EDEN: The place where Adam and Eve lived before the fall, a state of perfect happiness, paradise.               Genesis 2:8-24

This blog is not  to wax off about Bible stories, compare notes with the Qur’an, Kebra Nagast, Mahabharata, or dissect the Torah but I have decided to explore further the spiritual element to myself and its relevance to my everyday existence. I can’t believe that these epic tomes are just a bunch of stories put together on a lazy day between crucifixions and gladiatorial extravaganzas to entertain the nobles, there’s something in it, we just have to sift through the fable to illuminate the fact.

The ancients knew much more than we give them credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Meditation, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetism, Healing, Unseen Forces, Biology, Hidden Messages in Books, Architecture and Music etc. Encoded knowledge is information conveyed in signs and symbols and cryptic texts, we’ve just been led astray. Tis true, not every man is on the correct path and given the knowledge of God, may misuse for ultimately personal gain, hence encoding. You must earn it. However, this knowledge is known to a small handful of people and it’s kept hidden from the general public. The question I am asking; are these ‘chosen few’ using these Universal gems for the greater good of mankind?

I think not. Which is why we are going through an excruciating  time of change. Man is ‘feeling’ the imbalance and lust for power and control is permeating even the restful dreams of our children. A shift is commencing, every man, woman and child has the ability for the first time in Millennia to truly connect to life itself and know the secrets of the Universal mind- God.

Everything from how to live on the Earth and from the Earth, how to live with one another and how to connect to our godhead, the union between the mind, body and spirit, the real holy trinity,  has been written about throughout the ages but somewhere along the lines we’ve lost sight of the truth, in an age of deafening lies and superfluous need for control there seems to be an awakening, a movement of like minded people who are coming together to find the ‘real’ ity in what it means to be human.

This journey I hope will take you from the real meaning of food to alternative spiritual and emotional therapy, crystals, astrology, films and books I’ve found interesting from the spiritual to purely scientific, I believe they’re all connected. I aim to be as close to the facts as possible as I throw myself whole heartedly into the search for the new Eden I believe the Maya and many others refer to. A turning point in the new chapter of man, the signs we should be looking for in everyday life and within our own bodies.

Could it be, secrets of our future lie within our DNA and could history itself have a very different tale to tell of the true evolution of humanity.

I am going through a change, after much discussion with many people I believe we are all moving on a unique journey, some have been on this journey for centuries and others just beginning. Wherever you might be in your evolution, I hope you can find something in this blog that sparks curiosity or at very least find suggested explanations to questions you may find yourself asking. This blog is for those who’re looking to find answers. I hope this site helps.

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.

It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.

Albert Einstein

For easier digestion of new information please get comfy and watch the videos link below!

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