical, intellectual and emotional) with the spiritual and fills empty voids with the healing light of love.

 Smokey Quartz has wonderful hues of brown, ranging from light tan to almost black; It is said to be one of the best stones for clearing the aura of negative energies; It is also said to provide “psychic protection” from negative energies in ones environment; it is also believed to help with grounding, or coming down to earth after meditation; Said to strengthen the adrenals, kidneys, and pancreas; Increases fertility and balances sexual energy; aids depression; Mildly sedative and relaxing; Dissipates subconscious blocks and negativity on all levels; Enhances dream awareness and channelling abilities; Many of these crystals have darker zones of “smokiness” in them, which is caused by either artificial or natural radiation.

  Snow Quartz is also known as Milky Quartz. It is a gentle calming stone, which is said to enhance meditation by allowing you to link to deep inner wisdom.

It is also said to provide support while you are learning lessons and to help you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations.

Snow Quartz has the same healing properties as Clear Quartz but with a gentler effect. Like Clear Quartz, Snow Quartz is believed to help promote mental clarity.

  Green Crackled Quartz

Green Crackled Quartz helps to Earth and comfort an ungrounded person or someone who feels uncomfortable in their body due to physical abuse or dislike of their incarnation.

Crackled Quartz also comes in LilacBlue, YellowPink and Orange.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is an exceptional spiritual stone, facilitates out-of-body journeying, assists in the ascension process, activates the light body, and facilitates multi-dimensional spiritual and cellular healing. Spirit Quartz is helpful in all metaphysical work, especially re-framing the past.  This crystal heals and re-jigs the etheric blue print for the present life and carries the vibrations of universal love.  This stone promotes self-forgiveness and pinpoints significant karmic connections, a stone of non-duality, perfectly balancing male and female, Yin and Yang energies.

Spirit Quartz facilitates the transition between brainwave states, facilitating combination states, stimulating heightened awareness and psychic perception.  This stone purifies and stimulates the subtle energetic bodies and a useful stone for re-birthing.  Spirit Quartz assists at death, guiding the soul through different dimensions of the afterlife to the highest possible vibration and can provide comfort to those who are left behind.  This stone can be placed on the south-east of the medicine wheel or used in meditation or regression.

Spirit Quartz also comes in Electric Blue (Aqua Aura), Yellow (Citrine Spirit), Iridescent Golden Reds and Blues (Flame Aura) and Grey (Smokey).

Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz is often, but certainly not always opaque. It is found both in single crystals and in clusters. Candle Quartz is frankly a difficult tool for anyone to use effectively. It is contrary and rough. But in the hands of an adept, Candle quartz shines! If you know you have a dark shadow, and a potential to cause harm or grief to yourself or another, Candle Quartz will augment and focus your power to find, understand, and contain those impulses. It is a crystal of self-control.

Physically, this stone helps you feel good about your body and is useful if physical incarnation is difficult. It shows how the physical body is damaged by emotional or mental distress also heals the heart. This stone supports the conversion of carbohydrates and nutrients and regulates insulin.

Cathedral Quartz

Cathedral Quartz contains the Akashic Record, the wisdom of all ages. Cathedral Quartz is a light library giving access to all that had occurred on Earth and the Celestial realms. Perfect for communicating to your higher self and facilitating spiritual evolution, it can be read to ascertain your plan for the current incarnation, soul purpose and imperatives. Aides communication with guides and advisers, this stone clarifies Karma and Dharma.

Mentally this amazing crystal assists attunement to the Universal mind and facilitates evolution of conciousness by raising thought to a higher vibration, opening and illuminating the mind. It amplifies the effect of other crystals and acts as a receptor and transmitter for group thought. Cathedral Quartz offers rapid relief from pain and is amazing at speeding up the healing process in soft tissue. Used as an elixir it makes a very effective anti viral.


Kundalini Quartz

Kundalini Quartz comes from the Congo in Africa. It is a quartz crystal with a smoky quartz phantom with hematite inclusions. Kundalini can be defined as the potential energy stored in the nerve center at the base of the spine. It is also said to be an individual’s experience of the universal creative energy.

These Black Phantom Quartz are called Kundalini Quartz because of their ability to raise one’s energy level from the base chakra through the crown chakra  and above. The hematite grounds, the smoky quartz balances and moves primal energies in the body, and the quartz transmits and amplifies energy. Raising the Kundalini will lead one to a more spiritual, less ego-centered life.

This stone is also perfect for Tantric Sex.


Red is the colour of love and passion making rubies highly valuable for those in a relationship or are searching for one. Ruby stones are stones of love, passion, vitality and power. Its main chakra is the heart, is said to improve your sexuality and increases passions when making love. For people that suffer from a lack of self-appreciation it helps them to realize their potential.

Rubies are excellent stones for energy, giving vitality and vigour this amazing stone energizes and gives balance. This stunning stone is also said to hole the power toward off psychic attack and emotional vampirism of the heart chakra and it’s energy. In healing, Ruby detoxifies the blood, lymph and treats fever and infectious diseases. It also stimulates kidneys, adrenals, spleen and the reproductive organs in both sexes. A ruby stone encourages you to listen to your heart and work on fulfilling your dreams. Bringing awareness to points where you could improve yourself, thus aiding in self improvement.


Rutile enhances the power to astral travel, also enhances contact with the Angels.

This is a serious crystal for the acceleration of your spiritual growth, it refines intuition and brings clarity to situations and questions asked during ritual work. Rutile grounds higher chakra connections.

Also extremely useful for gridding your home and has a great and positive influence on other crystals used during this practice.

This stone activates with intensity the Earth section of a cosmic anchor, holding you in alignment between the Earth core and the galactic centre.  A brilliantly powerful cleansing crystal, it protects and purifies the biomagnetic sheath bring the physical body back into balance.


Rhodochrosite is a considered to be the symbol of stability and love .It awakens the persons self-confidence.It controls actions of body and soul.It emits the universe’s most powerful energy , which is received in the form of love.It awakens the interest of the holder towards it responsibilities and duties regarding society. The person other than thinking about himself , thinks about everyone with equal aspect. It helps the holder to get new information. Helps  resolving issues related to trust . Self-love and spirituality is increased..It brings the desire to live in .and does not let the the holder to deviate from its objectives.

It controls heart rate and blood pressure.It gives relief from migraine problem.It also prevents skin disorders. Prevents unbalancing of thyroids and do not let gut related problems grow.Prevents Kidney-related problems. and disorders of the reproductive Prevents the stomach disorders.Keeps the holder  away from addictions and controls eating habits. Prevents asthma and is also helpful in preventing blood, liver and cancer.


It is believed that Rhodonite awakens hidden talents and abilities, it encourages the development of various skills and dexterity. It has ability to show one both sides of the issue. It has a powerful grounding energy, balances the Yin- Yang energies, polished version of this stone are great for meditation as this stone is thought to be the messenger of higher powers.

This incredible stone also has the ability to clear away emotional debris and scars from the past. It is useful in the treatment of emotional self-destruction, codependency and people caught in emotional self destruction. It can be useful for people dealing with the transmutation of festering resentment, anger assists in forgiveness of long term pain and abuse.

Rhodonite is excellent when used for healing an helps alleviate insect bites. This stone treats bone growth, stimulates fertility, inflammation of the joints, autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers and multiple sclerosis.


Rhyolite encourages the creativity and grand potential of the soul. Facilitating change without forcing it to fruition.

Accesses Karmic wisdom, strengthening the mind, body and soul connection, Rhyolite is amazing when you’re exploring full potential of self discovery.

Also fabulous for deep meditation, a great stone for past life healing and integrating the past with the meaning of your present.

This stone actively encourages one to move forward. Enhancing self esteem, self respect and acceptance of your true self. Used in healing this stone treats veins, rashes, skin disorders and infections. Brilliant when used as an elixir for kidney stones and hardened tissue giving strength and improving muscle.


This gorgeous stone is known as a stone of problem solving and achievement. It is said to help find elegant solutions to problems, make changes in one’s life, and bring inspiration and strength of purpose. Used mystically for bringing energies of breaking old patterns of sabotaging self and bringing acceptance of success. In this way, Scapolite is a stone of success too. Spiritually is said to bring peace of mind and calm debilitating emotions. Intuitives use Scapolite on computers, TV’s and other electronic equipment to absorb and negate EMF emissions.

Used in healing, this stone assists post-operative recovery and stimulates cellular memory and calcium assimilation. It’s said to unblock veins. When used for psychological healing, it cuts through confusion and takes one deep inside the self to solve problem experienced in a past life or in this one. Scapolite also comes in different colours and have different abilities according to those colours.

Blue Scapolite is extremely calming. Purple Scapolite has an extreme high vibration assisting evolution and Yellow Scapolite clears mental sabotage, manipulation and thoughts of worthlessness.


Septarian stones have an interesting and diverse effect within the life of anyone who decides to use them. Because each of the individual minerals within the stones have a separate effect, they may vary in how strong a particular stone may be for a specific reason. Bringing together the qualities of Chalcedony, Calcite and Aragonite this is a truly beautiful stone to behold.

This stone harmonizes the emotions and the intellect with the higher mind, this lovely stone also brings with it vibrations of joy, patience, tolerance and aides manifestation. On an emotional level Septarian is nourishing and soothing. Used in healing this stone detects and rebalances blockages. Also can be held whilst receiving  reflexology and acupuncture  to enhance effects of treatment.

As a palm stone can be held to alleviate feelings of negativity and stress. Can be used to treat SAD, great for self healing purposes, skin disorders, balance metabolism, supports kidneys, heart and blood.


Having first hand knowledge of this stone it deserve a juicy write up. Experimental data proves that Shungite provide a secure shield against harmful radiation in geopathogenic zones. Geopathogenic zones occur as a result of the irregularities in the earth’s crust caused by underground streams or springs, ore deposits and geological faults. Unexplained symptoms such as apathy, headache or weakness as a result of constant exposure to the geopathogenic waves. In such cases the immune system weakens, onset of disease becomes more frequent, and there is a general feeling of disharmony. Medical research certifies that geopathogenic radiation causes cardiovascular disease and up to 60% of cancer-related illnesses. Shungite purifies water, water can easily be purified by placing a shungite pyramid in a three-litre container and setting it in a sunny location for 48-72 hours. This water will be beneficial for both internal and external use: Remission of chronic gastrointestinal, liver and kidney ailments; Rejuvenation of skin, smoothing of wrinkles; Reduction of hair loss. Relieves Pain and Stress
A small pyramid next to the dentist’s chair relieves pain and speeds up healing. In a psychiatrist or psychologist’s consultation room, the shungite pyramid helps to establish practitioner/client rapport and to reduce emotional strain. This stone is a heavyweight and if it’s good enough for the Russians to cote their submarines in it, it’s good enough for me.

Get yourself some Shungite! Pyramid formation would be the best and guard yourself and your home against electromagnetic radiation occurring in all your life day after day with the technology that has become part of every man, woman and child of the modern age!!!


This stunning stone is know for encouraging wisdom and enlightenment in the wearer. Each colour Sapphire has it’s own wisdom to impart. This stone releases mental and physical tension and brings peace, calm and harmony. Sapphire aligns the physical, mental and spiritual planes, restoring balance in the body. Bringing prosperity and attracting gifts of all kinds, Sapphire is a lucky stone, especially when coupled with Diamond. Sapphire calms over active body systems within the body. Helps heal the eyes, removes impurities and alleviates stress. Treats blood disorders, stems excessive bleeding, strengthens veins and improves their elasticity.

Black Sapphire is protective and centring imparting confidence in ones intuition.

Blue Sapphire seeks spiritual truth for the wearer. Affiliated with true love and purity of heart.

Star Sapphire  draws you into it’s depth and opens intuition, aides extraterrestrial contact.

Pink Sapphire is a fast acting stone, teaching you how to master your emotions, clear blockages and integrate transmuted energies.

Purple Sapphire rouses the Kundalini energy, stimulating meditation, rises up through the crown chakra and opening spirituality.

Royal Sapphire stimulates third eye activation and eliminates negative energy. Treats brain disorders including dyslexia.

Green Sapphire improves quality of vision and helps in dream recall.

White Sapphire has a high vibration giving it an extreme pure energy. This wonderful stone opens cosmic conciousness.

Yellow Sapphire attracts wealth and prosperity to the home. Used as an elixir it can effectively remove toxins from the body.


Seraphinite resonates with the angelic realm and its high frequency energy can stimulate Kundalini.  It acts as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, allowing new patterns to be created more easily. Seraphinite brings Light in to the body expressing it through us as glowing health.

This great stone stimulates the flow and elasticity of ones emotional energy, releasing that which no longer serves and replacing it with a joyful, enlightening energy. It is an excellent stone for healing systemic imbalance or disease, and for cellular regeneration. It activates the spinal cord and it links to the etheric body, excellent for releasing tension held in the neck. Promotes gentle loss of unwanted weight.

The colours make for amazing  jewellery! Recommend wearing this whilst you sleep as the energy is subtle by nature so if you need the attributes to work their maximum, keep the stone next to your skin and wear for long periods at a time.


Sulphur is produced volcanically and has a negative electrical charge making this an excellent stone for absorbing negative energies, emotions and emanations.

Please be mindful when using Sulphur as it is toxic and should not be taken internally. The gem elixir is best concocted with the crystalline form and an indirect method only then can it be applied externally. Sulphur is brilliant on conditions that flare up, reduces swelling, fever, infections and fibrous tissue growth.

Powdered Sulphur can be used as a natural form of insecticide. But this can be very toxic for humans and correct application is imperative. Ventilation of the area must be thorough afterwards.

Super Seven

Contained within the Super Seven are all the energies of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Cacoxenite and Lepidocrosite combined. This stone carries a very high vibration which makes this a spiritual powerhouse with exceptional clarity, it is said to be shifting the core vibrations of the Earth herself and everything residing upon her bringing us all into the age of Aquarius. Meditating with Seven can be an exhilarating as it contains spirits from the higher realms to provide  guidance and inspiration. Emotionally this is a soothing and supportive stone.

Used in healing this stone harmonizes the body’s molecular structure, stimulates the body’s natural healing system and heals cellular memory.The smallest piece of Super Seven carries with it the vibrations of the whole, whether or not all the minerals are present. 


Tektite is thought to enhance communication with other worlds, encourage spiritual growth and absorption of higher knowledge due to it’s extraterrestrial origin. Tektite is know for strengthening the aura and raising ones vibration making it a valuable stone for those spiritually advanced working in this lifetime. Meditate with this stone to expand your conciousness and gain deeper insights.Placed on the chakras it helps to bring balance and consistent energy flow. Placed on the third eye, it opens up communication with other dimensions it also strengthens the biomagnetic sheath. Tektite also encourages, astral travel, telepathy and lucid dreaming. Healing work can be done with this stone as it reduces fever, aides circulation and prevents the transmission of disease. Particular types of Tektite can be used in psychic surgery.

Tigers Eye

Has the grounding energy of the earth, but is embellished with a glowing warmth. A stone for people who need more confidence to accomplish their goals. Draws helpful people and material things to the wearer. Centres energy and mental focus. This stone is most recognized for bringing money, psychic protection, courage, luck confidence, willpower, clear thinking and speaking to show us the personal power in life that we have. Very versatile for the yellow/solar plexus and crown chakra . Tiger’s Eye works on our mental plane by amplifying thinking and manifesting what you think about. Helps separate thoughts from feelings, more centred, less emotional. Tiger’s Eye allows us to recognize both our talents and our faults. It can reveal your true needs without our self-serving or rigid mental attitudes getting in the way. Use Tiger’s Eye with malachite or pearl to benefit from their synergy for mental/emotional balance and true understanding. In healing Tigers Eye aides night vision, heals the throat and reproductive organs and dissolves constrictions. Also wonderful in helping heal broken bones when held as a palm stone.

Specific colours generate particular attributes and properties to the stone.

Blue Tigers Eye is calming and releases stress. It aides over-anxiety, phobias and flash temper.

Golden Tigers Eye helps one pay attention to detail, warning against complacency.

Red Tigers Eye is stimulating to the body, generating energy, provides motivation and speeds up metabolism to increase a low libido.


Turquoise helps to regulate Qi or Prana energy. It also truly reflects the individual holding the stone as it tunes and adapts to wearer and transmits this back into the world, promoting spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spirit worlds.

The South Western United States has large deposits of Turquoise stone. It was originally used for trade by tribes such as Apache and Aztec. To the Aztecs, the stone had healing properties that could cure sickness. Turquoise was commonly used in objects that the Aztecs sacrificed to their gods, as a way of requesting good health. It was also believed that turquoise could bring strength, prosperity, and success in battle.

Similarly, Apache Indians believed in the turquoise stone meaning that it could give their archers perfect aim in battle. Many Native American tribes in the area believed that Turquoise would help the wearer control his negative emotions. This stone is mostly amazing as a healer of mental, emotional and physical issues. Turquoise is known as the protector stone, it’s been used for amulets and on shields since time immemorial. It is believed to colour to warn of danger.

Turquoise also purifies, dispelling negative energies and clearing electromagnetic smog. It balances and aligns chakras, promoting self realisation and spiritual development. This beautiful stone not only used in making stunning  jewellery but for healing also. Strengthening the meridians of the body, it regenerates tissue, supports the assimilation of nutrients into the body and alleviates bodily pollution.


Tourmaline forms a protective shield around the body, helping to clear, ground and balance all the chakras. Tourmaline gets it’s name from the Singhalese word turmali, which means different stone. This incredible stone is used in shamanic journeying due to it’s protective capabilities during rituals, it can be used for scrying  and useful for indicating a good direction in which to move. Tourmaline stones are very useful healing tools, a tension reliever this stone is especially for the nervous system, lymph and blood disorders. Works well with dyslexia, paranoia and stress and is also a brilliant mineral for detoxing.

This stone brings the mental processes, the chakras and the biomagnetic sheath into alignment. Emotionally red, yellow and brown Tourmalines are beneficial for sexual and emotional dysfunction removing blockages in intimacy and bringing physical, spiritual and emotional harmony back to the relationship.

Black Tourmaline protects against rogue ions, electromagnetic smog in the atmosphere, mainly emanating from mobile phones, televisions and computers. Also dispels psychic attack, ill-wishing, spells cast against you and all other negative energies. Connecting and grounding the base chakra, this amazing stone increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and alleviating stress.

Blue Tourmaline aides psychic awareness, activates the third eye and throat chakra therefore stimulating personal freedom and clarity of self- expression. This stone carries with it the energy force of peace and harmony with the environment also assists in identifying the presence and root cause of disease.

Brown Tourmaline is an excellent tool for grounding , clearing and opening up assisting one in being solid in this present incarnation. Fabulous for clearing ones aura and biomagnetic sheath, it aligns the etheric body and offer protection. A great stone for healing dysfunctional relationships.

Colourless Tourmaline synthesizes all other colours and opens the crown chakra.

Green Tourmaline is brilliant as a healer and also useful for visualization this stone transforms negative into a positive dispelling fears and impatience. Using the colour green in healing aides sleep and quiets the over active mind. Also very good for preparation of vibrational shift.

Multicoloured Tourmaline contains many colours and as a results brings therapy of those colours into play. Aligns the mind, body and spirit into wholeness. Excellent stone for lucid dreaming, enhances imagination and dream interpretation. Opens the gateway to inner self and higher learning.

Pink Tourmaline provides assurance and confidence in love. Dispelling emotional pain and encourages forgiveness of others and yourself. This incredible stone cleanses and synthesizes love with spirituality, promoting peace and emotional harmony. Also balances a dysfunctional endocrine system and treats heart, lungs and skin.

Red Tourmaline heals and energizes the sacral chakra. This particular colour offers detoxification of the body. Treats the digestive system, heals the heart, prevents blood vessel constriction.


 Inuit legend has it, a reindeer girl went up to the mountains to give birth and where her precious life giving blood fell, Tugtupite was formed. Tugtupite is a rare pink crystal that holds the harmony of deep love within it.
This stone has the pureness of intense deep love… and its vibration has the intensity to reawaken lost love and unremembered passion.
This amazing stone brings together unconditional love and intimacy.
A beautiful stone to wear just as jewellery but coupled with the knowledge of crystal healing and this stone can really fulfil it’s potential.
Many of you may find that using it is a little unpleasant, because it will include both the positive and negative feelings that are connected with the emotion of love. Often strong sentiments of grief and sorrow from the past… of love lost, may accompany the opening of your heart. Although this may not be agreeable… these emotions can then be released, and you may find that you are able to make impressive spiritual growth.